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  1. mayzo added a post in a topic Sissel AB   

    Lowkey this gives me “It matters not what you’ve done, but what you do with what you’ve done for others” energy
    Like I think I get what she’s trying to say but also...I am confusion
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  2. mayzo added a post in a topic ChoNunMigookSaram/Megan Bowen   

    Soooo anyway hahaha
    I actually kinda liked that Megan (+ Eunice) went out to do those interviews on what hip size Korean men prefer on women. The subject matter was somewhat cringey/K-boo pandery, sure, but it was interesting to see how the culture seems to be shifting in regards to beauty standards/body types. 
    Also, I just would rather see YouTubers in Korea go out and do stuff rather than sit at home and “tell” me about Korean culture (which are the majority of her videos), but that’s just a personal preference haha. I know that a lot of people like that too.
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  3. mayzo added a post in a topic Kpop scandals   

    Yooooo ARMYs on TikTok especially have been getting so wild defending him like “he didnt know he was doing anything wrong i bet hes so upset about it” and “antis are trying to convince him to kill himself and they are making up rumors” and im like dude...1) do u not see the inconsistency in his situation where he said he produced it himself then apparently he didnt? that alone is sketch. 2) cyberbullying, while obviously awful and immature, happens to every idol. it’s one of the suckiest parts of the job, but stop acting like yoongi is the only idol that has “haters”. besides... 3) these same armys are the ones trying to literally doxx people (esp other teenagers) for “hating”/not liking bts/calling them out on the situation...dont call out bullying if ur gonna be ok with it when it happens to ppl u dont like. bullying is bad regardless of who it happens to, u dont get to pick and choose then stay innocent in that regard.

    i can understand that, for yoongi, it’s a tough situation to be in, but him not acknowledging it at all/the conflicting info on how involved he was in his music makes it kinda difficult to sympathize fully if that makes any sense. i dont know if bighit is/is not letting him say anything, though. bts can’t even have their own individual instagrams, even for “show”, soooo....
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  4. mayzo added a post in a topic Eat Your Kimchi (Simon and Martina)   

    Yeah, Idk if it’s just what I remember but I feel like after about a year or so of life in Japan their content slowed down a lot. Perhaps due to Martina’s condition (which is understandable)? I guess it’s just weird to me because they obviously prefer life in Japan over Korea by a looooong shot (which was obvious even before they moved there), so one would assume that they would have had millions of ideas to share over time. However, they made way more content in Korea each year, like several times a week even when they were teaching and didn’t have a team behind them. Like I said though it could be in part due to Martina’s EDS, I don’t know anything about their personal life, and also my memory might be failing me on just how much they posted during their earlier Japan days.
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  5. mayzo added a post in a topic Unpopular Opinions (K-POP Edition)   

    Not just you. When they made their tweet I was like “This is literally the most bare-bones BLM statement literally ever, people are gonna condemn them because other idols have made similarly bare statements and they got trashed—“ Nope. People were praiiiissssiiiing them to no end.
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  6. mayzo added a post in a topic Kpop scandals   

    Slightly OT but I think it relates well to this:
    This is a great reflection of how a lot of people (not EVERYONE but a significant amount) in Korean society, from what I’ve noticed as an outsider, anyway, tend to feel about black people/POC in general. They are more than willing to enjoy fashion inspired by them, like black musicians, etc but 1) actively create/don’t get rid of discriminating laws within their country (they’re notorious for businesses/clubs having signs that say “no foreigners” or only let in white foreigners, all of which is 100% legal) and 2) would rather talk about racism towards Koreans abroad (still bad) than address the issues back home/racism toward other POC. 
    Now, I love Korea in general, and there are so many wonderful people there...but to ignore the country’s worst issues would be ignorant. Unfortunately, there are many K-Pop idols that, knowingly or unknowingly, are contributing to these discriminatory ideals as well.
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  7. mayzo added a post in a topic Unpopular Opinions (K-POP Edition)   

    Sometimes I think about how BTS gets compared with EXO a lot by ARMYs (because EXO is arguably the biggest group after BTS) and I’m just like...why do people compare them? They are basically two completely different groups with completely different vibes/aesthetics. Why can’t we just like both?? Why does there have to be so much competition for everything??
    Also, when people flipped out about Chen (an EXO member) getting exposed for being (at the time) engaged and his fiancée was pregnant, so many ARMYs were like “We would never be upset if it happened to a BTS member, we support and love them”...personally, I think the backlash would be WORSE. (Not that I agree with the backlash at all, some of these guys are nearing 30...why are we policing who they date at this point lol)
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  8. mayzo added a post in a topic Unpopular Opinions (K-POP Edition)   

    Agreed! Back in “ye olden days” (aka like 8 years ago lol) when I became a K-Pop fan, IDK if it’s just how my memory is, but since the fandom wasn’t “mainstream” in the west (I even got bullied for liking it) the international community was generally chill. In fact, we saw what sasaengs and other more intense K-fans would do to idols (obviously not EVERY K-fan but you know what I mean) and we’d actively condemn stalkerish/obsessive/disgusting behavior! If an international fan did that sh*t they would be called out immediately! However, I’ve noticed over the last few years it’s gotten just as bad among the international fandom as well...of course there are still chill fans out there, but with how almost acceptable it is to be “obsessive” now...it’s so unfortunate. I’m still 100% a K-Pop fan, I love the music and the videography, but I haven’t engaged with the fandoms for years at this point. I can’t relate any more.
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  9. mayzo added a post in a topic Unpopular Opinions (K-POP Edition)   

