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  1. Captus Nemo added a post in a topic simply_kenna   

    I'm Jealous. I've always loved red hair but I cannot get the dye to stick to my hair  so it ends up becoming copper blonde, however much damage she has I actually like the colour. Maybe I'm biased because I always loved redheads. It's one of the most beautiful shades of hair there is!
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  2. Captus Nemo added a post in a topic Kanadajin3 Videos   

    I laughed so much that water went up my nose... 
    I called it when she did all those crying shannanigans that she needed an excuse for being denied citizenship , so she cooked up that.
    I'd love to see her apply after becoming a muslim, that ought to be hilarious. " I was denied citizenship because Shinzo Abe is promoting Islamophobia and Nationalism , and it's not safe for muslims to live in Japan anymore. We are followed to the Mosque, and to the Halal butcher. It's a struggle, we are being persecuted. It's almost like living in Trump's America, but America is worse because it's not Japan, Japan is only following America's bad example" kind of excuse.
    To be honest I doubt she even goes to the mosque. 
    And I know I was trolling a little bit with this comment but there's a tiny bit of truth in it. Muslims are being spied on and the Japanese government keeps files on mosques, Halal businesses and known muslims... that's why I doubt she'll start attending a mosque, There are even native Japanese muslims complaining of how unfair it is that they are being followed... so it's kind of weird that Mira, being the Victim that she like to be still hasn't used this to get victim points, being pitied by her audience. 
    She actually could raise some awareness with this one. But she's a fake muslim. Of course she's not going to the mosque every day or at least every week. She's just role-playing. Everything is bliss... no hardships... like everything she likes to misrepresent.
    I doubt she'd admit to be a Muslim officially because that could Jeopardize her chances of Naturalization
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  3. Captus Nemo added a post in a topic General Kanadajin3 thread   

    To be fair Loretta is kind of right. I took advanced classes and linguistics classes from the Japanese Major ( even as I was in basic levels in the intensive course, that's why my Japanese progressed so fast) and the most advanced class ( from the last year in the Japanese Language major) at Tenri University  only gave JLPT2 equivalency so my Oral Japanese when I left was at JLPT2 level ( I was a bit delayed on the writing, between JLPT3-2), so It's understandable that she doesn't consider herself  fluent, it takes years to be fluent, for JLPT1 you are pretty much on your own, and even Japanese people many times don't know certain vocabularies that you are supposed to learn. I've met Japanese people who couldn't use JLPT3-2 Kanji and had to resort to their cellphones to read them.  So it's understandable that Miranda and Loretta have different perceptions of fluency. But then again Miranda's grammar is so dreadful I doubt she'll even get a passing grade on the JLPT4 the easiest level to pass....
    To sum up it depends largely on the experience. Loretta dealt with academia, which is an environment that promotes excelency,
    Mira is a waitress, probably has co-workers in an environment where physical work is more important. I doubt she gets much knowledge about proper Japanese. She's basically using slang, rude Japanese...she reminds me of the Mob lol
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  4. Captus Nemo added a post in a topic James Damore / Google Manifesto   

    I also read this. There are also some other scientists on my Twitter voicing their support and blogging about this. I'm still shocked though at the number of people who misread the memo even with the references ( the version Gizmodo put out was edited).
    There are people who say he wanted nothing but cause disruption and he deserved to get sacked for it.
    The most hilarious part is how he talks about differences between man and women and some within google said he was prepetuating gender stereotypes.... but then they proved him right because some women were so triggered that they felt unsafe and skipped work altogether.  This really shows how deep things go. 
    Stats say that 56%of Google employees thought he didn't deserve to be fired...but an overwhelming 44% thought he did deserve.
    They also polled other tech companies and aside from Lyft, the vast majority sided with Damore but there's an overwhelming percentage of people considering he deserved it. And don't get me started on the blacklists within google that are spread to other tech companies.... extremely shady
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  5. Captus Nemo added a post in a topic What Are Some Things That Made You Leave a Fandom?   

