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  1. Flower123 added a post in a topic Why are people obsessed with Disney?   

    If you look up the Kimba and Simba ordeal on youtube, and how Disney stole Lion King giving no credit, you wouldn`t look at Disney so good, for me it really turned me off on Disney, such a sad thing that happened. I know of multiple people who are obsessed with Disney, I know of three different families who go to Disneyland every year, and one of those families goes twice a year and all they talk about is Disney. I watched Disney movies when I was a kid and I watched them over and over again, but as an adult I see how horrible a company Disney is.
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  2. Flower123 added a post in a topic Ryan Boundless   

    It`s been a long time since I checked up on this Ryan thread even though I made it lol, but gross really there is a porn video of Ryan floating around on reddit? Was the porn video with his ex Rie? I don`t want to actually look up and watch the gross video myself but just wonder. 
    Looks like Ryan decided to go to Mexico like his dad. But I am confused is he in Kenya or Mexico right now? Did he bring his girlfriend with him to Mexico? (I don`t want to give his videos more views, if I can refrain from it). Ryan always objectifies women and has fetishes.
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  3. Flower123 added a post in a topic Texan In Tokyo   

    Yeah or they could of done a name that can be both western and Japanese at the same time such as a name like Naomi, or Lily/Yuri, Rina/Lina, Aimi/Amy, etc. but its up to them/their business of whatever they want to name their kid, it's just Nelda doesn't sound very attractive and if I were named that I would get it legally changed by a certain age lol. And oh I didn't notice it was her grandmother's name. Personally I find it sort of lacking in imagination and sort of lame when someone names their kid after a relative (like a way to be the favorite/kiss up to that family member or just lack of thinking up a new name) but it's none of my business if Grace wanted to honor her grandma by naming her child the same name. 
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  4. Flower123 added a post in a topic Texan In Tokyo   

    Nelda reminds me of the name Ned (like Ned Flanders) and Zelda from the video game series, it's like Ned and Zelda combined. Not a very attractive sounding name... Also I wonder why she did not choose a Japanese name, I would since the spouse is Japanese. She is really bossy and probably Ryosuke had no say in the child's name, and maybe Grace refused to use a Japanese name since it would not be a biblical Christian name, since she was so insecure about Ryosuke not being Christian.
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  5. Flower123 added a post in a topic Who Do You Think Should Have A Thread On PULL That Doesn’t Already?   

    Lil Tay and her mom selling her out, she deleted her content on her accounts but she is stated to come back rebranding herself.
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  6. Flower123 added a post in a topic Find Your Love In Japan (Nobita)   

    I did say "ugly inside and out" so I did say he has an ugly inside too, which is not helping his outward appearance. I do think that outer appearance does help in life sadly because people generally treat beautiful people or people who are rich better, but I don't think he should be hateful and a jerk, that doesn't help. I agree he needs to change himself for the better (his inside, personality/behavior), but most likely he probably won't (just like Kanadajin3 never bothers to make herself a better person in the inside), he seems so stubborn and full of hate, he is like a railroad derailing.
    And I wonder what his friend Yuta (who does similiar inteview videos) thinks, like does he agree with Nobita's last 2 hateful videos? He and Yuta have hung out together.
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  7. Flower123 added a post in a topic Find Your Love In Japan (Nobita)   

    This guy Nobita has always disgusted me from even his earlier videos fetishizing Japanese people with his stupid interviews. He pisses me off so much about his racism towards black people, does he forget he himself is not even white? He needs to look in the mirror. I think he really thinks he would get excepted by the white supremists group as an honorary white, which would not happen because they don't like Asian guys. Does Nobita realize that in the dating world Asian men and black women are both discriminated as least wanted on dating apps yet he hates black people? And that Hollywood discriminates Asian men yet he acts like he is so high and mighty and has the nerve to hate black people? And he himself is below average for a Japanese man, he is considered way below average, he has mental issues and is ugly inside and out. I always get happy when I see a Japanese man with a black lady I say good for them.  I think he will do anything to please the alt right white supremeists so he will probably keep making more topic videos that will please them. 
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  8. Flower123 added a post in a topic TkyoSam   

    TkyoSam makes my blood boil, just reading about him infuriates me. Why has he not been deported yet? He is a filthy sexpat and has no right to point out about others to justify what he does is fine. Japan seriously needs to get more serious about the kind of people they let stay because unfortunately there are others like TkyoSam and Ryan Boundless in Japan who seem to be sexual predators who think they can do whatever they want by misbehaving very badly in Japan with no consequences. I cannot believe filth like TkyoSam was an English teacher for little children.
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  9. Flower123 added a post in a topic Alt-right extremist Women   

    I heard some parts about appearance and while I do agree on that looking not sloppy and dressing nicely is good but what about the men how about their appearance?  I didn't watch the whole video but was scrolling through the comments and the comments are very disgusting, alot of alt-right men think women are just sex objects to just please men and that is their only purpose on this earth. I seen this comment over and over again on there: "If you want to keep a man happy in marriage keep his belly full and his balls empty." So women are just "objects" to the alt right men, and they are pissed off because alot of women don't want to be their barefoot and pregnant sex toy. And not all men think sex is a priority or only thing they need in a relationship, but these alt-right men do, they don't want anything but food and a baby factory. And funny thing is they are calling women land whales and other insulting names but what about themselves? It's not just women who are overweight but the men too, and like they themselves are so super attractive or have a great personality, why don't they look in the mirror before blaming others for why they cannot get a lady or keep a lady because of their own bad personalities or appearance, oh that's right because if they did look in the mirror it would shatter. They sound like low iq cavemen by saying women are just food dispensing machines and sex baby factories. Sadly alot of these guys come over to Asia look for a mail order bride as their victim, and I hear of alot of murder cases in their marriages.
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  10. Flower123 added a post in a topic Rachel and Jun   

