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  1. clairdelune added a post in a topic joanneneko/smallicecoffee   

    Uhm yeah no one really cares about her ethnicity (I just really don't like liars), but as a Vietnamese person myself who lives in Westminster, CA aka the hub of Vietnamese immigrants, who has friends from San Jose (also another predominantly Viet area), has family in Houston, TX and visits very often...I'm dying of laughter from your statements LMAO. I have never met an actual Viet person who was part French. I also go to Vietnam quite regularly and yeah nope, there's barely any French influence left and very VERY few mixed French people. I've met more mixed Viet people with American dads (usually military kids), but French...? No lol. That's very interesting you grew up so French...no other Vietnamese person I know grew up like that, both in Vietnam and over here in the states (except for my grandpa who was alive then but even now all the French influence has ceased with him as well). But good for you I guess.
    The French colonization was pretty recent, if she does (which I highly doubt it) have any ancestors then she should have at least an idea or knowledge but she doesn't, which makes it fishy.
    You also seem to hate your Viet culture...calling yourself a jungle Asian (just because a comedian jokes about it doesn't mean it's right) and that being Viet is nothing to be proud about, and you seem to really idolize Koreans and Japanese people..........uhm.........I can see why you and Joanne are friends and why you're defending her koreaboo behavior.
    Also she does have something to gain from lying about being mixed. She wants to appeal to Koreans who view SEA in a negative light (unfortunately). Koreans and people in general seem to also always admire mixed kids no matter the "Asian part", if you're mixed with white, you're "cool". Ever heard "oh mixed babies are the cutest!" She used to emphasize her "part French" on instagram and Facebook. She even posted pictures of herself on a Korean facebook page captioning herself as a mixed person. She was obviously trying to gain something by pretending to be mixed. No actual mixed person I know brags about being part anything like that LMAO. Only attention seekers would put something like that in their bio..or people who are lying.
    Edit: Also, with how much you claim French culture to influence Vietnam etc, shouldn't there be more mixed French celebrities? (Like mixed Spanish celebs in the Philippines as an example.) There are like none to my knowledge lol. The only mixed celebrity I know is Phi Nhung who has an American dad. What happened to all the mixed French people????????????? Oh right, the French didn't really have that much of an influence. There's barely any French remnants in VN. Ba Na Hills which is advertised to be a "French village" is FAKE and was built recently as a theme park lol. And Ba Na Hills is proabably the "Frenchest" thing in VN besides the baguettes they use for banh mi.
    I might be pressed about this, but as a Viet person I really don't like misinformation to be spread.
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  2. clairdelune added a post in a topic joanneneko/smallicecoffee   

    You make valid points, but I'm still on the fence about how she's ~really~ French. The only piece of evidence you have is that she told you, but like we've mentioned she's known to fake her race and lie to make herself seem exotic. Vietnamese people in general often have very ambiguous features and there is no exact look for a Vietnamese person. You go into the history of the French colonization which we've mentioned before already, but that does not mean she's French. A lot of Vietnamese people like to claim or believe they're part French because of that but when the actual results come out, there's none (i.e. Tina Yong). Her actual knowledge and history of her "Frenchness" is so vague that it makes it seem like she just made it up sadly. Personally, I'll believe that she may have some Chinese in her which is more common for Viet people, but French? Nah LMAO. She has none of those typical Western features.
    The problem with her making fun of koreaboos is that she IS one herself and it's honestly just hilarious and hypocritical. Also it take guts to move to a different country? Ok sure. But the reason why most people wouldn't do what she did was:
    1. They're not dumb. Why would you give up a stable life in your home country and your college education to become an ILLEGAL immigrant?
    2. They're not delusional Koreaboos and could care less about moving to their fantasy land to fulfill their koreaboo or weaboo dreams.
    3. They're teenagers who aren't self dependent yet, but will eventually grow out of their koreaboo phase when they're adults and realize packing up and moving to a country to fulfill their weeby desires is just dumb.
    I'm sorry to hear that she's been bullied, but that does not justify her bullying or shaming others.
    Perhaps read through this thread and gain a bit more insight into why we like to discuss her. You seem to have missed quite a few things.
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  3. clairdelune added a post in a topic Joankeem / Joanday   

    Tbh I don't think she even uses the products to say anything helpful or review worthy about them LMAO...
    Never forget the time when she herself said she never even tried the Blanc and eclare skin products but said in the same comment that she liked them because "they were sooooo gentle"
    She's so uncredible and I wouldn't take any skincare advice from her, she's just lucky korean skincare is trendy and her fanbase is basically just koreaboos 
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  4. clairdelune added a post in a topic Joankeem / Joanday   

    Aside from the obvious difference in head size, I think Joan actually looks pretty when she's smiling...rather than those awkward faces she keeps pulling in her videos and instagram posts...
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  5. clairdelune added a post in a topic Joankeem / Joanday   

