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  1. Caeleigh added a post in a topic General Venus Angelic Thread #4   

    She hasn't gone yet.
    Venus posted on the 15th that she's being admitted in 2 weeks.
    So she has one week left right now and probably going inpatient on the 29th of July.
    She'll be inactive for the whole of August then.
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  2. Caeleigh added a post in a topic cowsel / josie   

    In the span of 2 years, Jo turned from a normal mixed Asian girl with an aesthetic IG who posts edited selfies for clout... to becoming the sidechick of one of the obnoxious cunts in a knockoff Team 10.
    Worst downgrade ever.
    Honestly, all those people look terrible and give me Jake Paul/Logan Paul vibes.
    I can already predict there's gonna be some future exposure videos about them and getting cancelled or some shit.
    Oh well, she cheated on Taeklor for this.
    She dug her own grave now she has to sleep in it.
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  3. Caeleigh added a post in a topic Simply_Kenna/Cozykitsune [Thread 7]   

    She edited herself whiter than the white divider in the background....
    She's almost entirely #FFFFF. 
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  4. Caeleigh added a post in a topic General Venus Angelic Thread #4   

    she said "masturbating after" not "while masturbating"; implying that after she eats her meals, she puts the chopsticks up her pussy.
    Also why did she try to censor 'masturbate' with 'masturb8t'? She can't even spell out sexual words without feeling vulgar? Girl, you're creating adult content. Might as well spell it like an adult instead of censoring as if you were an embarrassed teenager.
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  5. Caeleigh added a post in a topic General Venus Angelic Thread #4   

    Pretty sure she made that up.
    How can you even masturbate with something as stick thin as chopsticks? You'd barely feel it. 😂😂
    It reminds me of those male-made hentai manga that think that any object, no matter how small, will turn a female on. Even tampons and other stuff like tiny marble balls, etc.
    Like uhmm no, that's not how any of this works.
    I'm pretty sure she gets her fetishes from hentai manga coz a lot of it leans that way (vomit/liquids spilled on face, dressing up like a loli (baby venus), succubus, ero ishi (doctor)).
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  6. Caeleigh added a post in a topic J-Instagrammers   

    Didn't she make up some other things in the past like "Oh I was considering other Asian countries too" and "My husband happened to be stationed there so this is how life worked out".... When here she full on says that's it's been her intention to live in Japan in the first place.
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  7. Caeleigh added a post in a topic Jasmine Sean   

    Why does she even want to do a second DNA test?
    She already done 23andme, which gives the best results among all DNA test kits and companies. And to her joy, she did turn out one eight Chinese (11.7%) because her mother is a quarter.
    Was it not good enough? Or is she hoping to have more Asian DNA with a lower quality test, or to even have it labelled as Korean?
    Just wtf.
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  8. Caeleigh added a post in a topic cowsel / josie   

    Not even surprised that she barely shows her face in videos because it evidently shows that she looks different in real life compaired to edited IG photos.
    Top is from her videos, bottom is IG.

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  9. Caeleigh added a post in a topic cowsel / josie   

    Tbh, I wouldn't put it past Jo to stay with Elliot even if he flirted with other girls. Simply because I believe Jo is very shallow and she aspires to one of those rich LA kids who hang around being snobs and making YT videos to try to become famous. I don't see why she would even move to the USA in the first place. What was so wrong with her life in Vienna that she entirely decided go and move? She's a spoiled rich girl and the LA lifestyle is probably what she longs for. Besides, Elliot is rich and if she truly wanted him for shallow materialistic reasons, she'll have to put up with his behaviour.
    In other news, Jo woke up and filmed the street and it's very obvious this is the very same place that Elliot's "content creator" house is at. She stayed overnight. 👀

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  10. Caeleigh added a post in a topic Brianna Slaughter / holyterrainbri   

    So much for loving all genders she openly hates men now.

    Like what the hell is wrong with a man who's good hearted??
    Now, she is back at it with hating men in the army, why does she specifically hate them? Isn't Rune one of her buddies who's married to an army guy? This doesn't add up.

    Except Japanese guys. She's still thirsty for Nihon Dick.

    Now she thinks she had COVID in January but thinks she can get infected again? Also, she went out shopping here and there, especially for alcohol and met up with a bunch of men to sleep with. This girl lies so much I'm starting to think that she believes her own lies. She needs antipsychotics coz girl....

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  11. Caeleigh added a post in a topic Unpopular Opinions (K-POP Edition)   

    Tbh, I do not care much for non-Asians debuting in Kpop. With regards to Fatou, the only criticism I have is that... it's DR Music. (We all know B.S is just a rebrand of Rania).
    They are a horrible agency and they have wasted the potential of all the members. Alex was not treated equally & she was nothing more than an accessory to them to gain some extra fame because they noticed a correlation between public recognition and having foreign members, especially black members. Since she left, the group became irrelevant again and they kept adding members who were all short lived. Among them, after Alex left, were other foreign members, like Larissa, Namfon and TTabo; however, they did not get the group the same recognition as Alex because they weren't as noticable as a black member. They had 16 members in total. That's crazy.
    So now they are rebranding under a new name and hence added Fatou and even Leia (Larissa). A debut of a "new group" gets a lot more hype than a comeback of a failed nugu group. It's obvious why they done it.
    They can't even promote their current other group K-Tigers and had failed their past artists whom have all left the company.
    So yeah... This isn't going to go well.
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  12. Caeleigh added a post in a topic cowsel / josie   

    Performative activism 🤧
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  13. Caeleigh added a post in a topic Brianna Slaughter / holyterrainbri   

    Did anyone catch that Bri wanted a diagnosis of PTSD from her therapist? wtf?

