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  1. pomelo added a post in a topic General Venus Angelic Thread #3   

    Venus please take real real breaks
    She probably is wary of a manager after Margo and wants to be independant on her videos, but i think she needs someone (maybe a friend) to at least vet her video topics and be like "i dont think this is a good idea right now bc youre in a manic depressive mood. Lets wait on this video a bit okay?". 
    Although im getting the idea that she doesnt really have close friends she feels like she can trust herself with in the first place. Even the friends like Taylor and Mikan who knew about her hospital stay probably are hard to talk to... And she probably cant afford to hire someone or join a good agency.
    But finding someone who can look at some of her content before it goes up will help mitigate her BPD from rollercoastering her channel and viewers.
    She doesnt have to pretend to be happy all the time or that she is always in recovery mode, but it would help with moments like this
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  2. pomelo added a post in a topic General e-Artist thread   

    Sorry on mobile so it might come out funky
    Rei17's Weibo , @rei_17 on twitter
    Accusatory Tweet 1 (in Japanese but lists out a few of the things above) has some screenshots in the thread.
    More Stuff not mentioned before, like hypocrisy abaout BL.
    I think there were some other posts floating around in Eng with more interaction and details but I cant find them at the moment. She apparently also hates Karna so much that she bashes the character often and said she'll never draw him and Arjuna... but she just did that.
    Personally care less about her character prefs but oof its just a lot with the other stuff at once.
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  3. pomelo added a post in a topic General e-Artist thread   

    Rei17 (220k followers on twitter) has been having some dramas surface on twitter. Recently she got to do art for an FGO servant and weibo users (Chinese twitter) took to complaints. 
    Some of the discussion points:
    -rei has traced arts
    -rei and fans have bullied artists so much they deleted their accounts
    -frequently disses fgo artists and characters
    -hates karna, draws incest arjuna
    -said something about takeuchi (fgo staff) getting bombed 100x as a "joke"
    -accepted to do commission for fgo despite being openly resentful of fgo and staff on her public weibo
    After some backlash she posted more on Weibo saying she doesnt care and making fun of complaints 
    It was really disappointing to hear because i really like her style and to me was one of the OG artists i followed and admired. I dont know much about FGO.
    I had a weird experience trying to buy merch from her at AX in 2018, but kind of just brushed it away... But shes acting really unprofessionally imo and being catty about other artists is a big.. Oof for me. Even though shes wntitled to her own opinions about FGO i think its a bad look to do it in public.
    I cant read Chinese, so does anyone have any thoughts or further details? She is not too involced on her twitter but i had no idea about the weibo.
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  4. pomelo added a post in a topic General Venus Angelic Thread #3   

    Shes made bad jokes before (ie the April Fools joke) so pls let that have been a lesson agh.
    No one is handwringing we're all here for gossiping, including feelings of pity for her. Having some pity doesnt absolve her from lying though. I have no idea what kind of reaction she expects from the videos (besides clicks), but I hope she at least really believes what she says.
    I truly believe Margo was abusive but it wouldnt look good to most people if she lies about Manaki being abusive.
    Maybe she's seeing the bad parts of her relationship and its altering her perception of other things? I wish she put it all in one video if she wanted to talk about it
    Stuff like this really makes me doubt the whole "im ready to come back".
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  5. pomelo added a post in a topic General Venus Angelic Thread #3   

