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  1. SoeyMilk added a post in a topic Texan In Tokyo   

    I don't hate anything in particular about her outfits, but If I saw her walking down the street I definitely wouldn't take a second glance at her clothes. They just seem generally plain and average, which is fine, except that fashion videos are supposed to be stylish or at least interesting. It's fine if she isn't that into fashion, but if that's the case she shouldn't bother making these kind of videos...
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  2. SoeyMilk added a post in a topic Ryan Boundless   

    "Thats the problem with you women today." He sounds a lot like Ryan when is ex-wife left him and asked for a divorce.
    Also, when women call a man a fuck ugly loser with no talent, ambition, personality, or career prospects that definitely doesn't mean they secretly want to fuck him. It means they think he's a fuck ugly loser. I know it may be hard for you to comprehend so reread that sentence a few times.
    No one in this forum thinks Ryan is hot except for his number 1 fan, Rc62.
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  3. SoeyMilk added a post in a topic Texan In Tokyo   

    I'm glad that everyone dislikes the hats as much as I do. Besides the fact that they're just re-purposing cheap, pre-assembled items by adding a face, the entire concept is a bit gross to me. Mimei also uses poop hats and that sort of imagery is kind of common (or maybe accepted?) in Japan, but I've just never vibed with it. It just seems kind of gross and juvenile.
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  4. SoeyMilk added a post in a topic Cecilia ちゃん   

    I'm always caught between irritation and pity when it comes to this girl. Irritation because she never learns from her past mistakes, even after all this time. Pity because even though she exaggerates and lies about a lot of different things, her real life still seems very bleak and unhappy. For example, I doubt her father has had all of these medical issues, but the fact that she needs to lie about something like that is very telling.
    Plus, her Instagram is depressing AF. I feel like she's using it as a diary, but most of the posts are weird, washed out images of food and blankets with self-pitying captions.

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  5. SoeyMilk added a post in a topic Kanadajin3 Videos   

    I suspect that Mira's "husband" pays for her living expenses (rent / mortgage, groceries, cellphone bill, insurance, etc), but she uses her serving job and YT income in order to pay for her own personal expenses, like clothing and travel. Her YT revenue is probably much lower then she suggested and her serving job wouldn't provide that much income, but since she doesn't have to pay for any of the expensive necessities, her money can go a lot further. I don't think her "husband" is willing to pay for much of her extra stuff as they aren't exactly in a genuine relationship, hence why she opted to get a job. Otherwise, why would she even bother to work if he paid for everything for her?
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  6. SoeyMilk added a post in a topic Kanadajin3 Videos   

    Mira's "social experiments" are always so unnecessary and misguided. A social experiment is meant to provide the participant / viewer with a  learning experience or a thoughtful commentary about society, but Mira just manipulates these situations to "prove" something that she already believes. Her blackface "experiment" was an absolute failure and this recent incident only proves that she's the sort of person that customer service employees hate. These people work in retail, they just want to do their job and go home without being caught up in someone's personal vendetta against people who will or won't speak English to a native English speaker.
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  7. SoeyMilk added a post in a topic Texan In Tokyo   

    I love when people regularly lurk PULL (as if that somehow makes you better than registered members) and then tattle to the people that we talk about. If you think Grace isn't deserving of having a thread, why not articulate your opinion directly and contribute to the dialogue we've already created instead of posting about it in the YT comments to get attention? If I disagree with comments or threads on PULL I always say so here. This is a gossip sight, but we're not unreasonable.
    And Grace is gradually becoming more and more unlikable as some of this information surfaces. The person who said "I find no flaws" is clearly not even paying attention.
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  8. SoeyMilk added a post in a topic Margaret Palermo   

    Whether this is sincere, some sort of really out of place jab at Venus, or a symptom of Margaret's unstable state of mind, all I can think of is if this was my mom and how embarrassed and uncomfortable I would be. I think a lot of people on this forum have had embarrassing experiences with their parents, or even really bad relationships with their parents, but this woman really stands out as being one of the most fucked up mothers I have ever come across.
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  9. SoeyMilk added a post in a topic General Kanadajin3 thread   

    Yeah, that's fair. I think different people have different levels of tolerance for that kind of stuff. I'm probably expecting too much from a 19 year old boy. Although I think people need to call him on some of his shit so that he can learn, like everyone else. But you're right, there's no point in comparing him to myself or to anyone else in terms of personal growth. This is unfortunately where he is right now... I just don't like when people police others about how they should feel when exposed to racism / discrimination / rudeness (whatever people want to call it).
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  10. SoeyMilk added a post in a topic General Kanadajin3 thread   

