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  1. kicksthis added a post in a topic bestdressed/ ashley   

    I had a really hard time getting through the video because of her SEX jokes/mentions but mainly because of how overly bubbly she is? Idk it's a bit Stepford Wives-y just how much she smiles and kind of lightly laughs and seems giddy all the time. Like anytime she stopped smiling, she would talk for one second then like smile/laugh again even while talking about normal or not happy stuff. I was rewatching her "how to edit your videos" video, and she just seemed so much less basic/common/giddy/sarcastic not your average girl-Youtuber. It just seems so forced now, and I think it has a lot to do with like her seeming to need to slip in jokes and relatability and then laugh/be awkward (like, did she used to dance so much? just so weird and seemed so forced to me...I know people who do that naturally but Ashley's felt different...just like something so many people online do to be relatable). Idk it just seems so damn fake to me, esp compared with how she used to be, with just some relatable jokes/awkwardness....now she's like a hyper teenager and I am like not amused by her at all....sadly (and like are your jokes THAT funny that you laugh at them like that?! She died over her joke that she narrates stuff in her head in Donkey's voice)
    Also jesus she had so much freaking blush on and with her random rants/"existential thoughts" I once again say, Ashley for the love of god get a therapist or a friend these are not interesting enough things to be sharing with 2 million people I'm sorry
    I think the more I watch her, the more she seems less authentic to me, and comes across as more forced and more of a persona than an actual person, even though I do think her filming style is nicer than many other Youtubers
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  2. kicksthis added a post in a topic General "Non-Blacks Pretending to be Black or mixed Black"/Blackfishing Thread   

    Not sure if this is OT, but I just saw a video on the Prince family's "prank" (which was just nonstop clownery) and I legit thought the person in the thumbnail was Woah Vicky.....like, you know you've fucked up if you, as a biracial woman, are coming across on the same level as the mess (/gift that keeps on giving) that is Woah Vicky
    This was the video:
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  3. kicksthis added a post in a topic Jasmine Sean   

    Damn this family seems to freaking stand up and nice--I'm honestly so sad for them that they got stuck with Jasmine, who seems crazy. I know it's just pictures and who knows what they're actually like, but they seem so welcoming and kind to include her in Chuseok and be so happy around a baby who suddenly popped into their lives (many Korean parents would be PRETTY upset...and probably a lot of Western parents too honestly). Imo the kind of people who would do this are the kind of people I want in my life. I hope they rub off on Jasmine and make her better, but I REALLY doubt it. More likely they will just enable her to continue fantasizing and fetishizing.
    Also if her Mom was Korean, she could've gotten an F4 visa which, as I mentioned before, would be super easy for her to get and would allow her to live in Korea for years without needing to work. IF her mom was Korean, there would be no reason for her not to get that visa (unless her mom was still a Kor citizen, in which case I think both she and her mom could apply for dual citizenship, which is what one of my friends did with her dad). Once again proving Jasmine is lying about her ethnicity because if it was the truth she could've gotten the visa super quickly and been living her dream in Korea no problem.
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  4. kicksthis added a post in a topic General Koreaboo Thread   

    recently???? oh man...disappointed but not surprised. hope it comes up though and is publicized on television, cuz im trashy and petty like that.
    Seriously though, this couple seems to have an awful relationship because of course they do. Let it be a warning to Korean men wanting to ride the white horse and Western women hoping to find an oppa. THIS SHIT COULD BE YOU
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  5. kicksthis added a post in a topic Michelle Choi   

