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  1. Nami added a post in a topic What are the best threads on PULL?   

    For "legacy" threads on the site, I can think of a few that were a wild ride to be a part of. Some new members still take the time to read through these today and see exactly that happened and how it all played out!
    Bonbonchuu's thread was brilliant, from dissecting her rants to exposing her. Both her and her (ex-)boyfriend contributed to the thread, many white-knights joined, ex-fans joined, etc. It was hilarious to see her F4Fs, positivity, giveaways, etc. fall into disarray as she weaved more and more lies she couldn't keep up. A few "big name" instagrammers even contributed their own thoughts. Overall, a hilarious thread that kept my evenings entertaining for a few months. There are some of the best exposure posts made by @BonbonChucked on that thread, too. I'm laughing just thinking about it!Ahripop's thread was the predecessor to Bonbonchuu's thread in my opinion. She photoshopped to hell and back, had a fetish for Korean guys and went crazy on lies. She left for months before she came back as the account we know now, but the thread before then was hilarious. A lot of similar things happened to Ahripop happened to Bonbonchuu later on.VenusAngelic/Margo during the Venus leaving her mom drama. While I was not partial to how spammy the thread was at this time, and the sheer amount of dumb armchair diagnosis, her subforum was wild at this time. PULL was the main place for discussing the drama, so we had many members, new and old, contributing to the discussion. I wouldn't recommend trying to read the threads completely, but if there's a summary somewhere, definitely check that out!Sasha Vldr's thread was interesting when it first started, and is still pretty interesting now, what with the questionable images/videos she's been posting recently (check it out for yourself). Watching everybody collectively dissect her shitty photoshop and work out where she's actually from was a site to behold. Not forgetting her shitty Russian attempts too. Comedy gold.Momodere's thread is shorter and if you have time, definitely worth the read just to see how it got locked. A message to you all, don't self-post and don't get your boyfriend involved!For some newer/still active threads, here's my list:
    YandereDev is an honest to god mess. Reading his thread will make you feel good about yourself, while at the same time questioning whether this planet is worth living on. Between PULL and the farms, hundreds of people have come together to expose him (and his disgusting past) together! It's a must read in my opinion.Yumi King!! I'm in the process of reading this one myself. It's hilarious.Taylor R is always a good read. Tons of people analysing her channel and what she could change. Even if you're a fan, reading the thread will help you out if you ever think about starting a vlogging channel yourself. People give Taylor a lot advice!Kanadajin3 is crazy and her subforum is always active since she posts videos frequently.
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  2. Nami added a post in a topic YandereDev/ Evaxephon General Thread   

    I've written a transcript of this video because it's all getting too much - it's hilarious. Hopefully we can dissect his arguments for any new people that come across the thread.
    "Let's talk about the speed of Yandere Simulator's development, the obstacles that are slowing down development, and potential solutions that could speed things up.

    First, I'll describe how game development works at a company with dozens of employees. At a big game company there is a team of artists, a team of animators, a team of modellers, etc. The lead artist is in-charge of all of the artists, the lead animator is in-charge of all of the animators, the leader modeller is in-charge of all the modellers and so on. The leads receive instructions from the directors, producers and managers. A lead’s job description looks like this. They are responsible for ensuring that their team produces high-quality assets, helping different teams communicate, predicting future obstacles, finding solutions for any problems that come up and, generally, keeping everything on schedule.

    I am blessed to have the assistance of numerous talented volunteers who have generously offered to lend their skills to Yandere Simulator. 90% of the things that you see and hear in Yandere Simulator would never have been possible without the help of those talented people. However, all of these amazing assets come at a cost. I am the game’s director, producer and manager. I am also the lead artist, and the lead animator, modeller, composer, etc. I don’t create artwork or animations or models or music, but I am in-charge of managing and directing all of the people who produce those things for Yandere Simulator. I am also the game’s only programmer.

    I must perform all of the responsibilities that would normally be performed by about 10 different people if this was a real game company. Now, please, don’t get the wrong idea. I’m not trying to brag and I’m not trying to whine, I’m just trying to explain why it can take so long to make significant progress.

