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  1. Minea added a post in a topic Queer Kid Stuff   

    I agree with a lot of what you said, but I'm a bit confused. Sorry if I misunderstood something, in my native language words "sex" and "gender" mean the same thing (as in Peachexo's, too), maybe that confuses me even more. Why couldn't your brain be something else than male, female or maybe neither or both at the same time? Do you mean that hormones determine it? I'm not sure how to explain myself, but I think there's more to it than that. If you don't identify as neither male or female, I think one can have "genderless brains" despite the hormones or sex you are born with. I'll quote the end of the article I quoted earlier:
    I'm not sure if everything that makes up gender and sexual orientation is biological (maybe I didn't understand correctly how you meant this). Many things affect how you are going to be oriented sexually throughout your life, I think. Also it would be interesting to know more about how epigenetics might affect these things. I'm not nearly enough educated about these topics, so these are only my thoughts. I'm also willing to change my opinions and learn about these things.
    Would you like to explain about this a bit more? I'm not sure if it's necessarily a bad thing that lines and concepts are becoming blurred. I feel like we are on "the same side" but maybe just view things a bit differently (?).
    Same here!
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  2. Minea added a post in a topic Queer Kid Stuff   

    I don't think gender is completely black and white even biologically. This was an interesting read to me at least:
    I'll quote this part, sorry if this is too much off topic:
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  3. Minea added a post in a topic Gangnam Unnie   

     Me too. Sorry to hear that, Ad, I guess people often appreciate the things they don't have themselves. I hope you can see beauty in these features, too and at least not feel insecure about them.
    I find monolids beautiful, just as beautiful as doublelids. I don't know if I'm somehow weird or something, but I prefer how people look like without plastic surgery or photoshop (I know this thread shows the extreme and I'm aware that I might have not even noticed if some have had really minor plastic surgery procedures). I don't mind seeing wrinkles or pores or find them unattractive (automatically). I wish more people would see how pretty they are naturally. I'm not against plastic surgery though, whatever makes you happy. I think many features that are considered unattractive can actually be really pretty and make us more unique.
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  4. Minea added a post in a topic Splenda Daddy   

    I don't know nearly enough of them either. I just don't like how he has commented on her weight, that's all.
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  5. Minea added a post in a topic Splenda Daddy   

    I don't understand this at all either. It's so sad, no one should be treated like that, especially not by your partner.
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  6. Minea added a post in a topic Freelee the Banana Girl AKA Leanne Ratcliffe   

    Sorry for the off topic, but I don't think they would die out, in India for example they don't eat cows as they are considered sacred (well I think there might be exceptions, but generally they don't eat beef). They are not vegan as they still consume dairy products, but I don't think the cows would die out even if they were vegan. To me it's the cruelty that is far worse than not (possibly) being born at all. Many production animals suffer not only because how they are treated, but also because of the over breeding. Actually the original healthier older breeds are in danger to die out, as today they don't interest people who want to make money. They don't produce as much meat, milk or eggs as the new overbred and genetically modified breeds.
    The difference is quite noticeable:


    Broiler chickens suffer throughout their lives. Their bones don't develop fast enough to be strong enough, so they can't stand at some point anymore as they are overgrowing. As far as I'm aware of, they are in pain practically all the time. The male chicks are cruelly shredded alive, as they don't need most of them as they don't produce eggs.
    Germany Becomes First Country to Ban Egg Industry’s Shredding of Live Chickens
    Mass production of meat is not ecological either.
    Giving up beef will reduce carbon footprint more than cars, says expert
    People don't essentially need to eat meat, at least not as much as they are eating nowadays. It's not healthy to eat (red/processed) meat everyday.
    I'm still not fully vegan myself even if I don't eat meat, but I'm trying to be one day (my allergies make it a bit more challenging). I have cats, so I still need to buy meat for them. I'm considering keeping chicken, so I'd know the eggs I occasionally eat don't cause suffering. I buy only organic eggs, in my country it's the only way to support egg production that at least somehow has to consider the well being of the chickens, too. Quite many are keeping a few chickens on their yard and for example in an old playhouse nowadays in my country, I'm actually glad it seems to be becoming almost a trend.
    I'm not saying I'm any better than anyone else. Maybe I'm even a bit naive, while I acknowledge it wont change much if I'm mostly eating vegan food, there are still far more people that don't want to or even can't think so much about what they eat. In developing countries animal rights are understandably very neglected, as human rights are, too. I do consider myself privileged and don't think it's fair that so many people don't have and might never have the same opportunities I have had. People have to be able to take care of themselves first in order to be able to take care of others. It's not so easy even in more developed countries either, many suffer from depression, it's hard to think of the wellbeing of others if you have no energy left to take care of yourself. Sorry for the long off topic and for any mistakes, English is not my first language.
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  7. Minea added a post in a topic Lonbon Lonlon (Kawaii Cannabis Queen)   

