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  1. hana22 added a post in a topic Venus Angelics Videos   

    That's because Margo's native tongue is Hungarian, she was born and bred in Hungary. She only learnt German as her second language as an adult and never mastered it, lol.
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  2. hana22 added a post in a topic Dove Cameron   

    Ehm...she looks like a 40 year old PS victim. She's completely ruined her youthful face...
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  3. hana22 added a post in a topic Lia wang   

    Lmao this girl is still at it?  I wonder when is she going to look back at her shoops and wish she could just erase all her online presence lol.
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  4. hana22 added a post in a topic Taylor R - videos #2   

    I cringe every time she asks Elbow to participate in her videos when he's clearly busy working most of the time. Like, let the poor guy work lmao.
    Anyway I'm really happy they are finally moving. I think a lot of people saw it coming as she idolised Japan when she first came there but after a year or so it clearly wore off and she gave up on learning Japanese, rarely showed anything about Japanese culture on her channel and all her friends were foreign. She also (thankfully) grew out of her dolly phase and realised being a living doll would not work for her. In HK she always seemed more at home, it's obviously more welcoming for foreigners over there because there is no language barrier etc. 
    I think because she was too fixated on being a living doll (always having lenses and dolly makeup) and didn't really care that it would let her modelling career go completely downhill. She herself said she was hoping to become a talent/TV personality in Japan rather than a model. 
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  5. hana22 added a post in a topic Sarah McDaniel   

    Wow her modelling skills still suck, she hasn't improved at all. She looks frightened in that video.
    What's up with her facial expressions? Her iris looks like it's about to fall out, the implant/lens really looks messy.
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  6. hana22 added a post in a topic Taylor R - videos #2   

    This whole vlog was pointless imo. Not just the bedroom tour but showing her family's reaction to her wedding vlog? How boring, seriously, Taylor has zero creative ideas. Zero. 
    The only positive thing I could find was Taylor's outfit, she looked great. 
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  7. hana22 added a post in a topic Taylor R - videos #2   

    He appears in the video at around 15:00 and then again at 15:30-15:42. 
    I think Carly and Taylor looked gorgeous and the whole wedding was so tasteful and elegant. Loved the venue and the decorations. Everyone seemed to be having so much fun, this was a great video imo. Taylor's dad seems super sweet, too. 
    Elbow san was so funny on the dance floor  Seems like a fun person to be around but I can't help myself thinking (hope I don't sound too salty) he looks so unattractive...on that gif that Taylor has posted on twitter, he looks like a middle aged dad next to her, perhaps a new hairstyle would help? 
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  8. hana22 added a post in a topic Sarah McDaniel   

    I see Sarah is still going for this "hot girl who is not just hot but also understands science!!" act, which is funny because everyone follows her for the shopped pics and she thinks they're gonna read your "science" related articles and take her seriously. Sure, girl.
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  9. hana22 added a post in a topic Michelle Phan   

    Wow I honestly did NOT recognise Michelle at all in the thumbnail! She looks so different. This transformation just confirms Promise's excellent make-up skills. Michelle's skills suck that's why she always looks the same and her "transformations" never looked even remotely as professional as Promise's did. I also have a feeling from the video that they hate each other, especially Mish lol.
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  10. hana22 added a post in a topic Sarah McDaniel   

    Honestly they must have known what to expect going to this gala, for example what her manager was saying about the male to female ratio, an overdose of international models, the glamorous location, yet they still decided to attend? For what? Of course to enjoy themselves and have their pictures taken on the red carpet so they can post them on instagram and talk shit about the event afterwards. Lmao her manager seems exactly like Sarah, pseudo intellectual who always has to be different in what she says/does.
    Also when Andrei who obviously knows the industry inside out is giving you advices you really should just listen for once. Sarah is a nobody, she hasn't had proper modelling gigs in ages and yet she feels entitled to be the one criticising things. 
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  11. hana22 added a post in a topic Annelies van Overbeek   

    This girl is pretty and talented but I absolutely cannot stand her attitude, she is always way too defensive, deletes comments she doesn't like, gets offended when someone disagrees with her, takes everything personally, can't accept any criticism... I think being an online personality is not really a good idea for people like her. 
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  12. hana22 added a post in a topic Sarah McDaniel   

    I still don't understand why the hell would she get invited, I bet they are regretting it now after she publicly embarrassed them with that hashtag. Love how everyone is calling her out though, finally people see how full of shit she is, even those who let the fake eye thing slide because she was "just insecure". She can delete comments all she wants but that's just gonna make people more mad and makes her look even worse  
    This girl really knows how to ruin all the opportunities she could have otherwise got from being invited at this event through networking, sharing more info about the charity event with her followers, etc. Hell, after being exposed for faking her eye she could have even used this opportunity to make herself look like a better person by posting that picture and say positive things about the foundation and how she was glad to be there and support positive cause, but NO, she has to put a stupid, disrespectful hashtag to make herself look edgy as always cause that's her priority in life.
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  13. hana22 added a post in a topic Sarah McDaniel   

    Nah nothing's happened she just wants to appear edgy and different as usual. She thinks it's cool to say charities don't help, but doesn't she see how embarrassing it is for her that she was invited to an event and even thanks and tags them, but say they don't help anything? Like, everyone can see this including LDF and she is ok with that? Not just stupid but so unprofessional. Does she think she will ever get invited anywhere again? Lol
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  14. hana22 added a post in a topic Taylor R - videos #2   

    i thought so, too. In the video where she reacts to her old cringy videos with her bf, she said her "living doll" style was what made her attractive to him and he repeated a few times that he liked that style. I was uncomfortable watching that part because it seemed like Tay was kinda disappointed knowing that he really liked the dolly version of hers but as her style AND face are becoming more mature with age she might be worried if she still stays attractive to him. It's really obvious Elbow san likes the young looking dolly style, he even called her "princess" in reaction to that Room tour video, so the fillers might be a way to keep herself looking younger and I wonder how much of this pressure is caused by him. 
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  15. hana22 added a post in a topic Taylor R - videos #2   

    Enjoyed the Girls in relationships video, it was the first Tay's video that I actually finished watching until the end.
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