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  1. nana_ added a post in a topic akidearest/ The Anime Man   

    i agree that agnes seems to be forcing sex appeal for attention, when she lacks it. as a busty girl myself, it actually pains me that agnes is always parading how big her boobs are and how curvy and thick she is, when neither are actually true about her. if you look at her unedited full body pics and her candid pics, she has a very square body shape and average sized boobs. she wears push up bras, camera angles, and tight clothing to make her boobs look bigger than they really are. im not saying her boobs are small, but they are definitely not huge or "mega milk" status either. there was one pic here not long ago where she was next to a cardboard cut out and you could see that she doesnt have big boobs or curves. in some of her past pics, and even these recent mega milk pics, you can see theres a lot of blurring in the waist region where she edited herself to be curvy. im not trying to body shame her, i just believe that she should be more honest about her appearance and maybe a bit more humble? i think she is trying to cater to every single thing that weebs fall for (tentacle fetish, megamilk boobs, sexy cosplays, striped pantsu, fanservice, ahegao/kawaii facial expressions, etc) in order for attention but it seems extremely forced. like she wants to be a irl stereotypical sexy anime girl that everyone will fall for. and i completely agree that joey probably doesnt give a shit about her if he doesnt care if she sells provocative pics of herself to random strangers on the internet. she always seems to scream "look at my boobs! look at my boobs!" imo. i know if i acted that way on the internet, my boyfriend would be extremely saddened. there is a difference between being confident+body positive and desperate for attention+thinking your hot shit when your view of yourself doesnt match whats in the mirror. her body pillow and the fan art she showcases pretty much speaks for itself.
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  2. nana_ added a post in a topic @shirtlesssenpai aka Jeffrey John Sayson   

    im sure that those who reached out to her did it for good intentions and to warn her of the dangers of this guy. if a guy i was dating was a child predator and sexual offender, i too would want to know and be warned so i can stay the hell away from him. she should not be the one to have to suffer the consequences of jeffery, since it appears she had no idea about the claims. im not sure why she would get punished for dating him when she didnt know in the first place, so that makes me question if what you say is true and not just something to make everyone feel bad to prevent others from warning her further. if her life is ruined because of people trying to tell her, it is not anyone on pulls fault, it is jefferys fault for holding back the truth from her and being dishonest about his true self. do not blame people for trying to help. no one should feel guilty about trying to help someone from danger.
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  3. nana_ added a post in a topic akidearest/ The Anime Man   

    i remember joey basically saying he did lets plays because it was popular at the time and he wasnt happy with his channel and content when doing them, so he discontinued them and was gonna bring “quality content” and honestly that was the beginning of his channel turning into trash. i found him when he played corpse party and he translated it from japanese to english. i really loved his lets plays and all his videos in general back then. but i guess hes happier and has more fun making half assed videos of him being cringy or bitching about something. he had potential of making his channel even bigger than it is now. i agree that they should take a break and figure out what direction they wanna take with their channels. its disappointing to see joey turn out this way. 
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  4. nana_ added a post in a topic akidearest/ The Anime Man   

    even funnier how he always had to rage about how much he hates weebs, yet hes dating one of the biggest  theres no chemistry between them. when you see two people who are in love, you can tell by seeing the way they look at each other, touch each other, and speak/joke around with each other. they look like they are just really good friends with agnes having a crush on him, but thats the only vibe i get from their relationship. it all looks so forced and for show. agnes does seem to really like joey, but i think its mostly cause hes japanese and popular. joey never really shows much of an interest in her. even though i dont really like agnes, i think she deserves to be with someone who will treat her like an actual girlfriend and doesnt publically rage about all the things that she actually is (weeb, fujoshi, etc). im surprised theyve been together this long tbh.
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  5. nana_ added a post in a topic akidearest/ The Anime Man   

    yeah i know that the circumstances of each are different, but the reason why i think joeys will be worse is the fact that he reacts to situations badly. shine never publicly responded to anything that happened when his drama circulated. joey would be making posts and videos bitching and raging about things while digging his grave deeper. plus its not like he can just be silent and leave the internet like shine. joey depends on his youtube career for income and he is blinded by the fame and money. he always feels the need to address his h8rs, since more people have been calling him out on his bs. i havent seen a single positive thing being said about him in ages on here. he acts like hes on a pedastal and thinks everyone who disagrees with him or dislikes him is a pleb. and if him and agnes break up, if its not them pointing fingers at each other, it will be their fanbases pointing fingers. since they are basically one entity, share a lot of the same followers, and show their relationship to the public constantly, they wont be able to stay silent without people always asking questions. their channels and subs will definitely take damage from it. people are still bugging joey about what happened with noble. joey cant go down without throwing a massive bitch fit and i honestly expect nothing less than that outta him. 
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  6. nana_ added a post in a topic akidearest/ The Anime Man   

