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  1. kicksthis added a post in a topic Coco Lee / Rilaccoco   

    Literally any entertainment company would've acted that way--and frankly, the majority of businesses in general. These companies are FOR PROFIT, so of course they're going to go with whoever is the most profitable! I get that as someone who wants to be a star and thinks she has what it takes it must have hurt her ego, but this is the harsh reality: idols are investments, the company puts in money to make them (dance/singing lessons, promotions, etc) and they will stop when they see they're not getting a good return on investment. It is harsh, it is brutal, but it is that way for EVERYONE. Just because Coco has somehow been led to believe the world revolves around her and everyone worships at her feet and will make exceptions to the rule, doesn't mean it's true. 
    Also, as I think I said before, you cannot just publicly slander/shit talk a company you work for. When I worked at an academy, we had a clause in our contract about how they would fire us immediately and could sue us for defamation if they found out we were talking shit about them publicly while working there, and I guarantee Coco had something similar in her contract. If I had done something like what she did, I would've been fired and then sued and likely would have lost that lawsuit. Not to mention, it's just common sense not to do that. 
    Coco is 100% in the wrong in this one, handled it badly every step of the way, and now her fans are blowing smoke up her ass? Sorry give me a moment, I just rolled my eyes so far back in my head I nearly had a seizure. Seriously, I cannot with this girl's entitlement. 
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  2. kicksthis added a post in a topic Gangnam Unnie   

    so apparently she edited that photo herself, and this is the original:


    soooooo yeah, she still looks barbie dolled/botoxed up (tho shes not gangnam unnie style to me till she does the near popping undereye bags), but she def does that sad/stupid thing--after getting plastic surgery, she still feels the need to edit her face to the point of being completely unrecognizable, sad sad sad sad
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  3. kicksthis added a post in a topic bestdressed/ ashley   

    okay well we've never met but sure, but also I don't get your point, you seem to agree with me--having no friends sucks. You talked previously about how you self-sabotaged by alienating yourself cuz you felt like you didn't belong with one group of friends and then seemed to regret it, but not that you felt you were better off without them (not saying it's your fault, just saying it wasn't like social anxiety/lack of friends is something you desired and feel happier that way, or so it comes across). You literally wrote that having social anxiety can ruin a person's life, suggesting that they would be happier if they were social. 
    I have massive social anxiety (which used to be written off as "shyness" back in the day) and depression, and my social anxiety is something I struggle with to this day and has caused me to self-sabotage and lose some friendships that I regret losing and delay deep friendships because I was so anxious about whether they would like/accept me BUT I recognized that meeting people and having friends, especially those I can meet in person, makes me a much happier and mentally healthy person so I work very, very hard to deal with my social anxiety, and to be honest having friends has helped me out of some suicidal times. And having even one friend helped me deal with my social anxiety more. But I still struggle with it (and my depression) every day, so it's not something I take lightly.
    The reason I said that is not to criticize Ashley or suggest she is toxic (she may be, she may not be, who knows)--my point was: with friends, family, a healthy romantic relationship, a therapist, or some combination, Ashley would be much better off and likely much happier and healthier. I said this all from a place of deep understanding and compassion, not derision. But again, I still say having no friends/no one to talk to/no real connection at all is very detrimental to one's mental health. 
    (I also never said people with no friends need to be locked away, but yeah that was literally the only person I've ever encountered in person who had no real friends so that could be causation as you suggested or just pure correlation.) I just think life is too fucking much for one human being to handle a lot of the time, and when people have no one but themselves and are completely isolated, they either implode or explode. We need each other as people, and that includes Ashley and yourself as well (not to put you in a spot, just saying). I know Ashley listed friends on the east coast as a potential reason for moving, and has talked about them in the NY vlog I think? So she may just not be choosing to share them with the online world, which is fine. But to me if she truly has no friends, I am deeply concerned for her mental health and well-being and hope she can make some because I stand by my belief that people should not be completely alone.
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  4. kicksthis added a post in a topic bestdressed/ ashley   

    Honestly, if you're an adult and have literally no real friends, that to me is a major red flag and I don't know how it could be seen otherwise? I'm not saying it in a judgmental way, but as I've said before for one's mental health I think you need at least one good friend who you can really talk to, or at least family members that you're really close to, and Ashley doesn't really seem to have either. I've never met a single person in my life who had literally no real friends--I've met people who were "loners"/"weirdos" but they found their people eventually and were never totally isolated. Okay upon reflection, I did know one kid in elementary school like that but he was expelled after he threw a brick at a girl's head, so....
    Imho if you have no true friends as it seems Ashley does (though she listed friends on the East Coast, so I could be wrong about that, it's just not something I've seen in any of her videos), then it leads to using your followers as your friends/therapist and/or latching onto men who aren't worth your time and putting WAY too much effort into them, as Ashley did. I just think, and I say this in the least judgmental way possible, that she really needs friends--it doesn't matter if they're from her college, from Youtube, from her hometown, in another country, online, whatever. But she needs deep friendships and connections for her to really grow as a person, because if the closest thing to friends she's got now is her followers then she's just gonna go downhill personality wise since it's equivalent to having thousands of yes men worship at your feet; that's not friendship and that's not what Ashley needs. I also had periods where I had a lot of trouble making friends in college, and I can tell you my mental health was a lot worse then than when I eventually found even one or two people I could really connect with (and I say that as someone who always had at least one person back home who I regularly talked with, so I was never completely isolated but even so having one person in person who I felt a connection with did wonders for my mental health). Being forcibly alone is not good for one's mental health, and even the most introverted people I know have meaningful relationships of some kind, whether that be with family, friends, or romantic. I just think Ashley needs at least one of those three when it seems she has none, and that imo from one human being to another is legitimately concerning.
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  5. kicksthis added a post in a topic bestdressed/ ashley   

