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  1. kicksthis added a post in a topic bestdressed/ ashley   

    I actually think a lot of the comments related to this were more noticing how odd she looked in this video (which I agree with) butttttt I don't at all think it has to do with her body shape but rather her posture??? For good parts of the video, especially when she zoomed in--she looks like Charlie in It's Always Sunny. It just made her look really bizarre and kind of negatively accentuated her shape, which I've never noticed in a bad way or thought she had an unflattering shape. I know plenty of people who have inverted triangle body types but dress really well even if they're not size 00 like Ashley and look good....she just did herself no favors with this posture and coupled with her off energy it was...odd. (Just wanted to throw in my 2c since I agree with you about body positivity! But I thought it was her posture that was the problem esp in this vid, perhaps also the angle? It just seemed cramped/claustrophobic all together, as if she was filming inside an actual closet)
    Also I watched it to see what she actually said about comm majors but like....she wasn't outwardly harsh but it's more the fact that she COULD HAVE thrown some nice things in there, as she did when she said that she took inspo from teenagers on tiktok and was embarrassed about that "but damn they just dress so well" instead she had to say that she looked like she was a comm major white girl in a southern sorority and that it's okay to be basic and like boring/mainstream things.......but as someone else pointed out she constantly resents being called basic so clearly it's not a good thing in her mind?
    idk it's just really passive aggressive to me and is very much akin to people making jokes about waiters/waitresses in NYC who are also "actors", like suggesting they're all wannabes with no real talent rather than recognizing people in the arts are constantly underpaid to the point that they literally earn more working as a waiter/waitress. Like, it can be a stereotype, you might not mean to make a direct dig at someone, and yet you can still be condescending and think you're better than them while "poking fun" at them, it's not mutually exclusive. Ashley might've thought it was just an innocent description, but the fact that she clearly wants to be a cool kid on tiktok but resents white girls like the ones she describes (who she also said bullied her) comes across in what she chose to say about each group. 
    I feel like Ashley is a lot of talk, and not a lot of actualization--always says she's passionate/hard-working, but that doesn't seem to be true or reflected in her actions, always says she's from bumfuck maryland but is from an incredibly wealthy, privileged background in a wealthy city in a wealthy state, always says she loves and appreciates her fans but never does a lick for them, always complains about capitalism while profiting directly off of it in countless ways even at the expense of those less fortunate than her/while selling out her morals, always says she's a feminist/supports other women/fights the patriarchy but can't seem to help herself and shits on other women in subtly demeaning/condescending ways. 
    I really hated this video, felt uncomfortable by her weird mannerisms and posture and "dancing" and poses, and generally hated every outfit she wore and felt like it was like "I can literally dress like the crazy pigeon woman in Home Alone 2 BUT IT WORKS CUZ IM A SIZE 00" (not to mention the last braincell section was reminiscent of her time in the car near crying cuz she couldn't get her "lines" right, so was a bit disturbing)
    I unsubbed after this one, sorry girl.
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  2. kicksthis added a post in a topic bestdressed/ ashley   

    legit, I went to film school and I recently have been wishing so badly I majored in communications cuz it's more marketable and I don't wanna work in film LOOOOL Ashley girl you have no leg to stand on with this argument
    tbh I have never seen Ashely really passionate about anything--she doesn't seem to be especially interested in film or screenwriting, nor does she really seem passionate about fashion??? sorry but saying "i'm such a ___ nerd!" I am soooooo passionate about fashion/film/art!" doesn't really mean shit when she doesn't show it and I have already talked a bunch about how her film critique is lacking and her fashion is bad, and she doesn't seem interested in studying fashion? patterns, styles, etc. 
    I really feel like the only thing she has ever cared about and does care about is how to make BANK while having her fans believe her narrative that she is poor/relatable/innocent/woke and having them worship her. She just has $$$$$ in her eyes 
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  3. kicksthis added a post in a topic Coco Lee / Rilaccoco   