    More hate towards straight black men. Selective BLM?

    Begging and dreaming of money as usual.

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  14. Caeleigh added a post in a topic cowsel / josie   

    i think she's referring to that little sticker thing with a police hat holding the flag on her mask lol
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  15. Caeleigh added a post in a topic Jasmine Sean   

    God, I just hope she doesn't get pregnant again.
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  16. Caeleigh added a post in a topic Covid-19 Discussion Thread   

    just to clarify, it's the micro droplets that can be airborne.
    these infectious droplets are so tiny, that they can stay in the air for hours and be moved several metres by just wind and small drafts.
    wear your masks and wash hands, ladies
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  17. Caeleigh added a post in a topic Brianna Slaughter / holyterrainbri   

    I'm still waiting for an update on her family if they have moved or not after she went begging for people to give her money with "omg they gonna kill me plz send coins".
    Coz if they don't, she's a heartless scammer exploiting people's charity.
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  18. Caeleigh added a post in a topic mikan.mandarin   

    Not sure. 
    I do think she might have stretched her legs but otherwise, I think that's her body shape. She has a flat waist and hips with no curve and that's why she always wears skirts or shorts all the time to hide her shape. Otherwise, she looks like a board in waist-high jeans. She already tried to hide her shape by leaning over and putting an arm to hide one side, but you can still tell.
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  19. Caeleigh added a post in a topic J-Instagrammers   

    Just updating again before too many people catch on, but I found more of his social media accounts. He's been trying to be a famous on social media for so long, it's astonishing.
    Just to clarify some things, he might have actually been born in Japan and he's been there since 2012-ish if this is correct.
    But I'll leave more tea for another day coz I'm tired and have other things I have to do right now and it will take a while to break down everything.
    Tea for another day, folks. 👋
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  20. Caeleigh added a post in a topic J-Instagrammers   

    It's coz toned down drag makeup became his regular look as opposed to no makeup.
    Personally, I don't really have any criticism towards it. If drag makeup is how he likes to express himself and his identity, then that's just fine.
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  21. Caeleigh added a post in a topic J-Instagrammers   

    I actually found the woman and she is Japanese. Fukase is her maiden surname and Idio is from the father. The father and Stanley's brothers use Idio. By law in Japan, the parents must have the same surname and the kids too, so I'm pretty sure Idio is Stanley's legal surname too with Fukase being an alias taken from step-mom.
    Edit 2:
    Oh and, some people already knew several years ago. This tweet is from 2016.

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  22. Caeleigh added a post in a topic J-Instagrammers   

    Actually, he does use a false last name.
    I brought tea.
    His real name is Stanley Idio.
    I'm not gonna uncover too much but here is an old tweet with an ex-boyfriend that shows his name.
    As for is he half Japanese or not? Answer is no. Although, his father married a woman several years ago who looks like a Japanese woman - hence step-mom is Japanese, but that's only an assumption based on her appearance. However, his dad works in Japan. So either way it goes, Stan is likely on a dependent visa because his whole family seems to have relocated to Japan.

    Oddly enough, even his father's and brother's accounts don't have any Japanese people added which is really weird coz the family is supposed to be mixed and living in Japan? Anyway...
    Another speculation is that the youngest brother looks half Japanese while Stan and his other brother look full Filipino.
    It is very likely that Stanley has some mommy issues going on because he has a Japanese step-mom and a halfu brother while living in a foreign country they relocated to when he was maybe 15-17.
    Nevertheless, that does not give him any right to pretend to be an ethnicity he is not.
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  23. Caeleigh added a post in a topic smallbootymary/trn.mry   

    I'm actually really glad about her personal changes and how she had grown as a person but at the same time, it's dreadful she had to be in an awful relationship and now has the responsibility of a mother who is still very young.
    Also, I thought she converted for her husband but she's staying Muslim after her divorce? @stargirl
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  24. Caeleigh added a post in a topic Jasmine Sean   

    It does 😭😭
    It's like along the lines of "listen to the commands of your chest" ajajajaja
    God, image having that permanently on your body....
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  25. Caeleigh added a post in a topic J-Instagrammers   

    I cannot be too sure because there is a slight possibility he might have Japanese citizenship without being half Japanese or a native speaker, hence why the school didn't make him go abroad for a year despite the passport. Waseda uses the term "native Japanese-speaking students" and not "Japanese citizens", so what matters is if you're native to Japanese or not, and not your citizenship.
    Unless of course, the passport he showed was not his... Then yes, you'd actually be correct. I have suspicions that it's not actually his and he has just a student visa. 🤔🤔 Maybe Frogs knows?
    You have said so much that no one would know unless they were close to Stan in the past. Are you an old friend or acquaintance?
    Also what do you mean by Jacob (Cash??) being a predator? I never suspected the dude...
    I also can't seem to find a history of Stan calling himself 1/4 black or saying the n-word. Was it under a different account or did he delete his trashy past? If you can't post it here in fear of outing yourself, you can DM me. Although you did say he's worked out who you are, so you might as well expose the truth. That's what these threads are for - exposing the frauds. 😊
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