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  1. Unfortunately, memes. added a post in a topic Vocaloid   

    Sorry 'bout bringing up this thread, but I hear there was drama between hazuki no yume and a bunch of youtaites. And now Hazuki's gone and private her channel (around 1000 or so translations!):

    I wonder if she'll un-private them
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  2. Unfortunately, memes. added a post in a topic Akidearest and The Anime Man   

    (I've lurked here forever lol)
    If anything irks me about aki, it's like, her approach to her content?? I know that doesn't make sense but...
    She's branded as an anime/otaku YouTuber, which is fine. The thing is why would she make vids on things she knows legit 0% about? Like, I get she's pushing the otaku (read:weeb) life, but she doesn't need to make videos about everything. Stuff like kpop/killing stalking/vocaloid. Sure it's popular, but if you don't know/care about it, you shouldn't make a video on it. She can't even be fucked to get proper information half the time! It kinda just irks me. They're all click bait or lists, so they always get recommends to me too...
    (Edit) Oh yeah, her lack of crediting is an issue! both for thumbnail art and songs. Crediting songs as by Miku/whatever vocaloid it's sung by isn't good. It breeds the kind of fan that are just as misinformed (like those that think that Miku is the first vocaloid or that believe headcanons are canon) as her. The yandere and horror list by her really is perfect for the 'I'm a yandere gurl lol or OMg yandere LeN sO kawaiiii <3 kind of fans. Also, a lot a producers don't get the credit they deserve from these things. They work hard to make these songs, and not crediting it makes it harder. Even if she credits the niconico, not too many would bother to click it, rather they's watch the subbed-or-not reprint. Also the way she presents it is shit, tbh, the way she brings her distasteful weeb-hentai-girl persona into it. In addition, the songs that change the way you see vocaloid list is so expected. Everyone knows wowaka, neru and cosmo, she could've found something more unknown, or at least a less known song by them.
    (her makeup and that stupid uwu face is annoying too, but I digress.)
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  3. Unfortunately, memes. added a post in a topic Junji Ito   

    Oh gosh! I know nobody has posted here in forever... (Someone's gotta lol) But ah! I love his work so much! I read Uzumaki almost three years ago and I swear it changed my life lol. I just love his art style! I haven't read him in a while though... last thing I read was Fragments of Horror.
    I'm ultra late, legit months, but I have some recs! Another older style mangaka is Kazuo Umezu. If you like horror that's not just gore but has an emotional element, the Drifting Classroom is great. The premise is that an entire school disappears along with everyone in it, leaving just a big crater. They get transported to a horrific desert. There's a lot of creepy and suspenseful stuff that happens, but I don't want to spoil it. You really feel for the kids though.
    Say, if you want guro... I'd recommend Shintaro Kago. As horrific as his art can be, they're really creative, so props to him. Also Suehiro Maruo, who made Shoujo Tsubaki... (and if you don't know what that is, maybe it's better off that way..)
    Higurashi is a good horror series too. Other than just manga, the book battle royale is great, and even gorier than the movie. It has some shocking moments.
    I know a lot more Horror stuff than just this..... just can't remember it....
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  4. Unfortunately, memes. added a post in a topic Something a snowflake ruined for you?   

    All my intrests are coated in weebs and cringe if you arent careful and special snowflakes have made it worse. The entirety of vocaloid fandom is infested with world is mine weebs and edgy kids who listen to iNsaNiTy or however it's spelt. Similarly with anime. At least horror manga, at least the stuff I like, is untouched. Snowflakes have ruined these for me:
     -Yandere (I used to think it was an interesting trope with a unstable character with good backstory usually accompanying it but after Yandere Sim and Gasai fans..., just no.)
     - Pastel in general, cause I associate it with tumblrinas now...
    -Cat ears
     -interests in any Asian culture ever
     -Lolita fashion
     -Most things on the internet
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  5. Unfortunately, memes. added a post in a topic Your Myer Briggs Personality   

    I'm an INTJ, but verging on INTP, the same as my mom. Maybe it's a genealogical thing. It says for INTJ that I'm clueless in romance, but I think clueless in general would apply better...
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  6. Unfortunately, memes. added a post in a topic Murder cases / cold cases   

    I'm not sure if the photos are 100%. I know they wrote a manga about the case, and I think they also made a movie too. So it could be from that.
    Yeah, I get what you are saying. Murder is bad, but at least it's quick and usually painless. Torture is a lot more calculated, especially prolonged torture, and it implies a sickening amount of malice, too. I think one of the worst things about the case are that the guys got so little time for it too...
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  7. Unfortunately, memes. added a post in a topic Most overrated/underrated singers?   

