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  1. kicksthis added a post in a topic Jeon Somi   

    I guess I do wonder though....IU is definitely beloved for her personality and her clean image, but like it also seems genuine? So idk how well Somi could do trying to emulate that because I think she does have a pretty spoiled, me me me upbringing (and I think that's why she made the mistake of leaving JYP--to be solo in TBL) and I think it comes across more and more even on variety shows. So even if she tried to be more like IU I wonder if it would come off as artificial because she has a lot of bad aspects of her personality imo that she'd have to actively hide; ie it's a bit hard for her to convincingly fake humility since it's clear she thinks she's the shit
    but I 100000% agree that it's a bad look to be driving around that car at such a young age and especially since she's like barely a celeb anymore, isn't making music or doing like....anything. She's bragging without a leg to really stand on.
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  2. kicksthis added a post in a topic General "non Asians pretending to be Asian" thread   

    Eh, for me personally I feel like the punishment fits the crime
    Say disgusting racist stuff then go around pretending to be Asian while still generally being a shit person? Well, congrats. Your surgery just exposed your true, nasty inner self. Cry me a f*ing river. 
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  3. kicksthis added a post in a topic bestdressed/ ashley   

    tbh though if Ashley did post something about covid/the current situation it would likely come off as SOOOOO fake and hypocritical, since she's clearly not following any of the advice going out to take pics wandering the streets of NY and then coming home to some white boy she flew in during a fucking pandemic 
    I do think she should say something, I'm just saying the reaction to it when/if she does will NOT be good because of what the stupid shit she's been pulling and tbh I can only hope people will criticize her openly and in her face so hopefully she will learn not to be so fucking stupid and selfish next time
    (usually I'm rooting for Ashley but the guy flying in from LA just was too much)
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  4. kicksthis added a post in a topic General "non Asians pretending to be Asian" thread   

    Also there's this group that was mentioned on cowsel's page for half Asians (Subtle Traits...something?), and I joined it cuz I was curious and she had made it seem like it was supportive (of what idk)? (Plus mainly they had posted about PULL so I wanted to read comments there) and like they had a situation with a girl who kept saying she was mixed but then asking stuff like "What height is normal for a halfie?" "What will my mixed kid look like?" and other such questions where the answer is "It varies????" and constantly mentioning her mixed-ness, only to be found out as a race faker. It was just funny and embarrassing and also like girl, nowhere is safe.
    (Also there's one guy in the group who constantly mentions he's half-Japanese but is blond, blue-eyed, and looks VERY typically European but hey I'm not gonna be the one to say it....)
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  5. kicksthis added a post in a topic bestdressed/ ashley   

    I haven't watched the video yet, but was one of her new year's resolutions to go to therapy? Cuz imo that should be priority #1 for her, ESPECIALLY with her move to NY. (And Ashley if you read this: I'd recommend Cognitive Behavioral Therapy specifically. It can train you to recognize and stop pervasive negative self-hating thoughts.)
    Imo nothing about her or her videos will get better until she sorts her shit out, and she needs to do that in therapy, especially while she has the income for it. NY also has plenty of good trained therapists and is otherwise filled with people who self-medicate using drugs and alcohol and yes sex, so for me if she can't see that she needs to do that I really don't care what her other so-called important resolutions are.
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  6. kicksthis added a post in a topic General Koreaboo Thread   

