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  1. hereRmad added a post in a topic Simply_Kenna/cozykitsune [Thread 5]   

    Not trying to give her credit for actually knowing, but vulpes vulpes is the scientific genus+species name for the red fox. "Doubled" latin terms are common in naming, they are called tautonyms.
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  2. hereRmad added a post in a topic What purpose does life being unfair serve?   

    The point/meaning of life is to survive, in my opinion.
    The reason life is unfair is because it is natural for it to be unfair. As you said, the reason life is unfair is because survival of the fittest commands it to be in order to maintain the cycle of life. Look in nature and think about how unfair it is that some animals must die early because the others need to eat to survive. If everything was herbivorous there would be animals that starved due to lack of access to nutritious foliage.
    Life cannot be fair, because it's impossible and unobtainable. There has to be a balance in the good and the shit. Dualism.
    You seem to be going through something difficult, and I'm sorry for that, so I hope I'm not coming across as super cold! I'm trying to speak realistically as often times when I am going through something I've found its good to have a level headed, logical discussion regarding the subject rather than just hearing kind and fluffed words.
    That being said, a lot can be changed by accepting reality as it is and changing your perspective. Instead of getting bogged down by the negative, try taking a step back and looking at what positives you have -- friends, family, support systems, a hobby or career you love, pretty much anything that brings you joy. A lot of people don't have those things and think life is unfair because they don't and others do. It's very easy to get mentally caught up in the negatives when comparing our lives when in reality we all will have something we are envious of others for having.
    p.s. If you're going through something and want to talk, but don't want to talk to anyone you know, my dms are always open 
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  3. hereRmad added a post in a topic Annika Victoria   

    It for people who are blind/visually impaired. It's kind of hard to wrap your head around if you are sighted because... well we see the images and to us that is like 90% of using instagram. However, apparently there is enough of a market for Instagram to have started implementing accessibility features into the app itself. If I remember correctly, for a long time the screen reader couldn't even be used for instagram descriptions.
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  4. hereRmad added a post in a topic ASK AND YOU SHALL RECEIVE   

    Sorry I can't make this a clean response, I'm on mobile at the moment. But I'd like to just address a couple of the things you said. I'm not here to argue or say you aren't allowed to have an opinion of the direction of the thread's future.
    You can't ruin a section in two days. If people are not even trying to make it work, of course things will be rocky. The issue isn't that there are now three threads to discuss in. Three threads is not anywhere near goal breaking. If you cared about the thread as much as you make it seem, you would report the posts. One report after a long grouping is adequate to simply ask for a move to nitpicking or vice versa. They aren't asking you to report every single one of them, just to make them aware that a mod needs to come in and make the changes per their discretion. 
    One person has posted in the thread that they are leaving the discussion. Yes, it has 50+ up votes. But those up votes very well could be people agreeing with the sentiment and not actually proclaiming their leave. Plenty of users left the Kenna thread before this point because they didn't like how the thread was progressing. We all have different beliefs of PULLs purpose. Plenty of us were quiet in our leave before. 
    The conversation held over the last two days was not simply over her hair, tattoos, and the shade. Each of those overarching topics had interesting subcontexts that were discussed. Yes, they aren't completely new topics, but Kenna just isn't that interesting of a personality right now for there to be hot new drama all the time. Her thread is pretty much on a loop because of her consistently similar behaviors. Before we could have multiple pages of people just talking about one of these, with most comments being single line snarky bits that weren't providing to the discussion. 
    The mods have asked users to direct their suggestions into this thread. They aren't telling anyone to just deal with the change. The majority of posts concerning what sections and organization people want is lost within the pages. Mods can't go back through and find them, so it's up to the user base to find the dedication to summarize what they think will work. A poll would do nicely, and all it takes is someone being willing to make one. That being said - if you are disappointed, stop being passive aggressive about it and be more positively proactive. Being negative and waiting for it to all go up into flames just to prove to the mods that you were right isn't going to improve the thread's atmosphere. I'd suggest making a poll/thread to actually compile user's thoughts and suggestions, get the community talking about what they want out in the open, in one space, and not in a negative aggressive format. 
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  5. hereRmad added a post in a topic ASK AND YOU SHALL RECEIVE   

    Not to be rude... but it's been two days. You can't expect things to be changed and smoothed out in two days.
    Have you reported the posts you think are improperly placed? If not, you're just waiting for it to crash and burn for an 'I told you so' moment. 
    Honestly, in these two days the main thread has slowed down considerably with many less repetitive comments. As far as I understand it, there can still be social media updates on the main thread, there can still be succinct discussion/gossip on updates to her social media. It's just that it can no longer be an endless flood of 'cronch cronch your hair is trash' comments from everyone who frequents the forum.
    There has been more variety in the discussion in the past two days than I remember seeing in all of last week. It may be a small improvement, but I'd rather wait and see how things work for a bit longer before we raise our pitchforks in retaliation. Maybe that's just me, though. 
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  6. hereRmad added a post in a topic Annika Victoria   