    For General:
    Overated: Meghan Trainor, Melanie Martinez and other "pastel Tumblr aesthetic" singers. A lot of pop idols in general. I can give leeway to Mealanie, but I can't stand Meghan. Maybe I'm just salty she won that Grammy a while ago lol
     Underrated: Courtney Barrnet, she has somewhat of a deadpan voice but it fits the instrumental well. She's also quite humorous. And, hear me out, Reol. She's popular amongst Utaite and vocaloid fans, also osu players too, I just wish more people liked her like how they love big idol groups here in the west. Also that goes for giga-p he's got a great voice.
    For vocaloid voicebanks:
     overated: Miku obviously, I don't mind her though, it's just she's such a cash cow and clogs up the spotlight in project diva and concerts. I don't get the appeal of the Kagamines, ESPECIALLY Len, with his stupid-ass ponytail.
    underrated: iroha gets a lot of this treatment, people say she sounds like len a lot. (She doesn't). Yukari is popular, but I want more songs with the Onn voicebank. Also, poor Chika and Sachiko. I like Chika, but she's so unpopular it's sad. And ive seen people call Sachiko a utau.......

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  8. Unfortunately, memes. added a topic in Music   

    I figure I'd start a topic on vocaloid! Here are a few topic starters:
     .Who's your favourite vocaloid? Least favourite?
     .Favourite producers?
    .How about producers in languages other than Japanese?
     .Rock and Metal Producers?
     .Your all time favourite song?
     .Good songs, albums, producers etc. for newbies (smth better than akidearests recs srsly)
    .Kinda derailed, but any songs that you prefer the utaite versions too always? Il
     .General recs and opinions!
    I'll start off. My favourite vocaloids are Yukari, VY1, Flower and Gumi. Iroha is great too. I don't really like Len, voice or design wise.
     My favourite producers are GHOST, Giga-P, masa, LIQ and Utsu-P
     My favourite song is probably Outer Science. Not sure why, I couldn't care less about Kagerou Days. I love Cradle x Infection a lot. My favourite weebish song is still Matryoshka.
     .I'd say for newbies:
     deco*27, Neru and wowaka are pretty classic for pop rock
     machigerita-p and masa are good horror
     umetora, giga-p, Mitchie M, samfree and Crusher-P or Circus-P are good for Edm and such
    Kikuo, hitoshizuku, Steampianist and kairiki bear are also good.
    for some reason I find Ghost rule really underwhelming with the original vocals ,but  96neko's cover is amazing. A lot of umetora songs have better utaite covers than original vocals.
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  9. Unfortunately, memes. added a post in a topic Murder cases / cold cases   

    What an interesting topic. 
     I wouldn't say I make a hobby of reading about murder cases but I know a few.
     Albert Fish is a interesting one. He was charged with the murder of three children, I believe. He did horrible thing to them too, but what's interesting about this case is the man himself, and how messed he was. I'd tell you more but I don't want to ramble. It's a good read.
    A lesser know one is the murder of Shandra Sharer. The victim was twelve and the girls who committed it were all between fifteen and seventeen. The girls who commited it had really bad lives before the incident, especially their leader Melinda. It's a interesting read if you want solid motives and somewhat of a journey, as the girls traveled a lot before killing Shandra for good.
     And lastly the murder of Junko Furuta. Also known as the concrete encased schoolgirl case. It's the most gruesome and horrible case I can think of. It's the only one to actually make me feel sick to my stomach. What happened was Junko was kidnapped by a few boys, locked in the house and endured months of torture. I can't even list what they did, and for know good reason too. It's a good read if you want to feel sick.
    those are the only ones I really know though...
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  10. Unfortunately, memes. added a post in a topic Post What You're Listening To!   

