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  1. mahoushojo added a post in a topic Pewdiepie   

    I’m not really sure how to feel about him unfollowing everyone. On one hand, it’s a good move that he’s unfollowed some of the more controversial people, but it also kind of feels like he turned it into a joke by unfollowing everyone except for BTS.
    I just wish he’d make a serious video denouncing all of this stuff. While I still don’t think he’s an alt-right extremist like someone like Jontron for multiple reasons, I think he really should address it or clarify what he thinks in a video. 
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  2. mahoushojo added a topic in Online Personalities   

    Anisa Jomha/Raihnbowkidz [iDubbbz's Girlfriend]
    Anisa Jomha / Raihnbowkidz / iDubbbz's Girlfriend (lol)
    Twitter // Twitch // Youtube // Instagram

    Anisa Jomha/Raihnbowkidz is a 23 year old streamer who is currently dating Youtuber iDubbbz. Prior to being on Youtube, she mainly streamed League of Legends on Twitch. However, she mainly became popular due to her being a "titty streamer" and was shouted out by other popular streamers like Gross Gore. If interested, more about her past as a Twitch streamer can be read about in this Kotaku article that she was featured in. Currently, she has her own Youtube channel now and still streams.
    Talking Shit and Being Rude to Other Youtubers
    Talked shit about Ice Poseidon's content, leading his fans to go after her and attack herCalled him a douchebag, unintelligent, and said that his content was lazy and that he didn't work hard for what he has (despite much of Anisa's fame coming from her boobs and iDubbbz)Clip of her comments on him hereTalked shit about Pyrocynical on stream, because she didn't like his video about the problems with titty streamers on TwitchAnisa gets very defensive and angry about the points he makesClip on her comments about him hereTried to distance herself from Zoie Burgher and Celestia Vega's "hoe squad," despite previously trying to be friends with them and talking bad about them on streamClip on her comments about them here, and Zoie's responseSky Williams dramaAnisa and Sky used to be "friends"Anisa was just pretending to be friends with Sky, and was actually talking shit about him on streamSky talks about this in an unlisted video hereSky was nice to Anisa and defended her when people attacked her Naturally upset over her lying to him, he confronts her-- she apologizes, but goes right back to talking shit a few weeks laterChris Ray Gun *cough* Anisa's white knight in shining armor *cough* jumps to Anisa's defense, angry at Sky for sharing a personal conversation and accusing him of manipulating his audienceSky promises that eventually he's going to drop a video exposing Anisa, though it's yet to be seenAnisa has called him a "valuable piece of shit," due to him having a lot of followers and not wanting to cause drama with him so she has relevant, popular people following herVOD of her saying thisJust goes to show you how desperate Anisa is for relevancy...Sky talking about Anisa on Twitter 1 / 2 Sky's comments on Anisa's behavior towards him:General list of people she's talked shit about: Ice Poseidon, Pyrocynical, Zoie Burgher, Celestia Vega, Jessica Nigri, Laci Green, Tana MongeauCalling Jessica Nigri a tryhardHas slut-shamed TanaLater says "I think Tana Mongeau is really good-looking" (VOD)People are worried to respond to Anisa talking shit because she uses iDubbbz as a shieldLeaked Discord proof of her talking about thisReacted to Venus Angelic's video where she discussed her health and issues with having an eating disorderVOD here, shorter clip here Generally seemed unsympathetic towards her and thought she could be faking the surgeryMade fun of her accent, despite the seriousness of the video and laughed that other people had died from the surgeryHas no context for anything Venus has gone through, wondering how she even got the money to run away and wonders what her Venus's parents must think seeing this video (despite it being very east to find information about her horrible life prior to running way to be with Manaki)Doxxed Keemstar of DramaAlert fameWhile she feels bad, Keemstar still seems pretty annoyed and thinks he might have been set upVOD hereDoesn't seem to respect others' privacyVOD of her with a former friend who doesn't seem to be comfortable with her livestreaming everything and asks her to stop. When asked to stop, Anisa looks confused/annoyedHas talked publicly on stream about how she didn't like her friend CeleryPerry's girlfriendVOD hereChat figured this out due to her identifying them as someone who lives near her, and CeleryPerry was the only one who fit that descriptionThe Infatuation With Chris Ray Gun
    Chris Ray Gun (mentioned above in the Sky Williams drama section) is a Youtuber who Anisa frequently talks to while on stream.Anisa has talked shit and been rude about Chris's girlfriend, Laci Green to him while on streamCalled her a "f*ucking c*nt," asked if he's eaten her ass, made comments about her vagina, asks if she's pegged him, comments that she would make a great porn star... etc.Overall just very awkward, intrusive questions about his sex life and girlfriend that even he seems to eventually feel awkward talking about on streamCompilation of her talking to himLiked a tweet saying how strange it was that Laci was dating ChrisMore weird sexual harassment (VOD)Revealed on stream that she has had sex in an elevator to him, while asking him what the weirdest place he'd had sex wasWeird tweets (????????)As of May 2018, apparently they haven't talked much in the last few months... :thinkingfaceemoji:Possibly cheated on her ex boyfriend, Akaadian (Matt) with iDubbbz (Ian)
    Akaadian is a professional LoL streamer who was a few years younger than Anisa. Towards the end of their relationship, they both went to Twitchcon togetherThis con took place in San Diego from Sept. 30th to October 2ndAround this time was Akaadian and Anisa's one year anniversary, which she seemed excited for in late SeptemberPicture of them together before ending the relationshipWhile they were at Twitchcon, Anisa apparently booked an extra night at the hotel by accident and was alone, and invited iDubbbz to hang out with herDuring this time, Anisa says that she had been talking to Ian for a while and that Akaadian knew about thisLater says that Akaadian and her hadn't been in a relationship for a while, however there are tweets showing that he was hanging out with her up until October 6, 2016People said on one of her streams that Akaadian claimed Anisa had cheated on him, but Anisa refuted this and said that it would be "completely unwarranted" for him to say thatOn Oct 25th and 27th, Akaadian tweeted that he wouldn't be streaming for a while because he was in a "bad place" mentally and said that he "hated girls"On Nov. 4th, Akaadian said on stream that he was upset and very angry but didn't give many specifics about what he was so angry aboutClip where he tells viewers that he's angry, but doesn't specify what he's angry aboutLater revealed that he had blocked Anisa while on stream to his fans, which a fan later told Anisa on TwitterAdmitting to wanting guys who will spend money on her (essentially, a sugar daddy)Discord convo where she talks about thisHas seemingly broken up with past boyfriends if they were too cheap for her"Cheat Sheet" and timeline of her past relationships (courtesy of lolcow)Slut Shaming
    Despite being a former titty streamer, she has slut shamed both Tana Mongeau and Zoie BurgherClaims it was more skin than she ever showed on stream, despite clips of her existing where she's unbuttoning her shirt to reveal her bra Now claims that her titty streaming days were all just trolling and a "social experiment"Has called other girls sluts on Twitter, and overall just seems very derogatory towards other womenRelationship Troubles With iDubbbz (Ian) (Dec/Jan 2018)
    Moved in with Ian rather early on in their relationshipGenuinely seems frustrated and angry whenever Ian tries to scare or surprise her on streamSometimes seems kind of unhappy about their relationship, and gets bitchy talking about him on streamWhile Ian was making the AJP Content Cop in the UK, Anisa talked on Discord about her relationship troubles, saying that it seemed like he was going to break up with herAdmitted that Ian didn't see her for a while, and said she tried to break up with himHowever, Ian was desperate for the relationship to continue and they Anisa stayedHinted that they've had a "relationship scare" beforeRevealed that Ian wanted to move in with her again once he got back from the UK, but Anisa refusedHas called Ian gross on multiple occasionsHas also called him mean, a manchild, irresponsible, says that he doesn't treat her rightBut for some reason, she still stays in the relationship...Screenshots of her calling Ian gross on DiscordScreenshots of her talking about breaking up with Ian from the leaked Discord conversationsIs also using Ian for a Visa because she's from CanadaFor the Visa type she has, she's listed as an "employee" of Ian's and can't get any other kind of job in the United StatesAlso cannot support herself through her own content, and loses subscribers at a consistent rateDiscord conversation where she talks about thisMooching off of Ian's Patreon subs for moneyVisa Screenshots:Try-hard Edginess While Also Being Basic
    Tries to emulate Ian's humor to appeal to his fans, but is incredibly basic with her posts and personalityAccording to her, the holocaust was justified because they experimented on people and made "groundbreaking discoveries" during itVODIt is widely known that the Nazi experiments did not produce legitimate results. Most notes taken by Nazi scientists were "gibberish and disorganized," experiments were done only because the Nazis had the ability to out of sadistic desire to harm people, and the small discoveries made could not be verified due to the experiments being so cruel.source, sourcePretends to be good friends with Maxmoefoe and seems to try to emulate how he talks/his personalityIan has called her "female Maxmoefoe" in a Content Cop beforeAn anon on lolcow, who was a former fan talked about how on stream, she admitted that her and Max had only talked once when they went on the trip to Hawaii togetherTries to compare "cracker" to an offensive slur for Aboriginals, and attempts to play her own race card for legitimacyMaxmoefoe's girlfriend, Kat, calls her out on this and publicly shames her Fake Body-Positive
    Gets angry at women at the gym for making fun of an overweight woman, while also making videos calling women like Amy Schumer "whales""My favorite past time is watching fat people trying do Zumba"Ridiculed BBW women, saying they show 0 respect for the human form by making their body like thatWhile doing this, she praises curvy "thicc" women who work outReacted rather unsympathetically to Venus Angelic's video talking about her struggles with her eating disorderDespite claiming before that she has OCD and has struggled with body issues before, she doesn't quite seem to understand at all what Venus was going throughFaking Mental Illness
    Has said that she has OCDClaimed that a school therapist at her university diagnosed her with this, despite therapists being unable to diagnose someone with a disorderChanged her story to her also seeing a psychologist, then psychiatrist at the same time as her therapist who diagnosed herOverall just very inconsistent with what she does & does not haveUsing Others to Get More Popular
    Used drama with guys like Gross Gore and had relationships with popular Youtubers/Twitch Streamers to increase her popularityConstantly talks about how she doesn't want anyone else to make her famous or popular and that she's done it all on her own, despite her fan demographics clearly saying otherwiseOnly had a substantial subscriber increase when people started posting videos of Ian scaring her on her streams or her being featured in the description of Ian's AJP content copClings to whatever her current boyfriend is interested in: With Akaadian, she started playing LoL, with iDubbbz she started doing Youtube a ton, when she dated guys into sports, she became obsessed with sports... etcBragged about how the Tana content cop was her ideaScreenshots with her claiming credit from leaked Discord conversations Seemed to be obsessed with iDubbbz's popularity, going as far as to call him iDubbbz on her phone instead of IanSalty About the Haters
    Openly acknowledges lolcow and haters, instead of ignoring itHas created a twitch emote involvVideo with timestamp of her talking about themArt Theft/Tracing
    Has claimed art as her own on Instagram, despite it having proof that it was tracedIs friends with both popular artists OhNips (ex-friend of Momokun) and Wiishu (Jacksepticeye's GF) who are very anti-art theftMuch thanks to Pearfax's video for help with making this post:
    Many thanks to @anisa_jomha_receipts for helping with sources/VODs and stuff (also idk if you're pearfax but thanks fam i couldnt have compiled this post without you)
    VODSArt Theft EvidenceThe leaked Discord Conversations(this is a wip, will add more of the tea screenshots when I get time)
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  3. mahoushojo added a topic in Online Personalities   