    I kind of left the True Blood fandom because the author wasn't very good at writing, and although her story was interesting and somewhat good , She ruined Eric Northman and Sookie's relationship.
    About the TV series, I had a very bad love-hate relationship with it. So when she finally gets another Love interest that is interesting ( Warlow, they screw it up again instead of developing that storyline)... I don't know...  The TV producers of the last seasons were too much into her adn .
    Both the Books and TV show screwed up Sookie's most meaningful relationship. 
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  6. Captus Nemo added a post in a topic Lauren Southern   

    She's actually very smart, and is informed in many things. You may not agree with her, that's a completely different thing... but you disliking her or disagreeing with her doesn't make her dumb or promoting hate. I've never seen her promoting hate, if any thing she deals with hateful people quite a lot and acts gracefully around them. I may not agree with all her views... but she's smarter than she looks.
    She can be a bit too full of herself sometimes... I'll give you that.
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  7. Captus Nemo added a topic in General Discussion   

    James Damore / Google Manifesto
    So Lately... and I don't know how many of you have kept up with this ( I've been quite obcessive about it TBH) there has been a huge scandal on Google 
    because one of their Engineers ( James Damore) wrote a Manifesto denouncing Google Practices that are condusive to increase Diversity, regardless of Merit and also has discriminatory practices towards people holding different belief systems.
    Besides the manifesto there were some leaks of Google employees forming blacklists ( /POL/ for wrong thinkers, effectively proving his manifesto about google being an intelectual Guetto).
    The full manifesto can be read here. I encourage people to read it 
    Also the first leaked version that was famous was Gizmodo that  deceptively removed part of the references and edited the manifesto in a way that gave it a bad reputation
    There are other scientists backing up the science behind it ( To be honest I had already seen some of the studies he cited and others that support it ).
    What's your stance on this subject?
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  8. Captus Nemo added a post in a topic "RaCiSm iS aS sTrOnG aS eVeR" A rant thread.   

    It's that and the " buntu" knots ( Me and my mom call it totiços) and braids protective hairstyles I have curly hair, and my mom always did that to me, and I do still do them. It's something that has been in my family for a long time ( we have curly hair) although we are 100% European. In Switzerland I'd even go to school like that and no one would say a thing. Flashforward to 2015.... and I get called out by feminists for appropriating something I didn't know what it was.... It's like they can't fathom that some people may come up with similar solutions for similar problems.
    I can't use them outside my house now unless I'm in my hometown ( still conservative mostly.... feminists are rare)... because some people get angry about how I style my hair.
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  9. Captus Nemo added a post in a topic General Kanadajin3 thread   

    No---- Miranda and Babies don't mix... .can you Imagine her drinking while pregnant or smoking that godamn awful chicha thing?
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  10. Captus Nemo added a post in a topic simply_kenna   

    I did like her appology, she appeared very mature and I hope she genuinely grew with this experience.
    And I so predicted she'd die her hair pumpkin Orange LOL... need to open a fortune-telling tent, or guess the Euromillions lol
    I'm curious to see how she turns out
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  11. Captus Nemo added a post in a topic Faking Bad English..   

    I think everyone here at some point mentioned how bad her Japanese is. Just read carefully. 
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  12. Captus Nemo added a post in a topic Lauren Southern   

    I absolutely loved this Podcats. I could relate on so many things. It has a good message. 
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  13. Captus Nemo added a post in a topic simply_kenna   

    Nah... the Hell with her... What she did to a Girl who Just lost her family.... Screw her. She is heartless.
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  14. Captus Nemo added a post in a topic Lauren Southern   

    I feel you. Nowadays it's hard. Even people that I looked up to ( Writers, artists) are too far on the left. One feminist that is worth listening to is Christina Hoff Sommers, She is amazing. I don't agree with her on everything, but she tries her best to fight biases ( even her own).
    I'll never forget another thing , and probably the best advice someone ever gave me. One of my High School teachesrs said to never trust any Ideology ending in -ism 
    Even those that sound good can always turn into something sour
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  15. Captus Nemo added a post in a topic Lauren Southern   

    I saw the video and I agreed for the most part gay parades are more about shocking than they are about fighting for gay rights. I think they need to find a healthy term in which they can still have fun, while not being obnoxious. I know that some of my friends won't come out because they don't like the Image that these loud  LGBT+ People do. And the thing is some even say that LGBT parades are nor so much about Gay People and Transgenders, they are more about Cross Dressers and Night Workers. They also discriminate against some Gays who don't fully embrace the New LGBT political stances. So it's hard. 
    It's a bit like the Woman's March deturption of Feminism. It's bad for women and bad for Non-Women. These parades are bad for LGBT and non-lgbt. 
    Something clearly needs to change. These events are more about shock value than tackling real issues like Gay conversion therapy, Stonings of LGBT in certain countries...  
    Just like the women's march embracing things that are unthinkeable Both the Left and Right need to take it down a notch.
    A bit like me when I had to realize the contradictions of Liberal parties. I was more on the left than I am now, but right wing on one issue, and one Issue alone... but this new wave of politics pushed me a little more to the right
    And my flirting with Vegetarianism/Veganism... only to realize how shitty Peta Is ( and unsupportive)
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