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  1. Turnip added a post in a topic Sarah McDaniel   

    petition to take social media away from sarah mcdaniel before she becomes botched
    lol no but fr she cares more about her internet persona than her actual self. who cares about the risks of getting silicone implanted into ur eye when theres followers?? not sarah. if she never got involved with social media she'd never have gone this far. i hope she'll grow out of it but it aint looking like it.
    also.. the differences.. 🤔
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  2. Turnip added a post in a topic Sarah McDaniel   

    did anyone notice her buying 5k followers on monday lol
    she should be saving money for her future glaucoma medication instead
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  3. Turnip added a post in a topic Sarah McDaniel   

    (sorry for posting too close to my other post but) it really is just sad because if you look at greg's past posts he hasnt been spewing immature things about sarah in a "pathetic state". he was stating true facts like how he was done supporting sarah's lies and stealing, done with her homophobia torwards him... and how it was wrong for her to "build a life of lies and at the expense of others." and how she hurt his family by texting him he shouldnt be allowed to see his 10 yo daughter cus of his sexuality...
    now its just "its ok for her to be homophobic to me, who cares about her lying because modeling is deception anyways, and shes actually a cool/hardworking person." it was never childish rantings, just truth. its really sad because this is prob how sarah manipulates, cutting people off until they come back sucking up to her.
    truth is its not okay for her to be homophobic (although it may have been hard on her), modeling is not a deception but a brutal industry that only hard working models can success in, and sarah is not a hard-working person. sarah is someone who has no problem stealing/copying others hard work to keep up with her image. to justify your daughters lies/stealing/copying/manipulation is just sad, and its dissapointing to see someone with morals leave them behind like that.
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  4. Turnip added a post in a topic Sarah McDaniel   

    yeah thats a surefire way to get sarah to accept you, justify all her shitty behaviour 🤔 
    yeah because going to india to get a freaking dangerous implant in your eye to keep up a lifelong lie isnt shallow. shes worked hard to get where she is? you know maybe youre right.. it must be pretty hard to find models bodies that have her same hair and body type so she can steal their pics. must work hard to find artists actual work and steal/post it has her "doodles". 
    modeling isnt pure fantasy either lmao. models work hard as shit unlike sarah, and runways and other types ARENT photoshopped. its damn hard to model, much harder than sitting at home taking boobie pics and stealing others work.
    while it was nice to have sarah exposed for what she did, i admit maybe it was a littttleee immature for a father to do. but what youre doing now is just as immature, brushing all her wrong doings under the rug. sarah is not a hard working person, she is someone whos willing to steal others hard work in order to keep up with her image as a heterochromatic intullectual bombshell. she is someone who lies about having a deformity and states she was bullied for it. thats not creating a image or a style, thats lying for attention, and its pathetic for a father to justify that.
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  5. Turnip added a post in a topic Sarah McDaniel   

    since shes suppose to be ~woke~ why the fuck is she promoting ELEPHANT RIDING?? jesus, this girl and her neglected chameleon and elephant abuse...  
    (edit: i have to say more cus what the HELL)
    they literally beat the elephants, take them away from their mothers when they are small and break their damn souls by keeping them from food and beating them/ chaining them so they cant move and eventually collapse. then when they are completely BROKEN they begin to "train" them by forcing them to get used to wearing a howdah (the saddle, which over time will cause spine and lung damage) and even then the suffering isnt over because for the rest of their long lives they are forced to have uneducated idiots like sarah ride them. 
    in general if an animal is being used for profit its usually involved in a greedy and sad industry. 
    and shes just sitting over the poor tortured thing with her boobs hanging out and her eye implant shining in the sun. fucking gross.
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  6. Turnip added a post in a topic Sarah McDaniel   

    should def make a thread for liza
    i remember someone commented about how skinny her cham was and said they needed more than crickets.. i dont know much ab chameleons but i have a friend that owns panther chameleons and they apparently need silkworms? and these green worms or something. and you can see in this pic sarah has a tiny cricket keeper (thats kept by her damn work table?? girl? the cricket poop smells, right???)  further im sure she doesnt calcium dust them nor gutload the crickets. ofc she got him to take some pics with. poor thing most likely died. 
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  7. Turnip added a post in a topic Sarah McDaniel   

    yall sarah's gon have beef with another person using heterochromia for insta followers

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  8. Turnip added a post in a topic Sarah McDaniel   

    she never learns. the little snake is going to try to sneak into visual arts to gain more attention but ofc she cant do anything herself so she must steal. shes in for a fuckin ride though cus artists dont do well with people stealing their art. something someones worked on for weeks/months/years and something they put their heart and soul into... the guy commented on every fkn caption lmao!! but sadly i dont think that will wake her up.
    its just disgusting because at first she just reposted the art, but you know she looked at it and decided "this isnt mine but im going to flip it and claim it as my doodles for insta praise" how she couldnt just admire the art without having her lying impulses is sad and disturbing... 
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  9. Turnip added a post in a topic Sarah McDaniel   

    shes def claiming that art as her own. flipped the pic and everything. shes so quick to shut down/delete eye-color rumors, but she allows people to believe artwork is hers?? please...
    (the art is by gabriel kalnins)

    also why does she think flipping a photo will throw people off. like someones just gonna think "oh wow this looks very similar to this other photo, but its flipped so it MUST not be stolen!" godd the stupidity
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  10. Turnip added a post in a topic Sarah McDaniel   

    she did try to jump on the starwars band-wagon, hilariously 

    remember her "Mulenium" falcon lmao.....
    oh sarah when will you learn
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  11. Turnip added a post in a topic Sarah McDaniel   

    1:08 "ive had different colored eyes since i was a baby" she says as her contact lens is slipping to the side and showing her brown eye

    her acting isnt horrendous, but she prob has some experience "acting" from lying about her eyes for her whole life lol... all that lying on interviews finally payed off in a failing movie about weed superheroes 
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  12. Turnip added a post in a topic Sarah McDaniel   

    shes been reposting pics from the same photoshoot for like a year... thats how little "jobs" she gets. but i wouldnt even consider that a job, just shoots done by that one photographer that she prob payed $20 for.
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  13. Turnip added a post in a topic Sarah McDaniel   

    yooo is she really that dumb
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  14. Turnip added a post in a topic Sarah McDaniel   

    shes stolen so many pictures, even fabricating stories to go along w/them like that one macro lens one. instagram will sometimes disable accounts that have stolen photos and she has... a lot..... i dont wanna spend time filing out the report things on every photo but if someone wants to it could get her axcount disabled 
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  15. Turnip added a post in a topic Sarah McDaniel   

    the "um" kills me lol 
    we all have not lied about a deformity, made stories on being bullied for it, made informational vids on the deformity while also claiming it's cool to have it, stolen countless pictures from other models/photographers shamelessly, been homophobic, or plagiarize articles as a journalist. 
    i get it, someone comes across the page and sees something they disagree with. however this is a talk page for sarah, not an "honorable" source lol. we have facts and screenshots that can be used as true information, but PULL is only a talk site, with our opinions added into the mix. these opinions have changed as we've known more of her personality. posts back when people first discovered her were more forgiving. i remember people would compliment her face or body regardless of the eye. now that we know the extent of her shitty attitude, we aren't so friendly to her.
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