    Boogie2988 / Francis / Steven Williams
    Youtube // Twitter // Twitch // Instagram

    Boogie2988 (Steven Jason Williams) is an American Youtuber mainly known for his gaming-themed videos. He first became popular through his comedy sketch videos based on his “Francis” persona, where he parodied a stereotypical gamer. Boogie is also known for being open about his struggles with childhood abuse, mental illness, and obesity which he occasionally talks about in videos. In 2017, he received gastric bypass surgery and is attempting to lose weight. In 2018, he divorced from his wife of 5 years, Desiree Williams. For a more detailed look at his life, his “Draw My Life” video from 2013 can be found here.
    Huge Reddit thread on all of the controversies he's been involved with
    Boogie has long been the subject of controversy. Much of this stems from him talking about subjects he is not qualified to talk about, or trying too hard to have "centrist" viewpoints. There has also been much controversy over whether or not he is emotionally manipulative in his private life towards his wife/friends/girlfriends he's had. He also seems to rant a lot on stream, leading to him having to backpedal on Twitter later.
    "I'm not a drama Youtuber!" & Oversharing
    Despite saying that he hates drama, he proceeds to talk about it quite a lot, all while trying to stay extremely centrist as to not upset anyoneSeems to make a video about his opinion on every piece of drama that emerges, ranging from Logan Paul to political drama to Twitch "thots"Oversharing his divorceMuch of the divorce process from his wife, Desiree, was overshared on stream, where he would break down on stream over issues in their marriage and talk about their sex lifeBecause of the intensity of these breakdowns, people speculated his wife might be cheating Ultimately, Boogie says that they split amicably and that cheating was not case, though speculation still continues due to Boogie's extreme anxiety throughout itInterestingly, Boogie made his ex-wife sign a non-disclosure agreement following the divorce, requiring her to never speak about the relationship.Anita Sarkeesian Issues
    Some background on Anita Sarkeesian & his involvement with her:Anita Sarkeesian is a Canadian-American feminist media critic. She is known for creating the Feminist Frequency website and tends to view and critique media through a feminist perspective. During VidCon 2017, Boogie had to share a panel with Anita Sarkeesian on the experience of women online. During this panel, Carl Benjamin (Also known as Sargon of Akkad) and some friends of his sat in the front row. Benjamin is an outspoken critic of Sarkeesian, and went to her event and sat in the front row mainly to annoy her. Sarkeesian ends up saying that she "Hates to give him attention because he's a garbage human being."Throughout this event, Boogie "walks on eggshells" around Sarkeesian, hoping to not upset herMany months later, on the H3H3 podcast, Boogie talks about how Sarkeesian's intense opinions are what led to people getting killed in Charlottesville (???)Clip of him saying this can be viewed hereBoogie also ran into some controversy with his comments on gay marriage being legalized, by saying that the LGBTQ community should:Following this clip and the tweets going viral, Boogie makes comments insinuating that he is going to kill himself and his fans freak outA fan who was concerned about him calls the police to check on Boogie, and Boogie gets angry and guilt trips them about it because he says that if he actually was suicidal, he could commit suicide by copClip of him saying this is hereLucy Foxx Situation (July 2018)
    Lucy Foxx is a porn actress who got into a relationship with Boogie after talking with him on an unspecified porn website. During this time, he was still going through his divorce.Video where she discusses her relationship with him is reuploaded hereSummary:Lucy says that things started out good, but quickly went downhill over the course of their relationshipDespite knowing she had to do her camming job, Boogie would guilt trip her into staying with him at his house. Due to staying with him, she had very little income and was barely scraping by.Basically, she felt like her life did not matter whatsoever to Boogie and he expected her to give herself 100% to everything going on in his life, despite them just getting into a relationshipTried to hide his relationship with her due to this divorce and his popularityGave her presents, but were seemingly hand-me-downs or stuff he had gotten for free so he wouldn't have to spend money on herBoogie would apparently scream at her to the point where she was in tears, telling her she didn't mean shit to him, and accusing her of not doing enough for himRefers to girls he has been involved with as his "hookers," which is what initially bothered Lucy enough to talk about thisBoogie apparently told her to "keep his fucking name out of her mouth" and forbid her to talk about their relationshipEven more troubling is that Lucy insinuates that Boogie is with girls even younger than her, since she is 20Proof of them being together:Fans Whiteknighting Him
    Whenever Boogie is criticized, his fans seem to instantly jump to his defense and excuse his actions, shielding him from any blameFans frequently use his past childhood abuse and anxiety as excuses for his behavior, and usually try to spin the blame on the person Boogie is emotionally manipulatingBasically just look in any Bonus Round!
    Wished his dead father a happy father's day, despite knowing his dad molested/raped his sister, and seemingly acts like an apologist towards an abuser's actions (screenshots under cut)Threatens that he will "knock you the fuck out" to a female Youtuber who criticized him for being apologist towards his father's repulsive behaviorLaughing on stream about how an ex-girlfriend who broke up with him died of lung cancer that she developed after being treated for breast cancerClip is hereLater makes a desperate attempt to backpedal on twitterStarted harassing a random teammate in Apex Legends about how he "came from a broken home" and continued to make uncomfortable, unfunny jokes (clip from r/livestreamfail under cut) 
    This topic still needs to be updated, so I'll probably try to add more/fix it up over time.
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    I agree with what other have said here about her latest Mercy piece, I think what’s really throwing me off though is the distance between her head (which looks too small) and her breasts, which also look very unnaturally shaped. The size of the hands is also kind of ridiculous in proportion to the rest of the body, like they don’t even have to be huge yaoi hands just make them not baby-sized. This is something that wouldn’t be too hard to fix with liquify.
    I’m also not the biggest fan of the composition of the image, since there seems to be a lot of unused space as opposed to her other pinups where the character takes up most of the space. While it’s not the most creative since all of her pictures look like this, the space is at least well-utilized and doesn’t look empty. All this being said though, I do think the details on the clothes and wings look good and it looks like she put a lot of effort into drawing those.
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  5. mahoushojo added a post in a topic Emilia Fart   