    I also think people being honest and upfront with their finances and financial situations is nothing but beneficial for everyone, since it allows us all to properly evaluate costs, living expenses, etc (and also one of the reasons videos comparing what $1,000 can get you in terms of apt in each city are so popular)--it's kind of like coworkers being aware of how much others are getting paid, to make sure they aren't getting shorted and to know if they can/should ask for a raise. The idea of it being taboo or shameful to talk about your wealth or financial struggles frustrates me because I feel like so many people, myself included, are lacking education and awareness relating to finances and if people were more upfront about the true cost of things, how they pay for things, taxes, using coupons, government benefits, etc I feel like people could at least have a better understanding of things (and maybe realize that there are others in their same situation). I feel like she's just worried someone will try to shame her for being able to afford an expensive apartment, but if she can afford it then good for her. (And also, my guess is if her apt is in Manhattan and is multiple rooms (or was it in BK?) then it's probably $2,500-3,500.)
    But the whole "it's an awkward question to ask" really leaves a bad taste in my mouth. Similar to how I wish she didn't use the bootstrap schtick, when it's clear she received some help and that's perfectly fine. Finances shouldn't be taboo imho.
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  6. kicksthis added a post in a topic Jasmine Sean   

    Tbh I feel like we shouldn't go so hard on the guy and his looks or age, because at the end of the day and from all the info we can gather, basically some rando he hooked up with a year ago (and who he hadnt seen since then) turned out to be pregnant, supposedly with his baby, and showed up a year later with said baby, and he manned up and took her in and seems to be taking care of her--likely he is the one paying for ice coffee, taking her out, etc. 
    I feel bad for him--I honestly expected him to not even know Jasmine was coming, and tbh I wouldn't have hated him if he had been unable or unwilling to step up (just cuz Jasmine seems so crazy) but from all the evidence here he really seems to be actually trying to have a relationship with his daughter (or who he believes to be his daughter...) and Jasmine, which is honestly more than I think any of us expected him to do and is actually the right thing to do. Jasmine somehow seems to have gotten a great situation out of a really shitty one, and I think that's due mainly to the guy being pretty stand-up rather than her having such a hard-working character and winning personality.
    So I feel like even if his looks aren't the best and he did make a mistake having unprotected sex with Jasmine, he seems to be a really, really decent guy who unfortunately is now shackled to someone who legitimately seems insane and mildly dangerous. Jasmine is very deserving of criticism, but I think the digs at the guy just seem a bit unnecessary imo...if he starts acting like a dick, it's fair game but until then I kind of feel like we should lay off  
    (Just my two cents)
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  7. kicksthis added a post in a topic Gangnam Unnie   

    She's been mentioned a bunch in the past on this thread, and a lot of people agree with you that she's getting into Gangnam unnie territory (you can go through the past few pages cuz I think she was talked about not terribly long ago when someone showed a pic of her waist training)
    My biggest problem with her (as someone only vaguely familiar with her webtoon) is that her comic seems to be about self-love/acceptance/not caring so much about superficial things like physical appearances when IRL she's holding herself to these crazy crazy standards and then kind of promoting them to her audience....so it's like, do you think everyone should love themselves? Or do you think everyone should love themselves when they have a beautiful face and a perfect hourglass figure with 2% body fat? It's just a bit hypocritical imho and a pretty unhealthy mindset tho I have a feeling a lot of it is just about getting that money (both in terms of what sells in the webtoon and what sells to an audience on Insta and in person...pretty privilege is real ppl)
    But compared to most on this thread she is tamest of tame and thankfully not nightmare fuel
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  8. kicksthis added a post in a topic Kpop scandals   

    On the one hand, this is such a shitshow which I kind of suspected from the beginning (sorry never really bought their love story...whenever someone constantly talks about how AMAZINGGGGG their relationship is, it's a red flag for me) that I can't look away
    And on the other, I wish for both of their sakes it would just end ASAP. Like, my god. Just divorce properly and move on in whatever way you can cuz right now NO ONE is looking great and Ku Hye Sun especially is looking worse and worse the more stuff she puts out. AJH might be a crappy guy, who knows I could see him being crappy or perfectly bland, but at least his crappiness is all speculation whereas she is demonstrating to the world how controlling/manipulative/unhinged she is through her own actions!! Insanity. 
    For her own mental health (and his) I hope they just meet up and decide to finalize the divorce and never speak again or something. 
    ...For my own personal entertainment, I hope this continues on for many months to come so I can watch the dumpster fire from afar with popcorn in hand. Ngl the worst part of me hopes AJH speaks up more and exposes himself to be crazy too and then they have an all out social media war and all the celebs in Korea get involved...cuz damn that would be good entertainment.