    this is true, but like honestly I feel like Coco could do so much with skills/resources she already has
    She could do something in social media marketing/branding for companies; she could help translate for social media companies that want to sell in America or Korea, she could help people with YouTube
    Or she could make better content on YouTube/regularly upload, open a Patreon, and likely do well for herself (or do that Twitch style but sorry idk much about Twitch monetization); she could become a mukbang/chit chat channel, a reaction channel, vlog channel, etc
    I just feel like there are SO many things she can do right now, and she still has supporters/followers! She has so much at her feet yet seems determined to act like she can't do anything and is a victim. She doesn't even have to go back to school (though of course she probably would benefit from it), she can just work harder at what she's been doing for a while now--social media etc--and make money through that by being successful.
    That's what I mean that I can't feel sorry for her, she can do so much she just doesn't want to but still wants to complain and play the victim and have her friends pay for her luxury goods. Social media skills are so invaluable right now to plenty of companies and I'm sure in Korea or America people would want her "expertise" or at least her fan support, even smaller companies. But she doesn't want to work, she just wants to receive. She acts like she's been in a tragic accident where, after being at the peak of her life as a top rated singer/dancer, she no longer can use her legs or lost her voice--at least that's the story she tells herself. The reality is, she has in no way been crippled by being kicked out of the kpop industry and she totally could finesse her way to success, she just doesn't want to work hard but would rather it's handed to her on a silver platter while everyone pities her and pats her on the head. 
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  4. kicksthis added a post in a topic Joankeem / Joanday   

    I'm really sorry but this outfit really reminds me of the workers in Korean spas/aestheticians....this is like EXACTLY what they wear in terms of the top (the bottom looks....gross and unflattering, sorry I've never been a fan of puffy shorts like that but I have bigger hips so that's part of it) Idk it just seems a combo of unoriginal and like not a desirable look? Sad because the shirt isn't ugly, it's just SOOOOOOO similar to what aestheticians wear in Korea it throws me off. 
    But also, add onto that paying $100+ for it? Um.....no. I feel like her line is not gonna sell that well since she/the company priced it so high, and esp because people don't know whether that high price point is worth it. Idk I'm also naturally suspicious of "influencers" who overprice items just to gouge their fans (which Joan did previously with her cheap clear plastic bag) so the high price point to me initially comes off as just an extension of that, rather than being a reflection of higher quality.
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  5. kicksthis added a post in a topic General Koreaboo Thread   

    that's what I meant!!! Like, if you're in Korea, singing a song in Korean, with a Korean management company (and is she???), why are you singing a song called "Sensei"??? Just screams a bit to me "I think all Asian (namely East Asian) cultures are interchangeable/the same to me so I just mix and match with no regard"...imo it's the Asian equivalent of when people talk about Africa like it's one country. Esp with the history between Japan and SK....I just side eye it a WHOLE lot. 
    But I still wanna know--does she have a Kor management company? Because her Korean really does not seem good enough to me to work for a Korean company, but I guess maybe if she's really talented they'd want her (just like Alex whatsherface who's now an idol but started off not speaking Korean). Or is it one of those companies that caters to foreigners/tourists and allows them to "live the kpop experience" by helping them learn a dance/record a song or whatever?
    Honestly just curious, not trying to hate on the girl or whatever. But she does give off major kboo vibes to me and if she's singing a Korean song/song about Korea but calling it "Sensei".........
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  6. kicksthis added a post in a topic Coco Lee / Rilaccoco   

