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  1. Pervette added a post in a topic LaLa   

    LALA just dropped a new video:
    TBH I haven't really been paying attention to your videos even though Im subscribed but that title caught a bitch attention. Let me just say LALA looks like she found her common sense and stopped letting her ego direct her decisions when it comes to her youtube channel. She actually admits she couldn't flip the channel the way she thought which again is what a few of us had said months prior. Her subscribers were there for Korea and she wasn't giving them Korea content which again is her FAULT for catering to Korea boos for a check. It was sad to hear she gives up easily mostly because I tend to do the same thing as well but I think if LALA finds her niche she can gain a NEW following for her channel.
    The only thing I disagreed with is her trying to claim that people saw her as the evil one when she revealed her break up because she's black? Hon ...maybe it's because in the video you ADMITTED to treating him badly when he came to visit you. 
    Another thing LALA you need to understand YOUTUBE is NOT the market for skits anymore. I'm not saying its impossible but Instagram is the platform you're looking for. If you want to write skits and act in them I would suggest building a Instagram following instead of a YouTube. YouTube has been dominated by beauty, vlogging and gaming and is no longer skit galore like it was in 2011-2015. In fact a lot of YouTubers now actually started off on Instagram and built their platform there. 
    I mean look at Shane Dawson's channel transformation..... If he had kept doing skits and music videos HE WOULD HAVE FLOPPED. PERIOD. Sip that tea if you will.
    If LALA gets some some  act right I might start watching her videos regularly again LMAO
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  2. Pervette added a post in a topic LaLa   

    Uh Oh back again I lead the pack so my backs to them *Nicki Minaj voice*
    I just want to say LALA was over that relationship before he even came to the U.S which is why she was mean and irritated with him. I know what's it like to be in a relationship but you're unsure whether or not you still feel it going somewhere. You tend to get irritated easily and nitpick everything. She knew way before they broke up that she was over it.
    Also I wish she should stop the lies. Girl we know why you're returning to S.Korea and back onto your main channel. The other one was a FLOP.
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  3. Pervette added a post in a topic LaLa   

    After watching her new video on the new channel it's clear this girl is not built for YouTube. You can't get a job because you had sponsor offers? There's being confident and then there's being cocky and that cocky attitude mixed with the inability to see that you're butchering yourself is why Kennie J.D is still thriving. Remember when you threw shade and about you having more subs? Well look who has more views.

    No one likes someone who has a better than you attitude especially when they have nothing to back it up with. Also no one cares about skits anymore unless they're on instagram sweetheart. That era on YouTube ended in 2013 and there's a reason no one really does them anymore. Go back to building board and try again. 
    Also in "How I came back to Youtube" video it's clear she's talking bout PULL in her whole negative comments but...are we wrong though? I guess.. and I'ma need these black women on YT(dont come from me Im black) to stop wearing wigs and not slicking their edges to match the wig texture. 
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  4. Pervette added a post in a topic K-Vloggers General Discussion   

    I'm subscribed to her but I haven't watched one of her videos full length in A WHILE. She's partially annoying to me and after saying this Im just going to unsubscribeeee
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  5. Pervette added a post in a topic LaLa   

    Nah I think they are aware of the viewers they're bringing to their channel. Around last year I brought it up that LALA was intentionally exploiting Koreaboos for views and she admitted a lot of her video titles were for marketing. But like you said they make the mistake that A LOT of youtubers make which is thinking their viewers will care about content they didn't subscribe for in the first place.
    The annoying thing is LALA has the personality to make it on YouTube without the Korea baggage. She'd probably make a good personality if she didn't act so stuck up at times and stopped posting boring ass videos.
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  6. Pervette added a post in a topic LaLa   

    By the looks of it she's already scrambling for views seeing as her videos are getting 15,000 views despite her 200,000+ subbies. Bare minimum she should be getting around 80,000 views. Honestly I would suggest LALA keep her adventuring theme going and try becoming a J-vlogger. It's known she traveled to Japan on multiple occasions so go teach out there sis.
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  7. Pervette added a post in a topic LaLa   

    *smirks in I was right*
    LALA's channel is FLOPPING hard and like a lot of us originally thought most of her views came from koreaboos living through her. It's so annoying because these k-vloggers think they can market themselves as this foreigner living in Korea and once they realize not much is left for them in that country that all their subbies will follow. 
    Fortunately LALA can come back from this because of her personality but she needs to STOP posting BORING ass videos. 
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  8. Pervette added a post in a topic Find Your Love In Japan (Nobita)   