    Well down here in Kansai region of Japan (Kobe and Osaka) haircuts like the shaved on the sides with the seaweed mess on top is popular, like a fade cut, or just some other more "macho" hair cuts are popular like shorter hairstyles, just like what is popular in the west right now, but up in Kanto like Tokyo I think the longer anime-ish hair is still popular I think? Might be the same with Nagoya because they are more influenced by Tokyo rather than Osaka. The type of hairstyles I see advertised at men's haircutting places in this city here in Kansai are the hairstyles that are more macho, and what I see on actual guys in public that are in current trend right now down here in Kansai. But of course there are still people with the older style hair like Jun's here too, but its not what is "in-trend" because the fade is in trend. Not everyone follows trends and they stick to the same style they like forever.
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  11. Flower123 added a post in a topic Logan Paul   

    Justice is never served in this world unfortunately, I fear the same as you, that people will forget and he won't get punished for this in any way and will be getting rewarded by youtube this year, and I am very upset about it. It actually made me cry when I found out about this Logan Paul guy and what he has done. I cannot understand how people lack empathy these days. He should of been instantly banned from youtube, arrested instantly in Japan, deported, and permanently banned from Japan and serve time in jail in the U.S. The sick thing about this whole thing is his girlfriend was half-Asian, and he is racist to Asians, how can someone date someone knowing they are racist when she herself is half Asian, because he has shown time and time again in the past he is racist to anyone not white and made fun of Asians several times. I think she recently dumped him but not until after all this, even though he did pretty racist shit in the past all the way up to this horrible act yet she still thought it was ok to be with him.
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  12. Flower123 added a post in a topic Texan In Tokyo   

    I think they meant they are never coming back to Youtube, and probably Grace is not going to ever update her blog anymore. Other than Ryosuke not wanting them to show their life's off on Youtube anymore, I think another reason they don't want to make more videos on Youtube anymore is the fact that Grace lied to everyone on Youtube by saying the reason they were leaving Youtube was they were going to start a family and want privacy for the baby and she made it sound as if they were going to be starting a family right then when they put up the leaving Youtube videos. So alot of people imagine she has a baby by now. But in actual reality it has been a year and she still is not having kids, instead they moved back to the U.S. and are both working, seems she has no plans anytime soon to have a baby. Alot of people on youtube might be angry she lied about her excuse to why she is leaving Youtube. Another reason is she doesn't want to blog about her life in the U.S. I think she wants people to still think they are in Japan and she probably thinks it's not exciting to blog about her life in the U.S. (even though Japan has had way too many vlogs made about it).
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  13. Flower123 added a post in a topic Taylor R - videos #2   

    Rococo era is one of my favorite eras so I study it alot (and history in general) and Lolita doesn't seem to be based off Rococo at all. Taylor's hair is made up in a way like Rococo in this particular photoshoot but its just for magazine couture style to be dramatic, Lolita hairstyles usually are never like that, most lolitas have straight across hair fringe. Lolita resembles Victorian and Edwardian clothing more so than Rococo because it is modest and has a circular skirt shape, Rococo has a v shaped bodice with a skirt shape of a side ways oval with side hoops/pannier that accentuates the hips, and a revealing chest area with a low square neckline and long sleeves, Lolita doesn't show off the chest area. During Victorian and Edwardian period they were more modest and wore high neck blouses, and bonnets, Lolita has bonnets and mini top hats, other hats and hair pieces that resemble Victorian and Edwardian and have blouses that are always worn under jsks (not ops) these blouses are inspired by the Edwardian blouses, rarely is there any tricorn hat in lolita and I never seen a bergere hat worn with lolita only can-can hats which are like Edwardian era boater hats. Also I think Lolita is heavily based off of 1950s dresses especially the jsk. So other than pastel colors lolita does not have much in common with the Rococo era.
    On another note why does Taylor have such terrible fashion sense? Back when she wore dolly clothes it was much better well other than her makeup, big lips, surgery, and the circle lenses *shutter,* she looks better in makeup that is more mature like this photoshoot. She always wears the ugliest random stuff these days that are name brand expensive stuff but ugly as ever. In this lolita photoshoot it looked really good on her with her hair swept up, mature makeup and a frilly dress. Why does she wear sloppy stuff like hoodies and baseball caps all the time...
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  14. Flower123 added a post in a topic Jvloggers general discussion thread   

    Maybe it's because she gets too many creepy comments/guys obsessing over her on her videos and she already has a boyfriend so she is put off by the guys flirting style comments with her on her videos? Or maybe her boyfriend got jealous of all the attention she got from guys since alot of guys find her cute and commented alot about it so she isn't active on youtube because he asked her not to. I remember seeing a guy asking her to marry him on the comments section of one of her videos before. Or maybe she just didn't like all the attention, who knows.
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  15. Flower123 added a post in a topic General Venus Angelic thread #2   

    I lurked the threads about Venus last year when her and Manaki supposedly broke up but didn't follow it since the fake break up, but wow alot has happened since then, so many pages I cannot even read them all to catch up but just skimmed them. I used to not care for Venus but after finding out now that her mother made up the break up and now is trying to capture Venus back and is pissed off Venus ran away from her, I actually changed my mind about Venus because her mom is awful and I want Venus to be happy, and seeing Manaki make her happy I hope her mom can never separate them.  I wonder if Venus can file a restraining order against her mom?
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