    Dozens of assets are made for Yandere Simulator every month, and all of those assets must pass through a bottleneck the size of one man – me. This often leads to a backlog of assets that have been that have been waiting for weeks, or months, to be implemented into the game. There are tons of things that have been created for Yandere Simulator that you haven’t even seen yet, because I haven’t found the time to put those things in the game. Also, many of the assets that I require are for future surprises that you don’t even know about, so you won’t see them for a while.

    In the past, I placed a strong emphasis on low-hanging fruit. In other words; features that could be implemented within two weeks with minimal assistance from volunteers. So, for a long time, I was able to add significant new features to the game every two weeks. But eventually, I ran out of low-hanging fruit to implement. The next step was to work on the medium-hanging fruit which required more collaboration with volunteers and more programming work than before. This is when features began to take four weeks, or several months, to implement. The fruit that I am aiming for now – Osana Najimi – is the highest fruit on the tree and requires me to spend extensive amounts of time speaking with volunteers, which leaves me with almost no time to actually write code.

    When I first started working on Yandere Simulator, I intended to make a short and simple game that could reasonably be completed by one man working alone using some assets bought from the Unity Asset Store. As more and more volunteers began to join the project, I began to spend more and more time not writing code. Speaking with a team of artists, a team of animators, a team of modellers, a team of composers, a team of voice actors, etc. takes many hours of the day. I quickly realises that I was going to make very little progress on the game’s code if I only worked a normal 8 hour work day, so I started working longer and longer hours.

    Eventually, I removed everything else from my life – friends, exercise, hobbies, etc. so I could focus 100% of my attention on Yandere Simulator. Eventually, my life became a non-stop loop of work and sleep. It’s been this way for over 2 years now. Ironically, this is what my life was like 5 years ago when I worked at a video game company. This kind of lifestyle was absolutely unbearable, which is why I decided to quit my job and became an indie developer.

    Yandere Simulator has a lifespan. The game is only alive for as long as people are interested in it. If people lose interest in the game, it’s dead. If I release frequent updates, people will remain interested in the game. If I release updates slowly, people will lose interest in the game and the game will get closer to death. This is why I work on Yandere Simulator 12 hours a day, 7 days a week and don’t take any vacations. I’m worried about people losing interest in the  game. I’m worried about losing my subscribers. I’m worked about losing my patrons. I’m worried about being called lazy. I’m worried about getting a reputation as a bad game developer. I’m worried that everything I’ve worked for will collapse and all of the work I’ve put into the game will be for nothing.

    I’ve been invited to anime conventions to speak at panels and declined, so that I could have more time to work on Yandere Sim. I’ve been asked to do interviews, invited to podcasts, invited to parties, invited to weddings and always declined because I didn’t want to do anything that would take time away from Yandere Sim.

    People pay me money to keep on working on Yandere Sim, but, I never get to use that money to enjoy myself because I’m always so busy with Yandere Simulator. If I never get the time to use the money that I earn, then I might as well not be getting paid anything at all. If you ask my friends what my most commonly said words are, they would tell you that I always say “Sorry, I don’t have time. I have to work on Yandere Sim.”.

    Yandere Simulator will probably not be finished until 2019. I’m going to be over 30 years old when that happens. I’m going to look back at my late twenties and I’m just going to see a giant hole where nothing happened, except for Yandere Simulator. It’s really depressing so I try not to think about it. Even though I devote almost every single hour of my life to Yandere Simulator, I’ve made zero code related progress on Osana over the past two weeks because of all the other things that take up my time and require my attention.

    I really wish that working on Yandere Sim was as simple as just sitting down and writing code, but that’s just not the reality of game development. Even if I spent 12 hours of my day focusing my attention exclusively on Yandere Sim, I can still wind up with no time to actually write code because I have dozens of other responsibilities besides just being a programmer.

    In addition, there’s also one other problem. When Yandere Simulator was a small project with just a few scripts, compiling the code took less than a second. Now, Yandere Simulator has over 300 scripts, and it takes 30 seconds to compile the code every time I want to make any change, no matter how small. It also takes 30 seconds to launch the game every time I want to test something. In short, it now takes a grand total of 60 seconds to check any change I have made to the game’s code when it originally took less than a second. If I want to make 60 changes to the game in a single day, then one hour of my day will be spent just sitting there, waiting for the code to compile. As a result, the simple act of writing code and checking out the changes that I’ve made has slowed down drastically.

