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  1. Kittenpng added a post in a topic Yungelita   

    Her picture caption was just flat out annoying to me. She’s had quite the history of sexualizing serial killers. I mean, the entire thread highlights that.
    i thought when she stopped posting about them often, she grew up but she was just waiting for people not to call her out about it on her pics and is casually bringing it up again to not cause any strife.
    let me remind y’all 
    we all may think crime and killers are interesting, HOWEVER most of us don’t take sexual photos with stuff about serial killers in the caption
    girl is no rob zombie actress, she’s a bland sheltered Canadian girl 
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  2. Kittenpng added a post in a topic Alida Simone   

    Like I dislike Simone and I think a majority of this thread hates her too, this is out of line and not at all what this forum is about. Way too personal and making fun of her home life and mental illness is not cool or funny considering users on this forum may struggle with the same shit 
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  3. Kittenpng added a post in a topic Yungelita   

    the knives dangling at the end of the video just killed me 
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  4. Kittenpng added a post in a topic Yungelita   

    Does anyone know if she has a job or not ?
    i thought she was spending her days working. Didn’t think she was spending her time writing Nicole doppelgänger music and taking pictures in scream masks with her bf
    I was actually thinking that lmao
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  5. Kittenpng added a post in a topic Yungelita   

    yeah I kinda see what you mean with the background music. The name of the song is I hate everyone except you, which is just really fucking cringe worthy
    i was expecting more of a Melanie Martinez like sound. I guess we’ll see what’s to come 
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  6. Kittenpng added a post in a topic Yungelita   

    Yungelita will be releasing her FIRST ever single, “I Hate Everyone But You,” TOMORROW ! 
    I wonder if she’ll be uploading it to iTunes and if so I wonder what her musical name will be.. Yung Elita / Elita Harkov / Emma Harvey??
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  7. Kittenpng added a post in a topic Alida Simone   

    Okay didn’t think there could be anything more trashy then simone but here comes along “Ashley brett” who is two years older then simone (making her a legal adult) that views her boyfriend, who is a legal adult AND an undoubted sex offender as a VICTIM. As an adult, you are able to make rational decisions, unlike the developing mind of a mentally ill 16 year old girl. The statutory rape laws are not something he wasn’t aware of when he began their “relationship,” he chose to break the law, he chose to be persecuted by the justice system. Any educated fucking person knows that there are legal consequences to laws that are widely recognized in today’s society. He’s a man in his 20s… He should be able to pay $20,000 to deal with the legal battles he began. A grown adult man should be able to make enough money to pay for it. Plus, She actually didn’t report him… He “ran away” with her AKA kidnapping a minor. Even if she wanted to get him out of trouble, she absolutely couldn’t. 
    I'm not one to really trash someones physical appearance but simone, even when she fucked up her face with plastic surgery, is WAY more attractive then you could ever be. You're VERY ugly. You look like a truck driving piece of trash. I could only imagine how jealous you are knowing how pretty simone looked when she was seeing him and probably aren't able to let it go. because welll..... I doubt he's thinking about you while you guys are having sex 
    I don't at all defend simones actions independent from that incident, I am not at all a fan, I don't like her at all and made many negative comments about her but like when girls stick up for rapists, I don't give a fucking shit, stop being in denial and defending a fucking freak who still prob is way more attracted to  her. You deserve all the hate you get until you see how disgusting your actions are. You should be ashamed to be dating him in the first place, but posting about it ON HERE?! WITH YOUR FULL NAME?! oh my god... you must be delusional, have low self worth, and little to no education. fuck right off bitch,  don't ever publicly defend a rapist.
    BTW as a registered sex offender, being in a relationship is practically impossible so of course he'd treat you decent. Doesn't mean he cares about you or you're special. He's probably shocked that you have such low self esteem to put up with that and he obviously has a lot of control over you because of your own insecurities. Doubt there's ANY respect on his behalf. hahahaha
     He probably thinks about simone more then you regardless of the extra ($8,000)? she wants from him.
    My main advice to you : get an education. god knows you need one.
    In Conclusion:


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  8. Kittenpng added a post in a topic Halsey   

