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  1. Amethyst added a post in a topic CatCreature   

    her style has reallyyyyy downgraded imo. i personally don’t like the image she’s trying to go for now (*dainty* dresses and ridiculous makeup), reminds me of kenna lol. 

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  2. Amethyst added a post in a topic Simply_Kenna [Thread 3]   

    aka "we moved on from this but i was FIRST here so pls understand that!!" 
    lmao i'm sick of her front honestly. it's fuckin ridiculous that her and ken still bicker about it from time to time (e.g. that time they were trying to settle who got the beret or whatever it was first) like, if no one's copying anyone then why keep tabs on the exact date and time you and ken post something   
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  3. Amethyst added a post in a topic Simply_Kenna [Thread 3]   

    This just in. I thought you were an old soul flower child Kenny wyd

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  4. Amethyst added a post in a topic General Koreaboo Thread   

    You know, my fave types of kboos are foreigners who live in Korea and use their social media accounts to talk to each other in Korean for no reason other than to show off 
    I dunno if any of y'all know who skyetokki  & itshysterie  (shelby) are on twitter/ig, but skye has been a huge fan of bts since their debut in 2013, while shelbi's all about exo. 
    I've been following skye since she first started making fan accounts on her tumblr all those years ago.  theres something about her i just don't like, she seems v pretentious to me.. (she's always all "wow they remembered my name AGAIN!!" for bragging rights but i guess that's what a fan meeting's for anyway so i digress) she talks nonstop about 'bangtan' (bts) & ships herself with jin a lot 
    i dunno much about shelbi other than the fact that she's obsessed with exo that she wants to copy the members' looks & apparently moved to korea just because of them, but i didn't save those receipts so take it with a grain of salt anyway. 
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  5. Amethyst added a post in a topic Simply_Kenna [Thread 3]   

    and she still takes selfies  you've just landed in one of the most interesting places in the world, at least show off your room or a small glimpse of japan from your window. this is real nitpicky ig but it bugs me.. she's only interested in her door lmao.
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  6. Amethyst added a post in a topic simply_kenna [Thread 2]   

    the only time she ever gives credit 
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  7. Amethyst added a post in a topic simply_kenna   

    honestly.. if Kenna put this much effort to talk about (important) things in her videos I’d respect her a lot more. She will definitely stand her ground because she feels so strongly about different topics and has a lot to say which is what I like about her (although most of the time she can be frustrating). Yes, she is very defensive but this could easily be content for her channel too, all she needs to do is save comments like these and educate herself on real issues instead of taking everything as a personal attack. If Kenna’s really trying to make others feel good about themselves, she wouldn’t need a pat on the back or feel the need to argue with small, meaningless “hate” comments, but she has yet to fully realize this.  
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  8. Amethyst added a post in a topic simply_kenna   

    But... she needed to take a break from the internet because it was taking a toll on her mental health. And she did say herself that she suffers from panic disorder. That's intense fear, girl. Nothing neutral about that. 
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  9. Amethyst added a post in a topic simply_kenna   

    who wants to bet she posted about them just to add to her orange/fall theme 
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  10. Amethyst added a post in a topic Princessmei   

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  11. Amethyst added a post in a topic Mimei and Duncan (PDR-san)   

    actually back when she made her video about toxic relationships and drama started with that twitter crew, i messaged her on instagram telling her how that video helped me and that i will support her, and to my surprise she saw it and responded! it was just a short message, but i believe if you have something to say to her like a small message to cheer her up or something she'll acknowledge what you've sent 

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