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  1. yuusuke added a post in a topic Rant Thread   

    I'm in a complicated situation.
    I'm part of this group of friends. Everyone is friendly with each other, besides one person. They would vague post about us every time when we said something that they wouldn't agree, and it was becoming hard to deal with... If we tried to tell them this is wrong, they would vague post again and make themselves into the victim.
    But this time they offended a friend and didn't say sorry at all. So I tried to talk with them one more time, but I got too mad because they didn't even try to listen to what I've said. Then I opened my heart: I said they were being toxic and manipulating. We've made so many things to them, just to be trash talked from behind...
    So they got mad and started to vague post once again, and we tried once more but the only reply was "you guys really don't give me attention, huh".
    So today I got the news that they were in the hospital. I know they have some mental issues, but I really don't know if they are trying to guilt trip us once again. I know life is hard, but we were friends; there was no need to be so immature like this. But regardless, I'm still feeling really guilty about everything. I don't know if I'm really guilty for adding more things in their head, or if I just have done what I could have to maintain the friendship. I really don't know how I should really feel about this...
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  2. yuusuke added a post in a topic Liui Aquino   

    I think this is true. A cosplayer from my country (Witchiko) has posted a post talking about her experience, I will translate it here.
    Here is the original post: https://m.facebook.com/Witchiko/posts/1733720793325343 Unfortunaly I can't post screenshots because I'm on my cell phone so the size will come pretty big.
    W: "So, you guys know about the international cosplay drama that is happening right now? I confirm everything! Because I was one of her victims as well. When I was invited to the same con as her! Because of that, I hated her for 2 years, but recently I let it go and started to like her cosplays and other things that she did again! I thinked I was the only one who was treated that way! In 2014 I only told about it to close friends and didn't want to say in public for fear of talking that I was jealous and etc! But.... I'm saying it now! Unfortunaly, huh? Because I still like her work a lot! I wished she open her eyes and change for the better! I hope she thinks about it..."
    Sorry if there are any mistakes, english isn't my first language....
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  3. yuusuke added a post in a topic Currently Reading?   

    Re-reading Demian by Hermann Hesse. Wish this book was more popular 😥
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  4. yuusuke added a post in a topic Unpopular opinions   

    I hate fandoms. Like, any fandom. Actually it's nice to know people who like the same thing as you, but most of the time people there are really annoying;;
    I'm such a hypocrite to say that, but I hate this kpop trend. Like, the music and the idols are nice but people are really annoying. 
    I also hate this sjw thing trend. People start problematizating things that are really normal. 
    Eh I may be just a edgelord but lol sometimes social networks really sucks. 
    (Sorry, I can't put this in spoiler bc in on my phone)
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  5. yuusuke added a post in a topic Raising Awareness about the " Blue Whale " Game   

    Normally kids who play this already want to kill themselves, I think
    The game is just something to help making the decision, or even something to blame their death
    Sorry if this doesn't make sense
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  6. yuusuke added a post in a topic Yumi King   

    [please insert heavy Brazilian accent here]
    Today I will show my typical dress from Brazil. It makes you really feel like a baiana. It makes you look like Carmen Miranda! I used it for 2 days straight. I will use it with my soccer purse. You can drink capirinha to make you look like a real Brazilian. In the next video I will show you how to dance samba!!
    (I didn't even know my country had traditional clothes fkwkflwpd sorry if I made any mistake, still learning English)

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  7. yuusuke added a post in a topic Help with stretch marks   

    Oh, I see. Thanks for the answers!
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  8. yuusuke added a topic in Beauty & Fashion   

    Help with stretch marks
    Hello, long time lurker here.
    Does anyone knows good products to get rid of white stretch marks? I have a lot, and almost every product I used doesn't affected so much.
    I'm really grateful with any help~
    (Sorry if I made any mistake, English isn't my first language)
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