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  1. tonyang added a post in a topic Hayley Bui (IG famous)   

    Why do I feel like Jenny is pissed because Hayley was able to pull off the look much better than she did? Jenny looks nicer with darker makeup whereas Hayley looks nicer with lighter makeup. It was all just bad timing like Jeila above mentioned, but honestly, Jenny wouldn't have threw shade if Hayley did a shitty job on the look  
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  2. tonyang added a post in a topic Fruitypoppin   

    Her makeup is starting to look a lot nicer now  I remembered it looking really bad (her eyeliner saved the look tho let's b real). On the other hand, I noticed on some of her pictures, the contacts are edited on 
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  3. tonyang added a post in a topic hyulari
    Saw these by chance and although in the second link the pictures were taken with a flash, her eyes don’t seem to be the lighter shade as seen in her IG? I honestly don’t think it’s lighting and could be contacts? A lot of people were wondering about her eyes so I thought this might help answer 😊
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  4. tonyang added a post in a topic hyulari   

    I might be wrong, but her eyes are more brown than green if I remembered correctly. Could also be the lightning and/or contact lenses 
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  5. tonyang added a post in a topic hyulari   

    Just wanted to correct that it was her homecoming that she took inspiration from. Yea no one owns the look, but I thought it would be interesting to bring up since after she did admit that she took inspiration, she took down the pictures afterwards. She turned 18 last year (born on Sept 19 1999) I knew her since she was 16, so I am quite aware of her transition in terms of style and makeup. I personally don't believe it's due to self consciousness, but rather because she doesn't know how to portray herself online. Being self conscious and not knowing how to portray yourself online are two different things. She's definitely confident in herself, just not the cocky confident type. She knows her angles &  what does and doesn't look good on her. *Can confirm this because we know each other and have mutual friends*It would be unfair if I didn't bring up about her originality tbqh. There's ton of Youtubers and Instagrammers who take inspiration from other people and they get shit on about it all the time. Not that I'm defending them, but it doesn't mean that she shouldn't get shit on about it. For people to be praising her about it is like a slap on the face for those who "created" that certain style. Who am I kidding though we're all unoriginal, let's b real She does take inspiration from K-beauty and style, but she's laying it low. With Kpop starting to become bigger in the states, most beauty gurus *cough* iamkareno *cough* Michelle Phan *cough*  will do whatever to bring it up in order to gain fame and money from it. She was a lot more open about it and being a Kpop fan a few years back, but I can see why she's laying it low now. I wouldn't say she's not a Koreaboo due to the fact that she didn't answer questions whether or not she was Vietnamese and kept people "wondering" awhile back in 2014/2015 (?) *I don't remember the exact year so if anyone remember, feel free to pitch in* The only reason why she's more open about being Vietnamese now is because apparently being proud of your culture is "in." With Jessica Vu, any of her old followers would know that she was trying to disassociated herself from Kpop/Kbeauty/Kfashion back in 2014 and 2015 because being an IG baddie was a trend. It's a marketing ploy because why try to make it seem like you're all over it now when just a few years ago you were "Kpop? Kbeauty? I'm done with it bye"  Especially fangirling over Jay Park nonstop smh. Her reason to not engage with it smells like bs because she would've disassociate everything altogether. Back to Hillary, but I personally don't care whether or not she wears eyelid glue or contacts LOL she's old enough to know what got her her following so you do you boo. She chose to put herself out on social media, so of course people are going to say all sort of things about her including her looks. It's "dumb" but then again here we all are. There's going to be people like you and there's going to be people like me. I apologize if what I said about her looks was offensive. It wasn't meant to be taken that way, but I'm just throwing in my two cents 
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  6. tonyang added a post in a topic hyulari   

    Am I the only one who doesn't find her pretty?  Other than her eyes, I don't think there's anything about her that stands out.
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  7. tonyang added a post in a topic Fruitypoppin   

    Is no one going to mention that her ex (JC) is dating Lisa (lisaxphan) now  She used to post a bunch of pictures with this Korean dude Justin on her spam account right after her followers were noticing how cosy JC and Lisa were getting. I guess she stopped posting after she realized how pathetic it is LOL Petty much, Karen? 
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  8. tonyang added a post in a topic Losertina / Christina Nguyen   

    Doesn’t she always mention how she doesn’t lik young girls being sexualized yet she does it to herself? I mean there’s nothing wrong wanting to feel sexy, but the fact that she’s underage is pretty concerning. Especially posting those pictures out on Instagram because there are a shit tons of creepy pedos on there. Then again, she’s only getting defensive because she loves the attention she gets on those pictures  She turns 18 next year so it doesn’t hurt to wait 
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  9. tonyang added a post in a topic hyulari   

    I think it’s kinda lame bc Jessica did went through a kpop phase and tried to get rid of it by following the “ig baddie” trend. She realized that you can earn followers easily by using Kpop music in her videos, mentioning it, and such etc etc etc. Which is why I’m labeling her a koreaboo. It’s a win win situation. Maybe the word is thrown around easily but she’s exactly like Hillary in terms of lowkey being a huuuge Kpop fan. She doesn’t have to be straight up lik: “omg i luv kpop saranghae” but then again that’s just based on my observations. I never mentioned anything abt her makeup tho bc Jessica’s makeup is much nicer and informative compared to Hillary (minus the tragic brows ofc). 
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  10. tonyang added a post in a topic hyulari   

    She's lowkey a koreaboo like pretty much instagrammers (i.e. jessyluxe)  
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  11. tonyang added a post in a topic Kyurin // Pandabearly   

    I think she's in a LDR relationship and from what I noticed, most LDR couples tend to give each one another things (?) It could be for a closer bond and/or make up the time when they aren't together. It might be a coincidence that he's rich and she likes bragging tho   
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  12. tonyang added a post in a topic ssarahnade   

    She’s a hs senior now!! She mentioned on her ig story previously how she was applying for college apps atm 
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  13. tonyang added a post in a topic ssarahnade   

    Sorry for bringing back a dead thread LOL 
    Is it me or is it strange how she was private about her age at first then went public with it? Opposite to Losertina who was public with her age at first, but later went private abt it  Also, I think I found her personal ig (?) *I’m not sure if this is allowed so I’ll take it down if it isn’t!*
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  14. tonyang added a topic in Online Personalities   

    Dalena // dalena.cake

    Travel Vlogs channel w/ Chonny:
    Dalena Nguyen is Vietnamese-Australian and mostly known for being Chonny’s girlfriend. They knew each other for 5 years before dating. They’ve been together for a little over a year now according to this video which was uploaded last year on March. There’s nothing problematic about her as far as I am concerned either  I also noticed how Chonny’s YouTube career was dying before he started using her as his video thumbnails which racked in hundreds of views + subs and brought it back to life
    I wasn’t able to find much about her so I decided to make a thread!

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  15. tonyang added a post in a topic joycebean / Joyce Hseih   

    Summary of the Video ish 
    I watched the entire video and it was mostly her addressing abt her ps + channel content. She mentioned how it’s her body, her life, haters can stop watching if they don’t like it etc etc etc. Other half of the video was how she felt lost since she wasn’t sure what videos she wanted to make and basically how she wasn’t sure where the channel was going bc it’s part of her career now.
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