    Well going with the whole messed up childhood and into adulthood, she really didn't have a proper chance to grow up. It may have been two years since she escaped Margo but it's not really enough time to shove all that emotional building and growing up. Plus she didn't really have normal interactions with people or society until that other video she mentioned when she took an actual break from social media. That's why people feel for her or are worried for her, but it's not like we spend a lot of time letting her occupy our minds.
    She still has to grow up yeah but she is working on it. She's not really ruining any lives but her own (Margo doesn't count because Margo did that to herself). A lot of people see Manaki as a savior and a lot of people were criticizing her and him for the suspicious relationship. That is tough to bring up when your mom is using any and all ammo against you and your priority is staying away from your crazy mom you get stars in your eyes. The best thing about Manaki is that he helped her leave but she isn't obligated to stay in a harmful situation.
    I'm glad she got out and the marriage thing sucks but she is processing now. It's the whole out of the frying pan and into the fryer situation. Not sure how much her video will affect Manaki yet. Even if he started out as a creeper and helped her for self-benefit, I hope that he can do the right thing now.
    I'm not sure moving to Europe is the best choice for her either. It's not like she'll be any more comfortable or know the culture just as well. Plus she has nobody there except her estranged family (plus closer to Margo) who she may not be comfortable with either. She has more friends in Japan at least.
    I do think this is a weird and dramatized way of "revealing" or sharing her life with people. I get she has her ups and downs and recovery sucks and a lot of times you go back into that self-destructive cycle even if you're actively working on pulling yourself up... But using it for YT clicks isn't the way to go, especially after saying you want people to stop pestering Manaki. I think she should share her experience but maybe when she is more stable and not drinking. I'm sure she has been seeing a therapist but it is going to take a long time to get this out of her system since YT is just ingrained in her life. 
    I feel for her but I really hope that she can work out the willpower to not just drop these kinds of videos if that's not the way she wants her media presence to go. And like. Soon. 
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  6. pomelo added a post in a topic Reputation Feedback   

    Yeah that was a specific problem with the Mikan thread (and the Kenna thread and probably other popular threads) but I still think the PULL Rules need clarification about downvoting. I can see how it would be difficult to work with in big threads and I dont necessarily disagree with mod decisions, but since downvoting has become such an issue the rules need an update! Then when issues arise we can directly quote the rules and avoid derailment. 
    In the future there will be people downvoted into oblivion, but when does a certain amount of downvotes equate to silencing and when are threadgoers justified? Of course it depends on the thread but even if you explain it here I think it needs to be addressed in the rules somehow. 
    Yuuna was a mod until relatively recently and that post was some months ago. I dont know what every mod thinks, but I found this to be memorable example of difference in opinion of what downvoting is.
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  7. pomelo added a post in a topic Reputation Feedback   

    Im glad that downvotes are back but rules about whats not allowed for downvoting needs to be put in PULL Rules. I see mods and users have differing views of whats isnt allowed with downvotes. 
    A lot of the people who asked for downvoting back said they want it to be able to disagree easily, but recently Rhea made a post saying people cant use it for just disliking other opinions (its out of context of the thread issue but rules are rules no matter where enforced). And a few pages back in this Yuuna said its for if you dislike an opinion but dont want to argue.
    Currently the rules just say no downvoting abuse (i guess wk dv sprees and "dogpiling") and no downvoting just because you dislike the *person*, not because "bad post"etc. If the up button is for i agree/i like this post i have no idea why the down is something thats not the opposite.
    Following that line I dont see why it shouldnt be allowed for a lot of people to dislike a post. Some posts are so blase, or the same opinion, or is just 2 sentences or whatever its like its barely worth attention. Some posts are more articulate or have more material to disagree with) and catch more eyes. Some threads just get more traffic. How is "dogpiling" different from when a user makes a post that boils down to "here is why your post is shit"  or "here is a mean/shitty joke" and the user gets a lot of upvotes? Are we going to complain about that next?
    Basically too much policing of a system as basic as up and down is too difficult not to get contradictory with. Keep it simple. Up = i like/agree with this post for whatever reason Down = i dislike/disagree with this post for whatever reason. 
     Its not a pressure to agree or disagree. You do or you dont. This split idea of what a downvote contributes to the butthurt feelings when someone is downvoted. And honestly its almost funny that people getting downvotes hurt feelings so much when people tell flakes to get off the internet and take breaks if they cant handle negative feedback. 
    Personally I mostly use downvotes for disagrees so id find the system rather useless if its not allowed... But i dont even know if its not allowed right now.
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  8. pomelo added a post in a topic Vic Mignogna   

