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  1. kicksthis added a post in a topic bestdressed/ ashley   

    also its just healthy to have different relationships--ideally, one should have a romantic relationship (unless they dont want one), friendships, AND some kind of familial relationship, and also some interaction/relationship with coworkers. it seems like ashley isnt connected to her family at all, doesnt have any friends, doesnt really have coworkers anymore, and spends all her time with david. its just not a healthy way to live your life, tied to one person. imo you don't really grow if you basically just latch onto one single person and its just a toxic thing to do (both for yourself and them). also since dating david, her content quality seems to have gone down for the most part so there seems to be some connection and its not a good path.
    i really think ashley needs to work on her relationship with her family, get some friends, or even find office work/work in a group office space so she has other interactions that don't include david. 
    even if they dont break up, its just unhealthy to be like that. theres a reason there needs to be a balance between having a life outside of the relationship and having a good relationship/connection with your SO and that applies when you're dating and when you're married as well. i hope ashley pushes herself to find other friends, ive honestly never known anyone like her who has literally no friends even back home (or does she?? shes never seemed to mention any) who she can talk with. i hope she tries to get out of her comfort zone more with people and try new things to meet new people.
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  2. kicksthis added a post in a topic General Koreaboo Thread   

    im sorry but i dont believe for a second that BTS would date some random foreigner in the public eye???? especially now BTS must be so busy because their popularity is peaking internationally. theres no way they would have time to date and if they did, they would do it super secretly likely with someone who is in the industry (not necessarily a celeb but someone they could work with/who understands their schedule), and someone who SPEAKS THEIR LANGUAGE. i mean, come on. if it had been a foreign born korean whos native language is english or is bilingual, then i could say mmmmmm okay like 1% chance its true. 
    but some random girl who doesnt live in korea (???) and doesnt speak korean fluently, dating a member of BTS the most popular kpop group internationally right now???????? and like, none of BTS's fans saw and got a picture of them together? how would they even have met?? she saw him passing on the street surrounding by fans and/or security and just so happened to make a love connection via eye contact??? and then she slipped him a note with her phone number and the whole world clapped.
    im sorry this is like so clearly bullshit. idk if she is going through a mental breakdown, if shes looking for clout, attention, what have you. idk. but there is no way in hell that this is true, and just because some rando on the internet told you "its true" doesnt make it true. if it WAS somehow true, she would be keeping silent about it because it would hurt their reputation and likely end their relationship so the mere fact she is openly boasting about it alone is enough to say its just lies.
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  3. kicksthis added a post in a topic Joankeem / Joanday   

    oops i do this gesture a lot but with both hands (but i always associated it with sailor moon and other anime cuz im a nerd like that)
    and im joans age....honestly never felt so disappointed in myself for sharing this with joan.
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  4. kicksthis added a post in a topic Jasmine Sean   

    Wait so what visa is she planning on going on? Just tourist visa and then flying in and out every three months??
    Cuz she obviously cannot apply for the Overseas Korean (F4) Visa because she's....not Korean. Even though that's the visa that would allow her to live there long term and work. And it seems like baby daddy won't marry her unless he had a sudden change of heart.
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  5. kicksthis added a post in a topic Joankeem / Joanday   

    im not gonna watch the vid but what hand gesture is it?
    (i had no idea a hand gesture was even popular....im so old)
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  6. kicksthis added a post in a topic Jennie Kim   

    but wasnt Jennie chosen like later last year? The group had already been around for like two years by then and had a good couple of hits, my understanding has always been that blackpink is pretty popular in korea but certain members (ie rose and lisa) are infinitely more popular abroad and less popular in korea
    It may definitely be favoritism, but I feel like favoritism in kpop is so, so, so, so common--companies see what one or two members the public loves and then pimp them out (not literally....at least i hope but who knows) as much as possible to get as much money as possible. Seolhyun is a great example of this, she has been on legit everything and it seems like she's been pushed into the spotlight pretty much since she joined the group and her talent has always been eh for singing and dancing. I feel like almost every group has this, it's kind of just what is done in Korea, unfair and bummer though it might be. ETA: Kai also was like this before EXO debuted, I remember people being kind of upset because they made teasers of the group and he was in like half of them (even though there were 12 members), and that was before they even debuted and in their beginning debut that they were pushing him so much till eventually members like Chanyeol especially became really, really popular and kind of evened out the spotlight. So Jennie and YG are not the first to do this.
    Idk I really don't get why people are so confused by Jennie+Chanel, I feel like it's a nontopic really. I think people keep talking about it in such depth because the original person was like "I cannot comprehend why Jennie would ever be chosen" when tbqh it seems pretty clear why she was chosen, and not a terrible business move. 
    I kind of think the Chanel thing should just be dropped...
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  7. kicksthis added a post in a topic General Koreaboo Thread   