    Tbh I just cannot muster much sympathy for her--like, yeah, her situation does suck but it's also not wholly unique? She acts like she's the sole individual suffering who was targeted by her terrible CEO and company, when the reality is this same thing happens to plenty of idol trainees, idol wannabes, newbie idols, nugu idols, even if they're born and raised in Korea. Like at least she got to debut, multiple times? That kind of opportunity isn't given to plenty of other trainees who have just as much if not more talent than her. She should be grateful for that, have worked hard at becoming better will still performing, and shown her passion then or now. Every time I've ever seen her perform I felt like she was weak in everything, dancing, singing, stage presence...it felt more like she just wanted to be famous/on TV so if she couldn't work her ass off to show her passion from the stage...idk what to say. Sori also was a "failed idol" but then clearly worked her butt off to do other stuff, proved herself on Mixnine (even tho the show was a flop), and does YouTube etc. That girl is constantly trying and even she is not what I'd consider a successful idol (and let's not forget that Coco threw her under the bus). Imo Coco's lucky her company gave her so many chances. The industry is brutal and cut throat, and it sounds like she was warned about that from the get go but just expected that it wouldn't happen to her?
    Idk all of what she said just gives me the impression that she was heavily coddled for most of her young life, then got upset when she wasn't coddled as much as she thought she should be later in life (though imo she still was given more than she deserved), and now feels the world is against her even as she is currently being coddled. She's like "look at poor, pitiful me having to BEG for money" while she's living in a good house, with a fancy car, eating good food, living a good life. She's not reduced to having to truly beg for money, she's not handicapped, she's not living on the street, she's not starving, she has support. If she recognizes that YouTube and Twitch are the only ways she can make money, she should focus on making good content not crying, pleading for money. People would give her money if she made good content, but she just wants to sit there and have it be handed to her....and it's the same as it was with her idol career, never any work/improvement but still wants the massive rewards that major, successful idols get (after having worked hard to get there). 
    Guess what, people have to work hard to earn what they get and sometimes even then it doesn't work out. You adapt. She took no personal responsibility imo and just blamed it on everyone else while saying how hard she worked and boohoo the CEO didn't love her and thought she should get cut (tbh I agree with him) and how much she's struggling and doing her best now (even though, imo she was a lackluster "idol" in both groups, a mediocre YouTuber, and doesn't even try to have interesting streams? Not to mention she has designer goods and takes photos in a Porsche....is that struggling?). Idk I feel like if she had shown she was working hard on something or shown her passion for music, then I'd be inclined to believe her. But I feel like she really just views herself as Cinderella and expects the world to turn for her and plays the victim when it inevitably doesn't. I'm sure she really feels like she's worked hard/harder than others, but that's just not true. (There are also plenty of people who work jobs to get by, skip meals etc, but then release music on their own dime/time just because they love it so much....)
    Sorry to go on a rant/go so hard on her, but I just can't with these rich, privileged people who then try to play the victim when they still have support (even friends willing to give them $2.5k!!!!) and still live relatively lavish lifestyles while complaining yet doing nothing to improve their situation. Like I feel for her situation and other idols with failed careers, but she needs to put on her big girl pants and move on. Even focus on YouTube or streaming but actually DO STUFF not just sit there crying as your friends donate??? The evidence just doesn't back up what she says, so sorry but I don't feel bad for her really. 
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  7. kicksthis added a post in a topic General Koreaboo Thread   

    I'm so confused--did she write a song in English called "Sensei"? Is it in Japanese? But she recorded it in Korea????? But does she speak Korean??????? Does she have management??? A Korean management company???? Who wanted to put out a song called "Sensei" sung by a foreigner???????
    This is Kaachi level of why-ness....just....why
    (the delusion about Crush is just a side lol but I just have so many questions)
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  8. kicksthis added a post in a topic Kpop scandals   

    tbh I think this kind of thing shouldnt be equated with bullying, because this kind of thing is super common among friends and is the kind of thing that netizens can go nuts over with baseless bullying accusations--it's easy to read into situations now we know about Jimin's personality, but by saying this is bullying, it's kind of invalidating? Idk I feel like this is a dangerous road to go down because then every clip of anyone on TV can be over analyzed and you can see "bullying" in their actions, which can lead to rumors, leading to malicious comments, leading to attacks on celebs, leading to their worsening mental health, even when the original incident was very much nothing (or make idols etc scared to do anything/touch each other/joke around for fear netizens are gonna call it "bullying"). Imho this is a reach and shouldn't be used as "evidence" of Jimin's bullying nature. 
    the reality is what Jimin did to Mina was awful, horrible psychological abuse and that IS bullying and just abusive and should be called out/spoken up about, but it also was done behind closed doors and so what we see/saw vs what happened was clearly very different. that kind of abuse is something people don't witness and is why people so often have no idea from the outside that abusers are...abusive (because abusers hide/manipulate so they can abuse their victim in private while pretending like everythings okay so they wont be punished).
    this clip is play fighting (which I do with close friends and my husband, not with strangers cuz then it would seem aggressive since they wouldnt know I was joking) and is honestly nothing....she didnt punch her, imo it looks like she put her fist up to her chin and pushed (likely making an OOO/exaggerated irritated sound) which is meant to mimic punching someone without actually punching and shouldn't be evidence of bullying, since it's nothing at all like the actual bullying that took place. I feel like equating the two kind of lessens Mina's abuse and I say that as someone who's gone through similar stuff and has not even one iota of sympathy for Jimin or anyone like her....idk maybe I'm not explaining myself well but this to me is weak sauce and over-exaggerated nothingness whereas what Mina described was traumatic psychological abuse (and I hope she and her family are receiving proper mental health treatment...though its Korea so I doubt it). Like, let's call out the real issues and not manufacture problems where there really aren't any, and instead just focus on making sure everyone feels they can speak up when/if they experience abuse/bullying and has the proper help to then deal with trauma
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  9. kicksthis added a post in a topic Sissel AB   