    Angel looks great! Her outfit is put together and very fitting of her age! The fit of everything is pretty, the small details like the minimalistic strappy black heels, how her cuffs peek though her fitted blazer, the length of her jeans, her neatly tucked in shirt, and her Chanel WOC!!!  
    Joan on the other hand with her ugly loose fitting blazer dress and fanny pack looks so off... a huge fashion disaster...also those heels with that fugly dress? Why???
    The only similarity is the color scheme.
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  6. clairdelune added a post in a topic joanneneko/smallicecoffee   

    *fetishizes Koreans by only dating Korean oppas (even when she lived in TX according to someone who knew her from the koreaboo thread)*
    *drops university and her life in America to move to mAgICal Korea to work illegally and basically just go clubbing and go on tinder to meet more Korean oppas because Americans are GrOSs, but not Korean oppas because they're FauLTleSs*
    *does a shit ton of other koreaboo AND weaboo fetishizing shit that ranges from her faking her race to many other things mentioned previously in this thread*
    *says people who like kpop or recognize idols are automatically koreaboos* *automatically takes this back when called out because she likes kpop and posts cringey dance covers on her youtube joanne uchihara and insta*
    also Joanne: 

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  7. clairdelune added a post in a topic Okmalissa / malissa   

    Uhhhhm if I remember correctly, the rich asian guy was one of her students... and they were all in a friend group with Koral etc (international students I believe?) so she didn't exclusively hang out with him or anyhting
    Also, I watched most of Malissa's lives and Malissa was always really private about her relationships, so I highly doubt she would broadcast her being touchy or kissy with anyone, even with Nelson she doesn't broadcast them being touchy or kissy...
    And even if she did, like loonie23 said, she and Nelson weren't in a relationship at the time so that doesn't really define her as someone who would cheat especially seeing how much she loves Nelson
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  8. clairdelune added a post in a topic Joankeem / Joanday   

    She probably reads this thread and didn't want more backlash for copying idols, because she knows herself that it's pathetic too, so she tried to play it off by saying "I like blue." What a coincidence that she got the exact same shirt as Rose out of all the Burberry shirts she could have picked. Also that entire USA haul was hideous especially that shirt she got on sale at All Saints...there's a reason why it's on sale honey. Joan is the epitome of a try hard who pretends to have money. There's nothing wrong with buying luxury pieces...but why not actually invest in something nice rather than ugly cotton shirts you could find at F21, which brings me back to the point that she's not as rich as she's trying to make herself seem. Sad really. But keep buying all those tacky shirts and baseball caps because your idol wore them, quality over quantity right?
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  9. clairdelune added a post in a topic joanneneko/smallicecoffee   

    I was just reading through the "General "non Asians pretending to be Asian" thread," and they were talking about Vietnamese people who pretend to be half-French (due to VN's colonization etc etc) and someone posted a link to this video of a girl who so desperately wanted to be French and said her mom told her that her grandma COULD have been part French (sound familiar?). Well, her DNA test revealed 0% French and I laughed out loud because it reminded me too much of Joanne.
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  10. clairdelune added a post in a topic Joankeem / Joanday   

    Gucci is a trendy brand where their bags come and go unlike the classics of Chanel and LV that retain their value throughout the years, so it's just a big waste of money to be buying all these pieces unless she truly loves them (she's only buying it because blackpink has it )...also this is just speculation but hers looks fake. The inner flap looks way too long and big. From all the Dionysus bags I've seen the flap isn't that big or long, especially on the all black leather one; however, I could be wrong.
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  11. clairdelune added a topic in Online Personalities   

