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  1. Sebben Crudele added a post in a topic Wylona Hayashi Summary thread   

    I was looking at the blog where the OP compares original vs reposts and it makes me sad.
    She keeps editing her face thinner and holy shit, it looks so unnatural. From what I can understand would be her more or less real features, she isn't even that bad looking. 
    This reeks of terribly low self-esteem.
    I found this collage of how different she has sho0ped herself on her ED page. It's pretty wild.

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  2. Sebben Crudele added a post in a topic Kitti Milkwhore / Milkgore   

    Milkgore is super sweet, honestly.
    I used to follow a bunch of scene girls on Instagram back in the day, and she was one of the prettiest and also one of the most drama-free ones. She openly admits to edit her pictures and has also posted pictures without makeup or filters to prove it.
    She's really shy and doesn't talk on her videos because her English isn't too good (she's Norwegian). There's a video on her friend Krispuuh's YouTube channel where they both talk during an unboxing, albeit Milkgore does it very sparsely. 
    I don't really dig her current cutesy look that much, honestly. I liked her scene phase more. This feels really dull in comparison.
    Here are some pics of her I had laying around (during the time where I was on Instagram it was just for hair color insipration, so I saved some of her pictures as reference).

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