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  1. chaisah added a post in a topic rin / gothfruits   

    His comment section is quickly going south. Nearly all the top comments are negative at this point:

    If he thought it would just go away quickly if he ignored it and moved on with his life, it seems he was wrong.
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  2. chaisah added a post in a topic Brianna Slaughter / Morena In Japan   

    It gets sickening how so many of these influencers are desperate for attention so they constantly put themselves out there but the second they get attention they don't want (aka criticism) they lash out and act like everyone is infatuated with them and constantly up in their business. 
    Pick one: are you an online presence or a private person? You can't have both.
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  3. chaisah added a post in a topic Nitpicking Thread   

    Eh, didn't she recently also admit she doesn't give a single thought to ideas like shopping local etc. so it doesn't surprise me that she doesn't care about shopping ethically either (even though she of all people can afford to do so...). She's always supported and maintained her 'styles' through fast fashion, so I don't understand why her followers are suddenly expecting anything different. I mean, if it's not YesStyle it's Forever21 which is also atrocious.
    She's just a spoiled twat who has never cared where the things she consumes come from (not in terns of nation, culture, OR labor) as long as she gets them. It's already been pretty much established at this point the whole ~cruelty free~ thing was an act to go with her Buddhist persona. She just doesn't care about anything except herself and how others view her. 
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  4. chaisah added a post in a topic Nitpicking Thread   

    The funny thing is, she's constantly asking for ideas for videos but even on PULL (den of the ~antis~) we're constantly burying her under suggestions on the millions of videos she could make that would improve her channel exponentially. And that's not even counting the many suggestions and requests from her own fans. But evidently she'd rather stubbornly watch her own channel slowly die than create content worth consuming.
    I have two tinfoil hat theories about why she keeps doing this:
    1) She doesn't actually want to create content, but wants to foster the image of creating content o keep her audience waiting. I'd put good money to bet she asks for 'opinions' on what to film and post much more often than she posts actual videos. If her fans think she has their interests in mind and that she's going to give them what they want eventually, they'll be less willing to abandon her as she continues to disappoint. She'll get to the good stuff eventually, right?? She's just busy right now!
    2) We've all seen how weirdly possessive Kenna is of the things she likes. I really wouldn't put it past her to be bizarrely possessive of her existence and experiences in Japan, and thus less willing to share them. By making posts like "where are the good, secluded hanami spots guyz??" (protip: they don't exist) even though 99.99% of her following is not in Japan, it functions as a reminder that she is in Japan guys. You aren't. Be jealous. This is even more obvious by how she seems to love when her WKs point out we're all just jealous antis because she's in Japan and 'we're not.' This is absurd, because all it takes to get to Japan is money. But I wouldn't put it past Kenna to think she somehow has a leg up just because she's in the land of the weebs, and she doesn't want to share.
    Other theories ofc are that she's just lazy. Or legitimately thinks a lot of Japanese people follow her. Or maybe she thinks someone will reach out and she'll be able to make a friend. Who knows. But these are just the vibes I get from her behavior in the three months she's been in Japan so far, and either way she's shooting herself in the foot.
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  5. chaisah added a post in a topic Nitpicking Thread   

    Pretty unfortunate that her fans continually have to walk on egg shells when they make even the smallest requests or recommendations. All of her fans are so thirsty for her to show them restaurants/stores that you can't just easily find in the U.S. but evidently Kenna is adamant that she will not step outside her comfort zone and share some new places. 

