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  1. Sparklefist added a post in a topic YandereDev/ Evaxephon General Thread   

    Raibaru reminds me of Honey-senpai. 
    I feel like Raibaru was tacked on because of how much the game's fanbase is attached to her, kinda like Kokona and Midori Gurin. He only recently started hyping up this ""mysterious obsticle"", also Osana and Raibaru's friendship dynamic comes off as really awkward. 
    Is it just me or does she look really weird here? She looks cross-eyed? I know she's a new addition to the game but is it that hard to animate one horrified expression?
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  2. Sparklefist added a post in a topic People's experience in driving/being a learner driver   

    Got my learner's permit at age 16, I'm now 21 and I have to do my learner's test again because my permit is now void. 
    I've actually got pretty bad driving anxiety after a near accident that thankfully wasn't my fault, and because of that I didn't really drive much, in my country you need to have 120 hours of driving with 20 hours of night driving, I'm pretty sure I'm close to 100 but I have no where near 20 night driving hours, probably gonna take my licence test again sometime this or next month. hope it goes well!
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  3. Sparklefist added a post in a topic Reputation Feedback   

    Okay but I don't think that getting rid of downvotes will stop the mob mentality some threads have, I've seen other gossip sites out there that don't have a voting system like PULL does and the mob mentality is just as bad, I feel like people are really only actively talking about it on here.I think it's just some sort of an inevitablity that a bunch of strangers gossiping about other strangers online will probably develop a hive mind of some sorts and if you just simply disagree with the hive mind you're branded as a WK and the whole thread goes off on eachother because heaven forbid you have an opinion. 
    Also, I'm not trying to attack anyone here, but I do feel like it's mostly the users who break rules or come in shoving their hate boners down everyone's throats that complain about getting downvoted. Downvotes literally do jack shit. Can't we just report the people derailing over votes like we used to? Or would that create too much stress for the mods? 
    IDK just throwing my thoughts out there. 
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  4. Sparklefist added a post in a topic YandereDev/ Evaxephon General Thread   

    Its the 'mysterious obsticle'
    The 'new' girls name is so bad, also he's working on Osana again
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  5. Sparklefist added a post in a topic People you know who are/were snowflakes   

    I was pretty bad back in high school, I went through an anti-SJW phase when the whole gamer gate drama started, I also went a bit koreaboo-ish too LMAO, and I went through a weird butt slapping phase that thankfully lasted only a few weeks, my god it was bad though!
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  6. Sparklefist added a post in a topic What was your prom like?   

    OMG, my formal was so bad haha, it was mandatory that we had to go so we could get our highschool diplomas (is that what they're called??) dancing was mandatory and I was the only one who didn't have a partner so I was the only one sitting out, the food was cold trash, my dress was custom made and was somehow fitted wrong so the top of my bra was poking out and my false lashes weren't glued on properly so I looked really funny, the venue sucked and served really weak alcohol (we were all 18), couldn't fit all of us in and I tore a bit of my $200 dress on some construction stuff. 
    But, it was nice hanging out with my friends and we took some nice ass photos together that I still really cherish, so that's a plus. 
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  7. Sparklefist added a post in a topic Jude Bishop / yung_bish0p   

    I actually like Rosie's look for this video, Jude's not so much. 
     Does anyone know where I can find their tattoo fixers episode?? I've heard some really dodgy things about that show.
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  8. Sparklefist added a post in a topic Unpopular opinions   

    Just because someone is into cross dressing or wearing clothes that aren't typical for their gender (ie a girl wearing traditionally masculine clothes/male wearing traditionally feminine clothes) doesn't mean that they are trans or have any sort of gender dysphoria/gender identity issues. If a guy wants to wear a skirt that doesn't mean he's gay or trans, all it literally means is that he just wants to wear a skirt. This notion that cross-dressers are closeted trans/nonbinary people just reinforces gender stereotypes, clothes don't have gender. 
    Most of the 'pale people problems' posts I see aren't that big of a deal, for the record I'm pale and I get posting about things that impact your self-esteem (like people saying you look sick/look better if you tan etc) because they're actual problems, but it's honestly 95% of the time just girls who can't blend their foundation or don't know their undertone complaining because they can't find their foundation match. Also, most "nude" clothes like bras and panties probably will only match like 0.01% of people anyway, that isn't a problem exclusive to pale people.
    I wish people would realise that there are more than 2 dialects of English and stop trying to ""correct"" my spelling or my pronunciation. 
    I don't get how fishing is a sport. 
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  9. Sparklefist added a post in a topic Unpopular opinions   

