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  1. pomelo added a post in a topic General e-Artist thread   

    Meyoco's comment was fine. She had to say the last part otherwise people who drew Qinni inspired art after her passing would be offended like she called all of them bandwagonners or something.
    I didnt think she sounded rude at all, although it was pretty direct on first read. Perhaps she could have been more succinct and softer but ehh not a huge desl to me as I dont think she was disrespectful.
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  2. pomelo added a post in a topic General e-Artist thread   

    I have received training for concept art positions before and photobashing is really common. It's kind of like music sampling, although most ppl are really careful to only use royalty-free etc.
    I've seen a lot of industry artists heavily reference real-world objects but not trace Ig? On images that arent their own anyways (ur own pics or 3d refs are free real-estate...)
    I'd have to say tracing/bashing/referencing being ok can be complicated in concept art. I'd like to think other industry folks know actually what's okay and good artist ethics... but have unknowingly oversimplified what they say, accidentally giving others the wrong impression by accident.
    Tbh that account always is having these sort of art advice and iirc hot takes and stuff though so not sure about her in particular lol
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  3. pomelo added a post in a topic Sakimichan   

    I'm guessing for the RAW MANLY SEXINESS. she has no other combination for 3p expressions as well like they're always
    -the one with a profile view or partially obscured face
    -the bottom with an o face/ feeling it 
    -the one with a smirk/aggressive smile bc dom vibes I guess
    (also quote is messing up on mobile but I'm pretty sure she did the red side of todoroki"s head for composition purposes not necessarily bc she didn't know. Gotta get that Italian flag on)
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  4. pomelo added a post in a topic bestdressed/ ashley   

    I think it's fair for her to have a bad impression of Los Angeles and not want to live there... like I don't think it's entitled for her not to be enjoying it. Kind of unfair to project onto her for that. Tbh most people I know who live there hate it too, but they're stuck there for one reason or another lol. I just don't see how NYC would be much better for the reasons she has listed.
    Personally I felt like NYC was really uncaring, impersonal and pretty lonely if you don't have a community. Lots of opportunity to get out and meet new people ofc but it takes as much effort as in LA or other populated cities. Otherwise everyone is just face down focusing on themselves/their group like normal everyday life. I was surprised she had such a great impression of NYC if she's looking for something "not fake".
    Well, I guess she could find it there (lots of people do!) I just thought she was a little hasty making assumptions based on an outing she had with a friend. 
    It IS pretty easy to just go do things in NYC via public transportation on the spur like she mentioned. That's pretty nice. Hope the change of pace is beneficial for her and that the move helps her! New cities won't solve her problems for her but there are new opportunities there. Since she's able to move no shame in trying it out.
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  5. pomelo added a post in a topic Sakimichan   

    Better than normal for the Fe3H piece. And timeskip versions too!
    Byleth on the fence though with the weird blue->mint gradient
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  6. pomelo added a post in a topic General e-Artist thread   

    So many times im glad that the artist put a watermark or even a scribble of their @ because otherwise id never know it was theirs when its reposted without credit sonewhere. Like some forums i used people credit other users for finding art but not the original artist for drawing it tsk tsk tsk
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  7. pomelo added a post in a topic General e-Artist thread   

    Im not fond of this way of art, but if the artist is using their own photos they took or are commissioned portraits its not so bad.
    I do feel kinda weird when theyre uploaded as selfies/cos tests though? Although i guess its not too different from snor ir filters
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  8. pomelo added a post in a topic Sakimichan   

    Omg the image of that it hurts... I guess she didn't because it would mess up her composition with the color. So weird looking though
    And they're from Ozy/Gil are from Fate/Nasuverse. So technically yes, but also that's a Fate thing to make historic stuff sexy already
    Her skin tone isn't too far off from the character, though I think the lighting in that pic is kinda blown-out so maybe it's hard to tell.
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  9. pomelo added a post in a topic Sakimichan   

    The Claude is okay, but it's going to be unsexy when the nsfw one comes out and he's just chilling out here with an arrow next to his dick
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  10. pomelo added a post in a topic General e-Artist thread   

    my point is that i think she stopped doing nsfw of minors (like at least gru isnt a minor) after her other minors controversy (yowapeda, which was at least 4ish years ago now) or at least we dont know since she doesnt post it.
    and the ks stuff is misinformation thats being blown up which seems unfair. 
    im not aware of anything else regarding nsfw of minors on nozmo tho, i never saw her do recent nsfw of fe3h but i muted her after a while so maybe she did but i didnt hear abt it.
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  11. pomelo added a post in a topic General e-Artist thread   

    They didn't scam 25k with the kickstarter and run to Japan, that was misinformation. It seems like inkblazers was involved with the kickstarter and pretty much ran it and/or was handling the prize fulfillment, which they backed out of for whatever reason and provided either the rewards they could or refunds. There also isn't solid proof that Nozmo ran to Japan with the money. I think that some parts of nozmo's history got mixed with other artist drama (that voltron zine person who stole money and went to japan and has a lawsuit)?
    However there is some truth in the rumors. Sorry no links to back up statements atm but here are some things she really did:
    Opinion on her side in spoiler
    But i haven't seen her draw fe3h nsfw i think so i guess that's good.
    The KS complaints on twitter aren't entirely true so...that's wrong. but i mean the ygo zine thing was never cleanly dealt with so that part is on her.
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  12. pomelo added a post in a topic Sakimichan   

    tfw when an ahegao t-shirt has more variety than sakimi's patreon gallery
    im joking but only a little bit
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  13. pomelo added a post in a topic General Venus Angelic Thread #3   

    If this is what you meant, your post certainly didn't sound like it. 

    It sounds like ur suggesting she get into more unhealthy addictions/habits (smoking) after she gets out of alcoholism.
    Also even if a lot of people are alchoholics doesn't mean rehab is easy just by going to a clinic... You make it sound like she has the common cold or something.
    Anyways poor Venus. I can sympathize with her, but sadly the only person who can intervene is her.  It's hard for anyone with mental illness to make the right steps, let alone someone with her past and situation so I wish her the best. 
    Even if she leaves Japan I'm not sure exactly where she'd be able to go to continue on at. But I guess her content hasn't been Japan-centric for a while nor does she have huge reasons to stay since she doesn't have Manaki, nor Taylor and so on... Even if she moves to say the states will she have the funding to pay for treatment? I also think she needs to take up a real job if only part-time... like at a conbini or something. Helps to give you some grounding and experience out there even if she doesn't want to. Bc she certainly doesn't seem to be enjoying making videos/streams that much anyways.
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  14. pomelo added a post in a topic Tsuruko   

    (America) Ive seen yellow parts of the sidewalk on crosswalks sometimes, near stores ie grocery stores, and by train platforms, never in the middle of paths like in that picture.
    I just thought it was a general caution but i guess thats the yellow for obs for seeing and bumps u can feel physically. I never knew it was for blind folks specifically, but makes sense now that i know. Especially in train/subway stations!
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  15. pomelo added a post in a topic Sakimichan   

    So the horn things and mainly red clothes(the lingerie) are post-timeskip but the hair is pre-timeskip
    It's kind of awkward looking but as far as I know it's a little? More ambitious? 
    I like that Byleth looks confident. I probably have the same issues with Edelgard as everyone else.
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