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  1. milkfairy added a post in a topic Melanie Martinez   

    It really wouldn't help.
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  2. milkfairy added a post in a topic Melanie Martinez   

    If she didn't remember the correct date or did remember the correct date; it doesn't matter. Melanie confirmed it happened with her tweet. I hope Timothy is doing okay right now.
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  3. milkfairy added a post in a topic simply_kenna [Thread 2]   

    I find it funny how she has over 800k subscribers and yet she's now averaging around 20k to 100k views per video and the ones nearing 100k have been out for weeks and weeks. Her videos are too boring to be releasing one a week and they don't take as much effort to make as she wants others to believe.
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  4. milkfairy added a post in a topic simply_kenna   

    Anaheim is 20 minutes away from Anaheim Hills where the SoCal fires were and it is 100% contained as of yesterday. The sky looked that way a week or so ago because of the strong winds blowing towards the Long Beach area. Disneyland was totally fine besides the bad air quality.
    But yeah I get your point about how she never really comments on anything bad going on in the world so long as it doesn't affect her lol
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  5. milkfairy added a post in a topic simply_kenna   

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  6. milkfairy added a post in a topic simply_kenna   

    Yeah she did it herself as far as I could tell in the photo she posted a while back when she was bleaching it to dye it pink. Girl needs some olaplex and a hot oil treatment. I wonder what volume developer she used because it came out very orange lol
    If anyone knows the photo I'm talking about attach it if it's no trouble, I can't be fucked
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  7. milkfairy added a post in a topic simply_kenna   

    Also I'd suggest you ask that in Beauty & Fashion. 
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  8. milkfairy added a post in a topic Ally, Back Together   

    This isn't some That's So Raven shit where you look off into the distance for a second and become a slightly different person because you want a get out of jail free card. Taty knows what she's doing, she knows how it looks, and she's backpedaling.
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  9. milkfairy added a post in a topic Ally, Back Together   

    The internet saves everything. I think someone spoke about this account way earlier in the thread when Taty decided to go by Ally, can't be sure though. 
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  10. milkfairy added a post in a topic Ally, Back Together   

    Not sure about that, I honestly think they said some of the things they did to draw more attention to it. This is the only website I've found that's discussed her (publicly) and she doesn't seem to interact much with others despite the odd "fan" that obsessively comments on her instagram posts. Like I said, Lily just seemed like an imprudent person who wanted to garner attention by making it seem more personal and bigger than it is. Just my two cents
    Also, Tatjana deleted the comment thread so I can't quote it but Lily did say something along the lines of "Contact me if you need help finding it" to Jack so it's obviously public if it isn't this thread (which I doubt tbh)
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  11. milkfairy added a post in a topic favorite products for acne   

    I have so many favorites, I'll probably just type up my skincare routine; but makeup wise I like using Burts Bees BB cream.
    Face-wash: Avalon Organics Lavender Cleanser (helps take off makeup too, doesn't irritate my eyes whatsoever!)
    Exfoliation: Currently for my face it's Biore Charcoal Scrub and to exfoliate my body I like using coffee grounds with coconut oil.
    Mask: Aztec Clay  I usually mix in turmeric and Bragg's ACV; I love using ACV as a toner as well.
    Moisturization/Oils: My main favorite face moisturizer is Bee Yummy Skinfood by Live Live & Organics and pure argan oil. I also like tea tree oil since it can help dry out pimples; DEFINITELY not moisturizing.
    Also, something a lil extra is rosewater, I could spray it on my face all day it feels so damn nice.
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  12. milkfairy added a post in a topic Ally, Back Together   

    Well, someone obviously from here with the Youtube name 'Lily Violence' participated in a comment thread with Tatjana's boyfriend on one of her videos talking about a ~supa secret website that discusses her~ what a dork. I don't think anyone is, in their words, "exposing" her here; we just don't believe her. Click the link and scroll down to the comment thread if you'd like, just thought this was silly and unnecessary lol
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  13. milkfairy added a post in a topic Toopoor / layla shapiro   

    Of course there are  she also has a shop selling overpriced pillows and shirts 
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  14. milkfairy added a post in a topic Ally, Back Together   

    They're just trying to get a rise out of her, which, personally I don't mind but do understand the anxiety; she doesn't deserve that.  She'd probably have a panic attack if she knew people weren't buying into her shit here. Maybe she needs to be politely told that she doesn't need to do all of this to seem interesting and likable but she'd probably squawk at them as she does with any other constructive criticism that's presented to her. She needs to work on herself rather than her image i.e changing her name and "system-hopping". She's still the same person on the inside and she probably hates that.
    I hope she's able to improve and reflect but she seems unwilling.
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  15. milkfairy added a post in a topic Ally, Back Together   

    Pfft, and she complains about her mothers narcissism time and time again. Takes one to know one, Tatjana. 
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