    It's not mainly dressing in one colour that I find boring, it's more so the people who only own one colour, like the Pink Lady of Hollywood who only eats pink food, dyes her dog pink, only owns pink furnature, only wears pink,etc. 
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  10. Sparklefist added a post in a topic Unpopular opinions   

    Bratz is and was and always will be wayyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy better than barbie. 
    People don't have to like your fucking weird fetish, stop trying to act like a fucking victim whenever someone says that they think your particular fetish is gross or puts them off. 
    I hate how whenever there is a German or Russian character in any western media they're almost always potrayed as either a sex object or as a villain.
    Monochromatic people (people who only own one colour items) sound really boring.  
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  11. Sparklefist added a post in a topic Reputation Feedback   

     Was there ever a limit to the downvotes? I know the upvotes limit is pretty high (25 I think?), maybe we could implement some sort of stricter limit to downvotes like 10-15 a day or something, IDK how easy it would be to go over the 25 upvote limit though?. I think people take upvoting/downvoting way too seriously, I've seen a few threads be derailed because of people complaining about downvotes when they're not that big of a deal, I'm sure everyone here has had a few posts downvoted to hell and back.
    Maybe making the downvoting anonymous might be better?, like when you get the notification it could just say "you recieved reputation",  that might make people feel less personally attacked?. Or maybe we should just get rid of the whole voting system if people are getting that mad over it? I like the voting system because it's a simple way of agreeing or disagreeing without having to derail the thread, but I don't think taking it away is gonna ruin the site for me. 
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  12. Sparklefist added a post in a topic Kelly Eden   

    She has a boyfriend now too apparently, she posted about it on her IG story and I'm pretty sure she posted a pic of him on Twitter. Good for her. 
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  13. Sparklefist added a post in a topic Anime figures and merch experiences   

    I mostly buy cheap figures ($20-80) from Madman Entertainment since they're the main anime distributor in my country (they mostly ship worldwide tho), they sell DVDs/blurays, manga and figures at a pretty good price and have free domestic shipping on orders over $70. I've bought from them a few times and they're really good, but they take ages to process the order. I've bought from Jlist and they were pretty good  but the shipping was pretty expensive from what I can remember. 
    I've personally never bought secondhand figures, but I've heard that Akiba Soul, Solaris Japan and Mandrake are good. I'd be wary of Ebay sellers though.
    As for manga, the book depository sells manga and they have free worldwide shipping. I personally prefer to have physical copies of short series or completed series since they usually come in box sets but those can get pretty pricey. I only really read manga online if its a hard one to find or if it's a super long series.
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  14. Sparklefist added a post in a topic YandereDev/ Evaxephon General Thread   

    Yandev: Makes twitter entierly dedicated to "hot" girls in videogames, writes fanfic about girls being used as sex slaves without their consent, plays games such as rapelay, wont shut up about  his love for BIG BUSTY B00BIEZ.
    Also yandev: I D0Nt LiKe GuYs WeArInG FeMiNiNe Cl0ThEs I uNdErStaNd Y FeMInISm Is 0n ThE RiSe
    Feeling uncomfortable with flamboyant jojo characters is not the same as being uncomfortable with hypersexualised women in bikini armour who are only there to be eye candy for thirsty men. 
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  15. Sparklefist added a post in a topic Lovely Lor!   

    I think Lor is one of the only alt-fashion (lolita,fairykei,goth,etc) youtubers I like that doesn't just do hauls, I really love her lolita reacts series and I think she has some really good advice especially when it comes to documentaires. 
    I think she's super cute but IMO her wigs and makeup could use a little work though. 
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