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  1. Sodapop added a post in a topic simply_kenna   

    Why does she really seem like the people who when people bring up what they did yesterday they scream that they're a changed person today
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  2. Sodapop added a post in a topic Margaret Palermo   

    I'm just gunna come out and say it.I'm actually quite surprised she's still alive. With how risky she is, and how many shady areas she hangs around. I'm surprised she hasn't gotten kidnapped. With all of these foreign places she squats in... she must have a lot of luck ;-;
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  3. Sodapop added a post in a topic Edward Avila   

    He should of never started..
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  4. Sodapop added a post in a topic simply_kenna   

    My thoughts exactly. Why is why I find the whole "It's my way of doing things so what!!!" logic laughable. Your age is showing, and with that mindset she'll never be published.
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  5. Sodapop added a post in a topic Otome/dating games   


    ;o; the whole route he was begging MC not to abandon him, I flirted w him the entire route because i want him to feel loved. I WANTED TO SAVE HIM CHERITZ PLEASE
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  6. Sodapop added a post in a topic Gangnam Unnie   

    That was...boring. I only got 2 mins in, i can see why hes been debuting 1000 times. How is it, this is suppose to be a live performance but no one seems hyped? Those dances were... ok. But you need to 'wow' people if you want to take off. And 'wowing' them with your face does not count. They weren't entertaining me. I liked the black haired guy. Go solo bruh you'd go further.
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  7. Sodapop added a post in a topic simply_kenna   

    How does she mange to sound so.. arrogant as a newbie writer though? Yeah your favorite writer does something a certain way, but as an artist(or writer in this scenario) you have to learn how to do things the right way before you can tweak it to your likeness. I love Stephen King, but he takes 200 pages just to tell you what color the table is, he's a great writer but if you were to mimic his way of writing, unless you're as good as he is you won't garner the same crowd/reputation he has.
    You are literally two different people because it worked for them does not mean it'll work for you. As a writer, you have to or need to rather be able to accept criticism regardless if you asked for it or not. If you do not want it, you'll never improve. You can not and will never be able to be a good writer if you do not know how to steadily improve your writing. I highly doubt all the authors out there grew up with knowing how to write like they do now. They did a lot of mistakes, tweaked a lot of their bad habits and evolve into what they are today.
    She'll never be a real writer if she doesn't learn this. She probably won't even publish her book through a real publisher probably through like Amazon or something.
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  8. Sodapop added a post in a topic simply_kenna   

    How the hell don't they if youtube is your job and the only way you're getting paid is because people are watching said videos. If you did not have followers/ people who watch your videos you wouldn't get paid. 
    So yes, in all actuality your followers indeed pay your bills. Unless you have another 'job'.
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  9. Sodapop added a post in a topic Shinobu.babe   

    She didn't even try to make it not obvious. 
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  10. Sodapop added a post in a topic Shinobu.babe   

    What does her being suicidal have anything to do with this thread? No one has said... anything about her, other than they suspect you to be her. Lol what is she suicidal about? A discussion?
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  11. Sodapop added a post in a topic Otome/dating games   

    Highkey in my feelings. I finished the new V route on Mystic Messenger, and got the stupid Normal ending! Apparently you need 20 guest to get the good and I had 14. I spent 11 days on this to not even get the good ending -sobs-
    It was flipping good though. Like, I'm in love with this route. It's better than seven's and that was my favorite. Now I gotta wait til I get paid again so I can pay my whole way through the 11 days so I can get the good ending.

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  12. Sodapop added a post in a topic WWWengie   

    I mean, technically she is a person of color she's asian lol 
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  13. Sodapop added a post in a topic simply_kenna   

    If you took anyone's writing critiques you wouldn't have to steal everyone else's work, you would simply be able to create it yourself. But I guess if you do it that way it'll be too much work.
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  14. Sodapop added a post in a topic simply_kenna   

    Yeah, I saw that in the comments and I don't agree with them tbh. It's only natural that she'd meet younger people in that type of field, isn't that one of the sports that you have to start really young if you want to be really good or something? Not sure why people are flaming her for this tbh she's not dating them or anything, it's only natural that you'd become 'friendly' with people you practice with a couple times a week. Kenna does a lot of cringey/weird things but I don't believe this is one of them.
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  15. Sodapop added a post in a topic Random Chat Thread   

    Today's my birthday. Sucks that I have to work. But I just had 4 days off in a row so I guess that makes up for it.Over the weekend I went over to my friends house so we could play yaoi  visual novels games together but then she got sick so instead of spending 3 days there it was only 1 . Idk I've never been like a big celebrator for birthdays... but idk I felt like those 4 days was like a mini vaca and that's just what I needed and it was like a birthday present for myself since I worked literally 2 weeks straight without any days off (cause i clearly hate myself).

    I also bought this wig recently and I guess I could say that I bought it for my birthday. I've always wanted colorful hair and I'm too chicken to actually bleach my own hair so this is the next best thing 
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