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  1. Lazie added a post in a topic General Kanadajin3 thread   

    Oh hotdamn, tell me someone screen recorded that shit, at least!
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  2. Lazie added a post in a topic Kanadajin3 Videos   

    Just as a heads up, adblocker does basically nothing to effect a Youtuber's payouts. Pretty much everything's based on view-minutes and hits, now, so even with adblocker, she'd still be making revenue off of you.
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  3. Lazie added a post in a topic DaddyOFive   

    "Nerd City" apparently? His channel description is "There are rabbitholes we'd rather not go down." They seem like a pretty new channel, focusing on nerd content / awful things on the internet content.  It seems like the 'character' narrating this video is called "Dr. Downvote." And he seems pretty legitimately disgusted by this guy.
    PS I like your user name
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  4. Lazie added a post in a topic DaddyOFive   

    Oh-- they're sorry, alright. Sorry they can't keep abusing their children for money without repercussions the way they have in the past.
    It's a perfect example of a non apology. "We're sorry YOU feel that way. We're sorry we got Caught." They still don't understand why what they did was wrong, and therefor won't apologize for that.
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  5. Lazie added a post in a topic Kanadajin3 Videos   

    You can always right click the thumbnail, then paste the video address into KeepVid. Then you've got the video you can watch as much as you want without giving her a cent. Plus as a bonus: The video's now backed up for when if she ever deletes it for whatever drama reason.
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  6. Lazie added a post in a topic DaddyOFive   

    Thissss. Kids can't really consent to being exposed like this. In most cases, they trust the adults in their lives to keep them safe, and to know what's best for them. This is just explotation.
    It's one thing for a kid to make videos on their own, and for a parent to spot check that they're not uploading anything they shouldn't. It's another for a parent to decide to film their kids and upload it on to the web because-- hur hurr you can't say no, and who's gonna stop me? I'm your legal guardian. I get to make all your decisions for you, according to the law.
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  7. Lazie added a post in a topic DaddyOFive   

    No worries! I know there are different experiences, and different levels of reaction to the language. It's just one that most people don't tend to think about, so... yeah, just throwing it out there. If I had a dime for every time someone asked me about "no, I mean your REAL mother" I'd have at least enough to fill a sock to smack them across their smug faces with.
    CPS, much like foster care, is a disgustingly overworked, understaffed program in most places. It's possible they couldn't gather all the evidence they needed in just one trip. It's possible the family was put under observation and hasn't mentioned that. It's possible the case was assigned to someone who was just trying to clear their case load (Maybe it was a Friday and they just wanted to go home... maybe they had a case involving a parent beating the shit out of a child they were trying to devote more resources to), and they didn't realize what a shit-show they were brushing aside.
    Regardless: It's important to keep scrutinizing these 'parents'. Keep abreast of the case, how it's being handled, and how you can report it in ways that it will be listened to. Don't let it be just the 'drama of the week'.
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  8. Lazie added a post in a topic DaddyOFive   

    Not to derail, but just as a heads up: the term "Real Mother" or "real family" or the like is a pretty hot-button phrase for those of us in the world adoption. You're usually safer with terms like "birth mother" or "birth family."
    That said; Both of these adults are about as far as one can be from 'parents' in anything other than the literal sense. They don't seem to do any of the actual hard work of parenting. They do not deserve to be in charge of these children, regardless of who shares blood with who.
    Hnng. Upsetting.
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  9. Lazie added a post in a topic Kanadajin3 Videos   

    No. She just has the brain of a hamster, and knows that whenever her 'popularity' starts to slide, she can always go back to the same drama well to get a little bump in her views. She's desperate to stay relevant, and her stunted mind can't come up with new, or creative videos, and her lack of a work ethic won't let her make standard slice of life vlogs that are well produced, so lacking literally all else, it's "HEY DO YOU REMEMBER THAT TIME I WAS SO RIGHT ABOUT EVERYTHING AND EVERYONE ELSE WAS A JERK TO POOR L'IL OL ME"?
    I also have a sneaking suspicion that she actually believes her own rhetoric, and that she thinks each time that SURELY this will be HER getting the LAST WORD IN, HAH. She really is pathetic.
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  10. Lazie added a post in a topic DaddyOFive   

    More like abusive father fighting till the bitter end for his paycheck. He doesn't give two shits about his children. Not as children anymore. They're just sweet little cash cows to him, nothing more.
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  11. Lazie added a post in a topic DaddyOFive   

    This sort of abusive family dynamic is toxic and yes-- IS actual abuse. In simialr cases they zero in on one person and that person becomes the family's whipping boy, which only serves to remind the others that hey-- if this could happen to THEM, it could be you next. You're either with us in abusing them, or you're next on the chopping block. It's a form of manipulation, especially with children.
    Not to mention-- think how demoralizing this must be for that poor boy. He 'knows' he can't go for help because no one will believe him or help him; all he has to do is look at the subscription numbers and hits and video comments to reinforce that he is alone.
    Foster care is AWFUL. I speak from experience. But in this case, these two people need to NOT be in charge of children. Like-- at all.
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