    I understand why people are doubtful. This is kind of OT again, but something like basic income would be great in my opinion. Many people with disabilities or mental problems could work in their own pace. In my country they are considering to try basic income for selected group of people next year.
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  8. Minea added a post in a topic Lonbon Lonlon (Kawaii Cannabis Queen)   

    OT as I don't know anything about this girl. I'm glad some of you here have found the strength to work despite having (had?) mental or physical illnesses. Still I thought I'd point out that everyone experiences problems differently, some may not be as strong as you are. I don't think anyone has the right to judge someone with problems and state that "those are not serious problems enough, go find a job and get over it". There are of course scammers, too, but I think they also have problems. Of course the possible mental illnesses don't make it right to do wrong to other people. Maybe many of these girls discussed in this forum have found the way they behave the only way to cope with their problems. Again I'm not saying it would be the right thing to do, but to me it seems they behave the only way they are capable of (right now) and maybe partly unwillingly. Maybe I'm naive, but I don't believe anyone is actually born a bad person or wants to do harm exclusively (well, psycopaths may be an expection). I think many people are hurt and maybe had difficult childhood and have grown to be quite unhealthy. For example some pedophiles have been molested as a child, so they are victims, too. Of course again, it doesn't make it right to do bad things to others even if you have had horrible experiences before. To me it's just more understandable and more logical, too, that people don't behave badly just for the sake of behaving badly, but because they have problems. I don't know if any of this makes sense.
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  9. Minea added a post in a topic Lime Crime/Doe Deere   

    I don't know anything about him or his cosmetic brand, but I read some bad comments about him on Rose Shock's blog post about lc.I know they are just comments, but seems that many have had bad experiences with him.
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  10. Minea added a post in a topic Jennifer: Sasha Vladimirovna / cremijeur   

    I don't understand it either, at all.
     I tried something with paint again (yep, don't have photoshop right now).                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                        
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  11. Minea added a post in a topic Jennifer: Sasha Vladimirovna / cremijeur   

    I tried quick editing with paint, I know it's bad, but that's about how I imagine she might actually look like. Of course not exactly like that, but it could be closer to the truth. Again I'm just sad how all these girls find themselves unattractive in real life. I'm sure there is nothing wrong with how they look, but of course it is not that easy when you feel insecure.

    Looking at some of her older photos that might be unedited, I see no reason for photoshopping.
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  12. Minea added a post in a topic Lily Maymac   

    I think she's beautiful in these, a lot prettier than edited.I like natural beauty and find so called flaws interesting and pretty, so maybe I'm coming off as odd to many. To me "perfection" really isn't perfect at all, it's really boring. "Flaws" are what make us unique and interesting, or so I feel. Of course anyone is free to do whatever they like to themselves, I just feel sad if people feel they have to go through surgeries before they can be happy about how they look. Still it's none of my business of course.
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  13. Minea added a post in a topic General Wylo thread   

    I think it's sad that she feels she has to use photoshop. To me she's a lot prettier without it. I don't know if this is the right place to post this, but she wrote this on this model's facebook page:

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