    I recently started watching her and I really like how unapologetic she is about being herself. I think it's really refreshing to watch someone be so open about their issues, as I feel like with a lot of Youtubers they tend to hide their intentions/beliefs and it leads to drama. I wish more Youtubers were upfront like she is, since it really makes her a lot more relatable.
    It's really shame that she's getting hate for trying out "normal" fashion/makeup though, like if she feels like doing that it's her life and she can choose what she wants. I don't really see how that would defeat her message of "staying true to yourself" if it's something she truly wants to try. 
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  6. mahoushojo added a post in a topic Brianna Slaughter / Morena In Japan   

    Tfw someone finally makes a video about Bri, but it’s by Nobita who’s just as problematic as she is but for different reasons and you’re torn bc it’s technically a good video but then... Nobita... 

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  7. mahoushojo added a post in a topic Incels / MGTOW   

    I've been waiting so long for an incel thread, I even contemplated making it myself a few times but never got around to it.
    I lurked on r/inceltears a few times when I was bored and some of the stuff there is just so troubling. There's just tons of threads disparaging women, justifying rape/assault, hating themselves, hating their mothers for making them this way, and fantasizing about incest or underage girls "in their prime." Sometime the opinions were so insane, it was entertaining in a way, but overall its just kind of sad to me how people can actually think like that. I could never look at it for more than a few minutes because it would just get depressing fast. I just hope I never encounter one of these guys in real life.
    I think talking about r/redpill guys would also be appropriate to talk about here, as they also tend to hold some similar opinions to incels. Namely, the "women are meant to serve us" or just the belief that women are inferior. They're not as crazy as incels, but they still have a pretty troubling mindset. 
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  8. mahoushojo added a post in a topic is there any PULL equivalent which features Latin American e-people?   

    I could probably add a "Latino Snowflake" tag to the list of official tags so Spanish speaking snowflakes are easier to find. However, as @Sodapop said above, the first summary post should be in English and posts should be summarized in English/translated when necessary. This doesn't necessarily have to be for every post discussed, just more important things. This is mainly because if mods can't understand what is being said in a topic, it can make reports confusing. 
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    New Tagging System
    When creating a new topic, please choose from these tags. As this is still new, there may be some updates to these, but for now we are still adding them to already-made topics and may add more if necessary.
    Topics only allow you to choose three tags. Please first tag them with their social media and follower range, and then select either an interest tag or problematic tag. If there person is not very snowflake-y, please pick an "interest" tag. If you think they have considerable snowflake qualities, then please select one of the "problematic" tags. If your thread is about a specific group of people, then please add the tag "group discussion," a social media tag if it applies, and an interest tag. 
    Social Media Tags  
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    Group Discussion
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    ASMR Youtubers
    Anyone down to discuss ASMR youtubers? I didn’t see any topics for this kind of thing and personally listen to ASMR sometimes, so I was wondering what other people thought. 
    Who are your favorites, who you wish was more popular, who you don't like, etc... Or talk about drama that has happened, ASMRist beef, or how you feel about sexualized ASMR and such.
    Feel free to talk about more people than who I included in the first post ^-^ I just included some of the more famous/controversial people to help start off discussion. And if you have anything that you think I should add to this post or some other drama, please tell me! 
    EDIT: Forgot to write definition of ASMR lol (also watching a video by anyone I listed here is a pretty good demonstration of what most videos are like)
    Autonomous sensory meridian response (ASMR) is a colloquial term used for an experience characterized by a static-like or tingling sensation on the skin that typically begins on the scalp and moves down the back of the neck and upper spine. It has been compared with auditory-tactile synesthesia.
    ASMR Darling
    Youtube Channel // Instagram // Twitter // Reddit AMA // Reddit Account // Facebook

    Real name is Taylor. Started doing ASMR sometime in 2015, and is close to one million subscribers. Mainly known for makeup rp's and various types of trigger videos.
    Recently was involved in drama where her Ex-Boyfriend (named Matthew) hacked her Youtube channel and posted a creepy, very personal video telling her he loved her. Afterwards, she took down the video and posted a response to the video, explaining what happened. She mainly got criticized for doing the response video in ASMR and excusing the creepy, controlling behavior displayed by her ex.Ex Boyfriend's Video //  Her ResponseHas been criticized for having more subs than she deserves, which is largely due to being shouted out by people like Pewdiepie and other famous Youtubers reacting to ASMR videos.--
    Gentle Whispering
    Youtube (Asmr) // Youtube (Vlogs) // Instagram // Twitter // Facebook

    Real name is Maria. From Russia and moved to the United States. Is (the first?) ASMR youtuber to reach one million subscribers. Mainly known for her voice.
    Released some erotic ASMR voice clips years agoSometimes overdramatic in her vlogsSource: https://www.reddit.com/r/nsfwasmr/comments/4vp1yq/so_gentlewhispering_made_a_few_erotic_whisper/ --
    Ephemeral Rift 
    Youtube // Twitter // Facebook // Blog // Patreon

