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  1. contrarycanary added a post in a topic Yumi King Videos   

    I thought she said grandchild not white child. I didn't watch the whole thing so we could be talking about different parts, but I heard it as "my mom wants a grandchild." With her exaggerated accent it sounded like gwinechild so I'm not really sure now what word she was really saying so I could be wrong.
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  2. contrarycanary added a post in a topic Yumi King Videos   

    She said her English isn't good enough to be an interpreter, just good enough for daily stuff. 
    I know like 5 other people are going to mention this but at the end Splenda started singing "yumi yumi prettiest girl on the world wide web!" off camera.
    She'll try to stream one more time this week. She's going to do a weight loss anime dance with us. Who's looking forward to working out with Yumi?
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  3. contrarycanary added a post in a topic Yumi King Videos   

    I watched some of her live stream. She's just answering questions. Here are some screen shots. It was pretty boring. Probs won't watch any more.
    I wanted to get one of her smiling but she always covers her mouth with her hand when smiling or laughing. I feel like the last pic is her "getting tired of this s**t" expression. I think she has clip on bangs on. You can kinda see her real bangs parted underneath them and where the clip in starts on the first two pics. The clip in bangs still look quite oily somehow.
    Her English wasn't horribly horrible. It took me awhile to figure out when she saying twitch (twach). Her mother wants a grandchild (gwinechild). She talked about her fav drama (alternating between drummer and dramer) that she couldn't remember the title of but she talked about it on instagram. She talked just a bit about sewing and changed the subject. She met her husband for the first time in Seattle. She wants to visit China and other surrounding countries so she wants to learn Korea and Japanese. (She said Korea not Korean, twice.) She took Japanese in college but has forgotten. If she was to get a job she would want to make an app since that's what she majored in at college. I think that's about it for what she said while I was watching. Occasionally she would say a few words in good English. The rest of her talking was mostly "Chinese person just learning English" with some unintelligible words thrown in. 
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  4. contrarycanary added a post in a topic Yumi King General Thread #2   

    I don't think it's that unusual to call yourself hot or sexy if you feel like you've done an extra good job on your makeup or outfit or the like but with Yumi it comes off as really try hard. It's so obvious she wants other people to think she's pretty and that her calling herself with no makeup ugly is so that her fans can comment "no yumi you look so pretty with and without makeup!" If she had self confidence, was able to laugh at herself, improved her makeup and did an impressive makeup transformation, had better style, and a kind personality I think it would be more understandable for her to call herself hot. It wouldn't come off so narcissistic. But she's got a bad attitude, she tries desperately to look like a 5 year old instead of her age, and tries so hard to be perfect and a beauty guru when she's not. She comes off try hard and fake. If she would be herself and try less to be perfect (when no one's perfect) I don't think I'd have an issue with her. If she had looked happy and excited about how her makeup had turned out and said "I'm so proud of myself! I feel so hot!" I don't think anyone would complain. Self confidence looks good on everyone. Instead she puts in as little effort as possible on both her videos and her life and it's obvious. It doesn't look like she enjoys making videos but she keeps on doing it because she wants easy money and fans complimenting her. It seems like she's unhappy with her life and doesn't have anyone to talk to so she's doing youtube to have people (her fans) to talk to. I hope she finds something she really enjoys doing and doesn't make videos of it and just takes time to enjoy her life. I think it'd do her some good. 
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  5. contrarycanary added a post in a topic Yumi King Videos   

    I watched her latest sewing video and is it just me or is the part with first dress an old video? Isn't that her room at her parents' house? She has that strawberry printed thing under her sewing machine as well which she had in her old videos. She also doesn't talk so it seems to be an old one. What do you all think? 
    And as for nit picking her sewing:  the video isn't really detailed enough for a beginner to follow. That red dress really needs to be lined, and that's not really how a professional costume desinger like yumi should be making a bodice. She also cut holes in the lace to thread the ribbon through instead of making tabs. She once again "hemmed" the top of something when she should have used a different method of finishing. She never bothered to use a ruler when cutting out her rectangles. She should have sandwiched the lace between the fabric layers of her bow as well. When making a circle skirt out of a stretch fabric you make the waist hole smaller to account for the bias and stretch which it seems she forgot so it looked like her skirt was a bit too big. This all is nit picking, but she's been sewing and making videos for years. She should be past making beginner sewing mistakes and she should be able to make an easy to follow along video by now. 
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  6. contrarycanary added a post in a topic Yumi King Videos   