    On top of everything else, when personal problems pop up and take my focus away from Yandere Simulator, I lose the time that I otherwise would’ve spent developing the game. This is something that I have absolutely no control over, because you can’t predict when you’ll run into a stroke of bad luck and have to deal with a bunch of dumb issues going on in your life.

    On the bright side, there is a bit of good news. When I’m releasing cool updates, the game is popular and lots of people are contacting me, which results in me not having very much time to write code. But, when I have done anything cool in a long time, people lose interest in Yandere Sim, and almost nobody contacts me, which gives me much more time to write code. This becomes a cycle of rising and dropping productivity depending on the game’s current amount of popularity. Right now, we’re at one of those low points, where people are losing interest in the game and losing faith in me. Which, ironically, gives me more time to actually write code for the game. So, we should probably see some cool progress very soon, I hope.

    Anyway, I hope this video helps you to understand why the game’s development has slowed down so much. It’s not any one thing, but the combination of many things, big and small. This video focused on the problems, but my next video will, instead, focus on the solutions to those problems. Now, I know what you’re thinking. You’ve come up with an idea on how to solve my problems, and you want to e-mail me about it. Please, don’t do that. If the solution seems obvious to you, that means that it’s already occurred to me. And if I haven’t already put that solution into action, then obviously there’s a problem with that solution. Please, just wait for my next video, where I will explain the upsides and downsides of the most obvious solutions.

    Thank you for taking the time to watch this video and thank you for following the development of Yandere Simulator.”

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  3. Nami added a post in a topic Who do you want to be in the new banner?   

    Personally I'd like to see all the current guys up on the banner in the background/smaller. Then possibly:
    Yandere DevTaylor RYumi KingAnd possibly
    Sarah McDanielTiny references to Ahripop/Bonbonchuu/Sasha Vldr/Wengie/etc. since they had big threads once upon a timeThe whole point of having people like Kiki on the banner this that, although she isn't significant now, she was extremely significant in past iterations of PULL and just generally in PULL's history. So I hope we keep Kiki. Same goes for the other girls on the current banner, but Kiki sticks out to me specifically.
    I think the artist could definitely pull off adding tiny references to a lot of the past/present snowflakes rather than adding full sized characters for all of them, so that's what I'm hoping for.
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  4. Nami added a post in a topic Karin/ani.ya (koreaboo?)   

    Right. I can already sense this thread is going to become a train-wreck. None of the mods are online, so I'm going to quickly overview the rules for you guys. Sorry for the passive-aggressive tone in advance. 
    1. @Ani.ya - please read the forum rules. You state on your own instagram profile that you are a '00 liner, which means you're under 18. The forum rules require that users must be over 18 to join.
    2. Create a debate on what is and isn't a Koreaboo in the debating thread if you want to discuss that. If you want to post about what you don't like here - at least make it constructive. Yes, her BTS cosplay looks shitty. Does that make her a Koreaboo? Fuck knows, discuss it somewhere else if you think it's worth discussing. If there's a fine line between whether its Koreaboo or not - its probably not "problematic" enough to be discussed here. If she's taping her eyes and screaming "KIMCHI OPPA" then yes, she's more than likely a Koreaboo. We've already had this problem in knitemaya's thread (albeit about racism over there). Please don't make it a problem here too.
    3. Read the entire thread before you comment. It's only 3 pages. You know who you are.
    I have sent a report to the mods about this thread so that they can keep watch over it. @Ani.ya, I'm not sure exactly what the rules are on people under 18 coming to talk in their own threads, but I'm sure the mods will be able to tell you soon, so sit tight.
    @The mods - I'm thinking a "General Koreaboo Thread" could be a good idea now, what with the influx of Koreaboo threads that have been started. Just so that there's a place to shove all the instagram Koreaboos with about 0.5 things worth talking about without creating separate threads for each. 
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  5. Nami added a post in a topic WWWengie   

    She's currently 30. If what you're saying is true and she looks 40, in the UK we have a great show that she should think about participating in!