    The part that KILLS me is that black people are dangerous but Japan had to get bombed TWICE because the Japanese government kept trying to colonize the rest of Asia? 
    Rape of Nanking? Wonder how many Chinese grandparents still around for that story? Don’t worry I’ll wait.
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  9. Pervette added a post in a topic Celia Leslie / Sonia Leslie   

    Honestly the twins were better off contouring their face into straight/slim noses and small jaws like the rest of the broke hoes online. Sometimes I don't like my nose either but I rather deal with the occasional "its not cute" instead getting PS and risk hating it for the rest of my life. 2 years ago I was all about the punk-metal aesthetic and now I'm into flushed cheeks, faux freckles and gradient lips. I most likely won't care for it 5 years down the line too.
    They'll be 40, K-pop will be dead, and S.Koreans will have a new trend for their beauty standards. At least with boobs and butt PS you can eventually fix it should you no longer want it. They played Russian Roulette with their face. 
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  10. Pervette added a post in a topic KennieJD   

    I am not white knighting here but did you guys actually WATCH the video? There was no complaining about exclusion. All Kennie said that if you are going to export your products to other countries then why not accommodate the target audience which is a valid claim. How are you going to be sending out COMPLEXION products that even some Koreans can't even get to match their neck? This is the first time in awhile I pulled up a Kennie video and I was expecting it to be the typical BS but it was actually neat. 
    Also @ A.G I don't know why people like to assume if a company won't benefit from putting out products that cater to a wider demographic. Let's say we aren't talking bout Westerners. What about the Koreans who aren't ghostly pale? You don't think they won't run to spend their coin on a complexion product that actually works for them? Darker shades generate sales especially when they would be exported to countries where paler complexions aren't the majority. Tis is all.
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  11. Pervette added a post in a topic Jeffree Star   

    You know what's funny? I didn't make this a black woman's issue. I made this about people who have darker skin. I just happen to be a black woman therefor I can only explain MY experience as a black woman. There are OTHER races of people who are just as dark or darker than black people who have the same issue. 
    At the end of the day paler people get way more than dark people. There's a SHIT TON of brands that I can't even get a CHANCE to try because they sure as hell don't cater to me. Brands will be way more likely to include people with a paler complexion but before they include the Nikki Perkins  and Nyma Tangs in the world. And yes, there are NON-BLACK PEOPLE WHO RUN JUST AS DEEP IN COMPLEXION AS THOSE TWO.
    No one is saying pale people can't talk about their issue but damn near every time it's NOT about pale people...it suddenly again has to be about pale people too. But hey think what you want.
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  12. Pervette added a post in a topic Jeffree Star   

    I swear yall are going to beat this "Pale people too!" mess into the ground. The fact that darker skin people really got 2 SHADES while there is abundance of lighter shades is already proving the point. My black ass got all of what 4 brands of BB cream to choose from and I'm NOT even that damn dark. If I want coverage then I'll have to use foundation but its not like Im being showered with options there too LOL
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  13. Pervette added a post in a topic KennieJD   

    I haven’t logged in for a minute but I had to for this. I am so sick and tired of people giving mental health a space whenever someone commits suicide. Any other time when someones friend text them they want to die or people deliberately ask for someone to be there on their TL people just reply “same HAHA”
    Kennie your ass isn’t even Korean nor do you live there. Your ass hasn’t even stayed in S.K for at least a year but a Kpop singer offs himself now mental health matters? Stay in your lane. If you wanted to make mental health video it shouldn’t have been focused on S.Korea. Let Korean people speak for their own and their ACTUAL experiences.
    Honestly fuck everyone and their faux concern. By the beginning of next week they’ll be opening Christmas presents with their family knowing damn well they have a friend waking up at home by themselves. Mental health matters every day and. Ot just when someone can’t bear it anyone. All there is talking about helping or saving but it isnt actually done.
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  14. Pervette added a post in a topic KennieJD   

    I said the exact same thing in the K-vlogger discussion thread. I do think LALA is going to have a fan base once she leaves Korea though simply because her personality prevails which is something too many youtubers lack in general. 
     Kennie is going to realize the wig videos, story times and long ass live streams are going to get tired. If she was smart she would rebrand herself like LALA is doing to sustain a fan base. Despite belief I think LALA subscribers are there for her personality more than her Korean related content because when does speak about Korean she doesn't really have much to say anymore.
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  15. Pervette added a post in a topic K-Vloggers General Discussion   

    The fuckery of asking your fans to donate money to some a K-pop group when they probably dont have the damn funds themselves.If they dont start doing sponsored videos and call it a day.
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