    Real name is Paul. Typically does the "really out there" ASMR videos where he plays certain characters inspired by Lovecraftian lore, but is mainly known as the guy who put microphones in potatoes.
    Has said that women shouldn’t be angry that they’re getting dick picks if they put their body on display.Suggested HeatherFeather and GentleWhispering should collab on a video with him, where they both fondle his balls. He then made other derogatory remarks about them, as only being after fame and attention and implied that they would be willing to do it due to them having done more sexual ASMR videos in the past. Although this was for a video about a character who is supposed to be sexist, it came off as very creepy.Gallery of the receipts: http://imgur.com/a/Ju5ksReddit Thread about the Drama: https://www.reddit.com/r/asmr/comments/3pju92/discussion_is_ephemeral_rift_a_bully_posting/?sort=confidence--
    Heather Feather
    Youtube // Twitter // Instagram // Reddit Account // Reddit AMA // Facebook // Blog

    One of the original ASMRists. First popularized the "sk" sound. Has pretty varied videos, ranging from makeup ASMR to roleplays to experimental stuff.
    Was originally questioned a lot for the strange camera angles in her videos. Later, she revealed that she had a problem with her neck and had to get surgery on it, thus explaining the weird angles.Didn't make videos for a while, and very recently stated on twitter that she felt unsafe and that bad things had happened, but she couldn't talk about them. She confirmed that she would return to doing ASMR soon, though.Source: https://twitter.com/HeathFeathASMR/status/888857631628177409--
    Raffy Taffy
    Youtube // Twitter

    ASMRist mainly known for his tapping videos. Also the source of the asmr meme "the case makes good sounds"
    -Used ASMRist True Binaural's sound without asking in a video, and True Binaural became very angry about it. Raffy apologized, but TB was still mad and drama ensued.Full explanation of events here: https://www.reddit.com/r/asmr/comments/5vgvye/discussion_asmr_drama_raffytaphyasmr_true/--
    Jojo ASMR
    Youtube // Instagram

    Used to have a commentary channel called Sinn0h that he constantly spammed comment sections with self-advertising it. He would make sock puppet accounts on Youtube to like the comment and comment under it as to make it seem like he was more popular.Links to his Sinn0h stuff: Encyclopedia Dramatica // Sinn0h Twitter // Youtube ChannelHad a Patreon during his time as Sinn0h where he would frequently not follow through with rewardsTitles a lot of his ASMR videos with really clickbait-y titles (ex. most of his videos have "YOU WILL FALL ASLEEP" in the title somewhere)--
    My personal favorites are probably Ppomo, Trigger Happy ASMR, and ASMRSurge. I think they all put a lot of effort into their content. 
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    YandereDev / EvaXephon Summary [Updated July 2018]
    YandereDev / EvaXephon
    Social Media Links:
    Twitter // Youtube // Twitch // Reddit // Tumblr // Fanfiction Profile // Official Website

