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  1. クラパン added a post in a topic General Kanadajin3 thread   

    Tbh, I think half Japanese people have spent most of their lives being asked where they're from, when really they are born in Japan, grew up with Japanese culture and many barely have a connection to their "other half". Half Japanese people live in this weird world, where they've grown up the same as everyone else but people around them are convinced that they are different and basically not Japanese.
    I had tons of half something friends back in Germany, and of them very few spoke the other language or had any connection to their relatives abroad. Many considered themselves "German, but my mum/dad is from XYZ". (The whole background heritage thing many North Americans do, when they have never met those foreign ancestors or have any connection to the culture always seemed really weird to me. I guess there's just a huge difference in how heritage is weighed in different places)
    Mira hasn't grown up in Japan, or with Japanese culture. She's a Canadian in Japan. 
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  2. クラパン added a post in a topic Faking Bad English..   

    That's exactly the impression I had as well!
    I've had people ask if I'm half Japanese, but I think mostly because they have trouble comprehending that non-Japanese people can in fact learn Japanese.
    I think there is a tendency with foreigners in Japan to kind of compete who is the most assimilated (only to then say that someone has lost their own culture...), and I imagine Mira thinking that there's nothing better than being mistaken as an actual Japanese person. But, as was pointed out in that video she shot at a shrine/temple, if people really thought she was Japanese they wouldn't ask. 
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  3. クラパン added a post in a topic Faking Bad English..   

    ... She speaks awful Japanese with grammar mistakes everywhere.
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  4. クラパン added a post in a topic SHIT MIRA SAYS   

    The problem really is that "where are you from?" is a super vague question. It can just mean so many things. When I'm travelling inside Japan with my husband and someone asks us "where did you come from?" I'll say the name of our prefecture. If they ask me "which country are you from?" I'll give my home country. Saying "I'm from Japan" sounds weird, but I'll even say that when I'm abroad. It's the place I came from. 
    Idk, I don't think there's a need to blast Mira over her choice of words when it comes to these things. 
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  5. クラパン added a post in a topic General Kanadajin3 thread   

    Her makeup just doesn't fit her face at all. Her hair looks OK in that picture though. :)
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  6. クラパン added a post in a topic Kanadajin's visa status   

    A bit OT, but Mikaela has tons of Japanese viewers and some of them are mad at anyone who dares suggest that Japan is not the perfect rainbow country for foreigners to live in. Like "I'm so disappointed in you because you won't become a citizen just because of the people around you." and "Well is the US really so international?!" etc. I tried participating (with an account I normally don't use) and the amount of "you are only imagining things!" is mind boggling. I think what she says is absolutely right, even if you become a citizen Japanese people will not feel any different about you, you'll still get handed the shitty English programme at Disney without anyone asking which you prefer, so why throw away the passport of your country of origin when you could just get PR? (Plus my passport is apparently the best there is, so...)
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  7. クラパン added a post in a topic Kanadajin's visa status   

    I don't think Mira would mind. Her reaction would probably be something like "I'm just so much better at being Japanese than her!!"
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  8. クラパン added a post in a topic Kanadajin3 Videos   

    I actually have a blog, and I try to find things that people don't really think about. People who are looking at my blog, and Mira's videos, already love Japan, they don't need to be told basic stuff.
    There's so much cool stuff, like did you know that they actually changed the colors of the traffic lights to the bluest green they could find because Japanese wouldn't stop calling the green lights blue? The name for blue (ao) used to describe both green and blue until green (midori) came along - even nowadays lots of green things are called blue, like green apples (aoringo) and green veggies (aoyasai).
    But then again finding these things and doing the research takes time and patience, and if you have to crank out a new video every single day for some reason...
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  9. クラパン added a post in a topic Kanadajin3 Videos   

    I love how she does topics you could actually say something interesting about. I'll just assume that she didn't touch on why exactly there's so many of these fucking Sugi trees in the country... (They needed building material after the war and planted them everywhere. Now everyone and their dog has an allergy.)
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  10. クラパン added a post in a topic Kanadajin3 Videos   

    All the different forms of employment are a bit of a pain to explain, but baito is usually with less hours and almost no benefits (unless you work 80% of a full time worker, you do not get health insurance, pension payments or paid leave). Let's be honest, baito sucks, but it's easy to get.
    Being a baito person explains how she was able to travel abroad that often. She's not wrong when she says that seishain are expected to take less holidays - but then again they get paid leave while if you're on a baito arrangement you lose money. Also if you have a baito contract and get pregnant - kiss that job goodbye.
    This video feels like her defending only having baito?
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  11. クラパン added a post in a topic General Venus Angelic thread #2   

    Because if Venus doesn't look scared in every single picture with her mum, she obviously wasn't abused...
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  12. クラパン added a post in a topic General Kanadajin3 thread   

    Japanese have a very different idea of what's attractive when it comes to foreigners. Or maybe she just really saved money?
    Tbh I'm a bit suspicious when it comes to these super ugly LV shoes, as I cannot find them on the LV page. Second hand, maybe? There's so much second hand LV in Japan, and it's only a fraction of the original price. 
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  13. クラパン added a post in a topic Faking Bad English..   

    It's kind of weird, sometimes she uses vocabulary I wouldn't think her capable of, and then she misspells the easiest words and makes the stupidest grammar mistakes. Like she can't use the passive, writes "ressun" as "resson" (it's from "lesson", so I understand why she made that mistake) and "suiteru" as "tsuiteru" (an entirely different word). She also just has a very very obvious Canadian accent when she speaks, which makes her Japanese sound even less fluent. She probably gets through her day without any huge communication problems (when someone's not fluent the other person just uses more energy to make sense of it), but you couldn't have her at a job where her foreignness doesn't count for anything.
    She should really brush up on the basics, huge gaps there. 
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  14. クラパン added a post in a topic Faking Bad English..   

    Yes, please do more videos in your horrible Japanese...
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  15. クラパン added a post in a topic Faking Bad English..   

    One of my Japanese relatives has been in Canada since forever. She apparently has trouble reading, but speaking should still be fine.
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