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  1. tabatha added a post in a topic Ariana Grande   

    Looking through archives the first time Dolly ever opened up about cosmetic surgery was in '92, she was 46, and even then she only admitted to a boob-lift and complained about tabloids speculating about other procedures (When she had obviously had ps.) She's only opened up about the many things she's done to her face and body relatively recently. Not saying it's right to hide it, but I wouldn't give Dolly Parton too much credit, nor hold Ariana to expectations Dolly never set.
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  2. tabatha added a post in a topic Ariana Grande   

    The way her face moves... I'm getting Dolly Parton vibes. I don't think this is her getting more outrageous amounts of ps/botox though, she's between promotion cycles and celebrities usually use that downtime to get all the necessary touch-ups, her face looked much tighter and her lips weren't as puffy at the 2020 grammys. I'm hoping she'll be back to that in a couple of months.
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  3. tabatha added a post in a topic Ariana Grande   

    No you're right that was my bad, I tried finding the actual picture in the "before and after" comparison but no luck.

    I guess I just get sus about the fact that she was called out for "pretending" to be latina for so many years but when that didn't stick, the accusations of trying to be black cropped up and like... it doesn't feel right when people treat PoC so interchangeably, you know? I don't like seeing people (often "allies") try to weaponize PoC and the actual, warranted anger against a racist society to take someone down. The way I look at it is the latinx community didn't get angry enough so they get pushed aside and they try to get a different community riled up, I've talked to PoC and many of them understand where people come from with the cultural appropriation accusations but don't understand why this is the fight people pick to fight.
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  4. tabatha added a post in a topic Ariana Grande   

    Oof I'm usually all ears when it comes to a healthy discussion about appropriation but it's statements like this that make the whole thing a bit uncomfortable. As a PoC it hurts when entire races are reduced to almost like... a cartoony depiction of what PoC are? Stuff like "Oh wow she's so tan I thought she was black!" I'm like really? Is that what a black person looks to you? (Not you specifically, just the argument in general.) And I'm not saying you're racist and I acknowledge that your intentions are good, I hope you understand that sometimes good intentions can have unintended, negative/problematic ramifications.
    It also doesn't help that people making the argument photoshop images to make things seem worse than they actually are, like this (Photoshoped to be darker on the left, actual picture of the event on the right.)

    I'm not saying Ariana isn't problematic but just listen to ALL PoC, don't dismiss the black and brown people who don't fit your narrative.
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  5. tabatha added a post in a topic Ariana Grande   

    I'll have to listen to this a few more times but it's fun and very old school Gaga.
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  6. tabatha added a post in a topic Ariana Grande   

    this is such a weird criticism, giving up something you like because it reminds you of your ex? Specially something as vague as going to an amusement park? Not being able to move on isn't something to be praised.
    I agree with you completely, it's just tough to know where to draw the line between societal expectations and personal responsibility. As much as her pre-surgery face is praised ITT you'd be lying to yourself if you were to claim she would be just as successful if she hadn't had any cosmetic surgery, society expects celebrities to be incredibly beautiful yet natural and that's exactly what she's trying to achieve. She lies because the moment you pull back the curtain is the moment the magic is lost and people lose interest.
    So either be honest or successful, I truly believe you can't have both.
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  7. tabatha added a post in a topic General Koreaboo Thread   

    Another thought I had, why is KAACHI trying to replicate BP/Itzy/RV? You know... the groups with great financial backing to fund the lavish sets and designer clothes? Why not look at groups with low budget (relatively speaking) MVs like Gfriend's Summer Rain and WJSN's Boogie Up? I'm not versed in the industry or anything but these MVs are literally being carried by the camerawork.
    It's just so sad seeing so many bad business decisions being made. 
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  8. tabatha added a post in a topic General Koreaboo Thread   

    Listening to it at 1.25 speed actually makes it better lol, but yeah the song production is pretty bad, the music, visuals, and video feel like a bad amalgamation of what kpop is, and seems more like a parody than anything else. Seriously, why can't people do a kpop inspired group without going into offensive territory? It could actually be fun without trying so hard.
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  9. tabatha added a post in a topic ChoNunMigookSaram/Megan Bowen   

    That's not even that big of a contrast though? From the title I thought it was gonna be a full face of huda or something, you know with the heavy contour and blinding highlight or whatever, but it's more of a night-out makeup look. The set is also a bit awkward for a makeup video, all in all not as cringy or off-putting as most of her videos.

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  10. tabatha added a post in a topic Gangnam Unnie   

    I don't know if she has been posted in the thread already, but Solar from Mamamoo feels like the gangnam-unnie-est out of all the more popular kpop idols, it's mainly her nose and (lack of) jaw line.

    these are more recent pictures and oh lord her forehead

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  11. tabatha added a post in a topic Rachel and Jun   

    The whole atmosphere of the video feels to me like... you know when you're arguing with your SO but then you gotta act like everything's okay in front of friends? It's really awkward as a viewer feeling like the third wheel...
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  12. tabatha added a post in a topic Ariana Grande   

    I mean it's no secret she hates Cat and her days at Nick, from the red hair, to 'put your hearts up', to working with dan schneider and there being footage of her putting her toes in her mouth.
    She's made it clear she's no fan of copycats with the whole Gabriela DeMartino thing, but she still had her in her 'thank u next' music video, and even dm'd her tiktok look alike to say she's flattered, she can't just bluntly ask people to stop without a million headlines reading, "ariana upset at fans / ariana claps back at biggest fans" so she's put in a situation where she has to hint at the fact that it's not okay or she'll be labeled a bitch and crazy.

    I understand a lot of the criticism thrown her way, but why are boundaries so easily blurred when it comes to celebrities? It's the same type of mentality behind paparazzi.
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  13. tabatha added a post in a topic Michelle Moé   

    I don't think you should make a contest out of two very problematic behaviors.

    With that being said, and without stating the obvious "making those videos gets her views", I don't see how making 5 videos about it is "too much." While I agree that content-wise it's very repetitive, my entire life I've listened to white people say, "Why do Koreans want to look white?" or "Did you know that Anime characters are actually based on white people?", it's just a bit sus that when the roles are reversed it's suddenly a problem, or there's an "agenda" behind it. And while I don't agree with the way she goes about supporting her arguments (The skull comparison thing was so wrong...) I don't see an issue with her venting? It's never fun to see someone make a mockery out of your race.
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  14. tabatha added a post in a topic Ariana Grande   

    This is such a good nose job, it's subtle enough to deny yet it completely changes her face shape. As for the lips idk, lip injections are so risky and she overlines so much it's hard to tell how big her upper lip actually is (not even taking into account facetune)
    I'd usually agree but it was a tame enough clarification that hopefully satisfies the more rabid stans, sometimes silence leads to a lot of speculation and reading between the lines so getting ahead of that mess seems like a good move to me, I don't see why she'd want to bring any kind of drama upon herself, she doesn't need it.
    Did a quick shoop just for fun, I'm not sure how accurate this would be but I'd look to her mom for reference of how she would've looked without all the ps.

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  15. tabatha added a post in a topic Akidearest and The Anime Man   

     Hidden because the thumbnail is suggestive. I honestly don't understand why choose this route for her content, the "JAPAN SO WACKY XD"-type of videos feel a bit outdated, specially when you could be out exploring the actual country. Also Aki going out of her way to not mention any "key" words the algorithm would pick up on (like "fleshlight") feels kinda gross, like these kinda videos get age restricted for a reason.
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