    KASPER(캐스퍼)/Serine Lee
    Kasper, who used to go by 11x11pm/SerineSings on YouTube before starting her rapping career, is a South Korean singer, rapper, and YouTuber. She is currently a solo artist under DSP and was in the group Play the Siren before they disbanded. 
    Instagram: kasperxxiYoutube: KASPERTwitter: KASPER417Soundcloud: officialkasper
    She started her YouTube channel back in 2010 under the name 11x11pm and would post rant, makeup, and singing videos. She was an aspiring kpop artist (Korean-American living in S. Korea with dreams to be a kpop idol) at the time and would post advice videos for auditions. 
    Her singing was very mediocre and her rant videos were what gained her following. 
    She eventually gave up on becoming an idol and switched to rapping and started going by the name Kasper. 
    During that time, she would also pander/brag to her viewers about knowing BAP's Daehyun causing a lot of them to question their relationship.
    In 2014 she debuted in Play the Siren, a co-ed hip hop group.
    She also started appearing on Seoulistic (when she was a trainee) and WishtrendTV videos. She is still a part of WishtrendTV.
    She auditioned for Show Me the Money 4 and failed to get in and got on Unpretty Rapstar Season 2 instead.
    Her singing was bad, but her rapping is mediocre at best. Many netizens questioned why Kasper was on UPRS due to her bland personality and poor skills. She was often criticized for being awkward and stiff. 
    Despite her poor skills, she still somehow landed a contract with DSP in 2016. She released her single Lean on Me in January of 2017.
    She's still pretty irrelevant in Korean media, but she recently got herself back in the news this month for revealing Wanna One Kang Daniel's and UPRS Yook Jidam's relationship. Many netizens thought this was unnecessary and attention seeking of her.
    She is often attention seeking, from pandering about knowing Daehyun to going on SMTM because she was jealous of Kisum (watch SMTM audition) to revealing details about other people's relationships.
    She was also very cocky on UPRS until her terrible rapping was criticized. She dissed Jiyoon for being an idol but she herself wanted to be an idol too but failed. 
    She also has had plastic surgery. When she was still posting videos on 11x11pm, she made a video clarifying what procedures she had done (eyes and botox injections for jaw), but it seems that since then she has gotten more done. It's pretty possible she shaved her jaw as well, because botox doesn't slim your jaw to that extent.

    (now Feb 2018 https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=c4ot_F2MuI4&t=350s)
    I used to watch her 11x11pm videos back then and found it hilarious when she was on UPRS. Her cockiness turns me off and honestly her way of speaking is so grating I had to stop watching Wishtrend videos, but those are just my personal opinions of her.
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  12. clairdelune added a post in a topic joy/sehunismyreligion   

    Her face reminds me of Momoland's Jooe tbh, I don't find her particularly pretty but she's not ugly either.
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  13. clairdelune added a post in a topic Joankeem / Joanday   

    Joan's fashion videos:
    "I bought this ridiculously overpriced and "unique" piece because QuALItY!!!!!!"
    l o l right quality
    "I bought this (or I'm showing you this) because _____ celebrity or semi-famous person wore it, so I just have to show it off!!!"
    Yeah, I kind of got over my "I need to buy this shirt because so and so wore it" phase at like 16 lol...but I guess Joan finds some sort of self worth in showing off the fact that she owns the same items as celebs, because her audience is at that age range where it's cool to be a clone of their favs. She probably thrives off of their comments lmao, because she always feels the need to shove it in our faces that a celebrity wore it. It's kind of tacky, actually really tacky. I don't know what she's trying to prove, but name dropping is never cute. Kind of like how tacky it is to wear logos and logo printed things *cough* that ugly gucci backpack, balenciaga hat, everything in Joan's closet *cough.* If you're truly classy and well-off, you don't need to show off for people to know, they'll just know.
    On the other hand, I thought her new vlog was enjoyable for the most part. I haven't watched them in months, so I didn't have high expectations though. Her walking around scenes were a bit unnecessary and repetitive...like did she just set the camera somewhere and walk in front of it, and then walk back to get her camera, only to walk back again? I don't get the point and it looks very unnatural. I just laughed at those parts LOL. Also, Joan is always a little behind on Korean trends (which is weird because she's such a trend whore lmao). I remember the whole heart finger trend was dying and suddenly Joan started doing it and it became her cringe "trademark." Jeojang was hugely popular when PD101 was airing / when Wanna One debuted...it was all over varieties and shows, how did she not know? Idk, but I hope she doesn't try to start pushing that in her vlogs.
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  14. clairdelune added a post in a topic Joankeem / Joanday   

    I'm pretty sure it was mentioned before, but Joan is seriously so cheap but tries so hard to come off as rich by buying the cheapest things from designer luxury brands LMAO. White t-shirts, hats, belts, etc. The Gucci belt she bought was the cheaper $350 model (the .5 inch one) when the trendier one (the one that most bloggers wear) is the 1.5 inch one that's $450. She bought Diptyque ONLY because it was on sale. She wouldn't drop money on the candle she actually wanted, because it was full price LOL. She's essentially buying the perfume for the name and because it was cheaper than usual. She's bougee as hell. What's worse is that although she's a slave to trends, she's still a fashion terrorist most of the time (especially with her kpop wannabe outfits - most/all of them are so ugly lol).
    Also, it really bugs me that she doesn't link to the actual product in her videos but uses a shit ton of affiliate links to a SEARCH RESULTS page and not even the product itself wtf. I was trying to see if she'd actually link the Gucci belt I mentioned above (because I didn't want to be wrong, but looking at the size of her belt I'm pretty sure it's the cheaper one LOL) but I ended up on mytheresa's website. 
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  15. clairdelune added a post in a topic Joankeem / Joanday   

    LMFAO I dead ass laughed as I scrolled down and saw those screenshots 
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