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  1. dweller added a post in a topic SSSniperWolf / Lia Shelesh   

    first time back on pull in a couple months just to sincerely ask, why does she gotta overplay the obviously photoshopped shit like she thinks it's real? it's a god damn PET PEEVE like her last video w/ that cheesegrater slide like ????? are u ??? are u 3 years old or are you trying to make content for a 3 year old
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  2. dweller added a post in a topic Sarah McDaniel   

    im just tired of how overly**** defensive he's been since posting and it's making everyone timid as fuck lol
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  3. dweller added a post in a topic Sarah McDaniel   

    no one accused you of anything, your wife did. you said she did. we discussed that. what did you expect out of this? we're strangers. please stop looking for an argument, we're trying to help. we're trying to tell you how NOT to damage your reputation on a public forum. come on now
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  4. dweller added a post in a topic Sarah McDaniel   

    if u need'a vent use a therapist instead of an anonymous forum dedicated to exposing people, imo. honestly it's like he's trying to talk to her through this forum at this point and it's getting way too personal
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  5. dweller added a post in a topic Sarah McDaniel   

    i can't say that i necessarily agree with you! people being unable to change is a myth. also everyone is different! i've personally helped people out through there bigotry with lots and lots of open conversation (and patience.. oh god patience..) and sometimes it was a hit or miss but y'know! sometimes it really helped too! not just saying "haha u fuckos i can help my friend not say faggot don't be mean to sarah :-(" not at all but like if she really makes a plan to help rebuild her image or this situation WOKESs her up i mean.. i'm not gonna scream daddie's lil homophobe if she's trying to better herself off y'know? call up her shift manager at mickie's n' scream "she called me a fag on the internet!!" like c'mon. that's not going to help anything besides making her more and more hateful. 
    tl;dr don't be a troll that don't do Nothin'
    i... i wish i read this before i went on my drunken spiel... NVM THIS HAHA i'm noT a doctor
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  6. dweller added a post in a topic Sarah McDaniel   

    u kno honestly if i had a kid and they got famous for lyin' about their eyes i'd be a lil sad and offended 2 
    u don't like ur eyes bitch
    that took ya mom 9 months 
    fuck u 
    nvm i change my mind dad go hard lol 
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  7. dweller added a post in a topic James Charles   

    hey can u stop being homophobic it's making everyone uncomfortable lol
    ahhh i mean i knew the yearbook pic was photoshopped outright like how could he have been in the same exact positioning? it's not really a call-out more than like "hey u photoshopped it more than people knew" but i thought that was.. the joke?? idk ehhh.... 
    he's still a racist dick tho
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  8. dweller added a post in a topic Sarah McDaniel   

    i agree with u! totally! not arguing! but idk about the parenting thing like.. you gotta think a lil bit before you hashtag your pretty well-known daughter as #homophobe #racist on the internet. i mean she could totally be those things yeah. but you're her dad. not her friend. her dad. that's a personal thing between you. hell yeah it hurts and she could be the snakiest snake on the plane! and if she really was the reason for all that drama family stuff god! wow! ouch! sarah you're a bitch! but still.. personal issue. it'll even be hard to flip burgers when ya employer looks up your name and the google results is your dad calling u a bigot. if he really wants her to grow and progress positively from this situation he needs to understand what his actions are capable of.
    **also not trying to belittle u daddio like i don't trust anyone lmao but i don't doubt she's screwed u over
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  9. dweller added a post in a topic DaddyOFive   

    the fact that they're blaming the kids for this violence and how they're advocating it is absolutely disgusting. sure you yell "stop" when they're beating the shit out of him but you still fucking recorded and and uploaded those shots to the internet for "entertainment". there is nothing entertaining or funny about abuse-- about your kid screaming at you to stop playing "pranks" on him. but they wrote that in the "script" right? kids are horrible actors. especially when they try to cry.
    those are real, trauma tears. 
    the only reason those kids said they weren't being abused was so they wouldn't get fucking abused. when cody said "i don't know what that word means, but no" when they asked about him being traumatized.. like why don't you try explaining it to him? what would he say then?
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  10. dweller added a post in a topic Sarah McDaniel   

    that's why this board is anonymous ahah!! also totally agree! we don't have the other side to the story so there's no like confirmation. like ur on a gossip forum we all understand bias and victim-blaming ahah. TRUST NO 1. would be nice to have receipts. 
    mr dad if you're reading this take a breather before u go into CALLOUT POST mode! don't let your rage taint your words! remember that the public is very powerful and will twist n' fill in the gaps! 
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  11. dweller added a post in a topic DaddyOFive   

    i can't believe "false accusations" meant real evidence with video proof provided by the suspect themselves? did u guys know that? wow. english is crazy
    fuck all these videos are so triggering but i like want that cody boy to be safe so bad holy shit
    how can anyone side with this fuck when fucking DramaAlert and Keemstar are defending him like rEALLY??? jesus fucking christ
    it made me cringe hearing keem say "that boy cody will grow up to be so strong!!" i got my ass beat like that when i was a kid and it took years of therapy to barely go outside without fearing for my life every god damn second lmao!! didn't know that was strength! ho' boy.. 
    like just because you say "oh we were cleared by cps!!" anyone can say that?? anyone can say anything?? you're lying through you're teeth!!! give some proof??
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  12. dweller added a post in a topic Sarah McDaniel   

    i just find it insane how she still panders to this thought of "i'm different because i have heterochromia let me publish this wikipedia JOURNALISTsm article about it", immediately after she gets full-blown-no-fucking-doubt-called-out on her bullshit by her DAd. like, how does that process in your head to be a good idea? what a joke! like anyone trying to defend her on the fact that her career will be ruined like get outta town i would LOVE to cheat my way into fame too but.. then shit like this happens? she signed up for "fame", you get what you deserve honestly.
    i'm seeing this more so as an intervention rather than her dad being like HAHA CYBERBULLY SQUAD FUCK U. like the public needed to know she a snake. it was getting was too far and she obviously wasn't going to stop any time soon. personal opinion tho stop going out on the internet mr dad and yelling MY HOMOPHOBIC DAUGHTER WHAT A BITCH like you're still her dad. that's just gonna make it horribly difficult for her to move on anywhere in life after this. you have to sort that out with a therapist or something. she might have some trauma. take a walk outside your shoes.
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  13. dweller added a post in a topic Sarah McDaniel   

    hey it's me the meme queen. been awhile!
    also every1 who is sketched about her dad i mean like... i was expecting this at some point. she really needs a wake up call and this is putting her on a path towards it. love u mr dad but remember that we're strangers tho!! and about the hate she's receiving, i mean... what did she expect the day she put the contacts in?? when you let a lie get this big and profit off of other people's work while barely crediting them then like damn u deserve it at that point, lmao! hopefully she'll realize she got caught and try to rebuild herself
    idk... i don't believe in karma but i sure as hell think it'd apply to this situation
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  14. dweller added a post in a topic invadernoodles   

    ive been gone since november what did i misS
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  15. dweller added a post in a topic zombiephobiac (Десислaвa Добревa)   

    tbh i think her makeup is cool and the photoshop is so blatant that i think people should obviously know it's not what she looks like? kind of like a hey look i built this photo to look like this character kinda thing. it's a lil too outrageous but i like the aesthetic a lil 
    idk abt her personality i can't really comment on it 
    the pro ana thing i ain't gonna talk about B)
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