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  1. Lamb added a post in a topic Yungelita   

    So whats the point of this thread? I dont understand, theres a shit ton of girls like that on tumblr 
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  2. Lamb added a post in a topic Puddingkanin / Bonbonchuu / Pele Whitney / lillaflan   

    the ironic part its that she called the pull users "12 yo kids" 
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  3. Lamb added a post in a topic General Venus Angelic thread #2   

    Venus is still pretty young guys, shes 18 and lived her whole life being abused by her narcisistic mother. I think we shouldnt be worrying about her "marriage" and how she will or not play "the cook n clean wife" at least for now. Manaki is her first bf, we dont know for how long it will last.
    On the other hand venus might become too attached to Manaki bc they lived this situation. When you start to date too early its hard to learn how to be on your own (that can be a big problem). The first bf is always hard to deal with because youre young, naive and the worst part: "in love"
    (But its just a theory, dont take it too seriously)
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  4. Lamb added a post in a topic General Venus Angelic thread #2   

    Tbh I dont think Manaki its such a miracle in venus life and loves her forever and truly. Bc even thought he's helping her in this situation, he did showed interest in her when she was underaged af. And is just the normal japanese young adult that fetishizes white girls.
    Not saying Manaki its evil or anything, but forgeting he is kinda creepy its a lil overboard imo.
    And about being a stunt: just no
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  5. Lamb added a post in a topic Ally & Sally ~Canada's Twin Otaku Idols~   

    Gross, more pedophile/''lolicon'' trash. Wasn't Yukapon enough? gosh 
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  6. Lamb added a post in a topic Princess Fancypants   

    I thought this was more like the ''tight gap trend'', its about looking skinny. Not something exclusive of asian ppl. 
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  7. Lamb added a post in a topic Princessmei   

    I expected someone would assume that it's a self post. It isnt, but if you want to check anyway.
    (just by my broken english you can already tell) 
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  8. Lamb added a topic in Online Personalities   

    Omocat model who looks like ayumi seto (or at least according to her, the own ayumi seto told her so). Does a few makeup tutorials. 
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