    100% agree! Back in 2018 when they started doing that I was like “dang that’s awesome, I’m happy for them, they came so far” but now I’m thinking...you guys are millionaires (and have been for years) and are still talking about this? There’s so much more that can be said and done with their music, I think...reminds me of this meme:

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  10. mayzo added a post in a topic Unpopular Opinions (K-POP Edition)   

    Idk if anyone else said this cuz I’m just now coming to this thread, but I feel like the majority of Yoongi’s D-2 album was just him flexing 🤷🏻‍♀️ Like normally I’m all for confidence but when the whole thing is just “f*ck u haters I’m rich” I’m just like...meh.
    Also I agree that the Jim Jones sermon made no sense like why even add that in? Who approved that? It’s like adding a Trump speech to the beginning of, IDK, Daechwita. It makes no sense and doesn’t add anything lol.
    Shame cuz I really liked his last album
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  11. mayzo added a post in a topic Bapmokja and haeppy or Baeppy   

    Yo I LOVE Korean Englishman! If you think about it, 90% of their content is literally “XXX tries XXX for the FIRST TIME!” However, Josh and Ollie are SO funny together and have such great charisma/comedic timing (and the people they bring on are awesome too in their own ways) so they are usually what bring me back, not the 10,001st video on Korean fried chicken or K-BBQ lol.
    Ain't that the truth! If there’s no passion in what you do, viewers notice. 
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  12. mayzo added a post in a topic Bapmokja and haeppy or Baeppy   

    I kinda agree with this too lol. I think it’s definitely possible to have a fanbase grow to like *you* as well as the place/content you’re discussing in your YouTube channel, but they haven’t shown enough of their *personality* in their videos to make anyone emotionally invested in them, if that makes any sense.
    I mean, Megan Bowen has still managed to do well after all these years even though her channel STILL focuses on Korea (even though now it’s more about her and her husband as well) just to give an example, and there are plenty of other vloggers that talk about life in XXX that still manage to be popular because people like them as individuals as well as whatever they put out. No distinct personality/quirk/what have you means that there’s a chance that people will, well, get bored and move on to someone else...and, after looking over WeFancy’s videos again, there’s not that much about them that I’d consider super quirky/cool personalities/reasons for me to be invested in them (the most I get is that they like to party and sleep with women lmao which is 1000% fine and their prerogative but it’s not something I personally look for when watching YouTubers).
    Basically, it’s a combination of factors that truly make or break a YouTuber, so thank you for bringing up the personality aspect that I’d forgotten about! You make some super good points! (I hope this makes sense lol I barely got any sleep last night so my mind is all over the place)
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  13. mayzo added a post in a topic Bapmokja and haeppy or Baeppy   

    I mean, he’s not entirely wrong, but TBH...most of the people trying to be YouTubers over there do the same stuff over and over again. I keep seeing a lot videos of people just sitting in their rooms talking about stuff like dating, partying, and racism/discrimination, or just basic day-in-my-life types that are all “look at me! i’m at a cafe! now i’m at home lol” and those, IMO, get old super quickly. Their past videos where they actually visited areas/places (especially popular/trending areas) and talked about them did pretty well (like their street food tours and guide to clubbing for example)...in general, I think that, nowadays, to be successful on YouTube while living abroad is to actually go out and do things (and make whatever those things are look super fun...people can tell when the passion isn’t there), otherwise, yeah, you’re gonna hit a stalemate. This is all my opinion as someone that’s watched a lot of Korea-based content for years, though.
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  14. mayzo added a post in a topic joanneneko/smallicecoffee   

    IDK I kind of lowkey agree haha. Like, yeah, she could have said it a bit more tactfully, but honestly...I’ve lived by various loud neighbors these past few years so I can empathize with having to deal with that. If you’re making noise late at night, people are going to complain, especially, like someone else said, in Korea where apartment walls are notoriously thin. Sometimes, things you don’t think about can cause noise, too, like running across the floor! It’s an annoying situation and I’m sure hearing complaints about your children isn’t fun, but you still need to be considerate of other people regardless.
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  15. mayzo added a post in a topic Simply_Kenna/Cozykitsune [Thread 6]   

    I understand what you’re saying. I teach ESL and their use (er, misuse, I guess?) of articles is pretty strange (a/an/the which are taught pretty early on in ESL/EFL) while, aside from their incorrect usage of “mistaken”, the rest of their comment is actually relatively advanced. “Nonetheless” and other conjunctive adverbs, for example, are fairly high-level as they are only taught for/used in business/academic writing related settings. I’m not going to 100% say this person is faking, because native speakers of certain languages often have issues with certain elements of the English language (for example, native Chinese speakers, even at advanced levels, struggle with “he” and “she” because they only have an equivalent of “they” to describe someone, they don’t separate by gender) but it’s still interesting to notice. Who knows, TBH!
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