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  1. TinyRabbit added a post in a topic Joankeem / Joanday   

    I can’t believe she showed up to fashion week looking like that ! If I had the opportunity to live/visit Korea at the time of fashion week & to be attending shows or whatever, I would try to make an effort in looking... well, appropriate with the term “fashion week” not just throwing random pieces of diff trends into one outfit and say “yep, this look is perf, I look so good” I don’t see how she was able to threw that entire outfit together and walked around fashion week looking like that while everyone else was hella on top of their game with their outfits. Like wtf were you thinking Joan, smh.
    On another note, I have tmj also and my face is slightly uneven too. It’s painful/annoying just to open & close mouth every now and then, especially when eating/chewing food so most likely she’s prob experiencing those symptoms as well. I’m looking to finally drag my ass to the doctor cuz this is getting real bad OTL I hope she is too if hers are bad as well!
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  2. TinyRabbit added a post in a topic Joankeem / Joanday   

    She looks real good here but those boots need to go. They don’t look good on her nor do they compliment her outfit any better . 
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  3. TinyRabbit added a post in a topic Joankeem / Joanday   

    hi. i've been an avid 'silent' reader since day 1 of this thread lol (i also made a few comments on here) anyways, i think i had my fair share of patience with Joan's bs these past few months (weeks especially) so i have a few things to say. for someone whose family had gone thru bankruptcy, she sure spends a ton of money now that she's "earning" from her channel. it's also odd that she was able to received expensive presents from her family during her school years (didnt she say fam went thru bankruptcy at that time too??) like damn, her fam was prob still rich af to give her balenciaga and alexander wang during those times. anyways, i call it bs when she posted that sob vid which i did not bother watching so thank you to those who summarized it! i've been unsubscribed to joan for awhile, both on her ig and youtube. i find it pretty ridiculous & unfair that she has all these opportunities to grow and expand her field with makeup, skincare, and fashion because she lives in korea. but she chose not to, did the minimum and called it a day. it baffles me to see her with this huge fanbase full of clueless young kboos looking up to her, worshipping her just cuz 1. shes korean 2. she lives in korea. and joan sure knows how to use that to her advantages.
    it makes me laugh when she posted that reformation haul vid about stopping fast fashion whatever thingy. like okay, how tf you gonna preach about stopping fast fashion for greater cause then proceed to show off the kind of haul that cost hundreds and hundreds of dollars? also, i get 2nd hand embarrassed seeing how obsessed she is with Jennie/Blackpink. I love kpop and blackpink are my fav girl group but hell, im not gonna be borderline obsessive to the point when i spend all my paycheck on trying to look like blackpink OR any kpop idol at that. im no fashion expert but i do like to try new things and explore options that emphasize my features and make me feel good AND look good without sacrificing my own taste to it. but joan, oh joan, you really need to sit tf down and think over your choices. you're only a year older than me and trying so hard to look like a celeb (esp one that is younger than you) is just a joke. you live in seoul, where fashion and beauty/skincare are a huge deal over there. all you got to do is do some research and experiment, find your own style rather than copying someone's else exact wardrobe. truth is, jennie/blackpink prob dont even wear some of these items more than an amount of times cuz 1. it's sponsored/borrowed 2. they use it for photos only but who knows.
    now, the vid of her discussing about haters literally threw me off and i am soooo done with joan on it. i tried watching the vid and as soon as she said "what are you doing with your life? go get a job , go study!" i closed out of the vid immediately. like bitchhh, stfu. i work a 9-5 office job mon-fri while paying my bills, groceries and putting in my rent money for my house. though i am on break rn, but i am still trying to get a degree but ya know, life gets to u and u just be stressing about it. butttt anyways, who tf does joan thinks she is to be saying shit like that ?? she should be hella goddamn grateful that someone with barely anything to offer in the world of fashion, makeup, and skincare has the kind of opportunities and fanbase as she does. hell, i could be even a better youtuber than her if i had the opportunity like she did. most pple on here have REAL jobs that they put in hours and hours everyday to make a living and i dont see nobody be complaining about not having social time. at your age joan, who tf complains about not being able to stay out late with your friends?? there are other things you should be worrying bout and that isnt one of them, trust me. i used to be one of her loyal subscriber and i was actually so so desperate to meet her at kcon back then but my oh my, was i that blind?? i spent money per her recommendations on those useless products that did nothing for my skin. i was actually hoping for her to grow and improve herself but nopeeee. so im done with hoping to see any improvement from joan cuz she sure thinks she's above everyone else. but fck that, get off your high horse joan. you aint better than anyone else and we were all rooting for you but you know, to you, any of these just comes off as "hate" comment so forget it.
    also, she's be sobbing about how she gave up her social life and literally worked oh-so-hard for her channel. bitch where? what's so fckn hard about going to 'aesthetic' cafes, takes a couple shots at the train station, streets of seoul, cafes/restaurants, and oh you know, the same o' unboxing vids, empties, grwm, etc. so what's so fckn hard bout all that, tell me. your content NEVER improves or has anything new to offer. you post the same damn types of vids over and over, the only reason why you still have fans (your kboos worshippers) is cuz you're living in korea/you're korean. joan, for god's sake, take a break. im a year younger than you and tho i may not have my life figured out just yet, i tend to take breaks every now and then to give myself some space for a better me with better experiences/opportunities ahead. also, joan, you have no rights to tell other pple to get a job, or go study, cuz i think you need those more. where is youtube gonna take you yearrsssss from now with the kind of quality your content has been coming out with? with you spending recklessly like this (despite going thru bankruptcy back then) is not going to get you far. sureee, spend them dollars on expensive goods but they dont buy you the style you never had or isn't suitable for you in the first place. money cant buy style, joan. and it sure as hell cant buy you a better/more attractive personality/appearance either. 
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  4. TinyRabbit added a post in a topic Joankeem / Joanday   

