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  1. __cremebrulee added a post in a topic John Kuckian   

    No problem! After watching it, I thought it covered almost everything about John extremely well and so I HAD to share it.  It's quite pathetic and sad that he has to stoop so low being a plagiarizing con artist but hey, what's new? His whole online persona is all fake.
    Who knows what his motives are for doing this outrageous shit... Fame? Money? Gaining admirers? It's crazy how his little petty drama channel has turned into a shit show of a cult. He needs to take several seats and sit the fuck down, he's a nobody.
    The thing about John is that he's manipulative and deceptive, he knows how to play his cards right. He makes his titty worshipping Kuckifam Kuckicult believe every word he says with the "we/us/our" bullshit. He also tries to make it seem like everybody else that opposes him is the enemy and they're out to get him and his beloved Kuckicult. I absolutely hate how he always spews out nonsense like "We're full of nothing but positivity and in our family, we never bash anybody..." HYPOCRITE AT ITS FINEST, he does everything opposite of what he supposedly preaches!!!! Mr. Kuckian is no doubt similar to a cult leader.
    (Btw, I love your Sehun icon. Hehe~)
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  2. __cremebrulee added a post in a topic John Kuckian   

    Actually, his artwork isn't originally his at all to begin with...
    John has put majority of his videos on his second channel (MoreKuckian) private and those "charity" ringtones of Amrezy's Snapchat meltdown that he put up on iTunes are now gone. What happened to giving to charity every month like he said? Hmm?? 
    On another note, Rich Lux still continues to ride John's dick. He has yet to admit whether or not he and John faked the Jeffree Star tweets nor has he even made a video on the recent drama surrounding John, yet Rich still has the nerve to talk about other YouTubers and Instafamous people "getting exposed" on his channel. He's definitely the cult leader's little bitch... How cute.
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  3. __cremebrulee added a post in a topic John Kuckian   

    I agree. I used to think he was genuine and pretty chill but now he's become a massive egotistical attention seeking dickhead. 
    He always tries to sneak Jeffree Star's "Voldemort" nickname in almost every goddamn video like girl stop it's getting old like we get it, you don't like him...  Petty and childish as hell.
    Also, his self promoting ass self with his lollipop molds and "up and coming makeup brand" needs to stop too. This guy didn't even know that Stila is a popular, well known makeup brand??!! Omg...
    He literally kissed Tana's ass during that interview, then he suddenly changed up and talked mad shit in his exposing video of her. Fucking two faced.
    Right?! He is like a cult leader! Him and his annoying "Kuckifam" who worship titties. Fuck outta here lmaooo.
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  4. __cremebrulee added a post in a topic John Kuckian   

    Kendall Rae uploaded a video discussing the negatives of the Drama/Gossip community on YouTube:
    I assume this John's response video to it (?):
    LOL @ him disabling the likes and comments. But anyway, he's still playing innocent victim defending himself and says he's experiencing what Tana Mongeau was going through. He then mentions those Amrezy Snapchat mental breakdown ringtones in which he claimed now ex-friend Sam (YouTube: Here For The Tea) encouraged him to do (and in another video he said that Amrezy herself (Instagram: @amrezy) was aware of the ringtones but Amrezy denied it on her Twitter). Sam went onto her Twitter to also deny her involvement as well: http://imgur.com/a/L9Rhd Yikes...
    Liar, liar, pants on fire? You decideee!!! (lol, ugh...)
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