    I respect your opinion!! and I'd hope you respect mine enough to understand that this isn't about shampoo and toiletries. She's constantly making statements about issues like this, yet doesn't do anything about it other then writing on twitter.
    She's a public figure. Her statements she issues will be under scrutiny. She's an adult with intelligence and power. She has way more of a platform pasted twitter so it kind of makes me feel like she's just doing it for attention.
    She strives to be an activist and I think her attempts are genuine and are for good motives for the most part but these constant pleas just seem like she wants attention  because with her money and influence, she could create ACTUAL solutions. She could speak with managers of hotels. She can issue statements formally to help encourage concerns like that and address it publicly. She could donate money to start the movement so hotels kind of are backed into a corner.
    She's not a child anymore, she's an adult who has a heavy influence on her young fans. Unlike normal people, she has the power to use media platforms that are more prominent then twitter.
    she's not all bad (one example of a positive contributions of hers was her public speech / poems about sexual assault. that moved me and i praise her for that. I wish she'd take that approach for other concerns she mentioned.)
    I know that this topic is complex and I wouldn't want to offend anyone so I'm sorry if anyone finds this offensive.
    I just saw your response but Im sure a lot of people think the same exact thing so ima keep it up. 
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  9. Kittenpng added a post in a topic Halsey   

    Halsey complains about hotel shampoo on twitter.
    frst off, she doesn’t actually do anything to support people who are discriminated against. She just says things in public while everyone could hear to get attention. So instead of speaking with the manager at given hotels, she whines on Twitter. 
    so you know when you go on a trip and forget your shampoo and then you’re stuck with the hotel shampoo? I hate when that happens but luckily we have this cool thing called money that could be used to buy preferred shampoo! But why do that when she can get attention for social justice?! Halsey wants to create a shampoo reform in hotels.
    On the grounds of discrimination, they’d have to provide shampoo for all genders and races. They give the most generic hygiene supplies possible. And should they give out black peoples shampoo to guests that look black? Halsey doesn’t even look black (which I am not downplaying) I don’t think staff would always know if she was biracial or not 100% of the time. I guess she expects an array of shampoo and conditioners for guests to pick from?...
    Her entitlement makes no sense at all. This attention grabber reminds me of something she said in an interview... wheb she said she was homeless and then went on to complaining about not being able to get Starbucks. Starbucks is fucking amazing but I believe it’s a little too pricey for homeless people.
    Sorry if anyone is going to be twisted about this, it really sucks but again, if she wanted changed she’d be taking it up with the managers, not Twitter 
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  10. Kittenpng added a post in a topic Lilith levisis/Clare Buley   

    um i think A LOT of people on here can relate to being mentally ill. If you think mental illness causes a person to start fraud go fund mes, promote self harm, do drugs blatantly on social media, and completely disregard respecting other people, you're FUCKING WRONG.
    you're extremely disgusting for blaming her ridiculous heinous behaviors on mental illness. you fucking retard. 
    she wants to be famous and have actually contributed to hate threads about her friends on lolcow so she's been on blogs like this posting about the friends she hung out with. she also self posted many times too.
    she didn't ask ANYONE to take it down, she came in here saying that they were breaking the law and she's going to get her rich daddy to handle it. she said this ruined her job opportunities and college... no... the pictures she posted of a rotting corpse grabbing her vag (which she posted publicly) probably deterred any schools and job opportunities. (do you blame them?!?) 
    you're a fool and make me hate girls like clare soooo much more then i already did. literally fuck off
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  11. Kittenpng added a post in a topic Yungelita   

    I haven’t read a lot of the more recent posts on here but from what I see, I’m pretty impressed by her improvements . The way she uses social media is way more healthy, she actually seems like she researchs and puts it in her own words. She also ditched the daddy’s little girl bullshit. Overall, I really hated the shit she did but she’s been doing better imo. I feel like she noticed the things that we were saying were rational and decided to listen to our advice. I don’t dislike her anymore at all really 
    i also think she’s trying to separate from Melanie bc of the allegations so that’s good. She just seems more authentic all together.  I’m proud of the changes she has made
    idk tho I’m not sure, it could be fake but..
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  12. Kittenpng added a post in a topic Yungelita   

    Does anyone know if Melanie and her are still friends ?
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  13. Kittenpng added a post in a topic Lilith levisis/Clare Buley   

    Well guys, after checking into the luxurious Betty ford clinic, one of the best and most expensive rehabs you can go to. A lot of celebrities go there and somehow Clare managed to get in. I don’t understand why her parents would pay for such an expensive rehab when she doesn’t seem to want help.
    well... after like a couple weeks, she was kicked out for drawing demons on rocks.
    since it’s a dual diagnosis treatment place, there are people with severe mental illnesses, they probably asked her to stop drawing demons.
    by the way, this is not the only rehab she was kicked out. Seems like it’s a common occurrence ??? 
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  14. Kittenpng added a post in a topic Yungelita   

    that's really sick. that would be like calling someone jealous for speaking out against predators like Harvey Weinstein or Bill Cosby.
    like she had kiddy porn on her tumblr. what else is there to talk about?
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  15. Kittenpng added a post in a topic Yungelita   

    $40? really? 
    uhhhh.. it looks like a picture of her before she changed her whole look.
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