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  1. femme added a post in a topic Ana and Alex   

    "your negativity does not belong in my reality" see, this is what's wrong with people nowadays. everyone thinks that they deserve the utmost respect from everyone no matter what. that's just not..realistic. take a look outside, the world we live in isn't perfect and full of rainbows and butterflies. not everyone will love you, not everyone will respect you baby. these girls need a MAJOR reality check. just because a cluster of people kiss the ground they walk on, doesn't mean the whole planet will

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  2. femme added a post in a topic Ana and Alex   

    what in the world is Ana (? i can barely tell them apart) wearing on her face? i hate when people apply a nude lip that's the same exact color as their skin. it makes her lips look chapped
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  3. femme added a post in a topic Ana and Alex   

    her obliques. some people have more muscular/stronger (therefore more obvious) obliques. I'm a dancer, and not even as small as Ana, but my stomach is similar to hers because of all the movement i have to do with my torso while dancing.
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  4. femme added a post in a topic Ana and Alex   

      (i really hate to assume, but) girls like Alex seem to post pictures of themselves half-naked on the internet to feel/seem more valuable. even if you are confident in your body, and want to show it off, saying something like, "are ya'll offended yet" just shows how insecure she probably is
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  5. femme added a post in a topic Ana and Alex   

    anyone under 5'8 can do print or commercial modeling. anyone above 5'9 typically does high fashion modeling. a lot of very average looking and short people due to demands for commercial models.
    source: my aunt who did both commercial and high fashion modeling for 20 years 
    edit: also, commercial modeling isn't that special/hard to get into tbh. just about anyone that's pretty photogenic can do it. you just have to meet a few requirements that agencies/advertising companies might ask for. otherwise, it's nothing compared to high fashion modeling
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  6. femme added a post in a topic Ana and Alex   

    white top= alex
    red top= ana
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  7. femme added a post in a topic Ana and Alex   

    they honestly look really stunning in their recent pics...and i thought i was the only one who noticed the insecurity thing with Alex. i can spot people who are secretly insecure from a mile away
    edit: also, i posted 2 pictures of Ana because of the huge difference in saturation and coloring. and you can tell Alex either didn't touch the brightness/coloring/saturation, and Ana edited hers or vice versa

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  8. femme added a post in a topic Ana and Alex   

    they said to expect a BTS Chicago experience video soon , I'm anticipating 
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  9. femme added a post in a topic Ana and Alex   

    i didn't even bother to read this whole thing, but lol @ you reviving this topic when absolutely no one has been talking about you/your "queens" for days
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  10. femme added a post in a topic Emily Lee // emilytheunic0rn   

    i posted the thing about fans because even they're tired of her redundant, boring videos lol idk much about it either, but I've seen them complain enough about her to want to make a topic on her
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  11. femme added a post in a topic Hitomi Mochizuki   

    she has really bad depression, and i think she said something about self-harm too. i saw a reply she left on a comment, and she mentioned smth about relapsing. i worry a lot for her. i don't agree with a lot of the stuff she says/does, but i don't love her any less at all. i just hope one day her demons stop tormenting her
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  12. femme added a topic in Online Personalities   

    Emily Lee // emilytheunic0rn
    So, first off, I'm sorry if there's already a topic on her ! I searched the forum, and I didn't see one so here it is.
    I found Emily via YouTube a few months back, and always told YouTube I wasn't interested in her "makeup looks" simply because they're suuuper tacky. Besides her makeup being tacky, unblended, and just overall messy, her 'style' is pretty similar. So tacky, and she takes popular pieces that everyone's wearing right now, and mix-matches them together, and it looks like she's trying too hard to look fashionable. 
    And no, I didn't make this to scrutinize her fashion sense (or lack thereof), but she's yet another YouTuber that has only started caring about sponsorship deals and less about the actual content they put out. And it's so bad to the point that her subscribers are even pointing out how crappy her videos are now 
    And I know this isn't as important, but she seems SO conniving to me. What do ya'll think?

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  13. femme added a post in a topic Hitomi Mochizuki   

    love her and her style. sometimes i feel she contradicts herself in her sit-down, talk videos, but other than that, i think she's really cool. i also feel really bad for her 
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  14. femme added a post in a topic Ana and Alex   

    I work for SM, and I know the coworker that sent out that email. The email basically said, "stop spreading bs about the artists over here !! they don't want ya'll !"
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  15. femme added a post in a topic Ana and Alex   

    it's all staged lol pretty sure she's never even met Jungkook. what i do know is that she doesn't know anyone from Got7 nor has she ever spoken to them. almost everything that comes out of her mouth is lies. i wish that thread was still there !
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