    at least shine stepped outside of public eye of the internet shortly after things went too far. joey, on the other hand, is constantly pushing it. i feel like joeys downfall is gonna hit harder than shines. once he pushes things too far, i dont think he will know when to stop or when enough is enough.
    edit: my reasonings are further elaborated in my next post
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  7. nana_ added a post in a topic akidearest/ The Anime Man   

    when he was friends with shine, it was trendy to hate on sao so it was a big joke to hate on it in both of their videos. shine explained he loved the manga but hated the anime for certain reasons, but i think joey just followed along with shine. joey did give the anime a high rating on his blog, afterall. 
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  8. nana_ added a post in a topic akidearest/ The Anime Man   

    okay so i only watched the beginning until he started doing "thank you's" out of curiosity and i already have a few thoughts. why the hell does joey act like his fanbase is the entirety of the anime community? it bothers me how he claims the list to be "as official as it gets" and how this is what the internet and anime community thinks. someone stated earlier that there were only 132k participants. he has over 1 mil subs. how the fUCK can you possibly think that 132k people can speak for the millionS of people who watch and enjoy anime? there is a great possibility that a lot of them were repeat votes by the same people as well as troll votes. there was little to no regulations, and it isnt possible to say this is what anime the internet/anime community thinks are the best when only a veryyyy small portion participated, so the list can barely be called official. if i were him and wanted the results to be as accurate as possible, i would make sure to hire people who do not give a single fuck about anime to help count the votes, that way there is 0 bias and no personal changes to the actual results. this is not an official list, nor is it what the entirety of the anime community voted for. it is simply what joeys fanbase voted for, plus some people from other anime channels that are friends with joey. pretty sure a while back, people were posting about how annoyed people and mods were on other forum sites when his minions started spamming the link. joeys ego has inflated to incredible heights this past few years and its just gonna go hella downhill from here.
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  9. nana_ added a post in a topic Princessmei   

    unless she or the photographer collaborated with the clothing company or gave them permission, they pretty much ripped off one of her pictures (top right). they dont have her mentioned in the description and are selling a shirt with a drawing of her face on it for profit. i dont think she is aware of it since she hasnt mentioned it. 
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  10. nana_ added a post in a topic akidearest/ The Anime Man   

    the flared nostrils + her woman stache + her crusty lips = i wanna die lmao
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  11. nana_ added a post in a topic WWWengie   

    her jaw in the second pic looks so fucking terrible. it looks so uneven and it looks like her head has barely any support. its as if they shaved off wayy too much. 
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  12. nana_ added a post in a topic akidearest/ The Anime Man   

    they were really cute! but now one looks like a hobo and the other one disappeared from the internet lol who wouldve guessed it would come to this 3 years later.
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  13. nana_ added a post in a topic akidearest/ The Anime Man   

    guysss this video showed up on my fb feed and it made me sad. even though joey and shine still had awkward humor back then, it was much more bearable than the cringefest nowadays, and their videos together were so funny and entertaining (to me at least). i used to love both of them back then, its a shame that they both turned into such egotistical assholes.
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  14. nana_ added a post in a topic Princessmei   

    some people in the comments were saying how cringy and forced this one looks compared to her old stuff. a lot of people complained about the lighting and how they couldnt see the outfits. i saw someone even comment "bad girl? really?" lol i dont really see how its supposed to be a bad girl look book besides her looking like one of those killer asian girls in a movie. couldve been an edgy chinese fashion inspired look book instead. i agree with all of them and i love mei but imo this whole artsy/aesthetic thing shes been trying to go for just isnt working for her. she really works the edgy, quirky, harajuku, and cosplay looks that shes done in the past. 
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  15. nana_ added a post in a topic Yumi King Videos   

    unless yumi has her dads nose, the picture of her mom makes me more conviced that yumi had a nose job. ive pointed it out before, but her nose is pushed inward in the middle and kinda resembles the end of an elephant trunk if that makes sense lol. i have never seen anyone with a nose that does that. plus she has nostrils like wengies so that doesnt look natural either. her moms nose seems more normal from what i can tell. and wow her mom looks cute and much younger than yumi. i agree with you guys on how that might be why yumi is so obsessed with looking younger. i was surprised when you guys said that was her mom, if i didnt know who they were, id think its the other way around. 
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