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  6. chaisah added a post in a topic Simply_Kenna/cozykitsune [Thread 5]   

     I can’t believe even her houseware isn’t from Japan lmao wtf go to the dollar store you damn flop.
    I wonder if this will be the video that finally kicks her below 900K followers. Almost every video she’s posted in Japan has caused her to bleed followers—around a thousand over a period of a few days, and that’s all she has left to loose before her “I have over 900,000 followers which means you HAVE to let me film in your store” business cards will be obsolete. I don’t think she’s been in the green on YouTube OR Instagram for the last couple months. Yikes, girl—maybe you should listen to what your followers want instead of mocking valid critiques in your comments section.
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  7. chaisah added a post in a topic Simply_Kenna/cozykitsune [Thread 5]   

    I feel like Kenna has this obsession with looking like a ~local~ which, to her, seems to translate into acting almost completely uninterested in her surroundings and experiences. This is super dumb for two reasons:
    1. Being a J-vlogger is built around the idea of being excited about how fun and interesting Japan is. Why does she think people like Sharla, Taylor, Mimei, etc. were always so popular? They shared their experiences and acted like everything was always super new and interesting and fun (and in Sharla's case, sooooOOooOoo GOOD!!!). You aren't going to succeed as a ~foreigner abroad~ influencer if you don't actually make the country you're living in look exciting. 
    2. Even ~locals~ make a fun show of trying new things and going interesting places throughout Japan, even in the confines of Tokyo. You won't magically blend into the crowd more if you treat every experience as run-of-the-mill everyday things that just happen; there's such a thing as being a tourist in your own city by trying new things and stepping outside the box. You went to the world's biggest Starbucks. That should be an interesting experience, but she just turns it into an aesthetic. That is all this girl is good at.
    I feel like she originally saw Mikan and was like "this looks easy I'll just do the same thing she's doing a VOILA my channel will start growing again" but then she came to Japan and realized that this shit still requires work and effort (and as much as I don't like Mikan, you can see she works hard with her content) so now she's thinking of becoming a model like that will just be as easy as having her picture taken and being paid to be complimented and adored. But being a model is also intensely hard--getting your name out there, vying for recognition, getting jobs that pay worth a damn, also actually learning how to style and dress yourself and have good PR, etc. etc. Kenna needs to grow up and open her eyes and realize nothing in life is free or easy unless you're willing to work for it--especially once your trust fund runs out.
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  8. chaisah added a post in a topic Brianna Slaughter / Morena In Japan   

    Granted, right now is the break between school years in Japan so it's not surprising she's just partying every day. School should start up again in early April so we'll see if she changes her party schedule at all when that rolls around. 
    I'm honestly really interested to know what kind of grades she gets. I remember during her finals in early February she was constantly putting up Insta stories about how she didn't study for xyz test and she's fucked. Japanese schools can be pretty lax, but just how lax are they that you can never attend class, not study for your exam, not participate for any discussions, but still slip by with a passing grade? Not to mention, the person on Reddit iirc who said Bri was failed previously because of plagiarizing assignments. She seems like a pretty terrible student all around--it's sad to see her wasting not only her education but also her full-ride scholarship when much more deserving young people could be in her shoes and making the most of it.
    If she doesn't fail out of school, I could see her failing too many classes and having to take a fifth year in order to get her degree, at which point the school would definitely pull her scholarship. If they don't do so even before that happens.
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  9. chaisah added a post in a topic Nitpicking Thread   

    damn that's so #deep
    eta sudden realization that these are 'random metro thoughts' but she thought they were so good and deep that she hung onto the idea all day and then brought the idea all the way home with her to take this pic good lord that's pretentious.
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  10. chaisah added a post in a topic Simply_Kenna/cozykitsune [Thread 5]   

    Awkward as hell that she’s still purposely trying to @ Mei. You’d think she’d have gotten the hint after her last stint in Japan that Mei wants nothing to do with her.
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  11. chaisah added a post in a topic Brianna Slaughter / Morena In Japan   

