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  1. EliteSpits added a post in a topic Stop Peaches!!   

    Thank fucking God
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  2. EliteSpits added a post in a topic Stop Peaches!!   

    I don't understand how come Peaches is not in trouble with the law because of this
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  3. EliteSpits added a post in a topic Stop Peaches!!   

    I saw the livestream and Nate was just hyping her up. After she did it, he was grossed out n shit like TF you hyped her up dumbass! It's Peaches what do you expect? YOU REALLY THOUGHT SHE WASNT GONNA DO IT lmao please!
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  4. EliteSpits added a post in a topic Stop Peaches!!   

    I doubt she wrote that obituary herself because that bitch cannot spell and does not have decent grammar skills.
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  5. EliteSpits added a post in a topic Stop Peaches!!   

    I remember when Peaches announced Cora's birth. People were praising her for being a mom but I knew for a fact Peaches would NEVER EVER be fit for a mother.  They should have taken Cora away from her long ago. And I can't believe her and some of her followers would tell others to mind their business. How can anyone mind their damn business when Peaches publicly puts her business out there? She threats and say terrible things about Cora; she sexually abuses puppies. Peaches does not deserve Cora at all! She needs to be put in jail and get some help. 
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  6. EliteSpits added a post in a topic The Problematic @hyun.li   

    oh hes still alive? lol
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  7. EliteSpits added a post in a topic @shirtlesssenpai aka Jeffrey John Sayson   

    Even calling the US and Philippines embassy won’t do much. His name is technically clear since none of these rapes and harrasments are reported. 
    His girlfriend is really just covering his ass up and really she’s still attracted to THAT. A mess LMAO!
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  8. EliteSpits added a post in a topic katieaegi   

    now what r u really talking about 
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  9. EliteSpits added a post in a topic @shirtlesssenpai aka Jeffrey John Sayson   

    here is the link to the thread on twitter
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  10. EliteSpits added a post in a topic @shirtlesssenpai aka Jeffrey John Sayson   

    Also here's the profile pictures Jeffrey posted. I blurred out the girl's face because I don't know who EXACTLY she is. 

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  11. EliteSpits added a post in a topic @shirtlesssenpai aka Jeffrey John Sayson   

    Hey y'all. I would like to post some updates on Jeffrey.
    • Jeffrey's Whereabouts
    I can confirm that Jeffrey has fleed to the Phillipines. I don't know his exact location but I believe he is in Quezon City, which is his hometown. He rents an apartment from a landlord but not anymore. (I will get to that part later) The latest victim that posted their story on here mentioning his new phone number starting with +63. Jeffrey is also broke, he used to have a job at the airport that paid well.

    • Jeffrey's Landlord
    As I mentioned before, Jeffrey rented a place in Quezon City. The landlord heard about Jeffrey's allegations. He contacted my friend asking if we called the authorities. Here are the screenshots..
    PART 1:

    PART 2: 

    Like as said before, obviously his name is clear because IT HAS NOT BEEN REPORTED. 
    • Jeffrey's Instagram
    Here is Jeffrey's Instagram. As of now, he keeps changing his profile picture because Rachel is updating her thread and she already leaked his Instagram. 
    As I am typing this, he is actively on his Instagram changing his profile picture and removing followers. 
    HE JUST REMOVED HIS INSTAGRAM RIGHT NOW. He knows that we found out.
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  12. EliteSpits added a post in a topic @shirtlesssenpai aka Jeffrey John Sayson   

    He's unfortunately not in jail. He fled to the Philippines, so he's a fugitive. He committed cyber crimes and sexual assaults. I hope the NBI or any other enforcement gets into his case.
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  13. EliteSpits added a post in a topic @shirtlesssenpai aka Jeffrey John Sayson   

    An anonymous person dmed my friend. I hope the anon finds more info about this!
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  14. EliteSpits added a post in a topic @shirtlesssenpai aka Jeffrey John Sayson   

    If he has, he is automatically guilty and a fugitive in a way. Again, this statement could be false, you guys! I'm only stating this for a heads up.
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  15. EliteSpits added a post in a topic joy/sehunismyreligion   

    ugly clown car LOL

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