    YandereDev (Alex Mahan) is the sole developer of the indie PC game, Yandere Simulator. He rose to fame when some of the most famous Lets Players, notably PewDiePie and Markiplier, played some of the early builds of Yandere Simulator around 2014 and 2015. Following the success of the early builds of the game, YandereDev started a Patreon and began to raise money to fund its creation. Currently, he manages all PR for the game, is the sole developer, and outsources his art from volunteers and the Unity store.
    Part One: The Man, the Myth, the Martyr Complex
    ~ The History of EvaXephon ~
    Internet Origins
    Yandev first started out on websites like 4Chan on the /v/ board and Gaia throughout the 2000s, under the alias EvaXephonIn /v/, YanDev became infamous for annoying people and constantly spamming links to his streamsOn Gaia, YanDev was known for posting about his troubles with the opposite sex and using Gaia in a similar way to r/rateme is currently used now.Despite some denying the association between YanDev and EvaXephon, On this same account, Yandev also talked about some of the following lovely subjects: (Note: to view better, please right click and open the image in a new tab)Killing his parentsIncel-like behaviorBlaming girls rejecting him solely on his appearanceComplaining when a girl feels uncomfortable that they can't just have a normal friendshipCalling girls "egotistical" if they reject guys who are not as attractive as they areConsistently talked bad about himself and his appearance, showing he had 0 self confidenceCollection of screenshots with all of these can be found hereFinally, the infamous screenshot from Gaia asking users to rate his appearance:Indie Dev Dreams
    Throughout his time on /v/, YanDev expressed interest in becoming a video game developerInitially, YanDev wanted to make a fighting game engine and attempted to program one. However, his dreams were soon shot down by Mike Z, developer of Skullgirls who criticized his coding skillsNext, Yandev attempted to make another game. This time, it was a side-scrolling fighting game called "Lunar Scythe," featured a big tiddy goth girl as its protagonist. It wasn't received well on /v/Finally, Yandev comes up with the idea for Yandere Simulator. While this was initially well-received on /v/, his insufferable attitude drove people away from the projectOther Issues— Misogyny, Involuntary Celibacy, and Fanfiction
    Back in his Gaia days, YanDev complained that women these days are too independent and aren't like the girls in anime: Innocent, malleable, pure, and docileScreenshots of him saying this are hereDoesn't like when women have a mind of their own, or have had a sexual encounter prior to dating himWrote various fanfics about underage girls in sexual situations, frequently featuring themes of sexual slaveryDisclaimer: These were written a long time ago and many people write fanfics like this, but I still feel that it's important to mention as it's relevant to some of the stuff he's done.All Fanfics can be found hereSome choice quotes:Self-proclaimed "LA Video Games Babe Examiner"Article he wrote back in 2011:People were talking shit about his antics even back in 2011Part Two: The Yandere Simulator Development Saga
    ~ Easter Egg Simulator ~
    As of June 2018, YanDev currently makes over four thousand dollars on his Patreon a month for a game that has been in development for 4 years with little progress.Recently stated in this video that he views his Patreon as a tip jarEndless Updates & Easter Eggs
    YanDev frequently updates and releases builds of the game and makes monthly videos about the game's progress on his Youtube ChannelKeep in mind, the game is four years into development and is not even close to a quarter of the way doneMany of these updates are small bugfixes, or miscellaneous easter egg content added in to appeal to those streaming and making videos on the gameYanDev has frequently included copyrighted content in these easter eggs, and famous developers such as Toby Fox have asked him to remove copyrighted content from YanSim.Some popular easter eggs he has included over the years include:Attack on Titan mode, where giant naked character models walk aroundHairstyles inspired by other mediaThe aforementioned Undertale references, where he included a Sans-like model with Gaster Blasters and played Megalovania as the background musicStolen Assets
    Throughout the history of Yandere Simulator, various assets have been taken from other creators without their permissionMaster post of all stolen assets in the gameFamous examples include:Nem Esis designOriginal (Artist) / Stolen / YanDev's ResponseThe original grass texture used in the gameOriginal is by Doug ClaytonVarious MMD assets where the creators state that they are for free-use only, and should not be used to make a profitMuch of Mulberry's (Yandev's current main artist) art appears to be tracedEven if some of the stuff is only referenced and not traced, she never tells what artist she referenced to draw the picture and just seems to pass it off as her own artOverall, really unprofessional of Yandev to be using an artist who traces/heavily references other's work and passing it off as their ownMore can be read about Mulberry on her PULL thread hereEvidence under the spoiler: 
    Bad Relationship with Volunteers
    Frequently complains about volunteers, and seems to rarely be able to collaborate with anyonePast volunteers have given various accounts of bad communicationAn account from a volunteer who found out he was EvaXephonRelationship with the Fandom Throughout Development
    At the cost of his own health, YanDev valiantly continues to involve himself more than any other dev in his fandom, despite him not even liking them and calling them just "edgy teens"Unlike other developers that would probably ignore messages about the future of the game or keep quiet about it, Yandev feels that he must read and answer every single email he receives.He claims that reading all of these emails has impeded his development of the game, yet refuses to hire a secretary to help him Overall is incredibly unprofessional when interacting with fans of the games, insulting them to their faces and complaining about them in videosHelp from tinyBuild?
    In March 2017, YanDev announces that he's now partnering with TinyBuild, the game developer that developed the popular indie horror game, Hello NeighborHowever, as the months pass, YanDev keeps strangely quiet about the partnership and ignores questions from fans about how tinyBuild is helping the game.Fans questioning the status of tinyBuild and YanSim's partnership, and commenting on the fact that YanDev is being unusually quiet about it:1 // 2 // 3Finally, Yandev reveals in a Patreon post that hints that he got rid of tinyBuild because their optimized code was too hard for him to understand, wanted to give his fans constant instant-gratification, and probably wanted that sweet, sweet Youtube cash from his monthly update videos.YandereSim is a Serious, Complex, Professional Game!
    Yandev insists in many videos that he wants YanSim to be taken seriously, despite it including extremely serious content like:Big tiddy milfs strait out of the hentais, and extremely ugly male adultsBeing able to enlarge the breasts of female charactersUsing upskirt panty shots of underage girls as currencyStereotypical anime high schoolAnd ridiculous names such as...Osana Najimi幼なじみ, Literally means childhood friend in JapaneseMidori GurinLiterally means "Green Green"Kizana SunobuIn the same vein as Midori Gurin, literally means "Snob Snob"Megami SaikouLiterally means "Awesome Goddess" Asu RitoLiterally the Japanese pronunciation of "Athlete"Many other names, such as Osoro Shidesu, Muja Kina, and Mida Rana are all literal Japanese adjectives, being osoroshii desu (meaning violent), mujaki na (meaning innocence), and midara na (meaning slutty)For a full analysis of the names and suggestions for better, more accurate names, this Reddit post is very helpful.Eva frequently compares the scale and complexity of the game to games like Persona 5, Hitman, and Breath of the Wild All of these games come from fairly large development studios with a large team working on them.All of these studios kept things professional throughout their development process, unlike YanDev's constant updates and extreme involvement with his fandomMerch for an Unfinished Game, and YanSim Propagating Bad Gaming Industry Practices
