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  1. Angelus added a post in a topic Yumi King's Instagram   

    My mental reasoning is weird when it comes to Yumi, because my first thought was of her cleaning that toilet, dipping the ends of her pony tails into the bowl.
    Maybe she cleans her bangs in a similar fashion? Two for one deal?
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  2. Angelus added a post in a topic Michelle Moé   

    Her channel has really taken a bizarre turn. 
    I started following Michelle back a few years ago on tumblr and even purchased one of her harnesses from her ALIENMOé.
    Which BTW has held up pretty well and was crafted pretty decently. I like it, even if the market is far more saturated now with cheaper alternatives, I would probably buy another from her if mine were to fall apart.
    Michelle's tumblr advertised her YouTube channel in a giveaway for some of her shop pieces about a year/year and a halfish ago. I stayed subbed because I liked watching her craft her doll heads and I liked watching her makeup tutorials and I found her voice quite soothing. Her newest videos haven't piqued my interest and I haven't watched them as I am not really into K-pop so I don't know who any of these groups are, haha~ Plus her rose eating mukbang trend didn't appeal to me either. Her channel just seems all over the place as of late. 
    I personally would never spend my money on tickets for a band I am not truly invested in so I don't see why someone else would. And if what these comments are saying is true and that this band sells out pretty quickly it kinda comes off as her showing off.
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  3. Angelus added a post in a topic Yumi King Videos   

    That giggle actually gave me second hand embarrassment. 
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  4. Angelus added a post in a topic Yumi King Videos   

    This photo of hers is cute, she looks so much nicer without the bangs.
    Now if she could just get rid of those dang side pieces.
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  5. Angelus added a post in a topic Yumi King Videos   

    You obviously don't hang out here often, which is fine, but it would be wise to investigate a bit before getting defensive.
    Many of us have been following Yumi for YEARS. Heck, I myself joined PULL because of Yumi. We have grounds to speak on her speech, it isn't something we are just pulling out of our asses. Even in her newest video she pronounces "costume" differently in the exact same sentence. She puts on an act to appear cutesy and naive. If you take a second to watch any of her videos from 2015 the act is quite obvious.
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  6. Angelus added a post in a topic Yumi King Videos   

    I bet two dollars that this surgery is going to be the running theme of her channel for the next month.
    Easy asspats. 
    Honestly though I liked this video? Mostly because I barely had to listen to Yumi talk. <:
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  7. Angelus added a post in a topic Stef Sanjati   

    Genuinely worried about her. It was already apparent that she has issues with her surgery addiction, but in her newest video she claimed she has gotten eight tattoos in the past month?
    That is some major cause for worry. 
    Nothing wrong with tattoos of course, but eight in such a short time span when she only had three prior seems concerning. >:
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  8. Angelus added a post in a topic Pretty Pastel Please   

    I can't help but agree with this.
    Like from my understanding she returns the clothes that she decides not to keep, correct? Letting your bird walk and chew all over clothes you intend to return seems a bit entitled. One time one of my cats got into a bag that had a dress I had planned on returning and got cat hair all over it. I thought that would be pretty disrespectful to return a dress that my cat chose to have a nap on. Even with a lint roller, cleaning it up just to return it seemed kinda rude to whoever would purchase the returned dress in the future, so I chose to keep it and be out the forty dollars or whatever the price was. To whoever may purchase the dress I returned it is a new product and they deserve something new, not something my pet trampled and napped all over. Of course she probably has the excuse of "it's several hundred dollars worth" but it isn't that hard to keep Archie away from clothing you intend on returning.
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  9. Angelus added a post in a topic Yumi King Videos   

    hai erryone wercum to mah new video so intodaysvideowe going to test *BIG BREATH* crayon makeup
    I always come back after a few weeks to see how Yumi is doing and her English is awful as usual. Probably worse actually.
    Also girl, you can put breaks between your words and sentences. JFC
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  10. Angelus added a post in a topic Pretty Pastel Please   

    I just watched the video in which her roommate/ex makes her a pink mirror.
    Boy seems kinda whipped? Like nothing wrong with doing things for a friend, heck, I am pretty good friends with one of my exes, but he made the entire thing for her and is now starting a series in which he makes things for Alex. As well she didn't seem to help him make this mirror at all.
    As well, at the end of the video she said she had a Birkin bag she gave her mom? No one with a spare Birkin bag lying around to give their mom is gonna be living with their ex to "save money on rent". Must be a fake.
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  11. Angelus added a post in a topic Pretty Pastel Please   

    Do they actually?! Oh dang. 
    Where does she say this is their current living situation? I wanna dig a bit. <3
    EDIT: Found it. If anyone else was interested. <:
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  12. Angelus added a post in a topic Plaaastic/GG   

    I figured, but you just set the bait out so perfectly so I had to bite~ :3c
    I do agree with you, her ploy is quite pathetic and not working out in her favour. Her new work is uninspiring and it seems the only people who are following her know that she is GG. She should just give it up.
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  13. Angelus added a post in a topic Plaaastic/GG   

    bUT $aD $eLLs gAis
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  14. Angelus added a post in a topic Pretty Pastel Please   

    Oh man I didn't realize she wanted to be a Snowflake.
    Girl you need to calm down, here is the thing, if you put your work out there, people will criticize it. You ain't the first person we critique on this site and you ain't the last. You jumped on a bandwagon, went viral and now lack the creative inspiration to do something else but milk the same song and dance for less views. She herself even said on her twitter her newest Wish haul has less views. It's because it is boring. :^) Wish hauls are dying now, they blew up and they are done. Try again.
    I've watched a few her videos and the outfits she bought weren't even picked by her. . . it was picked by her subscribers. So even less creative work from herself.
    She claiming on twitter that she is gonna overtake the YT beauty scene like ????
    No hair tutorials, no makeup, not even OOTD's or lookbooks. She says she has designer bags? Where? Hiding in the depths of your closet because your Speedy Monogram doesn't suit your newfound pastel aesthetic?
    Do more Archie videos. Teach us about replica handbags, some tutorials or GRWM or lookbooks. Games? Anime? She seems obsessed with Japan so I am sure she has her nerdy habits, indulge us.
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  15. Angelus added a post in a topic Sakimichan   

    I used to be a pretty big fan of her work back before Patreon was the beast it is now.
    I think her art reached its peak in 2014, and then her quality dipped when she started making a ton of Patreon bucks.
    Why put in the effort of making fully rendered, polished work when you can release several smaller, incomplete pieces. She herself has said that because of Patreon she can be more "experimental" with her pieces, but I can't help but feel like it is a cop out. 
    To this day I cannot get over how this:
    Was something she drew in 2017 and released as a pinup on her Patreon; the quality is a nose dive from what she has released in the past.
    Now, correct me if I am wrong, but I am under the impression that she was not working in the Bioware Edmonton studio, but the now defunct Bioware Montreal, which means she would have been working on Mass Effect: Andromeda or the previous trilogy's DLC's. The likelihood she contributed to the original trilogy or any of the Dragon Age games are slim. I have known a few people who have worked at Bioware and from the way they talk the Montreal studio did very little work with the main games.
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