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  1. sakura-hime added a post in a topic Lunestelle   

    Ok, I think we all agree that Belle isn't the most original person in the world, but seriously, i sometimes think people try so hard to compare her to Kenna (I know she used to copy Kenna a lot in the past in such a cynical way, even if Kenna isn't the owner of that stile, it was a plain copycat) the problem is that, Belle doesn't seem to draw attention to herself in the right way,  she became "famous" for her conflict with Kenna so i feel she thinks that maybe if she stops copying/getting inspired by Kenna's style she might be less popular than she is now,  anyway back to her recent photos, I think she somehow had started to separate herself from Kenna, they will always have some similarities because they like some of the same stuff, but I don't feel she is the shadow of Kenna anymore, or at least she's trying to be her own persona, about the selfie mirror, cmon everyone does that, and they are not "copying Kenna", and i kinda like her new hair , i hated that ugly pink hair! btw i hope i don't sound like im WK so much cause i honestly don't, i don't follow her that much cause she's like every "autumn/witch/Ghibli aesthetic girl" but i just don't think she is THAT bad, unoriginal of course, but not necessarily bad. 
    My native language clearly isn't english so i apologize for any grammar mistake 
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  2. sakura-hime added a post in a topic Berry Tsukasa   

    Maybe you all won't agree with my opinion but i want to know about Berry not Ouji, i was okay with him in this thread when he was Berry's boyfriend or when his post were relevant to this topic but i really don't find him relevant to this "Berry" situation right now, maybe a separate thread about him? idk don't hate me 
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  3. sakura-hime added a post in a topic Berry Tsukasa   

    To me all the Ouji thing just seems odd, maybe is just for all the "now I'll take a shower if you know what I mean 😉" all those kind of comments I mean, if he have sex with this girl that's totally cool but why he have to share it like that? I also would feel weird to see the guy I'm dating posting those things If i were her. So yeah I feel he's trying to prove Berry he can move on, and that he doesn't need her. Maybe I'm wrong and I hope I am to be honest. 
    Sorry for any any grammar mistakes. 
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  4. sakura-hime added a post in a topic Yumi King Videos   

    Yep she turned 26 years old in April: (just in case anyone is still wondering) 

    So i don't think she meant "I'm a sheep" like talking about her Chinese zodiac I think she just said it cause "sheeps sounds very kawaii"
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  5. sakura-hime added a post in a topic Is it messed up to name your new dog after your deceased dog?   

    My opinion is DONT DO IT because you seem that you're still very attached to your old dog and the new one its not a replacement, its a new being, that needs his own and unique name and personality. Thats my recommendation, i must say i had a cat called Cecil, i loved him so much and when he left i felt so sad and a couple of months later my other cat gave birth to some kitties and one of them looked identical to him, so i called her Cecil too, and she's completely different to him now, i feel that when i gave her that name too i couldn't remember him that good and everytime i tried to talk about him was like "remember when Cecil did...?" and everyone like "never saw her doing that" and me like "no no the other Cecil" i just wished i gave them different names  
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  6. sakura-hime added a post in a topic Most overrated/underrated singers?   

    Overrated: everyone you guys said, but specially Beyoncé, BTS, and Melanie Martinez!
    Underrated: I'd say Hayley Kiyoko, her voice is beautiful and her songs are so nice  (at least in my country nobody knows about her idk in USA) 
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  7. sakura-hime added a post in a topic Yumi King Videos   

    Oh C'mon guys!!! Those nails looked perfect for Yumi, totally fits her wedding's aesthetic: Cheap & Ugly AF 
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  8. sakura-hime added a post in a topic Ever felt envy over an online personality?   

    I must admit i feel jealous/envy of some youtubers and snowflakes, like Dakota or PrincessMei,  not because they travel or they get free stuff, but because im a very ugly looking person, im fat, full of stretch marks, i have a boring personality and im most of my days alone, i don't have friends or a boyfriend, so yes its sad but sometimes i wonder "why? why can't i look like them? why can't i be loved like them?" it sounds very pathetic now that im "saying out loud"  im so ashamed.. 
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  9. sakura-hime added a post in a topic "Who is this?" Thread   

    I remember some months ago an apparently self-post came to PULL it was this girl:

    Anyways i tried to find her but her IG is gone now, idk if it was some kind of catfish thing here but i can't seem to find her real IG (if she has one), does anyone know who she is? the old thread is locked now, and used to go by the IG user name "manesskin" 
    Apologize for any grammar mistake im not a native english speaker 
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  10. sakura-hime added a post in a topic Yumi King's Instagram   

    that's very interesting! I totally forgot about her OkCupid profile! I usually come across with theories as well I think I've became softer since she got engaged like a part of me wants to believe in YumixSplenda is real but seeing this new perspective I must say, I'm looking forward more evidence! 

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  11. sakura-hime added a post in a topic Yumi King's Instagram   

    I honestly think or maybe I just want to believe that Yumi and Splenda already planned the wedding, maybe she's irresponsible but I don't think he would not get involved in it, so when I saw the video I thought they just filmed it so her brainless fans would feel like "they are part of their Chinese Loli waifu wedding" I highly doubt they are going to get married in 2 months and done nothing about it, let's get real! Nobody will wait til late June to plan a wedding if their going to get married in September 24th! About the post "he asked me to plan the wedding last year..." I feel she just wanted to appear cute clumsy, dumb, kawaii girl you know, typical Yumi.. so that's why she wrote that.

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  12. sakura-hime added a post in a topic Do you like cats or dogs?   

    Both! I have 4 cats and 2 dogs 
    If i would have to choose, i would say cats because they are more independent, clean and doesn't destroy so many things. But at the same time you have to be careful cause they can destroy your furniture if you don't have a scratch post, they have to stay active that way they don't get obese and they can be very manipulative. 
    Dogs are cheerful, sweet and adorable too, but if you're a busy person then your dog will stay alone waiting for you and can get sad and if you don't take them on a walk they can destroy some of your stuff, they're not as clean as cats, but i couldn't live without my animals. 
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  13. sakura-hime added a post in a topic Drake Bell   

    I wouldn't consider any of them attractive, to me both are unattractive so moving on, this kinda remind me a situation. Remember t.A.T.u.? when they ended the duo and started doing music on their own, Yulia said really mean things about Lena (Yulia still is my fave btw but her behavior was terrible) after that they stopped talking, some years later have some sort of reunion but at the end Lena got married and did not invited Yulia, it was natural, we as fans (both Drake and Josh or t.A.T.u. in this example) feel sad because we watched them grow together, do everything together, but the reality is that we don't know them only what they decided to show us. 
    For a minute i felt sad for Drake, i mean my apparently not anymore Best friend got married 1 month ago and she invited me to the wedding 1 week before so obviously i didn't have dress and you know, it felt sad met someone for so long and realize they don't really want you in their lives. But im totally agree that for whatever reason Josh did not invited Drake its between them i only felt bad for Josh because his wedding and his important day was kinda ruined for all Drake fans who went to write mean stuff to his social media. Sorry if it seemed kinda OT, i don't know them so much only from their Nickelodeon days 
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  14. sakura-hime added a post in a topic Yumi King's Instagram   

    I edited and uploaded from my iPad so idk how sorry >o< 
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  15. sakura-hime added a post in a topic Yumi King's Instagram   

    I tried 
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