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  1. babygrl added a post in a topic Haquila Oliveira   

    I'm sorry, first for my english that is not very good
    and second because I don't know how to use this forum
    I'm not the girl on the pics, I asked her a long time before on her instagram if she has does any surgery on his nose because I want to do and I like the result of her nose.
    And she just laughed, saying she'd never done any surgery.
    I just post a lot of pics because the nose changes a lot from one to another.
    And because like Debora Cechetto she denies doing any esthetic procedure, or using photoshop.
    And I think there should be somewhere a post that shows that she is not so perfect because a lot of girls idolize her "natural beauty" but they have never seen those pitures with the nose potato and thinner lips.
    Haquila Oliveira is her name, you guys can find her on instagram
    I'm not her!!! I just want people to know that she is like a snowflake, and denies doing any esthetic procedure
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  2. babygrl added a topic in Online Personalities   

    Haquila Oliveira
    She said that never do any surgery on his nose
    Maybe someone can say if is just photoshop?


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