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  1. Suakichan added a post in a topic Suaki Derin   

    there is like less than 20 pic from 279pics which shows cleavage, don't last ones fool you because the character is like this, its not me.
    and I dont control anyone and also i dont beg anyone to get me stuff, i just put my wishlist, I didnt even talk about it, I just put it there thats it.
    Also, yeah you can online, if they are your friends and talking to you and so you can get to learn them. You can't from a online profile tho.
    also I thought having threads about underage people  not right too so..
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  2. Suakichan added a post in a topic Suaki Derin   

    I asked him before doing it and I was like "should I do it" and he was the one who says go ahead.
    Yeah I understand where you coming from but If it would be something bothers him, then I wouldnt do it at all. And Also I've thanked w name tag too? But some of them didnt even have a name so i couldnt know where it came from? But when i know I even personally thank them.
    as you said "judging from way she types and acts" it doesnt really show if i am mature in relantionships or not. Everyone is different to their s/o, friends or family or even online. They way I act or type online doesn't really show my maturity about my relantionships. I am 17 tho yeah.
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  3. Suakichan added a post in a topic Suaki Derin   

    oh okay dallas is dae then I see..
    being fb mutual doesn't really make people close tho ;;
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  4. Suakichan added a post in a topic Suaki Derin   

    wait who is dallas
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  5. Suakichan added a post in a topic Suaki Derin   

    uh I never understand why people make those threads too but I guess everyone has a reason? 
    Also the people commented on the thing are my friends or people who experienced same things too so I don't see a white knight thing here. 
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  6. Suakichan added a post in a topic Suaki Derin   

    No he is not at all 
    Its what he said

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  7. Suakichan added a post in a topic Suaki Derin   

    My friend sent me this thats why I wanted to reply to it because I always thought its better to clear things up. I am sorry if I sounded defensive, I didn't mean to. The thing I was trying to say is I wish people just not care about what race I am and just like the consent I do, ofc if they like it lol
    and ofc I understand what you trying to say about wishlist thing, I've thought like that before too thats why Ive never tried it. Oh well giving a chance was a mistake maybe who knows. It happaned and can't change anything now. 
    I am glad that you are open to understand tho.

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  8. Suakichan added a post in a topic Suaki Derin   

    Okay, so I only opened an account to reply this.. Firstly I am really so sad to see myself on here but I can't help about what people think about me.
    but I just wanted clear something.
    First of all, I am Turkish but for race I am romanian&mongolian if it makes sense. I know I mostly look white but I really don't care how I look or what people think what race I am so I hope it won't be big deal for you.
    and secondly, I am not koreaboo or weeb oh well maybe a lil weeb but def not koreaboo LOL the only reason I am using those tags because my friend gave it to me and I just wanted try it and I didn't see a big deal on that? If its then I am sorry.
    Also about the people I hangout... I didn't date only Asian guys if its what you trying to say. I've dated white and turkish( i dont even know what their race) but yeah my bf is viet and I don't know its such a big deal? 
    Also for the gift thing I just wanted give a chance since lots of people does that and I didn't even know it would work since I was inactive for a Long time.After a while I even stopped adding new things because I was shock that it worked and if that person follows me for a while they might see that I havent share any gift thing for a long time.
    I just wanted to clear things and also I am sorry about my English, its not really good.
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