    My thing with the price of the shoes is, I personally think if you wanna blow $600 on shoes because you HAVE the income/finances for it? Go for it. It's not my thing and I personally can't picture myself ever doing it, even if I had the money to do so...but I really am not gonna police people on how they spend their money. I also think people don't need to make excuses for it either--it can be a worthwhile investment (generally always a good call) or it can be a TREAT YO SELF moment (also acceptable). That in and of itself is a non issue for me personally.
    My problem is, as someone posted earlier, that she complains about a dress that's like $100 (which is a fine price if it's high quality vintage with good fabric etc), but then bought $600 shoes but didn't say anything then--which is it? Is a $100 dress really too expensive, or do you just not want to admit you could comfortably afford luxury goods? It's just really stupid and hypocritical to me for the former to be suchhhh an issue to maintain relatability whereas the latter was perfectly fine? Like, okay that makes no sense. Also I just don't care to hear people complain about money/being broke/things being expensive when they have, and have always had, shit tons of money--and when the reality is that she spends a shit ton of money now buying clothes regularly and plants for her apartment that she lived in not even a whole year. It just pisses me off honestly to hear stuff like that, because it strikes me as such artificial bullshit. If you have money to spend and you spend it, just be honest about it don't whine about how $100 for a vintage dress is ughhhhh even though you can afford to fly around the world and potentially up and move to a new city on your own. 
    Also I find it really interesting/weird that Ashley distinctly said that she used to mask her Asian features with makeup in the past, but I found her to look SOOOO much more Asian before. Seriously thought she was half Korean/Japanese/Chinese when I first watched her, but now she looks way more white to me. 
    I also feel it's a bit hypocritical of people commenting to be like "Ashley should tell her parents/why is she so ashamed/her having this secret life from her family is so weird" and then be like "well, I mean, she's no ASTROPHYSICIST" like okay, but that stigma is why artists/creatives generally feel more insecure/lesser than those with STEM backgrounds. You can't say it's weird that she feels embarrassed about her Youtube channel (which, if I was her, I would be pretty proud of--2 million is nothing to sneeze at), while simultaneously saying it's objectively less impressive than a career in a STEM field. I think the two are just different, and I think it's kind of silly to compare jobs in that way because both can be painted in certain lights to seem more interesting/impressive/prestigious than the other. As someone with an academic background/current career who also went to an arts school, I'm just a bit over people scoffing at all artistic careers and generally shitting on them. It's just so ok, boomer to me. The important thing, as has previously been mentioned, is Ashley's character.
    Unfortunately, with all that has been going on recently with her Amazon sponsorship and everything else...that character is something that needs work, in my opinion. I HIGHLY doubt she'll say anything about the Amazon deal or, if she does, it'll be a pity party for her followers to gas her up and tell her how her shit is golden. 
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  6. kicksthis added a post in a topic General "non Asians pretending to be Asian" thread   

    how about let's not wear races like a costume for clout when creating an "identity" 
    I'm all for letting kids experiment in their youth especially as a way to try to figure out who they are/what they like, but I'm not gonna be like "ya girl go ahead and try out some blackface for a day"--like what happened to just changing your hair and trying out new fashion styles? honestly do not get why this is so hard for some people to understand
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  7. kicksthis added a post in a topic Blackpink (formerly Jennie Kim thread)   

    kind of OT but I mean Mamamoo is crazy popular in Korea, probably at this point even more popular than Blackpink these days so not the best example of a group not given chances imo (and they're on all kinds of reality TV shows in Korea promoting all the time--Hwasa eating gopchang sold it out in Korea apparently, so they have a lot of power)
    also Blackpink even being nominated for Best New Artist is dumb imo, since they've been around for years and were at one point massively successful in Korea. It's just the loophole that they haven't released that many songs, but I just think that's such BS to include them with people like Lizzo, Lil Nas X, and Billie Eilish. (I know that I'm preaching to the choir here but still wtf)
    Don't even get me started on nominating KTL for a hip hop award.....like okay, congratulations entire award show you've clowned yourselves
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  8. kicksthis added a post in a topic The Got7 Twins (Ana and Alex)   

