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  1. TheExposingWeed added a post in a topic Kendall and Gigi walk the runway?   

    oh , i think that i get it. Kendall was my fav. Kardashian/jenner cuz i thought she was natural, but now i see she isnt.  
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  2. TheExposingWeed added a post in a topic Thylane Blondeau   

    I think the first picture is from Lacoste kids and the second one just a photoshoot. 
    Oh and she's named as the new Kate Moss

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  3. TheExposingWeed added a post in a topic Thylane Blondeau   

    I think that she is trying to look a little bit older. When she was younger I was more her fan, she was more natural and acted more like a normal child, at least she smiled naturally. But...since last year, october-december she changed so much. At least for me, before she looked like she was a normal 12 and 11 year old girl. But since she met 'fashion' and started following other models, seriously, she started to raise her eyebrows a lot, (seems like she's being forced to do it) and kinda of doing poses so her lips can look bigger. (Sorry for my english I'm spanish).  For example in this pictures she doesn't look nothing natural at all it seems like she was 30 years. I swear, as someone said before, when she is 25 she is going to look like 40. It also depends of what pose she does and if she force her lips that much.

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  4. TheExposingWeed added a post in a topic Thylane Blondeau   

    I like Thylane, but tell me, why you think she is boring? Because her fans say she haves different kind of lips that makes her look special. 
    her fans kinda of say her lips makes her look unique, you think that or nah?
    I like Thylane, I think she's very pretty but I dont know i kinda think she isn't that much, you know, 'unique and special'. I also have to say that her lips aren't that pretty as she thinks and says. I don't know, if you look at this pic here, you'll see her lips kind of make her look over-exaggerated and her eyebrows raised makes her look very very very old. Like if she had plastic surgery, some of her fans are asking that and obviously she said no, but you think it makes her look good? You like her lips?

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  5. TheExposingWeed added a post in a topic Kendall and Gigi walk the runway?   

    Thank you, I didn't know this, BTW how you know she had a boob and booty job? 

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  6. TheExposingWeed added a topic in Online Personalities   

    Thylane Blondeau
     You might recognize Thylane for being the controversial little kid that appeared in Vogue 2011. If you haven't heard about Thylane Lena Rose Loubry Blondeau, then I'm going to tell you who is this young girl.  Thylane or Thy, was born in France (South) , April 5, 2001. She's only 14 years. I'll say she is an Instagram model, but she has been modeling in real life since she was only four years. She has appeared in TeenVogue , VogueKids, Jalouse Magazine. She is a big fan of Cara Delevingne and her dream is to become a succesfull model and actress. She has also been invited to the Cannes Festival, and the Chanel show one month ago. Thylane has modeled for Lacoste, Paul & Joe,  Eleven Paris, Ralph Lauren, and other numerous campaigns. I've been following this young girl for 4 years so I can say that  her style has changed throw a lot throw all this time. For being classy and dressing a little bit more feminine , she know wears black cloth , as a tomboy. So know, you guys tell me, what do you think of Thylane, 
    The first 5 pictures are a bit old, when she was 6-10 years. 
    The next 6 pictures are when she was from 10 to 12 years.
    And the last 5 pictures are from this and last year.  Hope you enjoy and like it  







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  7. TheExposingWeed added a post in a topic Kendall and Gigi walk the runway?   

    Omg I'm thinking the same as you.. 
    I mean...
    They didn't even deserve it. You know? , they were hundreds of girls that did the audition. And Kendall was invited!. That's not fair. Gigi did the audition, but seems like the jury didn't even focus on her walking and just let her be there for her face and her fame. What is the most annoying thing?, that at least Kendall haves a catwalk coach, and Gigi does basically nothing!. She says she haves to improve, but she doesn't do nothing. Honestly, these girls are not even good models. They don't have nothing special besides other models. You go to LA and you'll see thousands of girls like them. Nowadays, it seems like the only thing you need for being a model is being a tall skinny girl, not even skinny, (cough, Gigi) SHAME ON YOU VS.
    Kinda of agree with you. Kendall had a  nose job. By the way, what do you mean by "Kendall has pads in her underwear" But seriously Gigi needs to improve if she wants to be better.
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  8. TheExposingWeed added a post in a topic Kooter's IG (koti.rose)   

    I'm spanish and "chichis" doesn't mean pussy, it  means tits, breasts. 
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  9. TheExposingWeed added a post in a topic Dakota's style   

    In my opinion, this were her best looks, at least she ooked like anormal american girl, well I think we all know this pics were photoshoped bt at least she looked human compared by now.  Honestly, that was her best look, natural. Since 2013 her style complete change into a pale doll, it wasn't that bad that year, it was acceptable, but then 2014, and 2015 (the worse looks)  no offense Dakota. 
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  10. TheExposingWeed added a post in a topic Kooter's IG (koti.rose)   

    What is this accounts name?. I tried to find it as @dakota.koti but I couldn't find it. The first option i get is @koti.rose Did she erased that account or change of name?
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  11. TheExposingWeed added a post in a topic Ever felt envy over an online personality?   

    Old Dakota Rose. 
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  12. TheExposingWeed added a post in a topic The quest of the deleted videos   

    She erased all her videos so no one could have an evidence of what she did when she was younger. As she decided to be the real barbie human doll she didn't want people to see all the terrible things she said before. 
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  13. TheExposingWeed added a post in a topic Dakota's style   

    Her lipstick is on her skin.. lol.
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  14. TheExposingWeed added a post in a topic Dakota's style   

    yeah.. or maybe go back to her old style, although i find it difficult for her to change. But i think that if she changes her look to years ago her agency would not like it... so...
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  15. TheExposingWeed added a post in a topic Dakota's style   

    I lovr the first picture. Unfortunately I don't think she is going to be like that again.
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