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  1. Maid In China added a post in a topic Taylor R - videos #2   

    she'll be pretending shes pregnant again next week... watch...
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  2. Maid In China added a post in a topic Taylor R - videos #2   

    Idk what its got to do with Taylors size tbh, it kinda sounds like your saying taylor's thin cause she dont like food hahah! Idk what its got to do with size at all, she didnt even eat a lot! its the manner she did it in. Taylor just bought all those for her, Didnt she even consider to save her half to try for herself, she just yammed more and more and still came back with shit feedback..  that just made it awkward for me to watch, taylors silly jokes about expense took the lime light off of sharla munching all the food and taylor looking confused about it~
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  3. Maid In China added a post in a topic Taylor R - videos #2   

    I went fromto The moment i realized she wasn't joking!! Just when you thought the Chicken and Rosie thing couldnt get any worse! she prints it on a fckin t-shirt and wants you to pay, to wear it.... Dead LOL
    Shes so child like lately... i feel too old watching her vlogs and im much younger. 
    Greasy Taytor Tots tho... 
    If they was plain black or white with Taylor R NHK (waist band) or something,  i probably would of thouight good on her~ 
    I still wouldnt of bought em
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  4. Maid In China added a post in a topic Taylor R - videos #2   

    I dont think it looks good for her or her channel rn, if she starts showing off her expensive sh*t, Ofc she has it.  she probably don't wanna give herself anymore reason to be called a gold digger or her bf a sugar daddy, its like shes ignoring that we all know... Relatable works. but not enough to remove the wallet from the vlog entirely, Anyone that noticed noticed.  
    Her vlogs are meh lately  but its understandable. the grandad thing is so sad <3 the ily part too, i hope everything works out
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  5. Maid In China added a post in a topic Taylor R - videos #2   

    Off topic.
    Whats with the subliminal "Hey sub and hit the notifications bell for a chance to Win Youtube to notify you when i upload a video" ???  at the end of her videos lately.  Or am i missing something...

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  6. Maid In China added a post in a topic Taylor and elbow-sans "relationship"   

    And the Strawberry's from Tay Lors FB Hahaa
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  7. Maid In China added a post in a topic General Kanadajin3 thread   

    woah this girl, tf happened to her? she seems to be all kinds of fcked now. i used to watch her alot back whn she was married(?) But she started to go thru some crazy changes, her voice for one, i cant fucking stand the mix of 20 differnt accents she seems to have now.. the next time i checked her she looked like she was on drugs and had been dragged thru a bush backwards, hangin out with any guy that would have her... then her drunken live streams.. it was kinda oblivious she was gonna turn to religion next.  shes such a tard
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  8. Maid In China added a post in a topic Taylor and Friends   

    Right, i agree and i dont wanna be that person tbh.
    tho i was tempted at first... 
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  9. Maid In China added a post in a topic Taylor and Friends   

    (her current house)  Idk if its still up, this was a few months back.  i looked on my maps and the address was still on the history.. tho i dont feel comfortable being a main source of that information, if its no longer out there.
    I was gonna post a Print-Screen of the house?? but il probably get in shit for it? 
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  10. Maid In China added a post in a topic Taylor and Friends   

    Yeah some random gave her Tokyo address out,  after someone posted a pic of an arrow on google maps (Pointing to the area Taylor lives) it was around the same time as the elbow-san thing. like, i googled it and it WAS legit their house.
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  11. Maid In China added a post in a topic Taylor and Friends   

    idk if you honestly dont know what im talking about or ir youre just being funny about my choice of words?
    They leaked where SHE lives in Japan! Thats why i Labeled that time period "Her Exposure"  and then the bf's stuff came out too. 
    Exposing that she's not actually the girl boss she made out she was.
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  12. Maid In China added a post in a topic Taylor and Friends   

    About Taylor's Friends..
    Sharla, - Absent since her sister came to japan, and she lost interest in her friendship with Taylor? During Taylor's Exposure. (& she was the closes thing Taylor had to a bf in Japan)
    Ex Jv-Clan: Meimi? Kim, Bii. (I really miss these guys & Taylor as a group, Even Toph and that)
    Venus - Met up off Camera, Mer...
    Micaela - Long distance & I never really felt they was friends, i always get the feeling that Micaela acts up around Taylor. 
    Rachel - (Not suggesting they were ever friends) But has anyone noticed Rachel reaching out to Taylor a lot lately? Is she trying to be her friend or what? I always got the Impression that Rachel didnt really care, to make any effort with Taylor before so why all of a sudden, Is she all over the gaff.
    Taylor pretty much has no "on screen" friends...or off? Cept Elbow-San. he's basically ft in all her Vlogs now. I mean i Like the Guy But I miss the Taylor that had a happy social life! that went out without him from time to time. She used to stay home while elbow-san took business trips and she had friends round but now i fear she doesnt have anyone to do that with, So she more than likely goes along with him and sits in the hotel room, until he returns.... I really think the Sharla&Exposure thing has affected her confidence and defiantly her content. I hope Taylor finds some new friendships soon or at least one genuine one. 
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  13. Maid In China added a post in a topic Taylor R - videos #2   

    Maybe, she was just getting there before Sharla did, the whole thing seemed rushed, edited and put out anyway. Its not really Taylors thing is it.. Pokemon. 
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  14. Maid In China added a post in a topic Taylor R - videos #2   

    That week Kasey Neistat posted "Sad story" where he never got the chance to meet a sick fan, even tho he planned to. Next thing you know Taylor's running out, Tryna meet up with Angel or what ever. 
    i swear she even went on to start talking about that girls personal shit, that she must of been writting Taylor.  Smh.
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  15. Maid In China added a post in a topic Taylor R - videos #2   

    "Elbow-San Jumping on the pregnancy rumors" I still think they planted the seed's for the pregnancy rumors on purpose, to keep people 2nd guessing and coming back to find out more! She's, now basically making a bunch of pointless Vlogs and throw's in a few pregnancy Hints to keep it spicy. 
    1, The inside joke about her abs, Whens she went for pizza, Even tho she's constantly munching crisps and chocolate at night.
    2, The Elbow-San-Cam of her holding her belly, Smiling, Then asking: are you filming me? 
    3, The lack of "My outfit of the day" Then showing some baggy black dress, Mid vlog (Im not saying shes got a belly or ANYTHING, clearly above that 's not the case)
    4, Her Glowing pregnant face, Not without noticing shes made subtle changes to her make-up style.
    Why else are they milking the pregnancy Thing? probably because they know its working...  and Taylor doesn't even have to try with her Vlogs, She can be slack af and just drop a few Pregnancy Hints.. 

    Also This HK trip feels shady to me and that adds to the effect. They're in HK looking at property's but show no footage. Which is G** because people love those *Looking at Property's to rent* it would of brought viewer's from outside of her subs. "But Taylor Says she finds it boring to watch" ??? Last Time i Checked You was The YouTuber Not the Viewer Taylor. LOL
    The everyday wearing of the Push up bra??? Maybe she'll get breast enlargement at some point and this is to make it less noticeable for then?
    I dont mean to bang on...   I cant help but see Taylor as a fake person now,  One that her and Lip-San Created. That's Probably, what my problem is now. I cant see anything she does as Honest or Real.
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