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  1. _Bertram_ added a post in a topic Jeffree Star   

    It's part of his persona. He's always been a guy who expresses everything with a lot of character. But still, being stolen 2.5 millions worth of products, I'd be pissed too. 
    I started to appreciate Jeffree a bit more recently. I mean, I'm a person who will give the benefit of the doubt to people who were not always nice, if they truly learned by their mistakes and they apologize genuinely , Then I can forgive. There's lots of drama around him but which Guru doesn't have any ? I like his makeup and I can trust him on his reviews so I know what to buy and what to avoid.
    I hope he will find the culprit !
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  2. _Bertram_ added a post in a topic Shane Dawson   

    Oh right ! Well I don't know about those that much, I'm not a psychiatrist or psychologist myself, I'm basing my POV from what I've seen/experienced myself here in Canada about mental disorders in general so sorry about that !
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  3. _Bertram_ added a post in a topic Shane Dawson   

    I personally think that sociopaths are as misunderstood as psychopaths. When you talk about psychopath, you automatically think of Eric Bateman while the truth is far from it for most of them. It's so easy to give etiquettes to people who act strange or out of norms, but that won't make them sociopaths automatically. Shane probably didn't want to do harm with his docu and he said himself that he's aware of the consequences it could bring. I just think that the way he's showing it, it will create some panic among his viewers and create even more misunderstanding. Let's not forget that even if the psychologist is, well, a psychologist, she was reading the symptoms from a book. The book is there to give you a GENERAL idea of an illness, but these symptoms are not the same for everyone. She just read what was in the book, because those are the commons signs and symptoms, but it's still a book ! It shouldn't be seen as a 100% effective diagnosis tool, people who might have a disorder get all sort of tests before being given a real diagnosis.
    As for Jake, he kinda remind me of Jackass, an old reality show where there was that guy named Bam Margera who would do all sorts of things to impress and get money from it I guess, since it was projected on tv. They would beat eachother's *ss, do disgusting stuff and all that. Jake kinda remind me of that ; a guy who does a lot of stuff he probably wouldn't even do by himself if it wasn't about money. I don't see him as a sociopath, he's just young and stupid like other members said.
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  4. _Bertram_ added a post in a topic General Nigri thread   

    Also the fact that she applied lip gloss doesn't help. I hope it will takes a better shape and that's only swollen for now because if I got lip fillers and they'd look like that, I'd be pissed. I have nothing against lip fillers, but they don't look good on everyone. Some people wear them better than others. Nigri isn't part of them...
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  5. _Bertram_ added a post in a topic General Nigri thread   

    She's trying to keep a younger image of herself, but 30 isn't even old. It's not like she's approacing her 60s or something. Jesus christ Nigri, I'd love to be there during your midlife crisis.
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  6. _Bertram_ added a post in a topic Jeffree Star   

    Also don't forget that even if it's a documentary, Shane and Jeffree are friends. Shane wouldn't corner any of his friends with controversial stuff, it would just create problems for both of them. Like Xander said, it's mostly entertainment, Shane's goal was to show us another side of Jeffree we didn't know since Jeff never talks about it. Of course all the luxury was shown too, which didn't surprise me since I know Jeff is all about luxurious things. I think Shane did a good choice to not talk about drama, because that could spark conflicts and he doesn't want that..
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  7. _Bertram_ added a post in a topic Jeffree Star   

    I few people I know use his products and apparently they're great quality. Most people might not know his brands because it's not available everywhere yet, and unless you already know Jeffree or you've been in the beauty community in a while, peeps won't necessarely know about it. Give it a few more years and I bet his brand will be well known by most makeup users.
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  8. _Bertram_ added a post in a topic Jeffree Star   

    Ah sorry ! I understood it differently, but that's true, that's another thing that people do often to rich people. That's sucks, I mean, Jeffree wasn't always nice and he made mistakes but he doesn't deserve that, nobody deserve to be manipulated and used.
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  9. _Bertram_ added a post in a topic Jeffree Star   