     OT but
    All I can say is...if this is who Sissel is now hanging out with, she better watch her back because clearly Cari does not mess around when it comes to her female "friends" she views as competition. 
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  10. kicksthis added a post in a topic bestdressed/ ashley   

    I think you misread/misinterpreted what I said--I didn't say YouTubers owe their fans nothing, I said YouTubers don't owe fans every second of every day of their lives. Meaning if, one day, they're running late and don't even have a minute to take a selfie, that imo is okay and that alone doesn't mean they're a terrible person who doesn't love/appreciate their fans. It's different from a fan being somewhere where the YouTuber is doing an event (when they know to be ON and should make an extra effort to engage with fans) versus in their daily lives, when they can't just drop everything for a single fan all the time (though of course, they should be kind/polite when that happens because yeah the fans do directly support YouTubers especially). As I said, Ashley should have said sorry/been apologetic (but also we're taking this girl's word for it that she didn't so who knows), and anyways Ashley has proven in other ways that she does not value her fans other than as ways to put money in her pocket so this was a bad example imo since Ashley's own actions show her true colors. 
    I just feel like we as people should extend people, even celebrities/YouTubers, a bit of grace and allow them to have imperfect moments and not use that sole event to encapsulate how terrible we feel they are--if Ashley was running late to, say, a meeting and she would arrive exactly on time at the rate she was going but then stopping to take a selfie for even a min (which, I'm sorry, but never actually takes one minute cuz people don't want to look like shit in selfies with people they're fans of) would cause her to be late meaning she would seem unprofessional and rude...then yeah, she doesn't have time even for that "one min" selfie. Not saying this is the exact situation, but it could have been and none of us knows. Equally, it could've been Ashley brushed her off, was rude, and wasn't actually running late to anything important. Who knows. All I was saying is that I think we should all try to keep our entitlement to a minimum in these kinds of situations--Ashley shouldn't take advantage of her fans (as she imo does and which is wrong) but fans also shouldn't expect that when they see a celeb out and about, the celeb has to drop everything to give them "just this one thing" ("just" an autograph/"just" a selfie/"just" a shoutout/"just" a quick convo), and I feel we should allow celebs etc to have human moments because none of us are perfect and there are just inevitably gonna be times where a celeb is caught off guard/didn't react "right"/doesn't have time/doesn't show appreciation as the fan wants. Like, if I saw my fav YouTuber in a hotel I also happened to be staying at as they went down to get ice and I ran up to them and was like "Omg can I get a picture? I'm a huge fan" since it's the only time I would ever see them in person randomly, but for them they're flustered, disheveled, and just want some ice so they say no--that doesn't mean they're rude necessarily, it just means...they can't give me a picture at this exact random moment, and that's okay because people have the right to say no to a picture. Does that make sense? 
    But yeah, in conclusion, Ashley somehow has a fanbase of 3 million people and she does absolutely nothing for them other than trying to sell them her old crap/stuff she's gotten for free/gush about them on a video/use them as her therapist. I just don't believe for a second that she actually does care about her fans really, which is sad. The amount of money and success she's gotten from YouTubers and her (honestly rabid) fanbase is huge, but she really never gives back or seems interested in giving back. Sam Rahv as I mentioned earlier does lives where she talks about mental health etc and connects with fans--it's small, it's free, and Ashley can't even do that much to connect with her fans/get to know them/get personal. Or, again, do giveaways, meet ups, fanart shoutouts... Idk I'm just waiting for her to change/be better (which I've lost hope of for the most part honestly) or for her fans to realize how little she cares about them/her problematic behavior and for them to drop her. 
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  11. kicksthis added a post in a topic bestdressed/ ashley   