    The short of it is Vic is an anime VA who has had a lot of eng dubbing roles. He is/was very popular and attends a lot of anime conventions every year.
    He has been doing some creepy things for a long time. A lot of other forums and blogs etc have long discussed numerous allegations/rumors of his behavior since at least 2008. Even he discusses them at cons. The stand out allegations being "con diva", "interacting with minors inappropriately", "homophobic".... Etc. 
    A viral twitter post in January brought a lot of attention back to those allegations, and people began to share their personal experiences with Vic. Some people got the courage to speak up about more serious things and industry people got involved. So Vic was dropped by 2 dubbing conpanies and uninvited to a lot of cons. His supporters have harrassed Vic's victims and doxxed people, and generally dont believe there is evidence. Theyre like mindless lemmings.
    The thread's main topic switched from just Vic stuff and January shitstorm to the aftermath. Vic got involved with a YT laywer and following a GFM decided to sue some people who spoke up against him, botching any chance of come back. His legal rep Ty Beard leaks info to the YT guy for streams, and has not done a good job as a lawyer.
    In the process a lot more shit he's done has been revealed to the public that are arguably worse and eay more concrete than what most ppl already knew and now its immortalized in public filings with the state.
    The thread didnt start out hating on him imo... But after January and his depositions the thread is absolutely convinced Vic is a horrible person. The dunks on his career and shitty lawsuit have been entertaining so yeah this thread is kind of a haters thread i guess lol
    It would have been great if he finally owned up and improved himself then continued his career, but instead he has done an incredible job of self-destruction, passing the blame to victims and validating allegations so... Popcorn during his downfall babes.
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  9. pomelo added a post in a topic Pele Whitney Returns: Lillaflan / Puddingkanin / Bonbonchuu   

    At least her style is more coherent imo. Its like... edgier bon
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  10. pomelo added a post in a topic Vic Mignogna   

    I doubt he was going to beat them, but i understand how he could look like it. Considering he is a much older man alone with thrm and making sexual advances. 
    Im glad he's never made someone go all the way. 
    But seriously... The whole circumstance is so gross...
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  11. pomelo added a post in a topic Sakimichan   

    I like this one. Its a bit(super) wonky but still fun.
    I would buy this as a print if i saw it at a con!
    But flowers in the bg are stretched to hell and i hate that like... Could you have. idk brushed in some flowers that arent obviously warp tooled to hell and back.
    And im ok with the right leg but the left leg (the one that goes straight down)  looks so short. Its either both astolfo's legs are bent and the body is off balance orrrr Sakimi keeps trying to do two perspectives at once to get the best of both angles (smaller legs to fit in composition but also upskirt butt/boob/small face)
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  12. pomelo added a post in a topic Rant Thread   

    Not about me but the horrific mass murder at KyoAni really has me... Shocked and sad.
    The arsonist is insane and hearing so many people had died or sustained heacy injuried scared me. This guy went thru extra measures that i wont describe bc it might be really triggering...
    Anyways i neeed to let that out...
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  13. pomelo added a post in a topic Vic Mignogna   

    He showed Monica's depo too? 
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  14. pomelo added a post in a topic Vic Mignogna   

    Maybe he meant that they're hiring lawyers just to spend money to get when they win (bloating expenses that will needed to be paid by plaintiff when plaintuff loses)? Or that the arguement in the defendant papers about the gfm war chest is supposed to make the court order the money be given to them? 
    Fuck if i know. He was probably drunk as shit and lost track of what he wanted to say, but whats new
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  15. pomelo added a post in a topic NyanNyanCosplay   

    not sure if theres real tea. The replies to the op make me think it could have been a vendetta post or friend drama
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