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  6. Nami added a post in a topic Your Christmas Wishlist?   

    The top thing on my Christmas list is just a new head for my electric toothbrush. I swear, you have to replace them around 4 times a year to be on the hygienic side and the ones for my brush cost £15 a go. Thanks in advanced, Santa. 
    I'm the sort of person who asks for socks for Christmas, so wanting something costing £15 is pretty steep, lol.
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  7. Nami added a post in a topic YandereDev/ Evaxephon General Thread   

    Hiding some explanation about the code in spoilers. I'm not familiar with the language he's using (i.e. I haven't used it before) but I can help explain some of the basic syntax to you. 
    I'm very tired so forgive me if I make any errors.
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  8. Nami added a post in a topic Whitening Creams?   

    Whitening creams in Korea generally = brightening creams (its a bit of a mistranslation, but yeah). They don't normally whiten your skin permanently, they just give it a dewy effect and maybe lighten your skin a few shades in the short-term (<24hrs). Keep this in mind if you ever buy Korean cosmetics - 99% of the time products advertised as "whitening" won't bleach you!!
    To actually whiten your skin you'd have to use something marketed with a different name(?).
    I'm not greatly familiar with skin /bleaching/ creams as I don't use them myself, but I know the brand Redergen (색소침착) has a range of skin whitening products for your face and body if you're browsing for Korean brands. Dahuin (다흰) also does whitening cream. Keep in mind that these kinds of treatments aren't considered good for the skin.
    Honestly, if its just tan lines you're unhappy about, I'd suggest staying FAR away from skin bleaching creams. Tan lines fade naturally on their own, especially if you're in a country that's on the colder side in the winter and you have to wrap up warmly!
    PS: If you live in a hot country and have an interest in Korean cosmetics, my suggestion to you would be to get your hands on Korean sunscreen as soon as you can - its formulated perfectly for sitting underneath your makeup (and in some cases is even a half-decent primer) and makes a world of different compared to normal sunscreen.
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  9. Nami added a post in a topic Blackpink vs Twice   

    Oohhh, I didn't know this topic had been made!
    I've been a k-pop fan for a relatively long time (circa-2011) and have been somewhat involved with the fandom ever since, so I can openly tell you that fanwars like these are really common. Blackpink vs Twice was bound to happen since both groups were incredibly hyped up from the get-go and SM hasn't brought out a girl group this year, leaving the two other big companies (YG and JYP) to spar off with their rookies.
    Personally, I don't have a particular interest in either group, but I'd say that you shouldn't take things to seriously in terms of fan wars. Both groups debuted from big companies, which means they are more likely to attract band-wagon stans (think of those annoying EXO/BTS stans who start drama for no good reason) who are new to k-pop/girl groups and thus don't understand how things work. Most older fans will explain that it takes years to built up achievements and a legacy as a k-pop group, so although both Blackpink and Twice have had successes this year, neither are on the level of legendary girl groups such as SNSD, 2NE1, Wonder Girls, KARA, etc. and thus the fans should be focused on promoting their group so that they can achieve more in the future rather than starting fanwars.
    Really, its like you said in your post - you're an army. You know why some people in your fandom get called crazy/delusional/whatever. Its the same for both Blackpink's and Twice's fandoms. I know lots of nice fans of either group, but I've also witnessed some crazy ones. Its not the fandom as a whole that causes trouble, its the loud minority. The same always happened with 2NE1 stans when I was more active in that fandom - you'd see people dragging down others to big-up 2NE1, but you just learned to ignore it.
    On stan Twitter, I'm friends with both Twice and Blackpink stans and I see Twice and Blackpink fans who are friends all the time. Your views come from your experiences, and overall I've seen more crazy Onces, whereas you've seen more crazy Blackpink stans. Who's crazier? Nobody should care, because really, we should be ignoring the crazies and focusing on the nice stans. 
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  10. Nami added a post in a topic Deleted/rare videos   

    I've uploaded a folder of some of her old videos that have been linked on this thread for archiving purposes. If anybody knows a decent way to download videos from Todou, please PM me/reply to me here explaining how to do this. Thanks!
    Links to the folder:
    Mirror 1 (MEGA)
    I'll most likely add more mirrors of the folder later, in case one link gets taken down. Hope this is useful to anybody looking for her old videos if they are deleted in the future. 
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  11. Nami added a post in a topic What do you guys think of this swedish girl?   