    Hm I might have an unpopular opinion with this but I don't see that alone as a big deal/sign she doesn't care about her fans--a girl randomly came up to her on the street as she was on her way somewhere/late? I mean, she should've added a "sorry" (but then again this is just based off the one girl's word so maybe she did maybe she didn't), but I really don't feel like celebrities/people with levels of fame OWE anyone their time every second of their daily lives. Perhaps if Ashley had not been running late she would've actually stopped and chatted a bit? But tbh I feel similarly when people say they ran into a celeb at a restaurant and went up to them and the celeb was not overly friendly...like, they have lives too, everything can't just be put on hold for YOU just because you vaguely support them/enjoy what they do. Let them eat in peace, walk down the street in peace and don't force them to be ON all the time. It just seems entitled to me to use that singular moment to suggest they don't care about fans. Not to mention, celebrities/YouTubers etc are people too, they have their off moments and tbh I've been running late and flustered before and run into someone I've known and probably been a bit brusque (though I follow up with a text later apologizing)....
    I'm just saying, Ashley is a human too and running late/being flustered happens to the best of us, and it sounds like she wasn't outright rude, just wasn't gushing over how nice it was that a fan recognized her on the street (the girl in the video legit said about Ashley "you couldn't have taken a selfie with me or said 'walk with me to where I'm going'"....girl, she doesn't OWE you either of those things as she's running late! being bummed is fine but EXPECTING that? like imagine if all 3 million of Ashley's subs did that everywhere she went, she wouldn't have time to live....just my opinion). Yeah, as I said before this girl comes across very entitled for being so off-put by that alone. Like, I get it all YouTubers say fans are "friends" but everyone with common sense knows that's not true and, again, we don't always have time even for our irl friends esp when in a rush somewhere! Idk sorry to keep going on and on, but this girl was really reaching with that imho
    THAT BEING SAID I feel like the fact that Ashley never ever highlights fan art done of her, never does a giveaway with all the PR she gets or even something she makes or buys, instead selling the stuff she got FOR FREE to her fans (who are already supporting her by watching her videos, etc), and also what someone mentioned before about her doing a meet and greet that was just to sell her own shit? That all super indicates that she views fans as ways to solidify her bag, rather than "friends" (well, that and viewing them as free therapists). She has so many fans who seem to really adore her, which I don't understand but whatevs, and constantly show their support for her but I feel like she never indicates in any way how appreciative she is of them/really gives back? Regular fanart shoutout is super easy and a giveaway would also be pretty simple, but she can't even be bothered with that and that says a lot.
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  12. kicksthis added a post in a topic cowsel / josie   

    I feel like Elliott's whole "$1.85 in my bank account" is also kind of misleading, cuz like you can have $1.85 in your bank account and still be fine if you have parents supporting you, paying for your apartment, helping you with bills, driving you around, etc--you're broke atm, but you're not poor. Showing a screenshot with $1.85 in the bank account isn't the same as someone who has that in their bank every month, has to be on food stamps, is homeless, etc. Like if you have $1.85 in your bank account but also have a comfortable home, food to eat, a car you can drive, electricity/water that doesn't get shut off, it doesn't at all mean that you came from nothing/ever struggled. To me, that proves nothing and is not at all evidence that he was ever "like common people." Super disingenuous and misleading and gross imo and if this is who Jo associates with....
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  13. kicksthis added a post in a topic cowsel / josie   

    OT but film studies and film are usually two different things--I mentioned this on another thread but usually cinema/film studies people analyze films and watch a lot of films, but when people study film they study the filmmaking process. And in my experience, it's relatively easy to be a cinema studies major whereas people in film have to specifically apply for and be accepted to the film school whereas cinema studies majors are general acceptance (I went to film school too so this is in my experience, also congrats on going to film school!)
    So I think it's totally possible she's a cinema studies major, since to me that's like saying someone is an english major--it's pretty generic imo, whereas film schools tend to be much more competitive and tough to get into. It's also easy to switch between majors in terms of cinema studies/other majors. I feel like a lot of people on social media like to brag about being cinema studies majors/taking cinema studies classes but to me it's not THAT special sorry
    on Jo: I'm just tired of Asians/mixed Asians in Cali bragging about how rich they are. Like, I just don't care and it doesn't make you look impressive or interesting....just kind of makes you seem like an asshole imo. Her with this Elliott guy made her come across way worse these days honestly. I thought she was whatever before but I am NOT a fan of people who have been born into money bragging about how much money they now have while simultaneously pretending like they worked SOOOOO hard to get there--like, no. Normal people can't just work hard and own a lambo in their 20s. The privilege and lack of self-awareness coupled with the nonstop flexing just makes me wanna barf tbh
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  14. kicksthis added a post in a topic Eat Your Kimchi (Simon and Martina)   