    i dont doubt shes a koreaboo
    and what i meant is that a lot of people like to say I HOOKED UP WITH A KPOP IDOL and people jump to thinking its BTS, EXO, GOT7, Wanna One, Stray Kids, literally anyone crazy successful and popular who they like. But those people would never be caught dead hooking up publicly with some random foreigner. So yeah technically she can say she hooked up with an idol, just in the sense that someone could say they hooked up with an actor in hollywood and they could just mean someone who had a single speaking line in one tv show but people might think they meant a famous celebrity. im just saying....its massively misleading and clearly just a kind of clickbait to try to get other kboos to assume she hooked up with a big name. right now, in korea, that guy could walk down the street and no one would recognize him. so he may be a kpop idol, but hes a nugu and a dime a dozen in korea. and i find that when people brag like that, they tend to brag about nugus because they want the clout even though the actual nugu person has no clout, the mystery has more clout.
    so basically hes technically an idol but that does not make him what everyone thinks of when they hear "idol" and she knew that, and knew what she was doing. but at the end of the day shes a kboo and hes a nugu, so no one worth talking about 
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  8. kicksthis added a post in a topic The Massie Fam General Discussion   

    hate to be the one to say it but I'm pretty sure the girl from Crayon Pop also just made a video talking about sweating etc in the Kpop world....
    (but at least she's not a nugu like Tina)
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  9. kicksthis added a post in a topic bestdressed/ ashley   

    It is true, and maybe the white worship aspect does come into play with Ashley but personally I wonder if it's just massive insecurity on her part. I've had a few friends who had a lot of time being looked over since they hung out with super attractive girls (so they were put in the "ugly friend" category like that movie) and then when they went to college and found a guy who was into them, they were head over heels in love and clingy and super attached. One I can think of is still dating the guy who, imho, treats her like trash or at least like less of the queen I think she is and I think that's largely because he's one of the first guys who's given her that kind of attention. Kind of like the catholic school girl trope (once they get freedom to hook up they turn into sex fiends) maybe its like Ashley's been used to being the nerd friend girl viewed asexually and so when she gets attention from a guy who views her that way, she's willing to overlook a lot of stuff and be obsessive and clingy? Idk. But I do think her insecurity is a major factor in why she stays with/is so obsessed with David who is at the very least boring and at times seems to be a bit of a dick. 
    I actually don't know too many Asian girls who have white worship (perhaps because I come from a very diverse hometown) so I just always hope it's not true, because it makes me sad for a lot of reasons but also because I wish it was a phenomenon that didn't exist.
    I think the thing that Ashley really needs is to learn to value herself rather than seek validation from others. The internet seems like not a healthy choice for Ashley in particular, and I think it's evident by the way she's changed already after hitting 1mil.
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  10. kicksthis added a post in a topic Jennie Kim   

    I kind of feel like all this detailed stuff about weight is a bit derailing? Maybe just because it's clear people have opinions that don't seem to want to change. My quick two cents? I've known people who are like Sunmi, naturally thin leaning towards looking anorexic. One girl I knew in high school talked to me a lot about how her doctor was worried for her and she was trying to gain weight but I'm sure you can just lean towards being very, very thin and still be healthy. I don't have that body type, so idk personally but I have gained and lost weight and just in general I think too much pressure is put on girls and women (especially in Korea, but in other places too) to look a certain way. And there is also an obesity problem in America at least. All I can say is the most important thing is these girls' health--if they are naturally thin and their doctor says they are healthy? Great. If they are "chubby"/fat but their doctor says they are healthy? Also great. The problem for me is when it becomes about appearances over health, and also when it's about promoting unrealistic standards to children. Idk how much that applies to Blackpink specifically versus the whole kpop industry but yeah
    Also wasn't Jennie chosen as Chanel's brand ambassador like last year? I'd hardly say the group was unpopular then, plus they used to work with GD so it's not a leap to then go for Jennie. 
    I don't get why Jennie is so beloved, though I do think she has massive stage presence and charisma (but less and less over the years), but then again I never really understand why the world suddenly becomes obsessed with IT girls. I don't even get the sudden massive hype and obsession over BTS tbh. So generally I feel pretty meh on the hate or love scale for her.
    Also, as someone who liked Blackpink's older songs, why does their new music suck so bad? I'm sorry but DDDD was okay and Kill This Love was terrible (and the dances are the same old shit again). When YG did Mixnine there were actually a ton of good songs, some of which Blackpink could have used, and even the remix they did of I'm So Hot was good. Idk what happened with Teddy but it just went so downhill suddenly imo. Sometimes I listen to the Mixnine songs and I'm just like why why why was this not given to Blackpink rather than a show that, while entertaining for me, was generally a massive flop.
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  11. kicksthis added a post in a topic General Koreaboo Thread   

    so basically some girl hooked up with some guy 
    i would hardly call this level of nugu a kpop idol (sorry)
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  12. kicksthis added a post in a topic Jennie Kim   