    I got a lot of albums recently, mostly Utsu-P and Deco*27.
     I can't stop listening to the electronic mixes of Fools are Attracted to Anomalies and Adults Toy on Utsu-P's  Okazu.
    Also Deco*27's Conti New Album, all of it.
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  11. Unfortunately, memes. added a post in a topic Mandarin music   

    If you don't mind vocaloid, than anything by wugui is good. Here are a few recs:
    Nine-nine Eighty-One, which is more traditional and somewhat frantic. It touches on mythology, with I know nothing about.....orz. Here is a pinyin sub: https://m.youtube.com/watch?v=xpHcEEoG_JY
    and the bitchy idol which is electronic and has some...."interesting themes". Here's a link, I think it will work, not sure:https://m.youtube.com/watch?debug_prerolls=false&sts=17184&utcoffset=-300&v=g13lkU92QQQ&oref=https%3A%2F%2Faccounts.google.com%2Fsignin%2Fchallenge%2Fsl%2Fpassword&has_verified=1&layout=mobile&client=mv-google
    Also this, a more rock song,which is apparently a remake with a different vocaloid. I haven't heard the original, but I like this version.
    It's called Sháo yīn fù and it's by Senjougahara Yousei: https://m.youtube.com/watch?v=YDP4NUp_0tA
    Also by the same guy is this lovely track (sorry that it's a rus sub lol): https://m.youtube.com/watch?v=c7dTZKoPyfk
    Thats all I really know, other than maybe two or three other mandarin vocaloid songs, I need to listen to more mandarin vocaloid actually...
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  12. Unfortunately, memes. added a post in a topic Let's share our favourite Japanese songs!   

    Honestly I'm a weeb, so I can only really recommend vocaloid. 
     If you like rock or metal than i recommend Utsu-P, he's a staple of the vocaloidmetal genre. I recommend this song as an example: https://m.youtube.com/watch?v=yT-N525Xzgo
    Also I recommend LIQ, especially the way he tunes Yukari. She sounds really smooth and realistic. I'd recommend the song Natural Born Dictator.
     (I know it's derailing my point but... On the side of English metal and rock Cephied is great! Especially the song Crocodile skin, so give him a listen!)
    If you prefer Electronic music, I'd go with Giga-P, Reol, and Mitchie M. Mitchie tunes like nobody else. Giga-P and Reol are great too and last year they got singned for a record label! For Giga-P I'd say Persecution Complex Cellphone Girl and Luvatorrrry! Are worth a listen. And from Reol's new album Sigma, YoiYoi Kokon and ChiruChiru are fantastic.
    (Also, UmeTora is pretty great, although his tuning isn't too great. Same applies to DECO*27 Miku tuning for me.)
    And finally, producers who mix it up a bit! Kikuo is good for this, his more childish sounds with sometimes jazzy instrument and electronic music are great. His lyrics can be very grotesque though. For instance I'm Sorry I'm Sorry is pretty infamous. I'd recommend the song O light and Rencarnation Ascension.
    And finally, masa. His lyrics and themes are always mature, as a warning. Sex, gangs, demons, cults, lesbian cannibals, rape, you name it, he has it. A lot of his song are traditional sounding, and construct a series known as Onibi. But not only can he make more traditional sounding songs but also great dance tracks and rock ones. They also mix the genres well. Also, his PVs are very nice to look at and/or disturbing...He's just great at horror! If you want more traditional songs, I'd go with Kitsune no Yomeiri and the rest of Onibi, for edm Ageha Glow and Soap Lagoon are great and rock I'd say Revolver Dragon and Police No. 13 are amazing.
    sorry if this was really long, lol. I just wanted to share my weeby opinions. This isn't even half of everything I listen to.... 
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  13. Unfortunately, memes. added a post in a topic Languages   

    I can speak English as well as French, but not as well. I took French as a child in a bilingual private school and then a public one, until I went to a school with no French program so I lost most of my ability. I used to learn a bit of mandarin on my own time, but I've procrastinated it so much I forgot everything. 
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  14. Unfortunately, memes. added a topic in Introduce Yourself   

    I've lurked here just barely. As someone who low-key lives for drama would. I stumbled upon here only recently and by chance. I thought perhaps I should get an account. I hope that was a good idea! 
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