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  1. obnoxiousarmy added a post in a topic Unpopular opinions   

    Agreed! I'm also just a lurker and have under ten posts to my name. To migrate to Kiwifarms is ALSO a no to me. They try so hard to be these naughty contrarians when they're just as bad as the people they bully and dox online, honestly even worst than some of those 'cows'. I only lurk there for the YandereDev thread, and I regret ever venturing out and seeing racist usernames, avatars, and opinions.  Hell, I even read a thread where most of the users claimed that they were bullied when they were younger... Coincidence? It's such a nasty and dark place.
    Anyway TL;DR: I agree with you!
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  2. obnoxiousarmy added a post in a topic Unpopular opinions   

    Damn it really sucks that this site is shutting down. I loved lurking and reading all of the different opinions people had (even the problematic ones). I stay on Twitter, but it feels like a giant echo chamber, where members with opposing opinions get bullied and even... Dare I say it, doxxed. There is Kiwifarms, but everyone there is racist and masks that with being a 'meme'. Anyway, goodbye everyone, I hope there's a different site like this!
    An unpopular opinion: Black men can be SO self-hating, but people are afraid to point this out. Especially with their vitriol against black women and girls. It's disgusting to see.
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  3. obnoxiousarmy added a post in a topic Unpopular Opinions (K-POP Edition)   

    The AAVE in BlackPink songs makes me uncomfortable. 
    Black people get ridiculed and bashed for speaking it, but it's okay and 'cute' for other people to do it? Yeah, okay.
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  4. obnoxiousarmy added a post in a topic Unpopular opinions   

    As much as I love dog and cat videos, I hate when the owners write these captions of the animals speaking... Like they would 'say' words like, "henlo", "chimkin", "hekk", and it's so annoying and not cute at all.
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  5. obnoxiousarmy added a post in a topic Unpopular Opinions (K-POP Edition)   

    I hate how Insomniacs make it a big deal to harp on Minx. It's okay to like both Dreamcatcher and Minx! Adding to that, I've witnessed so much vitriol against cute and girly concepts within the girl-group stan community, that it's not even funny. I feel like some fans see these concepts as oppressive, hence the adoration for girl crush concepts. And while I understand that, it gets old real quick. As an Orbit, I remember seeing so many people and so many videos placing LOONA 1/3 among their least favorites... Hate to see it.
    I can also say the same for girly concept fans like me, who bash the girl crush concept continuously. As an Orbit, We're so loud about LOONA 1/3 being underrated that we throw Odd Eye Circle under the bus and that's not right. I remember strongly disliking Kim Lip because her face was used as a profile picture for people who HATED Loona 1/3 and I'm sorry for that, because she doesn't deserve crappy akgaes that make her look bad. Nobody does.
    As for my unpopular opinion(s), I like both Minx and Dreamcatcher. As well as LOONA 1/3, Odd Eye Circle, and yyxy.
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  6. obnoxiousarmy added a post in a topic Shane Dawson   

    Umm, why hasn't Shane been moved to Little Snowflakes yet? There is so much evidence of snowflake behavior yet his thread still hasn't been moved?
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  8. obnoxiousarmy added a post in a topic Melanie Martinez   

    The movie was a full-blown mess!
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  9. obnoxiousarmy added a post in a topic Halsey   

    Not only is she a compulsive liar, but a bit of a racist. I got this tea from another gossip site. The person here calls Halsey 'Ashley' (Common knowledge):

    I'm only spilling tea on Ashley from high school cause I went to school with her for two years.

    -In high school, she was not claiming her biracial. In fact, she let people believe she was white and only hung out with dorky white kids at school (until sophomore year where she got a bit messy.)

    -She only dated indie white boys and white girls (so pretty much what she does now) and paid everyone who were black dust. I know for a fact she was intentionally paying those black boys dust simply because they were black because she would often diss them with the name "!!!!!!" (although most of the time she just let her white friends perpetrate the racism for her.)

    I think she was really just having an identity issues

    She was the kind of girl that thought she was the shit and so different and so unique and misunderstood but really annoyed people on the low. 

    She didn't start claiming biracial until the end of sophomore year when she was getting heat damage from straightening her hair everyday and a lot of her white friends wrote her off as a liar. I linked to Allison's instagram comment because she was one of the girls that wrote her off which was surprising cause they were close friends, like the kind to go shoplifting every Sunday.

    She got all pissy thinking Ashley lied but honestly, I think she just didn't like black people and was shocked her friend had a black dad. She never got to go to Ashley's house apparently. But when they were friends, they always hung out at a plaza nearby and bragged about stuff they stole from stores in class.

    In sophomore year, Ashley was kind of the school slut lowkey because she was always with a new dorky, horny white boy or with a nerdy girl like herself. All the boys she dated were white and same for the girls, except for this one girl she dated who was a white-passing half-Asian. This was the time she used to drink a lot, do drugs (rumor), and hang out with outcasts. She was rarely at school and when she was, she was obnoxious and sort of a bitch (especially to me, I have to admit.)
    There was a rumor going around for awhile that she was pregnant after a party where she fucked two guys at once and got an abortion (these were her messy days). I'm not sure if the rumor was ever confirmed but sip or spit.

    Don't know what happened after Sophomore year cause I moved but I guess she got her act together eventually.

    It's not much tea but it's what I know.
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