    These actually aren't actual flight distances and times from any airlines. It's the theoretical shortest flight distance and time required (calculated from the average flight speed) from the center of each country (for average purposes). So connecting flights aren't even being taken into account -- they are all theoretical non-stop distances and times.
    This is the source website found as the first search result I got from google: https://www.distancefromto.net/distance-from-australia-to-japan
    And yes, the product supply is another really good point. I also have been under the impression that Australia has a fantastic fruits and vegetable market, and I'm really jealous because I love fruit. If I could afford to live off of 90% fruit, I totally would. Though...
    I remember hearing about this forever ago. Is it still happening?? 
    I assume Annika would probably have enough of a supply of her prescriptions to manage her medical issues for the three months they will be in Japan. I can't imagine these are the types of prescriptions that doctors require you to refill every month considering how important they are to keeping her conditions under as much control as they can. And if so, I'm sure she wouldn't leave Australia if it was going to be an issue. I know she was doing infusion treatments for a while, but if I remember correctly those are spaced out months apart anyways.
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  7. hereRmad added a post in a topic Annika Victoria   

    Australia is much closer to Japan and other countries in Asia than it is to countries in Europe and North America, though? 
    The shortest air travel distances according to google:
    Australia and Japan is 6,821km (7.6 hour flight)
    Europe and Japan is 8,555km (9.5 hour flight)
    Australia and Europe is 14,093km (15.6 hour flight)
    Australia and the US is 15,187km (16.9 hour flight)
    ps. My point is to explain why it seems that Australia has a lot of cross-over business with Japan. Proximity in this case is a major factor, in my opinion. Australia has neighbors in Asia which are much closer than Europe and NA.
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  8. hereRmad added a post in a topic Annika Victoria   

    She said it was due to Luci's work. She said they were assigning him over there for a period and she didn't want him to have to go alone.
    She didn't say how long it would be, but three months seems like a reasonable short term work assignment. I'm not sure what Luci does career wise, but I've noticed that Australian businesses seem to do a lot of work with Japan, likely due to close proximity. 
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  9. hereRmad added a post in a topic Simply_Kenna/cozykitsune [Thread 5]   

    I dunno guys. Emily and Kenna have replied to one another in the past via the comments section, and Emily replied to Kenna using her as a phone background via her story section yesterday as well as on the comment Kenna left on the photo itself. I think people may be reading friendly banter as passive aggressive. 
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  10. hereRmad added a post in a topic Simply_Kenna/cozykitsune [Thread 5]   

    Looking through the girl's instagram, it does seem like they've interacted before. She responded to her story and has responded to plenty of Kenna's comments on instagram. She also appears to have lived/lives in LA and likes Disney and anime... Not saying they know each other closely, but they do have some sort of history.
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  11. hereRmad added a post in a topic Simply_Kenna/cozykitsune [Thread 5]   

    I think this is a really good comparison!
    Like I said, I don't agree with trying to joke about Kenna when she is making a real effort to use the language and show viewers. In her comment she said that she has learned a lot by listening to how people repeat things back to her, which is a smart way to gain awareness of how a language is actually used versus how it is spoken everyday by natives.
    I remember when I got into graduate school there were foreign students studying for their language proficiency exam required for entrance, and they were studying really really old archaic English that most American students wouldn't know, me included. The way languages are formally taught is definitely not how the majority uses them -- the importance is in that people understand what you are saying and the cashier obviously didn't have an issue understanding Kenna.
    If we want to actually to see her growth and effort in terms of her Japanese skills I don't think we should take advantage of every small mistake she makes. It's totally normal and may keep her from including those types of scenes from fear of ridicule. It's obvious she's not the most confident person and I'm sure PULL gets to her. If she doesn't show those scenes though, people will see is her as only flexing and then complain that we don't ever actually hear her using Japanese.
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  12. hereRmad added a post in a topic What was your prom like?   

    I was forced to go to mine. To be honest, I had fun but it isn't anything special -- especially if your school has other dances.
    My high school had prom which you had to be a senior or a senior's date to attend, and it also had a formal "fall ball" every year and every grade was allowed to attend. We also had numerous basic dances and what the school stupidly called a "rave" every year.
    Everything was the same other than the attire. And prom had food, but it wasn't any good.
    I'm sure there may have been some schools that had fancy proms, but mine was pretty basic. Definitely not something you'll regret missing and definitely not something to consider a "once in a lifetime opportunity" cause honestly... it's probably the least important life milestone you'll ever have.
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  13. hereRmad added a post in a topic Simply_Kenna/cozykitsune [Thread 5]   

    I agree. I also think it's sad that we consider this "going against the grain". There wasn't anything dramatically wrong in her order, the cashier knew what she meant. 
    Kenna put herself out there for potential scrutiny in the video and she very easily could have not kept the camera audio in that scene, but she did.
    Everyone starts somewhere and I don't think we should make fun of her for messing up. That attitude is what keeps others from trying to use what they learn out of fear of being joked about. 
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  14. hereRmad added a post in a topic Simply_Kenna/cozykitsune [Thread 5]   

    I believe the joke lies in a flub in Kenna's order at starbucks.
    It sounds like she is saying "gurande saizu hotto no kokoa". I believe you would just say "gurande saizu hotto kokoa".
    ps. not saying I agree with the joke, just trying to explain where it came from
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  15. hereRmad added a post in a topic Simply_Kenna/cozykitsune [Thread 5]   

    Not to sound WK-y but that's not what she meant?
    She was saying "just go for it" as in to try to get over the shyness and awkwardness of actually using the language you are learning. Of course, not everyone has access to areas that have a lot of native speakers... but if the commenter is going to uni and taking Japanese classes I'm sure there are other students they could pair up with and have small conversations here and there... Which if you are learning a language you really should try and find people to speak it with.
    That being said, it's super generic advice.
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