    okay well first of all no need to get so upset, I literally said "for what it's worth" and that worth could be 0, which is fine. I didn't say, "my husband is the sole representative of korea!!!!!" and I don't view it as such tbh I wish I could've added a shrugging emoji after that because that was how I felt about it, like eh; and I still have heard of white, blue eyed, blonde women getting the "Are you Russian?" question from younger generations! It's totally absurd and repulsive, but it's a stereotype that I've found that persists there, along with the "riding the white/black horse." It's not EVERY Korean, but it sadly has not faded out of society FROM MY EXPERIENCE. Plus I had never heard that Russians were the ideal type for Koreans (a generalization btw which is what I was asking about, not agreeing with) and another user had written that (but you have no problem with them saying that??). I simply was pointing out that her face did not fit imo the "ideal beauty in Korea" as a few others have suggested, and from my experience a lot of Koreans agree on generally what features are "ideal." Is it everyone in Korea? Absolutely not. But I also understand why some looks appeal more to the general public in Korea versus in, say, America (even looking at trends of looks/styles on instagram in the two countries). Not sure why you so strongly went after what I wrote. A SHIT ton of people generalized here before I did, and even though I recognize Koreans are diverse, I find they still tend to have a more cohesive mindset than Americans (where I'm from)--at least in the sense of saying things like a certain celeb is "The Nation's little sister" etc. Like of course, everyone's tastes are different but AGAIN other people had said Deesee(?) fit Korea's ideal look, so I was disagreeing with that--and clearly you disagree too, but felt no need to comment on that before???? I feel like you misinterpreted some of the things I wrote in ways to fit your argument, and I understand your frustration because I actually agree with the things you wrote and perhaps I should've been more clear, but again I'm mainly confused why you went so hard at me, when like ten other comments talked about "Korean ideals" and generalized Koreans beforehand but it was radio silence then, and I was actually trying to make a counterpoint to those generalizations.
    The MAIN reason I asked was to wonder about this group--TC Chandler? What is that? I tried looking it up but all that comes up is the info on their 100 Beautiful Faces thing? But is that all they do? I ask because everyone is talking about how "oh well of course Deesee/Sissel got on because they are the Korean ideal face" but is TC Chandler a Korean company? Cuz if not, I don't see how that would matter at all. I'm also confused as to why there are so many Kpop stars? Like it seems to just be American celebs, Kpop stars, and a small scattering of others? Not exactly what I would call diverse in terms of beauty, and there are beautiful people all over the world (and sorry but I don't think Sissel or Deesee match some of the people on there). Just wondering like how this group has any credibility, cuz right now it seems like some random people with decisions that make no sense and who also seem to do literally nothing else, so not sure why anyone cares about their list?
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  7. kicksthis added a post in a topic General Koreaboo Thread   

    Does she fit the ideal foreigner look for Koreans? I think not at all. Koreans usually like softer looks ie Chuu models and Angelica(?) whatshername model, or like young Elle Fanning. Sissel fits that better than this chick (though personally neither of them are especially pretty to me), who has kind of sharp features. I've found Koreans tend to like really soft, baby-faced people with kind of rounder features plus a v-shape jawline but this girl has kind of sharp lines/masculine features, like her square jaw. (Also for what it's worth I asked my (Korean) husband and he said, "Eh, she's just average but kind of pretty. Nothing special.") Also idk if Koreans think Russians are the "ideal" look....Russians are usually viewed as prostitutes in Korea and if someone asks, "Are you Russian?" to a white woman in Korea, it's usually implying they think they can pay for sex with them. So not the best reputation from what I've seen.
    Also can someone explain this list to me? Who puts it out? Is it a Korean list? Why would Korean ideals have anything to with the results??? Tbh based on what's said here this doesn't really seem to be a list of "the most beautiful faces" it's like, "list of people who want others online to think people think they are beautiful so they paid money to be put onto a list filled with actual beautiful, famous people and placed above most of them."
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  8. kicksthis added a post in a topic bestdressed/ ashley   

