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  1. Darkthrone added a post in a topic Sahar Tabar   

    Oh my God, she looks like a dead woman, Obviously she's filled with plastic surgeries, but HOW can a normal human being want to look like a corpse?  I Thought I'd Seen Everything but noooooooooooooooo

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  2. Darkthrone added a post in a topic Debora Cechetto #2   

    @dcechetto Another day waking up beautiful and thin even eating like a Viking the whole night before.
    @notinllove Fuck, I'm really scared!
    @notinllove I thought this Deborah Cechetto story was just a hater thing, but DUDE ... what's that?
    @notinllove Oh, dude, go fuck yourself. These perfect icons of the internet that you idolize by the appearance and that end up the self-esteem of SO much girls who think that this perfection really exists.
    @notinllove When in fact the person is such a trash without any empathy and it's idolized because it is perfect. Not today.

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  3. Darkthrone added a post in a topic Debora Cechetto #2   

    @dcechetto If being whiter than the wall is wrong, I do not want to be right.
    @powterghost It makes you want to get people with very white skin and undress just to be admiring for hours.
    @dcechetto It's much more beautiful.
    @dcechetto People always think they're white before they know me.
    @MikeLowen02 So? Racist shit, you should be in jail!
    @MikeLowen02 And you're not 100% white, you're Brazilian, you have black roots and also indigenous, slut cocksucker.

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  4. Darkthrone added a post in a topic Toopoor / layla shapiro   

    Wow! What a topic!
    So, I'd never heard about Lil Peep before, I wish he'd rest in peace.
    About this Toopoor: What a despicable girl! It is obvious that she is a rich girl, she's a fucking racist trash, who pretends to be drugged and has a "junk life" wanting to impress in internet. She's ridiculous, paltry, worthless, that xenophobic shit! 
    What worries me is the young people following and idolizing a horrible person like this clueless girl.
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  5. Darkthrone added a post in a topic Debora Cechetto #2   

    Será que a Debs tá triste com a morte do Charles Manson? Ela que sempre romantizou e adora serial killers.
    Is Debs sad about Charles Manson's death? She always romanticizes and loves serial killers.
    @dcechetto Serial killers movies based on real facts are so lovely.

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  6. Darkthrone added a post in a topic invadernoodles   

    Professional cosplayer?
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  7. Darkthrone added a post in a topic Debora Cechetto #2   

    Se vocês repararem direito, onde passei a marca branca é onde a boca dela termina. Ou seja, ela continua passando batom fora da boca. 
    Se você clareia a foto, você também consegue ver até onde a boca dela vai e onde começa o batom.
    If you notice right, where I passed the white mark is where her mouth ends. That is, she continues to put lipstick out of her mouth.
    If you lighten the picture, you can also see how far her mouth goes and where the lipstick starts.

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  8. Darkthrone added a post in a topic Debora Cechetto #2   

    WHAT THE FUCK IS THIS LIPS???? Jesus, it's HORRIBLE, AWFUL, DEPRESSIVE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    I thought she'd gotten her mouth straight, but no, it's hideous as before. So, the photos with the mouth "more straightened" are all photoshop.
    Eu pensei que ela tivesse arrumado essa boca, mas não, está horrenda como antes. Então as fotos com a boca mais bonitinha é tudo photoshop.
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  9. Darkthrone added a post in a topic Debora Cechetto #2   

    I have no envy of her, I'm jealous of Gisele Bünchen who is beautiful and millionaire.
    About Debora, I always saw her as a danger to the young girls, her lies that began to make the girls who believed in her """"natural beauty"""", I hate her racism, the crude way of treating others, her Nazism, the exaltation of white skin, the use absurdity of photoshop but lying about this batlantly, finally, I criticize she as I criticize any other harmful person, but I do not have envy. I envy smart and rich people, that's right.               
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  10. Darkthrone added a post in a topic Delandra Barbie Johnson   

    WTF is this????? This girl is absolutely BIZARRE!!! She's awful in all aspects!!! HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA I'm dying here!!!
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  11. Darkthrone added a post in a topic Debora Cechetto #2   

    NOVO MEME: A mulher que fica com outro rosto quando tira foto com câmera profissional.
    Não, querida, você só é photoshoppeira louca mesmo (e mentirosa).
    Ela acompanha esse tópico e fica se justificando para nós o tempo todo HAUHAUHAUAHUAHAUA. Ela clareou os olhos dela prá caralho nessa foto.
    THE NEW MEME: The woman who gets another face when taking a photo with a professional camera.
    No, dear, you're only an inase photoshopper (and also a liar).
    She follows this topic and justifies herself to us all the time. HUAHUAHAUHAUAHUAHAU. She cleared her eyes a fucking lot in this picture.
    @dcechetto I look very different in professional camera shots, right?

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  12. Darkthrone added a post in a topic DigitalxDoll   

    JFC HAHAHAHAHA What a ridiculous girl! She's really bad at photoshop.
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  13. Darkthrone added a post in a topic Debora Cechetto #2   

    @falloutlola ok
    @01h22am It's so fucking much surgery
    @falloutlola Yes, I've seen old pictures of her.
    @ylakkin Not to mention the plastic surgeries that she has already made. The before and after has so much difference that it becomes scary.
    @falloutlola And the Nazi tattoo? I do not know, all things that involves her is so ridiculous.
    @AnaClaraLins8 Hi, I do not know anything about the nazi tatoo and want to understand this.
    @GALAXYDEF3NDER It seems that she throws blur in the whole face.
    @falloutlola It gets to be worrying, seriously. You can see in her photos so many comments of girls whining about not being like her. Ridiculous, seriously.
    @GALAXYDEF3NDER The worst thing is that most of these famous Instagram girls are like this.
    @4ftermidnightt The truth is that nobody cares if the person is stupid, ridiculous or not. If it pleases the eyes or if it's cute what do I have to do, right?

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  14. Darkthrone added a post in a topic Debora Cechetto #2   

    @he44rtmeans Xexeto has edited her chin so fucking much that it looks like she has a beard.
    @falloutlola I get to be angry with this girl, forgive me, God.
    @he44rtmeans Dude, how can she say that she does not edit her photos by posting a business like that. DOES SHE THINK SHE'S DECEIVING WHO?
    @falloutlola And a thousand girls crying wanting to be her ... save me, when she make a video or she does not even move or show the face.
    @vllentina Guys, explain these things to me I'm so out.
    @falloutlola She had a nazi tattoo, friend ... and a lot of plastic surgeries.
    @vllentina Once, I saw the tela talking about this tattoo, but I've never been behind her story, there's a lot of gossip stories about her on Twitter.
    @he44rtmeans If you have the time and patience read this. There is a lot of print and a lot of reports too.
    @vllentina I'll read.
    @vlltina Is she 30 years old?
    @he44rtmeans Yes, HAHAHAHAHA and she lies about it.

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