    OT would spoiler but I'm on mobile. I'm a bit crafty so here's my thoughts on making it from scratch just from seeing the thumbnail. I'd use either cardboard or craft foam to make the base shape of the box. You can probably find a pattern online. You could paint the cat face on or try to find a similar cat face picture or screen shot pictures from the video or the website that sells it. Then print the pictures out and mod podge the pictures onto the cardboard/craft foam. In the old days I feel like yumi would have made this from scratch instead of a kit to save money. She was always making lolita dresses that were exactly brand or taobao instead of buying them even though a lot of the dresses weren't very expensive. 
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  7. contrarycanary added a post in a topic Margaret Palermo   

    It's been mentioned several times that a lot of what Margo claims Venus did to her is actually stuff Margo did or wants to do. Can't think of anything specific, but like Venus stealing from her and hiring an assassin to kill her when it's actually Margo that did (or possibly wants to do) these things. The things she calls Venus, psychopath and what not, also describe herself rather than Venus. So Margo won't stop until Venus is dead? Does anyone read her last post this way? 
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  8. contrarycanary added a post in a topic Yumi King Videos   

    This is a little late but I've been too busy for Yumi. I've been to lots of cons and Tigercon looks so cheap. Smaller cons (under 1000 attendees) often will try to get local guests on the cheap. I went to one that had a local college comedy group that wasn't very well known or all that good (and had nothing to do with anime). Yumi's food panel was in the main events hall. Normally the main events area is where the costume contest, formal ball, dances or any other large events are held. Yumi cooking was the biggest event at that convention, and that's both sad and hilarious. About her table, it looked so low effort. Most people who have tables at cons have shelving units on the table to display art/pics so that people can see what the table has to offer from a distance. She also used scrap booking page protectors instead of the nicer looking more expensive page protectors most people in artist alley use. She didn't have a sign advertising who she was. It looked like she didn't have any business cards either. Most vendors, artists and guests have business cards so if you like them you can find them again. Lots of cosplayers use them as well. Her whole table looked like it was as cheap and low effort as possible. If she was at a bigger convention no one would give her a passing glance. Not to mention that tables at larger conventions are $100+. I doubt this is the start of her anime con career.
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  9. contrarycanary added a post in a topic Yumi King's Instagram   

    She prob burned herself cooking or cut her finger with her awesome knife skills and cried until splenda took her to the hospital. 
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  10. contrarycanary added a post in a topic Advice on sleeping early?   

    There are some studies and doctors saying melatonin isn't helpful for insomnia and most over the counter dosages are too high. It always makes me too sleepy the next day. Here's an article about it if anyone wants to know more.
    The app twilight is good. It puts a red filter over your phone to cut out blue light which is supposed to be similar to sunlight and keep you awake. Switching to more yellow light bulbs in the hours before you go to bed can also be helpful. I've found using a weighted blanket can make me feel less twitchy and help me to fall asleep faster. I took a prescription sleep med for awhile which helped a lot. If you're taking one and it doesn't help, make sure you're following the directions (because I've not read the bottle correctly and taken pills at the wrong times, or not with a meal, etc) and tell your doctor. They're a bunch of different kinds of sleep meds and sometimes it might take a few tries before you find one that works for you. 
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  11. contrarycanary added a post in a topic Yumi King   

    I hope you don't mind I took the hanfu princess selfie of corn's you posted and edited it to look normal. I think the severe hamster checks thing she has going on in a lot of her selfies is because she shoops her chin thinner but doesn't do the same to her cheeks. 