    YESSS I said this before on Michelle Choi's page--like, just be upfront about it and move on. There's nothing inherently wrong with having privilege, and we all can have more privileges than others. Just recognize it, accept it, acknowledge it, and don't try to fucking downplay it or hide it. It's just inauthentic and pretty sleezy to me to try to pretend like your parents were immigrants scrounging trying to save money (literally repugnant to me, as so many people in my family and friends are immigrants who had to struggle to make a life for themselves) when in fact they came privileged and made a VERY good life for themselves, and for her, here. If her parents paid for her school, that's fine! I honestly know a good amount of people whose parents were able to do that--a true privilege, but one that shouldn't be kept like an embarrassing secret. In general, I wish that more Youtubers and people were open and honest about their financial situations and backgrounds so we could all have awareness of reality. I just think people should be upfront about the money they come from/the money they make so that it doesn't give crazy unrealistic expectations to people and so people can recognize and appreciate the privileges they do have. I also think it makes her seem more ungrateful--it's like she's not recognizing that she had a massive leg up in life due to her background, and making it seem like it was equal to everyone else's (which it wasn't), which just comes across as spoiled and ungrateful to me. Tbh I think Ashley would really benefit from looking at all she has in life and really reflecting on how lucky she is for what she already has.
    Just want to add that MD borders on DC, so a LOT of wealthy politicians' kids/people in that sphere go to schools and live in suburban MD, which I think a lot of people forget or overlook. MD suburbs generally around Baltimore and DC are filled with wealthy people and their well-off kids, and there are a lot of rich, rich private schools in those areas that funnel into the upper echelons of society in DC (ie where Brett Kavanaugh went to high school). Howard County, where she is from, is the wealthiest in Maryland and one of the wealthiest in the entire country, and MD is the wealthiest state in the U.S. (at least based on my quick Googling, and from experience it seems accurate). 
    So I don't believe for a second she ever really thought that she was from rural MD, because there are parts of MD that are country but that city ain't it. I just wanted to add that because I feel like people are still giving her the benefit of the doubt that she's from just another suburban town in America but she's from an incredibly wealthy area in the wealthiest state in America raised by an incredibly well-educated, well-off family who happen to also be immigrants, so it seems MIGHTY misleading for her to portray herself as she does.
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  9. kicksthis added a post in a topic bestdressed/ ashley   

    10000% agree with everything you said
    like sorry to go back to this, but I wrote the same thing when I first watched her film vid! I was shocked at her lack of actually interesting, insightful things to say about any of the films. Personally, I don't care which movies she chose (though I was shocked at how many of them were....basic) but I did care about what she had to say about them/why she chose them. If someone wants to tell me their favorite movie of all time is Mulan or Star Wars or Die Hard or Bridget Jones' Diary or Harry Potter, I really couldn't care less as long as they have interesting things to say about why. Like, tell me about the thematic elements, the color direction, the cinematography, the editing, the writing, the narrative arc. But she pretty much chose movies just to choose them and said nothing at all about them. I've never met a film kid like her, and I went to school with a crap ton of film kids. 
    I just don't see it as her ultimate dream, because she seems so surface level when it comes to films? There's no real analysis at all or excitement or going on and on about the details of a certain movie. And I'm sorry but if you can't analyze films, you can't write films. You have to recognize and be able to articulate what works or doesn't work in films in order to be able to then make great movies--and you also have to accept that your beginning pieces are gonna be shit. To me, she seems like someone who likes the idea of being "in film" without actually having the passion for filmmaking, much less the talent. I'd be interested to read one of her screenplays to see if it proves me wrong but I don't see her having a ton of screenwriting talent based on her written "work" so far. Not sure why she chose that path instead of editing--maybe she thinks she's funnier and wittier than she actually is? I also feel like she likes the attention of being "in film", since it sounds "cool" to people when you get to say, "Oh, I went to film school" and I'm sure she likes getting to say that to people from her "town no one has heard of." But as you said I really see no passion for actual film at all, and am really not surprised she's getting out of the industry before even really trying to get in. If she worked for it, I'm sure she could've broken into the industry pretty easily since UCLA has a ton of connections. It's not easy but she would've had a massive advantage, she just dropped the ball on a lot of fronts. 
    Personally, after looking at what Ashley has done or does do, it seems that she just likes the attention being a film student/Youtuber/fashionista or whatever brings to her--she wants to seem different and exciting and cool to other people, but a desire to be loved by many does not equate a passion for film or fashion or anything else imo.
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  10. kicksthis added a post in a topic bestdressed/ ashley   