  9. kicksthis added a post in a topic Kpop scandals   

    I honestly don't get the big deal with the Jungkook car accident thing, it's such a non-issue imo.
    Like, he got into a car accident (which happens to every driver honestly, since this includes minor accidents), he talked with the guy who was in the accident with him, the guy who was in the accident found actual injuries (...though in Korea it is VERY common for people to fake/exaggerate injuries in car accidents for more money), and then JK went back to the police to deal with it. Likely he will pay a fine/hospital bills and maybe if the accident was bad enough have a mark on his record or something. 
    Is this a real thing? It seems so normal and like everyone followed procedure for the way car accidents happen in Korea, like I cannot fathom why this is a news story. This to me is honestly equivalent to the US magazines being like LOOK BRADLEY COOPER BUYS MILK AT A GROCERY STORE. I get it, it's annoying that people over defend him, but I feel like that's just stan culture--some people will want to crucify him for peanuts, some people will want to excuse him for murder. It's dumb, but there's no sense in any of that.
    I just feel like, how about we focus on the actual major issues in kpop/the entertainment industry/corruption in Korea in general as opposed to wasting space with this BS--I'm STILL waiting for those involved with Burning Sun (non celebrities) to be held accountable. 
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  10. kicksthis added a post in a topic Michelle Choi   

    YES she used to make a point of this--that she did it all herself with no help. And I have been saying from the get go that there is nothing wrong with being in the privileged position to receive help from your parents financially or otherwise, it is great and if you have it as an option you should take it. HOWEVER, I have a whole hell of a lot of problem with people who did receive such privileges pretending like they worked themselves to death and did it all on their own, kind of putting themselves on a pedestal. It's just gross and just displays a complete lack of self and social awareness, imo. It's like Kylie etc saying she's a self-made millionaire when it is OBVIOUS she didn't start from 0. Like, just be honest ffs! Glad she's doing it now, but I really hate that it took her so long and contradicts what she said in the past and it definitely makes me side eye her.
    Also, maybe this is mean of me, but I'm really sick of seeing her boyfriend in everything, from vlogs to insta stories--like I just do not care about him. I like Michelle's content well enough but I watch it for her not for whatever guy she's dating atm. I said it with the last guy too, and they broke up and it was awkward since she put him in her vlogs and tried to show them being a "cute perfect couple" (which to me was cringy but to each their own). Idk I just want to be like, "Why?!" Why put this random new dude in your content so suddenly. Ugh
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  11. kicksthis added a post in a topic bestdressed/ ashley   

    ugh thank you
    sorry generic white guy names always mix me up
    doesn't change my frustration with her making her revolve around guys who (if he's anything at all like David) are mediocre and generally uninteresting
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  12. kicksthis added a post in a topic Blackpink (formerly Jennie Kim thread)   

    honestly though I went on maeng's IG and it seems like she doesn't really do anything special? Even Lisa+Jennie haven't gotten any flashy makeup looks compared to the ones posted here just now--it seems like her specialty is basic, natural-looking stuff and she doesn't really break out of that for anyone
    I wish the girls would try with new stylists at least for HMU--it really is sad that the boy groups (namely EXO) have better/more interesting makeup than Blackpink. I can't even really picture them with different makeup/styles since they've done the same thing since the get  
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  13. kicksthis added a post in a topic bestdressed/ ashley   

    just saw on D'Angelo Wallace's community page that someone asked him to make a video about Ashley--if he does that will be MAJOR imo
    lost a massive amount of respect for Ashley with the nonstop unsustainable sponsorships but Amazon? okay cool girl you only do this for money and 100% don't practice what you preach thanks for the heads up
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  14. kicksthis added a post in a topic Edward Avila   

    its not a random korean channel, its a kpop channel run by korean guys i think? my impression is that they're pretty clickbaity and know them being korean will get lots of views in regards to kpop videos so its not SUPER surprising that they would reach out to edward, cuz both he and they are equally irrelevant in the kpop industry
    (just saying its not really that impressive)
    I also don't understand why edward can't just be like oh man, I'm so shocked by this like everyone else instead of always trying to put himself on a pedestal and saying I KNEW IT I KNOW EVERYTHING MY NUGU FRIENDS ARE INSIDERS IM AN INSIDER he just loves to lecture and act like he knows what he's talking about but he just makes himself look a fool every time
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  15. kicksthis added a post in a topic sacheu/Sarah Cheung   

    I mean also the mom didn't say anything that bad AT ALL. She said, "Do you really want to take that path Alice?" which could mean "I'm so disappointed you've chosen this mistake of a path" ORRRRR it could mean "Is this something you're serious about? I didn't know before." Same with the school thing, her mom could just be wondering--are you going to drop out of school to pursue this or do both at the same time?
    Tbh I don't find the texts judgmental, I find them just basic asking basic questions. For all anyone knows after this her mom could've said, "I never knew you took your art and tattooing so seriously. Let's try to figure out a plan so you can be successful." I think whenever someone reads basic, simple texts as judgmental they're projecting their own insecurities. Plus tbh the tattoo is....not good.
    The original conversation was dumb and Sarah jumping in and inserting herself so aggressively was dumb.
    Dumb all around.
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