    idk if anyone watched her live the morning after with this new dude (Yuta) but here's a general overview so no one else feels compelled to waste 20 minutes of their life:
    He said something kind of unintelligible at the beginning that a lot of her viewers took as "we fucked" but she nor he never said explicitly. He seemed to be joking. Her friend also stayed the night. It was hard to tell if she and Yuta were lying in bed together or just on a couch. I don't know the point of the live because Bri was just sitting there looking uncomfortable while making a spectacle out of the shit Yuta said/did.Her chat kept asking if this guy was her "new guy" and she said he isn't. At one point someone in the chat said "damn how many boyfriends do you have?" and another person told them it's none of their business.Also someone asked Bri what time it was in JP and someone told them off because Bri "doesn't like when you ask the time."Bri's Japanese is pretty unfortunate. He asked her something at the beginning and she was like "SHIRAN" which he was taken aback by so she asked him how to say "I don't know" without it being rude. Which was just weird, because that's an incredibly elementary phrase. Someone called Yuta an "ikemen" in the chat and Bri read it to him and he was legitimately surprised that she could read it (it's in fucking katakana jfc) and said she told him the night before that she didn't know Japanese. So I guess it's safe to say she's successfully built an English bubble around herself in all regards and avoids speaking Japanese whenever possible.At another point he was trying to speak Spanish and Italian to Bri and she made fun of his pronunciation, saying she couldn't tell if he was speaking Japanese or something else at the time.Literally told him that someone from the chat was asking if he's gay, which he thankfully replied very politely that he's not. "Sorry."Someone in chat called him an "ikemen ojisan" (lmaooo) which he said hurt his feelings. He's 19. He asked early in the live if she's a youtuber, to which she said "yes" but refused to tell him her channel name. Near the end of the live he was able to track it down. She was super embarrassed when he started watching her videos, said "this is a hate crime" (could you not, Bri?) and that if he's going to watch her videos to do it later. He didn't even know her name. He asked if he should call her "Morena" or "Milky" and when she asked if he remembered her name he accidentally called her "burrito" while trying to get to something along the lines of "Britany."At one point her friend who had also stayed over said there was some questionable fluid all tracked into the carpeting. God only knows what that's in reference to.Anyway that's all I remember but it's still on her Instagram (for now) if anyone else has anything to add.
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  12. chaisah added a post in a topic Brianna Slaughter / Morena In Japan   

    I wonder if this means that one guy never texted her back. How many minutes has it been since you sent the text, Bri??
    good lord she has terrible taste
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  13. chaisah added a post in a topic Brianna Slaughter / Morena In Japan   

    Either her hand has six fingers, or is very poorly drawn and that finger at the end is supposed to be a thumb. Either way, yikes.
    Everything about it is intensely cringe. All of the people she's met around her basking in her glow, looking happy and at-peace due to her existence, while she sits in the middle like some supreme goddess. I know she likes to pull the ~dios~ thing out of her ass with the insinuation that all people are gods in their own right, but you can tell from this cover that she thinks she's the ultimate and supreme being, making other people's lives better with her mere presence. The rhetoric of this cover screams obnoxiously self-important yet awkwardly unskilled, though I guess that sums up her book perfectly so. 🤷🏻‍♀️
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  14. chaisah added a post in a topic Brianna Slaughter / Morena In Japan   

    She was just on live complaining about her withdrawal symptoms. Supposedly she’s throwing up constantly and can’t sleep and her whole body is in pain/feels sluggish? idk she said she feels like a “meat sack.” Googled “can you take advil during withdrawals” as if all withdrawals are the same.
    She was obsessing over whether or not to text her new guy and it was pretty cringe. She eventually did text him, but since it’s late rn in Japan she said he’s probably sleeping. She literally did a minute-by-minute countdown of “it’s been x minutes, he still isn’t responding” jfc girl. She’s so clingy with a guy she’s not even dating yet. She admitted she’s afraid of contacting him too much because she doesn’t want to be a “burden” but then why are you contacting a person you’re still only an acquaintance with when you need support? Contact a friend instead. 
    She also talked about her breakup with Sonny, saying he used to call her a bitch all the time and she would just let him do it because she “wants to see the best in people” ok. Says she’s “completely over him” and can’t believe they were together for two months.
    Also, petty side-note: she kept showing and talking about her hands and ngl you can tell from how horrifically sharp and long her nails are she has no intention of touching women any time soon lolllll but sure Bri go off about how queer you are again. 
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