    Eh, low follower count and an empty blog? She's nothing interesting, but I'll add a few comments. I honestly like her outfit choices, so I can't fault her there. I think her feed is nice. On her blog she states that she's from Sweden and she writes in Swedish on Facebook, so the only Koreaboo things she's up to are those Korean tags and bad choices in Snow filters on her Facebook, but in terms of the filters - we've all been there (sometimes you gotta slap on that ugly cat filter for the lulz).
    If she's interested in Korea (she appears to have been on a few trips to Seoul, at least) and Hallyu, but isn't harming anybody, then I think she's safe. I just wish she'd stop using ALL Korean tags on instagram.
    Tagging in Korean is pointless if she wants her following to increase, especially since she isn't tagging anything noteworthy. Just glancing at them, she's tagging stuff like #selca (Korean phrase for selfie), #instagram and #fashion. If she wanted to increase her following she should be going for stuff like #얼짱 (ulzzang) and #인형 (doll). Better yet, she could tag Koreaboo-y tags like #selca and #kpop in English because its more likely other English-speaking Koreaboos will follow her that way.
    Aside from that quick lesson in tagging on instagram, her face really reminds me of Lisa Ring, another Koreaboo on YouTube.

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  12. Nami added a post in a topic How to deal with redness   

    One thing I've found that has helped with redness on my skin is using moisturising face masks. Even if I don't drink enough water throughout the day, slapping a hydrating mask on seems to calm my skin down. I recommend pretty much any sheet masks, but I personally get mine from Korea. I know they are super popular in Japan too!
    If my skin is feeling irritated or dry (both causes of redness), I put one of these one, normally a little before I go to bed, peeling it off before I fall asleep. When I wake up in the morning, my skin is super smooth and the redness also calms down! Its awesome, I swear by these masks, lol

    Any brand of these will do, to be honest. You can get them for cheaper than even just a dollar a mask, if you know where to buy them from! I get mine from Amazon. The awesome thing about them is that you can use them as often as you like, so if the weather is causing your skin to be temperamental, you can use these masks once or even twice a day to combat it.
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  13. Nami added a post in a topic Taylor R - videos   

    Hey everybody, I've been watching Taylor lose it over the past week or so and I'm here to add my two cents.
    Firstly, a polite reminder of the forum's rules which can be read here. Depression is a personal and touchy subject that Taylor has not publicly addressed. Talking about mental health is a touchy subject and making assumptions is discouraged in the rules.
    1) Please respect people’s privacy.
    - No armchair diagnostics please
    Secondly, I'm going to talk about the flaws in her current content as constructively as I can, and how she can fix them, since she appears to be lurking here at the moment.
    1. Lack of meaty content
    Taylor's videos are majority vlogs and she gets good viewership. However, if you look in the comments, many of her followers are asking for other types of videos, such as cooking and fashion videos. Vlogs are perceived by many to be filler content and too many can cause followers to lose interest, especially if the happenings in the vlogs are mundane. Taylor needs to focus on getting at least 2 non-filler videos up on her channel per week, as this is what will grow her subscriber count in the long-run. A set schedule also helps with the big picture, which I'll comment on later.
    a) Out of the past 15 videos, 12 have been vlogs and 3 have been something more meaty. She has a tendency to put a short amount of interesting content in vlogs, rather than making them separate videos, such as her closet tour.