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  9. kicksthis added a post in a topic General "non Asians pretending to be Asian" thread   

    Okay but I have to ask--can you give examples? Like, everyone thought Samuel Kim's nose was from his Western father but then it turned out to be very similar to his Korean mother's. My nose is very, very angular and has a really high bridge...but I'm not race faking. Maybe I'm misinterpreting what you guys think an Asian nose is.
    I feel like the nose is a give away when it's coupled with the fact that they have no other Asian features--cuz mixed kids will at least have Asian almond shaped eyes, a similar nose, Asian bone structure, yellow undertones, etc. But I think to say "it's always the nose!" can lead to sometimes being wrong.
    But imo the biggest giveaway is always always always when someone tries to explain in 5,000 different ways their background. I've never met a mixed kid who was like "Oh, you don't believe that I'm half Asian? Let me try to explain it in the most convoluted way possible." Everyone's just either like here's a family pic or like eh if you don't believe me whatever moving on.
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  10. kicksthis added a post in a topic General "non Asians pretending to be Asian" thread   

    are these her parents?
    again i just imagine being them and finding out their daughter has lied about her parents and just being like WTF. Seriously, if I found out my kid was faking their race and making up crazy backstories and also pretending like her actual parents didn't exist.....I would just be like where did I go wrong as a parent, my god.
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  11. kicksthis added a post in a topic General Koreaboo Thread   

    I must be missing something, so can you or someone else fill me in?
    Why is this a story--is there proof that some girls met and hung out with Jimin? Because in general when randos talk about quality time they spent with super famous people esp idols I tend to be like OK. Sure, Jan. I just think unless there is ACTUAL proof (and not just someone recounting a story), it's generally not true. I've interacted with one idol when I saw them in a random place and recognized them and happened to be passing right next to them, and that interaction consisted of "OMG! I'm a big fan!" "Thank you so much!" "Okay bye!" "Bye!" andddddd that was it. That, I feel like, is the kind of interaction most people have with idols if they run into them (plus maybe a picture), IF they even talk to them which most of the time they can't/don't. So these "I hung out with XYZ ALLLL night" or "So n so told me I was beautiful when we were in an elevator!" stories to me just screams attention seeking BS.
    (Also OT but if the first thing she said to Jimin was "dude what the hell are you doing here?" in Korean, that is SO rude and would likely not have been well received. Even in English, as the first thing said to a stranger, it would make a lot of people uncomfortable. I can't imagine someone being greeted like that in Korean from a total stranger and then being like, "OMG! You're so cool let's hang all night")
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  12. kicksthis added a post in a topic General "non Asians pretending to be Asian" thread   

    I've heard of some people having mixed kids who are born with light hair and light eyes but then both fade a bit as the baby becomes more...full formed? Idk what to call it--as the newborn becomes a baby and becomes a child. I know I was born with pretty dark black hair and black ish eyes but now my hair and eyes are both like medium-light brown. 
    I mean the whole thing of her being 70% Korean, making up this fantasy backstory...and then feeling bad for looking different with black hair and green eyes (which is pretty standard) so dyed her hair BLONDE, which is MORE stand out, and then felt bad being a blonde with black/brown eyes so wears green contacts? All of that makes you stand out. You want to NOT stand out? Have dark hair, dark eyes, and look average. I mean, nonsense after nonsense. It's just a lot of convoluted lying in order to fit the narrative she has created for herself, but it's 100% not true.
    That all being said, the thing is she really strikes me (even without watching the video) as someone who is just very mentally unstable and likely a compulsive liar rather than being a white girl on insta who wants to race fake for clout. So I just feel really, really sad for her cuz I think she's very very sick and needs help. I hope people comment and make the interviewer aware so he can try to get her to maybe see a therapist or something.
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  13. kicksthis added a post in a topic bestdressed/ ashley   