    Despite the game being nowhere near complete, Yandev has a thriving merch store for the game.Merch store is found hereOverall, YanDev propagates bad practices prevalent in the indie game industry such as:The Early Access ProblemPaying for games before even knowing if the game will even be released at allMaking False Promises and Continually Pushing Back DeadlinesOverall, doing this hurts the reputation of other indie game developers and makes people less likely to support indie gamesPart Three: PR Disaster
    ~ The End of EvaXephon: Tumbling down, tumbling down, tumbling down ~
    RIP Discord (June 2018)
    After many months of stress and aggravation over the games development, YanDev starts to crack on DiscordWhen responding to fan questions, YanDev gives rude responses or goes on long rants calling them stupidOverall, gives incredibly unprofessional responses and just shows the extent of how bad it is that he's so involved with the fandom of the game he's creatingYanDev Responding to a Fan 1 // YanDev Responding to a Fan 2For further reading, this tumblr shows many receipts of Yandev's unprofessional interactions with fans on Discordr/Yandere_Simulator: Civil War
    YanDev makes a video talking down to his fans (once again) and basically states that "The game will come out when it comes out"Video discussing this is reuploaded hereAfter YanDev releases this video, the official subreddit loses it and YanDev supporters & haters clashFans and those who have paid him money on Patreon become disenfranchised with the lack of meaningful updates, YanDev's rudeness, and the continued pushing back of deadlines like OsanaAn r/subredditdrama post detailing the recent problems with YanSim appears, garnering 1.5k upvotesYanDev declares that the old r/Yandere_Simulator subreddit is unoffical, and creates a new one here, now called r/YandereSimulatorFun Fact 1: The most upvoted post on the new subreddit is "What can we ACTUALLY criticize?"Fun Fact 2: There is now a subreddit called r/BannedFromYanSimThe mods of r/Yandere_Simulator are understandably not happy about thisMod of r/Yandere_Simulator, MadelynNolan1995 explains the situation hereBacktracking
    On June 10th and 11th, YanDev posts multiple times on his blog attempting to distance himself from his pastSummary of posts:Instead of owning up to his past mistakes, he seems to just brush them off as him being young and edgyYanDev still displays rude and uncalled for behavior to this very day, which he also seems to ask fans to excuse him for He seems to group all the people who have minor issues with the game in the same group as those on Kiwifarms. Overall, it just seems to show how defensive he is of any type of criticism of his game, and view it as extreme hate.Finally, he expresses interest in creating an "official" subreddit for Yandere Simulator - presumably, one that he has full control over and can easily censor when the need to do so arises.As of July 2018, Yandev's blog has either been archived or deleted probably to prevent people from looking at everything he has said
    This post is mainly for documenting new stuff happening in the YanDev saga. Please discuss new developments in the discussion thread here.
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    I agree, I have no issue with people writing this type of stuff. I just included it here since it's just one of the parts of Yandev's past that has been discussed before and I wanted to be thorough in including everything that has come out about him so far. 
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    The reason why we haven't done this is:
    Some "dead" snowflakes may come back or be more active, but people will not know this if they're put in a "retired" forum and thus not getting any traffic at allGoing off of this, it can be kind of hard to decide who qualifies for being a retired snowflake. While some people may seem appropriate like Johanna and Kiki, I don't think it's a good idea to just put whoever seems inactive in there. For example, Kiki was pretty dead until the lolcow sockpuppet incident and interest in her was renewed. Since that drama has died down now, there's barely any activity but I just don't want a situation where we put someone in the retired part and no one cares to check the forum because all the snowflakes in it are considered inactive. We could move them to regular snowflakes/online personalities, but it's a bit difficult dealing with the other posts in the subforum and we're not really sure what we would do with those.We also don't really want to make new subforums due to this issue of snowflakes eventually becoming inactive. While Simply Kenna would definitely qualify to have her own subforum, I don't think it would be a good idea since it can easily become inactive some day and fall into the same issues that the Johanna and Kiki subforums have currently. I might be able to look into getting a subforum that contains the most popular threads so they're easier to find, but we'll probably stay away from making entire subforums dedicated to specific people in the future.
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    If you try to contact Morena, her family, or friends, you will be banned. Discussing her is fine, but please leave her family, friends, and personal information out of this. As I said a few days ago in the Yumi thread, dragging others into drama is unfair to them and not tolerated here.
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    Just popping in to say that you can discuss Splenda's ex, just please censor her full name and face if you can. I'm not really sure how involved she is in this drama currently as I don't really check the Yumi threads, but she might not want to be involved with Yumi drama if she has moved past her relationship with Splenda. While the information is public, it only seems to be public on her personal social media account and not on a website like Youtube.
    Again, I'm not really sure of the entire situation, but I just wanted to remind people that having your full name and pictures out on a gossip website can cause issues with employers and people in your personal life. It'd be one thing if she was putting herself out there and causing drama, but if she was just found by association to Splenda, I don't really think it's fair to her. 
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    Recently I found this post on Reddit discussing GhettoASMR, an ASMRist with arounf 60k subs, and some of the controversial stuff he's done. It seems like he tries to get people to do collabs with him for popularity, and has apparently had beef with Nite Shift, AnoASMR, RaffyTaffy, and SensorAdi. When they rejected his offer to do a collab, he called them out publicly in livestreams or commented on their videos. As people were discussing this on Reddit, he tried to WK himself in the thread and later came out saying that he was GhettoASMR.
    Honestly I can't help but wonder if he was the guy that harassed that Petrana Gala girl over the collab/nudes stuff a few weeks ago. Overall he just seems really shady and obsessed with becoming famous from other ASMRtists. 
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  17. mahoushojo added a post in a topic What will happen to the Xxxtentacion thread now?   