    Sorry, double posting here. I've watched the 3 videos Shane posted and so far, it's interesting ! The first 2 are more about Jeffree's place and his belongings and stuff, but the third video is more about his business and I didn't know he was involved that much in business. Like many people, I thought he only had YouTube and his makeup brand, and, I think that Jeffree is smart with anything around business, he seems to know where to invest so he gets huge earnings. I'm glad to see he has good sides. What irks me is that you never, NEVER know if he is genuinely having fun with his guests ( like Shane ) or if he fakes it, and it bothers me.
    On another note, when he explains to Shane what being rich is, it's totally true. I'm not rich, but he's right, people will befriend you because they assume you're gonna pay them things, pay their meal, pay stuff for them. Yes being rich is not always nice, you might be able to buy anything, it won't make you happier. I agree with him on that point. Why would he have to pay for other people ? If it's a gift, then that's nice, otherwise being rich doesn't mean you HAVE to pay for others.
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  10. _Bertram_ added a post in a topic Jeffree Star   

    I watched the first video yesterday and I'm interested to know more about Jeffree. Is he gonna reveal stuff we've never heard before ? Maybe ! And I want to know more, because what do we know about him except what we already know ? There's a side of him we never knew and I'm genuinely interested to hear more. I'm curious to know if Shane is gonna ask about past drama stuff, and if so, I can't wait to see Jeffree's responses. Is he gonna be honest or twist the truth.
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  11. _Bertram_ added a post in a topic Shane Dawson   

    Shane doesn't post too much about the conspiracies because he doesn't want to get in any legal problems, which I totally understand. I even think he got some balls to even talk about that. I'll admit that I'm a bit paranoid with internet, I would never post about subjects like that myself, who knows who's watching you.
    I wish he would upload more stuff like before, when he was cracking jokes all the time and stuff, it was so, SO funny back then. Not that he's not funny anymore, he just changed his content too much, and posting vlogs frequently is getting boring.
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  12. _Bertram_ added a post in a topic General Nigri thread   

    I actually like her wig. It's nicely styled and not tacky and disgusting, it's a really nice quality and the commissionner did a really good job. I'd see a more natural look for Mercy, because for some reasons, I prefer a Mercy with less spikyness and a more natural look, but for Tracer, keeping the accuracy is really better IMO. What irks me is Jessica's makeup, once again, lots of makeup for a character who doesn't wear any. Some fake lashes and eyeliner would be sufficient.
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  13. _Bertram_ added a post in a topic General Nigri thread   

    I've been told by many men, like, most of them who saw a real pair of boobs, that they prefer smaller ones rather than a bigger set. Of course I can understand how a youner girl can be insecure about that, but sometimes it goes away with time, like it happened to me. I personally like my small rack ! We're all exposed to '' A woman's ideal body type '' but some women are more fragile than other and I understand that, it can takes a while to accept yourself, I just hope they will love themselves one day, because people like Nigri are not happy with themselves, Nigri screams dead inside ! I don't even understand how she can lives with herself, I mean I'm insulted when men approaches me for my body, I can't see how Nigri deals with that all day long, it's annoying and degrading.

    Poor Nigri. Sometimes I feel bad for her. Then I see her shitty work and those feelings go away.
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  14. _Bertram_ added a post in a topic General Nigri thread   

    She's also friends with people she can use for her own benefit. You'll never see Nigri being friends with a cosplayer like me since I'm not a well known one ( and I don't want to anyway ) and I wouldn't work for her either. If she feels like she can't benefit from you, she won't approach you. Nigri also tries to hang out with cosplayers who have a spotlight on them so she can been seen too, like Alyson Tabbitha ( Why Alyson, why, you're so much better than her... why... ).
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  15. _Bertram_ added a post in a topic General Nigri thread   

    I just can't with her ! This doesn't represents Tracer AT ALL. Except maybe the rainbows but that's about it. Why wouldn't Nigri cosplay as the sexier Overwatch characters instead ? NVM I don't want her to touch Widowmaker. If she does I'll freaking slap her !
    Also that Kylo Ren, seriously I found a new name for Nigri by the way, Tackygri.
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