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  1. ayellowbanana added a post in a topic Old/Random Photots   

    I used to follow Jessica on instagram and it used to make me feel so insecure, I'm so glad she doesn't actually look like her pictures. Also, I don't know why but I find her hairline absolutely hilarious, when I was scrolling through this thread I found myself laughing at how far back it is.
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  2. ayellowbanana added a post in a topic Fatherkels   

    What's the deal with Kelsey and Sahar? Why are they famous? How old are they? Do they even go to school? I follow both Kelsey and Sahar on snapchat (neither of them have posted anything for ages btw) and they basically don't do anything with their lives besides watch stupid movies on a couch and go out to eat. Who pays for all the things they do, and all the plastic surgery they've had? How do they afford their lifestyle? Do they really come from normal middle-class families and freeload off Madison Beer? How are they even friends with Madison/how did they meet? Does Madison really pay for them? Why is Madison even okay with that?
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