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  1. beforeNafter...o-o added a post in a topic Michelle Phan   

    I can agree with you on all of this. I'm pretty sure she went on her main channel to promote em better then it's own channel. So em cosmetics has their own channel. I believe 7 months ago  ( em cosmetic×love146 is the video I believe) before she reappeared on her channel she was on that channel promoting. I'm pretty sure because she went to her main cause the em cosmetic channel wasnt enough to get any attention even with her on it lol. The views on that em cosmetic x love 146 as we speak only have close to 100k, it pales to the views she has on her channel. I have to agree with this user all the way on em cosmetic promotion though  
    but he's ref of the em cosmetic channel view it's eh amount of views
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  2. beforeNafter...o-o added a post in a topic Pixiesayurii / Pixie.bunn   

    Thank the heavens someone made a thread on this girl! Man when I see her pics show up on my feed I was like "how do some people believe this Tom buffoonery?!" 
    The girl literally looks like she maxed the lift tool in snow with the chin tool to the max and said f it I am going to go the full mile and max out every other option know to man. 
    To note on the whole discord thing another run of the mill natitty "I'm best girl chan in the world dont you dare steal my spotlight". 
    ssuprised she even has one lol goes to prove her desktop is just for show. How you gonna show off a gaming desktop and openly admit not knowing how to properly use discord lol. Glad she doesnt try to fluff up that's she some relatable gamer girl. But honestly wouldn't be suprised if she does eventually 
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  3. beforeNafter...o-o added a post in a topic Belle Delphine (Mary-Belle Kirschner)   

    I apologize if I come off too savage right now:
    I dont understand why people like this come to make a "point" on defending their "queen" lol and say were wasting their time "hating".  
    Cause if she got a shelf life why bother defending her lol. 
    You go off preaching how were gonna spend a life lol about living a meaningless life of "hating" and yet you go of contradicting yourself defending someone you said has a shelf life. I find that just as meaningless as what you see our valid reasons of calling out your 5 year shelf life queen lol is a waste. What so your gonna defend her for x amount of years. I find that a waste of time lol imo defending someone you know won't matter eventually lol. Cause honestly what we do is tell the truth about her bs that's nothing to regret. If I were you (but glad I am not) I'd regret more defending a liar lol what's to be jealous about a liar.
    For someone to come at us like were the jerks, your one to talk with the whole "men would cheat for belle like women" 
    You got pretty damn low standards lol for a "man" to say belle is up there.  Let alone a scumbag to jump on a soap box as if you represent mankind with this desire and cheating crud. Nice to know your "that" type of guy who apparently knows all of Male kind from the back of his hand.
    Anyways back to the point. It's nice you recognize she got a shelf life of so little. All that talk that we are jealous of her wealth. Like you said she will lose that eventually. With that said we ain't got no reason to be jealous  cause Probably in 5 years when her shelf life does come since she not smart shed probably be broke if not barely have any of what she has now later. 
    Like you said she will be replace by another new face. What's to be jealous of someone who is irresponsible of her fame and wealth and will be irrelevant eventually. 
    In the words of Bianca del Rio. 
    but anyways, that picture of her tongue girl needs to brush up on her mouth hygiene not even filters are helping lol it's just making the dirty just show more  
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  4. beforeNafter...o-o added a post in a topic Mariah Mallad / Momokun Cosplay   

    I'm so glad this chic is being shot down man she deserves this immensely. 
    Glad people are spreading awareness on sexual harassment and her nastiness cause that ego of hers needs to be in check
    Idk about you guys her recent pics she disable the  vieeing of comment section another thing to add I was browsing and saw some cosplayers were talking she was gonna lewd cuphead? (Ew btw I'm glad she hasnt) 
    like I saw tsuruko was talking bout it. Btw is the cow banned or is it her guest bagde. If she banned from ax can someone reconfirm? But  I know tsuruko isnt not favorable source or example but lol anyone see this buzzing of cuphead. Had to tap on that cause didn't see any of that brushed upon if so lol sorry if I reposted old news 😂
    But golly gosh man yuck Mariah 
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  5. beforeNafter...o-o added a post in a topic Wylona Social Media Updates   

    Girl, yes. Agreed wylo is to cheap and unintelligent to even be worthy for anything. Wylo my gosh still hasn't got any better with her edit she literally looks 5x worse can't believe people fall for that 😂 
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  6. beforeNafter...o-o added a post in a topic invadernoodles   

