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  1. choco95 added a post in a topic Pokimane   

    Not sure if this is okay to post or not but i've noticed that she doesnt follow anyone from the Offline TV house It really does say something especially with her recent post talking about "im sad about no one congratulated me about my 3 mil fake followers". Its like shes hiding these posts to keep them from saying anything. And she probably knows they dont care.
    *edit* this is from her private account

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  2. choco95 added a post in a topic Pokimane   

  3. choco95 added a post in a topic Pokimane   

    I knew she would eventually put it on private. Good old Poki.
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  4. choco95 added a post in a topic Pokimane   

    LOL whats up Poki.

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  5. choco95 added a post in a topic Sumomo_   

    I don't really think she talks about college much. I think its irrelevant.

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  6. choco95 added a post in a topic Sumomo_   

    LOL I doubt thats even her.. I did end up finding this one on search. prob on lolcow

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  7. choco95 added a post in a topic Sumomo_   

    I find it super funny that she doesn't have the photos tagged on her profile from followers who took pictures of her at cons. I see a few from her cousin's profile but I guess its her preference.
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  8. choco95 added a post in a topic Sumomo_   

    No. I got mine from some old instagram tags. Some of them are actually tagged but not shown on her profile. 
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  9. choco95 added a post in a topic Sumomo_   

    I also found a few photos of her that I could add and compare her with and without the edits. But these are old. 
    I also used to have her on snapchat but I guess she deleted it. 

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  10. choco95 added a topic in Online Personalities   

    This girl shows up a lot on my feed and pages. Her pictures seem overly edited and shooped . She uses a lot of lighting on her images and have not seen a tagged photo of her without it being edited. Not sure if this thread has already been made but here are a few photos that stood out to me. One of them i assume says it isn't edited. Some of her editing reminds me of Sumomo a little. Opinions? 
    Her instagram: https://www.instagram.com/sayathefox/?hl=en
    Her twitter: https://twitter.com/sayathefox

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  11. choco95 added a post in a topic Sumomo_   

    Is it just me or did sumomo delete her account????
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  12. choco95 added a post in a topic Sumomo_   

    I've been waiting for someone to make a thread about her, I always thought something from her was pretty sketchy. I did see her unedited photos tagged from other people but she doesn't have them on her tagged pictures in her profile. it's pretty funny but I can understand, I did see a few pictures of her posted and deleted the next day I'm not sure if she felt like it was overly edited or she didn't like it or something lol. I did have some pictures to compare ( I cropped them out to see it better) The sonico picture was recently posted and I guess the other one was at a convention but you can look closely how much she shops her face

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