    I honestly don't get your arguments because Jennie is and has always been extremely popular in SK. Just like how many people on the street might not have necessarily known about Red Velvet when they first came out, they definitely recognize Irene for her beauty and because she gets so many deals and solo ad promotions. Same with Seolhyun and AOA or Kang Daniel and Wanna One, or even 4Minute and Hyuna. People recognize the face that's commonly on brand deals, even if they don't necessarily know the specific kpop group that well (and most people can recognize those faces even if they don't know a thing about kpop....their promotions are just everywhere). Jennie has always been pushed by YG but her image also is, for some reason, very appealing to Koreans. So she gets a LOT of brand deals and people see her face all over and recognize her. So if you think she's not popular in SK then I don't even know what to tell you about where you're getting your inaccurate info from.
    Chanel also is known for its "chic" look, not cutesy. Twice wouldn't appeal to them because they are known for their cute charms, but again Chanel has always been known as timeless chic. Jennie is one of the idols known for being stylish both onstage and off and so they chose her to increase their own popularity within SK and also because I believe she wears a lot of their clothes already. Imho she seems to fit the concept of Chanel very well from the ads I've seen of her--her "look" just matches well. Irene also would be a fine choice for them, Jisoo I see less but still. But again, Jennie is very very popular in Korea so I get why she would be chosen over Jisoo for example. Plus brands have Korean ambassadors all the time for random things--Seolhyun was the ambassador for an election or something? So bizarre. 
    Also, those scandals you mentioned have to do with the idols' own mistakes, not the mistakes of their company. AKA a brand when signing the contract is saying "this person and their actions now represent our company" and then if that one person makes a mistake it can reflect badly on the company. It's a bit different to let her go due to the actions of a company which she merely works for, rather than her own personal actions. I think actually a lot of companies put a clause in their contracts about the behavior of the person working for them so that, if they do something that could reflect badly on the company, they could be fired without repercussion. Perhaps if they tried to fire Jennie simply for the fact that she is managed by YG (which has just had scandals, no official crimes YET tho fingers crossed they'll actually be properly punished) YG could sue them for wrongful termination. I'm not sure, but to me the Tiffany situation and this situation seem vastly different because one is a result of the individual's own actions whereas the latter is nothing Jennie herself has done.
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  13. kicksthis added a post in a topic Jasmine Sean   

  14. kicksthis added a post in a topic bestdressed/ ashley   

    oh man i finally watched it
    I thought it was interesting that like the majority of her choices related to romantic relationships, in terms of why she liked them and when she watched them, as well as the general genre. For me, it's just not how I remember the time when I first watched a movie.
    Also I expected some....insight into the movies? I don't know she basically just gave a basic synopsis and then told like the Rotten Tomatoes tagline of why people should watch the movies. It wasn't very in depth or original at all. I would rather than she chose a few films and went into great detail analyzing them and talking about what aspects she liked, the shots she liked, kind of her critique as well as an informative piece for people who didn't go to film school.
    Idk I went to film school and most film students I know when going "in depth" in a movie aren't just like "here's this one quote I like" we can break down sound design, cinematography, camera angles, plot points, editing, dialogue, etc and go on and on and on about why we love certain movies or certain scenes in certain movies. So to me, this kind of thing wasn't really "geeking out" it was more just like "movies I recommend to my young viewers." Also I wish she went in depth because I find most movies I love have objective flaws so it's nice to talk about movies that aren't perfect but can still be appreciated for certain, specific reasons versus saying "this movie is perfect and great and has no flaws" (not that she was saying that, but it can be an inference some might draw from this kind of video). 
    Idk her "analysis" just seemed very immature and naive a bit? And just a bit boring honestly. It didn't help that she was so oddly giddy about basically surface level descriptions of widely popular movies. I expected more from a film student.
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  15. kicksthis added a post in a topic Jasmine Sean   

    as Korean as Jasmine herself maybe?
    very korean
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