    I think we'll just play it by ear and see what happens with the thread in the next few weeks. Unless something bad happens in the thread, I don't really see any point in locking it. 
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    The fact that he wants to make his own "official" Yandere Simulator subreddit, despite a perfectly fine one already existing, just solidifies that he wants his subreddit to be an echo chamber with nothing but praise that he can censor when needed. Like if you go on any subreddit dedicated to a particular game, there are usually a decent amount of posts criticizing the game or an aspect of it. I mean, just look at the Fallout subreddit, which probably has more negative than positive posts right now over the direction the newest game is taking. By eliminating any type of discourse on his own "official" YanSim subreddit, it will just make him look worse.
    It's also troubling that he seems put all criticism of the game, even legitimate complaints from patrons about deadlines and the current state of it, in the same category as stuff people say on here or KiwiFarms. It's like he's equating criticisms of his game, "When is Osana coming out, it's been a long time" with accusations of pedophilia. Those two things are not on the same level at all. I can understand him being bothered by the more serious accusations about himself, but using those as a reason to discourage any criticism of the game, not him, makes no sense.
    I know I commented just yesterday, but it just bothers me how people let this guy get away with so much bullshit. He's the embodiment of the worst type of indie developer, and its people like him who make it harder to take legit indie devs seriously or trust them. Instead of his long-winded excuses, he should tell his fans he's taking a break to reflect on everything that's gone down, pause his Patreon payments, and leave social media for a few weeks. With this constant contact and obsession with updating everyone on everything, he's just digging himself deeper. 
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    I wish we could do this, but I don't think any of us really have the programming skill to create and implement this sort of feature. Usually when I make a topic, I make an outline, write all the bullet points out on a word document, copy/paste all the links, and then copy/paste links to images so I have everything before I make the topic. Then, I just copy and paste everything from my document onto PULL and format it correctly. If there's anything I forgot to add or want to add new stuff, it's easier to edit once it's already been posted.
    I'm sorry that there isn't really an easier way to do it, but I don't think we have the ability to implement a draft feature. 
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    What really amazes me is that he really doesn’t know when to shut his mouth or keep quiet. He’s way too involved in his fandom and just keeps oversharing every single minuscule detail about the game. Everything he says just seems to dig his grave deeper and deeper, and just when you think he couldn’t fuck this up more he does.
    Whereas a normal indie developer might give a text update once every other month or do beta testing with a near-complete product, YanDev’s entire development process has been plagued by bad decisions. Once the game started to become popular, he should have just stopped posting builds so frequently and focused more on improving the game mechanics. Instead, he became greedy and got tunnel vision, enjoying the instant gratification he got from releasing new builds so frequently and seeing popular Youtubers play his game. Now, that business model of frequently updating the game is really coming back to haunt him and is probably one of the biggest reasons that the game has become a failure. Instead of working with a real developer and optimizing the code to make the game better in the long run, he opted for giving his fans instant gratification and securing his monthly Patreon tip jar.
    It just amazes me how this guy can fuck all of this up so much, and make the worst decisions one could possibly make when developing a game.
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    Just dropping a link to this reddit post on r/subredditdrama. If any of you guys have a reddit account, you should try to upvote it so it gets more attention as this is a pretty visible subreddit for drama.
    I really hope Yandev’s delusional fans start waking up after this, and he gets a lot more backlash. It seems that his community is finally taking notice of his shitty attitude towards his fans and the abysmal progress of the game. It’s just a shame that it’s taken Yandev explicitly stating that he’s going to postpone the game after subtly postponing it so many times for people to start getting angry about it.
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    Copied/Pasted from the FilthyFrank thread:
    Hey guys, Nyx posted this in the other thread inquiring about this, but I just wanted to make it clear that none of the mods were sent a message that this thread was deleted. None of us had any idea this happened until I came across this thread a few hours ago and told the other mods about it. Nyx will be restoring the thread as soon as possible, as it was probably deleted by accident since there is a lot of traffic on that thread and one of the mods possibly made a mistake when approving a new post. If we were @'d over the last few days, we probably did not see these as we get hundreds of notifications a day to approve new posts and go over reports. The only notification that is separate and stands out is if we are sent a private message.
    It just gets incredibly frustrating when the first conclusion people jump to when a thread disappears is that Nyx and the other mods are censoring the forum. Hopefully the thread will be able to be restored in the next day or two. The only other time a situation like this has happened was with the Emiru thread, which Rhea, one of the mods, publicly apologized for accidentally deleting when approving posts. Within a day or two after the mods found out what happened, the thread was restored. Sorry if I'm coming off as annoying, but it's extremely frustrating seeing people jumping to these kinds of conclusions over a mistake. Joji is a huge public figure and removing his thread would be ridiculous.
    If this happens by accident again, please private message a mod about it so we can restore the thread as soon as possible. Do not @ us as we get hundreds of notifications a day to approve new posts and reports.
    And if you guys need proof I haven't received any messages at all over the last few days, the last message I received was April 2nd:

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    Hey guys, Nyx posted this in the other thread inquiring about this, but I just wanted to make it clear that none of the mods were sent a message that this thread was deleted. None of us had any idea this happened until I came across this thread a few hours ago and told the other mods about it. Nyx will be restoring the thread as soon as possible, as it was probably deleted by accident since there is a lot of traffic on that thread and one of the mods possibly made a mistake when approving a new post. If we were @'d over the last few days, we probably did not see these as we get hundreds of notifications a day to approve new posts and go over reports. The only notification that is separate and stands out is if we are sent a private message.
    It just gets incredibly frustrating when the first conclusion people jump to when a thread disappears is that Nyx and the other mods are censoring the forum. Hopefully the thread will be able to be restored in the next day or two. The only other time a situation like this has happened was with the Emiru thread, which Rhea, one of the mods, publicly apologized for accidentally deleting when approving posts. Within a day or two after the mods found out what happened, the thread was restored. Sorry if I'm coming off as annoying, but it's extremely frustrating seeing people jumping to these kinds of conclusions over a mistake.
    If this happens by accident again, please private message a mod about it so we can restore the thread as soon as possible. Do not @ us as we get hundreds of notifications a day to approve new posts and reports.
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    I'm making an exception for Lil Tay just because she's already so in the spotlight right now and I feel this discussion is less about her and more about her family. I very much discourage people from criticizing Lil Tay's looks/actions though, and hope for the discussion to be about the problematic actions of her brother and mother. 
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    Nobita's topic has been updated and moved! If anyone else feels something is missing from the summary, please PM me what you think that should be added.
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