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  1. holita

    I have an exam to study for but I'm just watching Running Man back to back


  2. holita

    2NE1 won't ever be the same :alpacaworry2:

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    2. Ruruka

      Has CL even had her American debut yet, like officially? I've heard no news of it and it's been a year of hype...

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    3. holita

      Not yet because YG is slacking yet again. And now with recent news I doubt she'll be debuting soon like they "planned". YG needs to get their act together because now they just lost a member to one of their most successful groups. I read on reddit how newer groups like BTS in the past 2 years has released 60 songs but in 7 years 2NE1 has only released like 35-40? :Alpacamad:

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    4. Ruruka

      Bring back Bom's Solos! Big ol' YG proves himself yet again to be a stupid human being. He debuts artists and then you don't hear from them for like two years, it's so stupid. Lee Hi only got out of the basement thanks to Tablo, I hope Tablo rescues 2NE1 , too. 

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  3. holita

    If somehow Trump gets elected, will someone outside of the US let me live with you for the next 4 years?

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    2. Usagi-Chan

      Please let me join you

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    3. holita

      Taking refuge at @amaterasu's thx

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    4. Girl A

      come here bby's <3

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  4. holita

    First day back to school and I already cried :alpacabored: Damn my school for only accepting cash at the paid parking lot..

    1. Kanadajin

      That sucks :/

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  5. holita

    I got a $20 Amazon gift card for trading in my textbook cus no one would buy it lol but I don't know what to buy on Amazon. I'd rather have $20 in cash

    1. Ragga

      I'd say ask friends etc. if anyone's willing to exchange it for cash for you.

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  6. holita

    That new Justin Bieber album is aight. I'm afraid to say... I might be a belieber now :alpacadone:

  7. holita

    Fun watching this mess unfold