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  1. pomelo added a post in a topic knitemaya   

    Knitemaya's twitter is a mess right now. He's RTing all the people who are WKing him.
    Here are his two posts on the matter but his replies are great too lol. How fake. Even for people who believe that eye-taping for cosplay is not racist, if you look at Knite's history with eye-taping its clear to see he does it for the asian aesthetic. 

    (It got cut off but on Hak it says "Taped Jaw, Taped Brow, Taped Eye", on Akali "No tape used)
    I could post a lot of his replies too but they're pretty redundant to the typical excuses.
    This one is a little different but he's casually ignoring the point that he's eyetaping for Asian looks and specifically targeting that this person said Japanese. Even though anime/manga is Japanese in general it's obvious what they're talking about since ppl have been ~harassing~ Knitemaya about this for ~years~. Oh haha as if Hak and Akali (looking at her page on LoL website nevermind K/da video) aren't clearly based on Asian cultures and therefore also included in the whole "eyetaping is part of yellowfacing" business.

    He's pulling out his identity now going oh i never hide things from people... even though he was purposefully doing it before to fudge the line between female/male, asian/greek, etc. But now that he's being heavily critiqued he goes oh i was never pretending at all!!!! Conveniently pretending things in the past didn't happen. He was even tweeting ~funny how this stuff only comes out after my Akali goes viral~

    How about you start using those drag queen make-up skills to make your cosplays even more unique instead of being azn, Knite? 
    These are the times that I wish people would read on a snowflake instead of blindly WKing them just because he's their anime ikemen kamisama or something. 
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  2. pomelo added a post in a topic General Anituber Thread   

    I like GRArkada's reviews, they're pretty good. Well structured, usually has the evidence to support his opinion, and he always mentions that he factors his personal enjoyment into his scores so of course shows that he enjoys might do better. I did disagree with some of them, like in his Houseki no Kuni review the comments are have major stuff he didn't consider when he was critiquing the show that really impacted what he said...  about it even though he tried to talk about the themes and stuff in HnK... Stuff like that gets to me. smh.
    In the end, reviews are basically opinions.

    While I didn't find his reviews pretentious I could see how you would get that vibe listening to his non-review stuff (I remember there was like a CR radio once he was apart of and I didn't find I liked that. But doing something live is different to scripting and editing a video. I think that the quality of his videos went up over time although for now it seems to be on a plateau... and it's true that I basically only watch the reviews.
    Gotta say though, it's his brand thing but the coat he wears in every video bothers me. I really dislike it lol
    Didn't know he was involved in the FCF stuff though not surprised
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  3. pomelo added a post in a topic Mariah Mallad / Momokun Cosplay   

    Sorry about formatting, on mobile
    The character design of the maid has ridiculously huge breasts. Easily the largest of the cast, so I guess momokun has an excuse.
    To add on boopa, more very big spoilers below for Umineko that explains some of the contents of momokun's vid if you want to know what is going on and don't plan on experiencing the story for yourself.
    This is the extremely abbreviated version of events in relation to whats in momokuns vid lol (she left out most if it but understandably you cant include everything when the cast is so big and you have limited resources and cosers) .
    Hope it helps someone if they were interested!
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  4. pomelo added a post in a topic Mariah Mallad / Momokun Cosplay   

    I haven't checked this thread in so long and when I came back and saw "Umineko" and Momokun I thought I was gonna have a heart attack
    Cosplay aside (how to do you commit to a whole cosplay video without STYLING WIGS??????) I think their cameraperson did a decent job with cutaway scenes but all the portraits were not super flattering. There were some instances that I think really needed different lighting/angle or make-up to help with like... awkwardness? Like... There is one shot where the light was on Momo-Beatrice and her face looked really oily. Also it was mostly shot waist up. Could have been a good chance to show off the cosplay craftsmanship more since the costumes looked pretty good!! And I almost forgot there was a Bern until reading credits bc she appeared for so little.Along with the shaky camera at points. Even convention hallway camera shots have been more stable! 