    Lol this girl wasnt she like nudity is art crap and spewing body positivity bs and selling nudes to neckbeards as some convenient excuse to say just cause i have breast and a butt and a body isnt sexualizing guyzzzz!!!???? 
    Bull sh** really girl? Back paddling lol noodz
     That post is the embodiment of her. She flaunted her tits and shes apparently bitchin to a fan base that cares literally only about her tits and seeing her naked. She shouldn't be one to bitch since she projecting whatever lol.
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  7. beforeNafter...o-o added a post in a topic Berry Tsukasa   

    lol shes one to talk expesh since her real looks got exposed. that aint cute shes short and stubby not to be insensitive about her weight but home girl should all these years tried on her weight and looks then irresponsibly lie for years LOL.
    yep i believe what what the brag at the time when she was with ouji was "LOOOK AT MY ANIME DRAWING BF". she looks like a fool bragging about her bf cause watch if she gets a new guy lol she shit talk like ouji, victim card and jabs and then shower her new bf. hard to make someone the asshole when you had a whole twitter feed of jubilee of compliments hahaha.
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  8. beforeNafter...o-o added a post in a topic Poppy / Moriah Pereira & Titanic Sinclair / Corey Michael Mixter   

    i dont think so repzilla from what i remember said case isnt continuing till june tho. I know poppy and titanic had their restraining order dismissed and denied tho 
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  9. beforeNafter...o-o added a post in a topic Berry Tsukasa   

    Lol berry goth? Isnt she tryin to be some wannabe instabaddie? Last time she tried it read wylo reject.
    Lol remember back then we couldnt find her neck LOL 
    someone please update it to her collarbones hahahaha. 
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  10. beforeNafter...o-o added a post in a topic Berry Tsukasa   

    lol everyone of her followers including  her bf just are blinded. Geez im not even suprise she hid her wieght im mean look at misa all these year misa had allllll these year to use money to look like her edit or try, same with berry lol. Youd think they try man. 
    her hair on her right eyelid is slightly warped too. I mean her whole background is just warped lol. I feel she slightly slims the width of the pic too which throws the proportions off to slim her face and body slightly. Normally when you do that in photos like this it less noticeable to tell but since she made a obvious choice the space between her collar and boobs are just too odd which is a dead give away. But she obviously warps her pic beyond belief with soooo many things but ive seen some people do this, slightly adjust the width and resize pic out entirely to refit border where itll crop some of pic out lol. But again theory of one of her techniques we know she does so much lol.
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  11. beforeNafter...o-o added a post in a topic Berry Tsukasa   

    lol all that "im d.va" acting crap really got to her appearence. If she wants to appear like her images she should seek a more idk healthier life style lol. But the fact of matter is glad shes not claiming she plays counterstrikes or league cause shed know the community would tear her up. Like its bad enough she claims shes good. But man shes still living the weeb dream, suprised shes not claiming to be some waifu from an anime latelyI HaTe SuPpOrT. I tOtALlY Am WoRtHy Of My RaNk AnD wAs NoT bOoStEd. 
    lol why do so many girls like berry do this cmon the moment they get tank and shit theyre like "it was a bad day" and they get support theyre like hell yea player of the game and pretend im granmaster!
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  12. beforeNafter...o-o added a post in a topic Help! How to clear eczema?   

    Babe i suffered eczema for 2 years on my face and body. I suggest going to the doctora theyll perscribe steriod creams to properly close the eczema wound. I have it on my left cheek currently. Do not over use the steriod cream use it when you need to. Lay off hardcore exfoliants itll irritate it.  I religiously see my dermatologist  for check ups. I suffered a nastey form of eczema of the face, blepharitis where its eczema on cheeks, eyelids, and eyebrows and around my mouth at the time when it was at its worst. Do keep an eye on it. I didnt take it seriously where it turned into a bacterial infection. Steriod creams are there to prevent that.
    But when im maintaining it from keeping flare ups, cold water rinse (hot water causes flare ups and eczema blisters to appear more likely and itch pop and flake up), oil cleansers, lay off powder makeup and go for alcohol base free makeups, make sure its cream or dermatologist approved when your skins at its worst, nothing alcohol based, make sure your around cool air, coconut oil saved me in time of need to moisturize, get on thats dermatologist grade not the kitchen one or scented stay away from scents ,paraben and proplyen glycol based,etc. Look for glycerin based, or natural products. Less is better.
    When its oozing the oil let it dry before you apply the coconut oil cause you dont want to spread that on your face and infect your pores with a possible new flare up area. Cleanse gently. Spoil thou skin love~~~♡♡♡♡
    Remember eczema is reoccurring so  if it flares up again you have this method to control. Its helped me load
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  13. beforeNafter...o-o added a post in a topic Berry Tsukasa   

    yasss agreed. Lol watch her new look phase shell try the art hoe phaze. That watercolour tweet screamed "imma need a new aesthetic!!!" From what i know she hasn't touched the whole aesthetic artsy vibe look which i pray god no couldn't imagine how more warped shell get lol. Burry is all talk nothings changed since the ouji phase lol.
    But love to see her try and draw hahaha last i known she only posted some chibi drawing (correct me if im wrong)when she was halp im not rich im broke yall days. The fact shes claiming she can draw. Lol berry cmon let see it id LOVE to see this for myself if anything ouji will always be the better artist imo than her.
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  14. beforeNafter...o-o added a post in a topic invadernoodles   

    Lol noods is lazy with that threshold filter effect. Literally looks like she posterized it then used threshold lol. BASIC and lazy on all accords. She needs to cool it on the cheap porn.  
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  15. beforeNafter...o-o added a post in a topic Momosweetcosplay / Ahripop / Himeahri   

    lol sky thats not how boobs work. She cant make her mind on her body image thats sad. Yikes so much for consistency  
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