    I completely agree with this. I know that some people are letting his behavior slide on account of his age, but 19 is rather "old" to be acting that juvenile. I regret a lot of the decisions I made when I was 13-17, but eventually you have to transition into adulthood and stop making excuses for yourself. Plus, I think this has a lot more to do with Einshine's personality and YT persona than his age. He's always inserting himself into other jvloggers lives and it's going to burn him one day like it burned Mira.
    I personally don't have a problem with Kim Dao's video. People who say that they deserved what was said to them because of the way they were dressed and the fact that they were filming themselves need to spend some time in Tokyo. I cannot even count the number of times I have seen Japanese people taking pictures or filming inside of restaurants. I've also seen some of them do wild shit, like take out makeup and spread everything over two tables. And everyone is usually very shō ga nai about it.
    But Mira needs to take a permanent seat. This will not get her through the back door of the jvlogging community. If anything, she's just setting herself up to be his next target, especially if he reconciles with Kim. This girl will never learn that silence is more powerful than a halfhearted twitter rant.
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  11. SoeyMilk added a post in a topic General Kanadajin3 thread   

    To be honest, I'm slightly surprised that Mira willingly reads at all. But I suspect that most of her books are for children, judging by her Japanese language ability. If she was as fluent as she claims there are a million bookstores and libraries that she could go to instead that only have Japanese. It's finding books written in other languages that can be difficult. That's why I eventually bought a Kindle lol.
    Maybe her "Jamaican learning book" is about Patois? I don't know, she has such strange tastes that I can't really follow any of her thoughts or logic.
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  12. SoeyMilk added a post in a topic Onision   

    He wrote two books and both of them are awful. If you want to listen to them without having to pay for them (because I wouldn't even pay a dime for this garbage) there is a user named gineriella on YT who reads the books aloud while reviewing them. Honestly, the second book is even worse and more disturbing than the first one, which is an accomplishment in and of itself. And yes, the characters are complete self-inserts, only proving how much of an unfeeling narcissist Onision really is.
    Also, he bragged that he hadn't read a book in 12 years before writing his own, so... Don't expect much in the ways of plot, character development, descriptions, grammar, etc.
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  13. SoeyMilk added a post in a topic Sharla in Japan   

    Personally, I don't care that Sharla is vegan or that she talks about veganism in her videos. Like someone mentioned before, her diet and her creative content are completely her choice.
    If she is using veganism as a trend it will only end up hurting her channel. YouTube has a really militant vegan community and there are a lot of channels that make videos to mock or harass popular YouTubers who try to go vegan but eventually revert back to their old diet (and even videos harassing people who are only vegetarian or who aren't eating fully raw). If she slips up or decides that veganism doesn't work for her anymore then they'll most likely use her name as clickbait for one of their negative videos. Also, veganism is obviously polarizing her viewers (this thread is kind of a good example of that) and a few other YouTubers have made negative comments about it on Twitter. So basically, unless she really wants to be vegan for herself then I don't think this would be a successful trend.
    The Mira issue is still fairly shady to me though.
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  14. SoeyMilk added a post in a topic Jvloggers general discussion thread   

    Sometimes I'm a bit harsh with Rachel and June because I personally find their videos to be boring and generic. Plus, some of Rachel's videos in the past have rubbed me the wrong way (for example, the video "In Defense of Weeaboos"). But listening to her talk in this video made me feel a bit bad for her. She seems really concerned with the way her viewers perceive her, which is natural. I also know she's read through our forum before and made comments in order to clear her name, so I think she's very aware of people's negative opinions. I feel as though maybe she's trying to humble herself in this video as much as possible so that other people won't do it for her.
    I don't know, this video just screams "Please don't hate me!" which of course hits a soft spot in me, even though I still find her pretty unlikable.
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  15. SoeyMilk added a post in a topic Texan In Tokyo   

    I'm not completely sure that the Rachel and June account is real, but I personally believe that it is. I think that a lot of jvloggers are aware of the forum due to the incident with Mira and some of them read through the relevant threads regularly, especially since a general jvlogging thread was created (although I feel as though it's recently been derailed into a Sharla-specific thread tbh).
    That being said, Grace and other jvloggers are welcome to post here as much as they'd like. But @RosieRose was right when they listed some of the issues that Grace never bothered to address in her post. She isn't obligated to, but it would be interesting to hear her reasoning behind not encouraging people to learn Keigo (it was important for my job and also when I was taking traditional dance and music lessons). Also, the Webtoons situation looks bad in my opinion.
    I don't want to be controversial and this is really just my opinion, but missionary work makes me really uncomfortable. I don't like proselytizing, conditional education / aid (as in, we'll provide education or critical resources if you subscribe to our religion), or people attempting to change another country's culture. Also, mission work has had a really bad history. I'm not trying to blame Grace or her faith, but I don't agree with organizations like AsianAccess at all.
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