    I think it's def confirmed that she comes from a wealthy background, not even just middle class. So yeah makes the whole "I'm so poor, I'm from bumfuck MD where no one could afford anything" schtick way more gross. I just wanted to add that I know a lot of people whose parents were able to pay for their college, but they still felt pressured to graduate early/get a job ASAP because even though they knew their parents could handle it they felt guilty because college in America is expensive af. So I can see Ashley wanting to graduate early cuz of that, though it was a bad move on her part. But also, I really think she got some merit aid (which she doesn't have to pay back since scholarships are awarded rather than loaned, but usually you have to have some req like GPA to keep it) because of her previous academic achievements--when I was applying to schools I got small random scholarships all over the place for some AP classes and whatnot I took, and Ashley seems like the type to really pursue that so she'd get more. So yeah I can't picture her taking out loans for school and even if she did they'd be paid off by now (Tiffany Ferg on Youtube paid off her massive loans as she got more successful on Youtube and Ashley had more growth than her and has had it for like a year now, so again def making bank from Youtube). 
    Also, just want to draw your attention to this golden quote she said from this article https://www.tubefilter.com/2019/05/02/youtube-millionaires-ashley-aka-bestdressed/ :
    Congrats Ashley. You played yourself on this one. I def feel like her content now is "dumbed down to the least common denominator of entertainment." 
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  11. kicksthis added a post in a topic bestdressed/ ashley   

    ugh this kind of annoys me because like honestly only people who read these sites are now gonna be aware of what she was doing. I wish they had just left it alone so she could expose herself, rather than kind of giving her the chance to cover it up and pretend it never happened. I know people always think they're being clever by writing snowflakes/online personalities but I feel like it never helps it just always messes stuff up
    Also, DOES she have student debt? Did her parents really not help her pay for college at all? I might've missed it, which is why I'm asking, but I just can't imagine them not giving her a cent. Plus she might've gotten some scholarships since she did so well in HS. I'm inclined to believe she has no debt, or any debt she had she paid off quickly once she became massively successful on Youtube--add on a couple of sponsorships, selling overpriced stuff on Depop+selling PR, and you've got one rich kid. Haley Pham bought a freaking mansion, I doubt Ashley is struggling with school loans still (if she ever was). 
    Her financial stability and security (which has been a constant throughout her life) is one of the reasons I side eye a lot of her decisions--she doesn't need the money, she just wants it and wants more and wants to hoard it. That's not a hustle lifestyle, that's greed imo.
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  12. kicksthis added a post in a topic Gangnam Unnie   

    pretty sure that guy's japanese tho.......
    so maybe not the best example to prove your point (and also majority of koreans dont think this is cute, hence why gangnam unnie is an insult)
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  13. kicksthis added a post in a topic Kpop scandals   

    good god girl, just dig yourself in deeper I guess?
    foul is as foul does
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  14. kicksthis added a post in a topic Blackpink (formerly Jennie Kim thread)   

    The funny thing is, the song is not that much longer and just repeats (iirc). It's a classic Christmas song but relatively boring because it's pretty much repeating itself a bunch. It would have been INSANELY easy for her to just finish the freaking song (pretty sure there's maybe one more chorus and that's IT), but personally I'm glad she didn't subject us to that. Not sure why she was trying so hard because imho the reason the song is so beloved is its simplicity and timelessness, and also because Nat King Cole's voice is wonderful. If she had just sung it normally I have a feeling it would have been much more enjoyable.
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  15. kicksthis added a post in a topic bestdressed/ ashley   

    ugh I also wanted to add--how would she feel if she gifted one of those shirts or her earrings she designed to another Youtuber, and then she saw they were selling them? Like, girl, have some freaking empathy for at least other creators. I just really can't get past that Liah Yoo sent her the new moisturizer and she had the gall to sell it to someone, since Liah constantly talks about how much hard work and time and thought goes into making all her products. (Of course selling all PR is wrong, but there's something about the personal side of it from one creator to another that just gets under my skin--it's like if someone bought a Christmas present for you personally, but you didn't like it so you regifted it...in front of them.)
    I'm glad she's reading these threads and I hope she realizes how fucked up what she was doing was, and stops. It unfortunately does not change my opinion of her at all based on the fact that she had been doing this. Now I can definitely see the ungratefulness in so many more of her actions, as Dreamy Cat said. This and the Amazon sponsorship are her showing her true colors I think (aka it's all about the $$$$$$).
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