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      Hi all, I paid the server bill for the month so the site can be archived, sorry for the mess, didn't realize there'd be such an uproar. The site's in read-only mode. Happy archiving. Here's a link to a user-made PULL discord server: https://discord.gg/vZFEm75


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  1. polybrow

    [incoming rant] I wish people weren't so quick to throw around the WK card or claim somebody is ass-licking just because they have a differing opinion.. PULL may be a gossip site but that doesn't mean every single comment has to be negative , and those that aren't are WKs :alpacaworry2:

    1. SnowFlaker

      Amen to that :alpacacrush:

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  2. polybrow

    Vexxed has now joined Keemstar on the "disgusting human trash" list 

    1. PinkyChan

      The same goes for his gullible little following.

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    2. BonBonChucked

      I don't think there is a dumpster big enough for both and their following.

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  3. polybrow

    Had a dream that Maggot Palermo adopted me and I had to live with pre-escapee Venus as my new sister :meowplz:

  4. polybrow

    I found another person pretending to be of Korean blood.. what is with the influx of these people?

    1. polybrow

      I'd make a thread for them but tbh they're not big enough to be considered an online personality

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    2. Siwon

      Should start a general thread to collect all lowbies :D 

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    3. Sagiri

      two words:



      People basically will do anything to relate to their oppa-kawaii-duso or be closer to them. I know because my ex is claiming some older 21 year old who wanted to be sexual with her is Korean, when actually he's white asf LOL

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  5. polybrow

    When u want to creep on somebody you dislike on twitter but it's on private........

    1. johndoe

      I know that feel so well...

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  6. polybrow

    Why are all the snowflakes so boring lately :alpacabored:

    1. boopa

      I've been wondering the same. :alpacafedup: it's cool that they're chill for once but it's so boriiiiing

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    2. Siwon

      I've been logging on once every few days because of it. :/ 

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  7. polybrow

    Got told that I look like Taylor R......... should I feel insulted or not?

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    2. Girl A

      tbh i think taylor is pretty.

      so a compliment for me :haiplz:

      but im biased as hell with taylor

      thats why i dont comment in her thread :stoplz:

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    3. polybrow

      (They meant surgery Japan Taylor............)

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    4. Siwon

      I get compared to early Dakota (her first dolly image) ALL THE TIME. I know how you feel to get compared to a snowflake lol D: 

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  8. polybrow

    Why do stressful things always seem to pile up at one time

  9. polybrow

    Is anybody very skilled at photoshop? I need emergency help 

    1. polybrow

      all good now..

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