    lol to be fair, I speak like that to my friends/family too. It’s considered a slang kinda thing hahaha 
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  5. TinyRabbit added a post in a topic Emily Mei / emilythemermaid   

    her chin is getting sharper by seconds 
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  6. TinyRabbit added a post in a topic Joankeem / Joanday   

    I agree with the above commenters. It’s quite common to be paying a minimum of $100 at most places but if I were her, I would have gotten a bigger piece or more than 1 small tattoo to make my money worth LOL buttt I doubt Joan is down for that yet seeing how she ended up with a basic tattoo as her first one and a tiny tiny tiny one at that.
    but IMO, that’s quite pricey regardless seeing how MOST if not all of playground tattoos/arts are so tiny so if that was me, i’d pick somewhere else prob.
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  7. TinyRabbit added a post in a topic Joankeem / Joanday   

    WHATTT??? That’s like equivalent to $100 USD omg that’s a freaking rip off! 
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  8. TinyRabbit added a post in a topic Lily Maymac   

    and look at her trying so hard to break her own spine to look thicc/curvy 🙄
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  9. TinyRabbit added a post in a topic Lily Maymac   

    Idk if this is wrong to say, butttt... Am I the only one who thinks this photo/angle looks so off? The shape of her back/spine tho... she’s honestly so skinny/thin as compare to how thicc she makes herself to be 

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  10. TinyRabbit added a post in a topic Lily Maymac   

     Lol damn this thread is dead af these days. Butttt... lily is at Coachella and showed up on my explore page so I clicked on it to see what’s up. Lol not tryna nitpick & whatnot but I find it funny that lily can’t even keep up with being consistent with her 1. Eyebrows 2. Her “curves” 3. Her boobs lol
    one moment she be wearing things like this that show no cleavage of any sort 

    then another moment where she be wearing a bra underneath a bra/bralette and wahlahh the boobs are back lol

    but yeah this is just my opinion & I thought it was funny to see every time lol
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  11. TinyRabbit added a post in a topic Lily Maymac   

    Her nose looks a lot higher (the bridge area) and pointier, i think she might have had fillers for it. If not, I need to know how tf can puberty changed your nose that drastically LOL I don’t buy it tho 
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  12. TinyRabbit added a post in a topic Lily Maymac   

    she’s a brand ‘influencer’ / ‘public figure’ yet she can’t seem to figure it out (until now) what looks good on her and what doesn’t. Smh.
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  13. TinyRabbit added a post in a topic Lily Maymac   

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  14. TinyRabbit added a post in a topic Hayley Bui (IG famous)   

    She’s getting all these skincare products to try every now and then, then filmed these videos just means she prob just uses them for the vids and that’s it. And that’s how it could cause breakouts. That’s normal with a lot of influencers. I myself got products from brands to post about them & those messed up my skin and my usual skincare routine so I had to refuse accepting skincare products even if it’s free stuffs.
    So I think Hayley is just accepting all these products, promoting them and showing us her putting them on without realizing that her trying all these new products every now and then could harm her skin.
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  15. TinyRabbit added a post in a topic Lily Maymac   

    Look at her going all out ‘culture appreciating’ with her Thailand posts. Made me laugh a little seeing how she comes off as ‘hey, I love asia and its’ cultures’ but never seems to be proud of her own country unless she gets called out for it.
    Made me cringe too when I went on NYX Thailand ig and saw her videos, she tried way too hard to come off as a beauty/makeup influencer when she only wears the same damn look all the times.
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