    2. Nondisclosure about her personal life to her fans
    I'm not saying that her boyfriend should be on camera, what I'm saying is that she's been mentioning her boyfriend an awful lot considering she wants to respect him and not put him in the spotlight. You either reveal him completely or you go back to vlogging in your old style, where you didn't mention him. It wasn't necessary to mention him before, so why is it now? Having a boyfriend isn't a bad thing, but the number of times you mention him can pike the curiosity of the viewers until its at an uncomfortable level.
    Many other people on the forum having been saying similar things about the way Taylor chooses to handle questions about her finances. If you have money, no matter the source, you can definitely OWN it. However, being vague with your viewers about where it comes from is never a good idea. Think along the lines of SunnyDahye - she markets herself as a "best friend" to her viewers and generally comes across that way in her videos. Taylor often seems like she's going for the same image, but forgets that you need to be open about yourself to do this.
    3. Uncontextualised jabs at her haters
    Many YouTubers take jabs at their haters. Its a thing of preference and personality and contrary to the belief of some, it CAN be done tastefully. Unfortunately, Taylor hasn't been able to execute her jabs in this way because they are so uncontextualised. She deletes hate comments on her social media accounts and never names and shames PULL, so whether she brings up something directed towards her "haters", it confuses her fanbase. People in her comments have noticed the occasional sour remarks she seems to make, but they don't understand what she's replying to.
    Fun fact: the first result when you Google "Taylor R hate" is PULL. Same for "Taylor R haters", "Taylor R fake" and "Taylor R exposed". If her fans decided to search for any of those things due to the nature of Taylor's snarky remarks, they would be redirected here and would be able to read about how fake she is. That's not the best marketing strategy if I say so myself.
    4. The big picture - lack of direction
    As everybody has been discussing here, Taylor has consistency issues in terms of personality and also content (not to mention her appearance, but that's another story). If you compare her videos from a year ago to her videos now, you can see a drastic changes. While many YouTubers evolve over time, the way you can keep your foot in the ladder is by changing positively, which is questionable in Taylor's case. Ways Taylor can find her direction are pretty simple:
    a) As I mentioned in (1), ensuring that you produce regular content which is substantial will enforce a set schedule/format which you have to follow. This can be useful for when ideas aren't flowing, as you can look at past content for ideas, and also ensures that your channel isn't swamped by filler content (see: vlogs).
    b) Pick a theme and stick to it. The quote below is taken from Taylor's own video descriptions:
    "My channel is mostly lifestyle based, I love Daily Vlogs, DIYs, cooking, and just being happy & healthy!"
    She calls her channel "lifestyle based". She mentions all of daily vlogs, cooking and, I quote, "just being happy & healthy", however, as I've already shown, the majority of her content is just one thing. Daily vlogs. Showing off your lifestyle is one thing, but many lifestyle YouTubers do more than just this, such as having one-to-one type segments (think BubzBeauty/Ilikeweylie's girl talk videos), structured vlogs where they go out to do one event/go to one place and talk about it in detail, monthly favourites videos, frequent lookbooks, etc. If she wants to be a lifestyle YouTuber she should focus on expanding her horizons on what being one is, rather than just pumping out daily vlogs and nothing else.
    c) Sticking to a personality. It doesn't necessarily have to be your real personality - a lot of YouTubers have fake personas that they put on when on camera, acting completely different off it. That's fine, but don't do a complete 180 suddenly and decide to drop the "love yourself" image for a "sassy bitch" one. It confuses your followers and many may not like it. Its better to slowly show a change over time if you're thinking of doing this, as to not risk losing fans. You can dip your toes in the water by throwing in subtle personality changes and seeing how your audience reacts.
    d) Focusing on what you're good at and what you enjoy. Taylor's cooking and fashion videos are a lot higher quality than her vlogs and are well received. Creating content that you're praised for is more beneficial in the long term, as you can keep up its quality. Clearly, Taylor is becoming more of the "housewife" type and if that means creating cooking videos - she should put more effort into that! We've discussed here in detail that her personality isn't greatly suited to vlogging, so developing other areas would be beneficial to her.
    That's all! Although I've said all this, I find seeing her freak out about the haters hilarious, so I hope she continues. I might run to the grocery store and get some popcorn in anticipation for her next vlog, lol. 
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  14. Nami added a post in a topic hello friends   

    Welcome to PULL! I do my best effort to greet all the kpop fans since its my area.
    We are getting more and more Koreaboo snowflakes as of recently, so I'm sure you'll be entertained. We all have a k-pop thread in the off-topic forum where you can post your faves. Hope to see you around!
    (I take it you're a Chanyeol fan? Same here. )
    EDIT: I should add - if you need help with the site, feel free to drop me a PM. I know it's often less awkward to contact people with common interests for help, lol
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