    How can it simultaneously seem pretty good and professional but also be like... so bad,
    It also just felt like the camera kept floating around and scenes flash in and out with no purpose possibly to work with the bland acting. Uminko being so story heavy it could have helped for the video to idk have some narrative structure even with no words. I'm more forgiving about the acting but it is pretty bad. Witch of Truth Erika would have roasted this entire thing.  
    Edit: I mean obviously they kind of tried but it feels almost unrelated to Confession of the Golden Witch since they left out a lot of key moments and even being a person familiar with the story of Umineko the video was still hard to follow
    I'm so sad yall I know I'm pretty biased but for some reason I still played the video and let myself down. I mean, kudos for a decent video and for doing Umineko!! Just something that still feels mediocre about this video 
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  5. pomelo added a post in a topic Akidearest and The Anime Man   

    You still have to pay to have a chance to be reimbursed for the art you already made for him that's so weird? Feels like such a money grab. Think of something better for your tier that is actually a reward.
    I think it would make more sense for him to have a contest that anyone can join (with proper prizes), or open application pool for portfolios of people he could commission if he's looking to make merch. Or he can look at his fan-art and offer compensation for ones he is interested in.
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  6. pomelo added a post in a topic knitemaya   

    Honestly, can relate. Sometimes you're having such a bad day (for me its depression..) that it feels really awkward or bad when someone asks, half because youre feeling bad and half bc you dont want to suddenly dump on a person who is just being polite. 
    Not sure what Knite's day is dealing with but could be anything. I dont think he we was particularly out of line unless he was sad bc of something like muh haters on PULL lol! And if he wasn't rude back to the driver
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  7. pomelo added a post in a topic Simply_Kenna/cozykitsune [Thread 4]   

    For Kenna I think it's a good choice to clean up her image and prevent most people from nitpicking and seeing her salt etc. It's also a good chance for new beginnings or whatever... Although leaving only 76 seems quite extreme. Maybe it will help her think about what she chooses to upload more lol?

    Seems sudden and from an outside perspective it's just her trying to backpedal. I too like to clean up my accounts and whatnot but since she has issues she hasn't fixed no matter how much she cries over her "apology/change" it's really sketchy. I wish I could congratulate her on cleaning up 
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  8. pomelo added a post in a topic Akidearest and The Anime Man   

    Crunchyroll airs lots of things that aren't anime on their site but I gotta agree hard on the hypocrisy of him being all goo-goo over LGBTQ+ show while just roasting YOI for little reason besides "da yaoiz". Also I didn't really watch it personally because 18 minutes just felt really long and I wasn't willing to look at Jobo's unkempt self for that long and 18 minutes seems really long if was trying to bring something new to the discussion.... Not to mention that his title was meant to entrap you-know-whos.
    It's nice of him to support the show though. I think that the show doesn't seem that bad but maybe they are not far into production and just wanted to highlight the team for now. Maybe a mistake on from marketing haha.  I'm surprised he actually likes it??? I thought he was still salty about CR.
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  9. pomelo added a post in a topic knitemaya   

    i tthink he meant Uchiha Sasuke as in his name.
    i think the photo is really pretty although tge wig style is still bothering ne haha
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  10. pomelo added a post in a topic knitemaya   

    oh my god... knite wasn't even trying with that why did he put it as the cover to his book??
    it's messy like he was trying to make the hair strokes look natural but come on.. clean it up a little. it's all one tone oh my god this bothers me so much
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  11. pomelo added a post in a topic knitemaya   

    Criticism never means people can't be civil, Knite 😧 lol it doesn't mean they're fake. Feeling a bit touche after the whole mayanora incident, knite? Calling someone fake after that is really low lol.
    He's already recognized eye-taping as racist in one of his apology posts. Just sweeping it under the rug yet again I suppose
    You must be recognisable if he remembered you irl!
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  12. pomelo added a post in a topic mikan.mandarin   

    Wow what a coincidence she posted this right after people commented about it. lmao. "A friend". 
    I like most of her message though.
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  13. pomelo added a post in a topic Akidearest and The Anime Man   

    Aki's persona is kind of close to how she looks like irl except skinny, whereas Joey's is totally different from his greasy unkempt mess.
    I guess that's why people haven't really talked about his skin tone in his avatar since he isn't a white-haired bishie with animal ears or a mask either.

    I do prefer his mascot to himself tho, even tho the thing doesn't even had a personality it just doesn't look very Joey to me. 
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  14. pomelo added a post in a topic Akidearest and The Anime Man   

    Damn, Joey looks even sloppier when he's next to Pewdiepie. If he likes long hair there are ways to make it work without looking so scrappy.
    His own video asides, I can't believe he let's himself look like that for collabs with other people/on other perople's channels
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  15. pomelo added a post in a topic Akidearest and The Anime Man   

    The advertisement one was the best skit (and thats saying something). The rest were just really unfunny to me and gross. Well the Onnahole one was okay I guess.
    I dont know if Aki's fanbase just didn't have good awkward moments for her to use or if her skits werent that good. I know its supposed to be uncomfortable moments at con but like idk lol i mean i guess i did feel unconfortable if thats what she wanted. But stuff like the one where the moment was just another person wearing the same character i just feel there could have been something better.
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