    Why would you be afraid of speaking Korean in a video where you have control of the editing, if you say you can speak Korean and you live in Korea and you regularly make videos so should feel comfortable in front of the camera? Like, okay...if they were just off at the restaurant, sure. But if you want to prove you can speak Korean, then just...film a video speaking Korean in your own time. If I were them I would do it just to get people off my back (Megan did it, Kennie JD did it).
    But just as you're saying we don't KNOW they can't speak Korean, you don't know they can. You're basing this off of the idea "I don't see how it's possible to live in Korea 7+ years and not know Korean." Well, I lived in Korea for 3.5 years and my Korean is okay but not great, and I was fine. But more than that I knew PLENTY of people who lived in Korea and worked in Korea for years and knew no more Korean than how to order at a restaurant or get into a taxi and say the destination. One guy I worked with was there for 12 years, had a career in Korea, and couldn't do more than that. There are enough foreigners in Korea and enough English signs (and you can get by knowing a handful of Korean words and other Koreans can offer you a handicap since most can understand a bit of English+pantomiming), that it is totally possible for people to get away with knowing almost no Korean while, yes, living and working in Korea. It IS possible, I've seen it, I probably fit the mold a bit as well. 
    Not to mention, they had seemingly no Korean friends who weren't also fluent in English--a major red flag signaling that they don't know Korean. Again, the community in Korea is large enough that it is easy to live there not knowing Korean, and those people all hang out together. Martina and Simon never interacted with non-English speaking Koreans, never interviewed someone in Korean, never filmed a video speaking Korean, never demonstrated that they had any Korean language ability really. Instead, they spoke in English on subjects related to Korean culture/society rather than interviewing Koreans...speaking over them/on behalf of them. I guess they could've just been hiding their Korean ability but....why? People would've loved that. The evidence imo points more to them not knowing Korean than it does to them knowing it.
    I know it might seem inconceivable to outsiders that foreigners can live in Korea for a decade without knowing the language, but speaking as someone who has seen it and done it, it's 100% possible and is most often the case for foreigners in Korea, even those married to Koreans (people live Dave or Sam Hammington or Sam Okyere etc are REALLY rare). I've met very few people in Korea who knew Korean and really tried to integrate, most people there found it so easy and comfortable to be in an English-speaking bubble that they stayed there, even for years, even when having Korean in-laws or a Korean spouse. If you look at the evidence, it really points to them not knowing Korean imo.   
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  15. kicksthis added a post in a topic bestdressed/ ashley   

    I mean, I also think that IF Ashley has whatever--depression, GAD, social anxiety--I'm not gonna shit on her for it cuz yeah mental health stuff is hard (and I can relate). I'm just TIRED of her using that as a "joke" when clearly it's affecting her life negatively. Like, you're supposed to seek out therapy when your mental health interferes with your ability to function properly in daily life (ie if you can't hold down a job, or if it really negatively impacts your interpersonal relationships).  She is the PERFECT person to seek therapy, since it would give her a proper diagnosis, give her some tools to better deal with her mental health struggles, and since she can afford it (both in terms of time and money), not to mention she's in NYC so there are TONS of great therapists there including ones who specialize in CBT.
    I'm just so over her using it as like HA HA HA MY SOCIAL ANXIETY....if it really is that crippling for her--seek help!!! Like jfc so many of us who have severe mental health issues do not have what Ashley has at her fingertips to get proper help, I know I don't. I would LOVE to be able to afford top notch therapy to get help with my depression, but that shit is expensive and I can't afford it atm. And on top of that, for her to just use it as a joke? I just can't feel bad for her if it does totally impact her life if all she is willing to do is make jokes to her MILLIONS of followers (rather than teaching the importance of proper mental health care) while making money off of them and not taking a single step towards working on improving her mental health. Such a terrible role model for mental health (unlike Samantha Ravndahl who I discovered recently and whose openness about her struggles with depression has really been great for me). 
    Ashley's privilege in this aspect is just too goddamn much for me. 
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