    I'm on my phone so I just used an photo editing app I have, so my shoop abilities are limited. I edited her jawline. I darkened her skin a bit, and made her eyes smaller (normal size). I added circle lenses, and the cc lenses on the app I use are made for regular sized eyes, so before you edit them. If you add them after you've made your eyes bigger, they're too small. So proof she edits her eyes bigger. Her mouth looks odd in the original because of the weird smile she does so I attempted to make her smile look more natural. I took out the weird flower bit that was in the middle of her bangs and tried to make her bangs straighter. I gave her eyebrows and added hair to the side of her face to decrease the width of her bangs. I also tried to give her more mature eye makeup. The pic on the right has flowers and stuff to make the obvious hair I added less obvious. 
    I really don't think she's ugly, but she's so stuck on this kawaii cat hanfu princessu thing that she refuses to try out hair, makeup and clothes (and mentality) that suit her age. She has potential, but she throws that potential in the garbage and runs over it on a regular basis. 
    And WHAT no no no. Using GOOD skincare products can really help your skin out. Some alcohol free toner, a retinol cream and a good moisturizing face cream with spf can do wonders. 
    (I'm on mobile and weird things are happening. Can't get rid of the double quote and somehow accidentally clicked on one the videos and it started playing! NO I don't wanna hear about hanfu!)

    Edit:  this is the pic I was trying to quote. Idk what even my phone thinks it's doing. 
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  12. contrarycanary added a post in a topic Yumi King   

    A bit ot, but looking at the haul with the wedding white dress, I do think Yumi has the ability to be pretty, but the too wide bangs, too small side bangs and miss matched cheap clothes aren't doing her any favors. If she actually dressed her age and acted her age and put out fewer, more planned videos, she could be really pretty and have a really nice youtube channel.

    So I shoooped her with different bangs, and even gave her some short hair. I'll put the rest of the pics under spoiler.
    I realize she must have self esteem, body, and age issues, but if she changed up her hair and clothes she could look so great. Put some of those "lolita" shirts and shoes with some skinny jeans (+ diff bangs and a trim), she could look great. Video idea:  More than 2 new hairstyles | Try with bf | Do these suit me? 
    Edit: That new video... We all know you're Asian...
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  13. contrarycanary added a post in a topic Yumi King   

    I'm so sorry, Goddess UUMI. I'll go sacrifice something to the goddess of cheapness and uwu kawainess and ask for forgiveness. 
    There was that thing going around "what 5 things would you put in a pentagrams to summon me?" So what 5 things would everyone use to summon Yumi? I'm thinking hot glue, dried up circle lenses, dollar store makeup, hanfu bought off taobao, and an old human male.
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  14. contrarycanary added a post in a topic Yumi King   

    I feel like if she's into kawaii culture and what not, she should know most of the popular cute characters. She knows who San-X's rilakkuma is, but she's never even heard of mamegoma (also by San-X) to the point she thinks a rip off of it is a whale? If she can't get her anime straight, at least she could get her cute characters straight.
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  15. contrarycanary added a post in a topic Yumi King   

    Hello, new user! I got tired enough of her and her laziness and lack of skill, and had to post. (I'm going to attempt to use spoilers and add images, and if it gets messed up as this is my first post I'm sorry. I don't want to spam everyone with a million pictures but idk what I'm doing.)
    I would consider myself good at sewing, and my grandmother used to be a professional seamstress. So, armed with my knowledge of sewing, I decided to go through some of Corn's diy videos and explain what she did wrong. I know she hasn't made any sewing videos in quite some time, but I wanted to comment. (She really does need subforums.)
    Here are summaries of 3 of her diy videos with screenshots and an explanation of what she did wrong. I won't be going over every step and won't be talking about what she did get right. Prepare yourself for the summary of her bad sewing skills no one asked for.
    DIY: How to Turn Any Yard of Fabric into Any Short Dress
    DIYS: 5 Sewing Skills:...
     DIY Easy Navy Sailor Dress (Short Sleeves)
    Other random things she does wrong:
    tl;dr She's so unprofessional, which would be completely fine but she has over 100 diy sewing videos and acts like she's the queen of sewing. No sewing beginner should watch her stuff! They'll learn to do everything wrong! I have 2 other videos of hers screenshoted (the diy swimsuit and the cardcaptor sakura one), but I'm tired and done with her for right now. The ccs one is horrible. She really did an obviously bad job on it and I want to do a summary on it. I'll post them later. Sorry if I messed up on the formatting. 
    Edit: Some are having issues seeing the pictures, while others see them just fine. Idk. I can see them on 2 diff computers and my phone, but let me know if it continues to be an issue. All the links I tried to put in didn't work so I'll try again, and bonus link for 10 beginning sewing mistakes. Yumi makes most of these. 
    Edit 4/21:  The issues with the pictures should be fixed now.
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