    I mean I do think that sounds like Ashley was very naive and probably immature in romance, but I also find that wayyyyy too many people are in relationships and even marriages where they are convinced they can change the other person--in one FB group I'm in the women constantly complain about how their husbands don't do XYZ, and tbh my thought is like "well, you should have known this when you were dating so what did you expect when you were married???" or like they'll complain that their husbands said they wouldn't do something, but the women secretly thought they could change their mind and then get mad when the husband does what he had said (which honestly is fair--he TOLD you so no one to blame but your damn self imho). And I think men also fall victim to this mentality of hoping to change their partner (or hoping the relationship will change them). Unfortunately it's a narrative we're fed by the media and pop culture, but it's so so so unhealthy. If that's what her relationship was like, then it's no wonder it ended and much better for her--Ashley needs to be in a relationship where they each grow together and kind of raise each other up? Idk how to explain it well but it certainly was not whatever she had with David. Sad that she basically implied she thought she could get him to love her enough to not want to just be in a casual relationship (Ashley, find someone who finds you worthy from the beginning, you shouldn't need to prove your value to a man no matter how great you may think he is at first).
    But yeah, a part of me kind of rolls my eyes at Ashley's naivete in regards to love despite it not being her first relationship, but after seeing so many married women and men possessing the same kind of foolishness/naivete/ignorance, I can't single out Ashley too much for having that kind of mindset.
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  14. kicksthis added a post in a topic Michelle Choi   

    How ridiculous
    I hope Michelle Choi from this thread sees this and tells her fans to stop cuz thats honestly just foul
    I'm sorry but Korean names are just so f ing common--there are only a few standard last names (Choi, Park, Kim, Lee) and even first names have trends so of course it's easy to find people with your exact name....the US alone is so huge and has so many Koreans and KorAms and mixed kids that of COURSE there will be a ridiculous amount of overlap...and Youtube is so popular of course there are a few people on there with the same names jfc
    "stealing her name" i mean.......(not even like she tried to take over her insta handle, like the sharmander guy did ffs)
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  15. kicksthis added a post in a topic ChoNunMigookSaram/Megan Bowen   

    I just watched the video--it was nice, and well edited. Butttttt I really wish she had given a bit of a disclaimer cuz like so many comments were like "Wow!!!! Korean weddings are so dramatic/intense!!!!!" or "Wowwwww I didn't know Korean weddings were complicated like Indian weddings lol"
    Maybe it's a dumb thing to harp on but like....this is by no means a normal event. I have never, ever, ever heard of someone doing this in this fashion--the closest is My Korean Husband who got married in a tourist attraction because you can experience a "traditional" Korean wedding (aka traditional 100 yrs ago) but it's free. Most Koreans don't even do pyebaek, they just do the standard 30min ceremony, 1hr buffet hotel wedding. Like, this isn't even traditional in the sense that it is tradition to do it now! It WAS tradition, like a century+ ago. Idk it just seemed really odd and misleading to me to kind of subtly characterize this as traditional when it's pretty much something most Koreans would only see in movies nowadays.
    Also, I feel like she may have paid for certain aspects herself....but not everything, so it makes sense she could've received money but still been stressing about finances. In Korean weddings, if the parents are traditional there can be a lot of expenses--buying hanboks for the PIL, exchanging groom and bride gifts, exchanging PIL gifts....and depending on if the parents are picky they can want designer goods (I know someone who just experienced this sadly). Then there's also the honeymoon aspect. But in my opinion, there's no way she would've paid for this kind of wedding on her own without some help from the production company because 1. they're all up in her face, so I feel like if they're that obstructive they def would've compensated her for it so she wouldn't be mad pissed and 2. this is just not the kind of wedding you would decide to throw on your own--even if you were in Korea and married to a Korean man and loved Korean culture. If this had been at a traditional site in Korea aka outdoors, I could've imagined she saw the actors and wanted to recreate it...but this kind of thing is just so unusual, I've never even seen or conceived of it before. I really feel like, because she's been on TV the production company heard she was getting married and were like "Hey, we have this great idea to do an indoors modern/updated, intricate "traditional" Korean wedding--we'll help you organize it and fund the entertainment all you have to pay for is the food" or something like that, which honestly would be a great deal--you get an interesting wedding, help with paying for it, and excellent cinematography services to document your day. Win-win
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